Alec Benjamin - Last Of Her Kind Lyrics

It's been seventeen days since you left
Twenty hours and thirty minutes
Count the seconds every breath
And watch the road roll out like ribbon
And maybe she just can't forget
All the miles they have driven
Since the moment that they met

He took her heart
Into his hands
Turned into ashes
Slipped through his fingers
It tore him apart
And he couldn't stand
Watching the magic
Turn into cinders

So when you pull away
Don't let the memories blind you
All of the things you chase
Falling away behind you
Is something you can't replace
Chained to the love that binds you
Don't let the past remind you
She's the last of her kind
The last of her kind
The last of her kind

It's been twenty-three days since they spoke
And he almost sent a postcard
In every sentence that he wrote
Etched like tombstones on a grave yard
And maybe he just can't accept
All the strings that needed changing
The mistakes that he was making

He took her heart (he took her heart)
Into his hands (into his hands)
Turned into ashes
Slipped through his fingers
It tore him apart (tore him apart)
And he couldn't stand (he couldn't stand)
Watching the magic
Turn into cinders

So when you pull away
Don't let the memories blind you
All of the things you chase
Falling away behind you
Is something you can't replace
Chained to the love that binds you
Don't let the past remind you
She's the last of her kind
The last of her kind

He took her heart
Into his hands
Turned into ashes
Slipped through his fingers
It tore him apart
But he couldn't stand
Watching the magic
Turn into cinders

So when you pull away
Don't let the memories blind you
All of the things you chase
Falling away behind you
Is something you can't replace
Chained to the love that binds you
Don't let the past remind you
She's the last of her kind
The last of her kind
The last of her kind

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Alec Benjamin Last Of Her Kind Comments
  1. Blank_ Canvas

    The only song I can sing well lol

  2. FireBird20613

    this is the 5th banger my playlist has decided to play for me.

  3. Marcos Lacerda

    This song remember a girl that was amazing. She were everything, thoughtful, lovely and dazzling beautiful. I don't know why i let her go, maybe i'm just fucking stupid. She loved me so much, and i couldn't realize. Maybe she was too good to be truth, and as a wrong person always do, i did not want to see the truth.

  4. Amir Safaryar

    My love story
    I’m a guy and I liked a girl and after ages I got with her but we only lasted a day and then I found out it was because she had trust issues after being r**** and well she liked me and I can’t be with her because she has no confidence so everyday I tell her she fine and smart and funny to help out then I found another girl but my bff also liked her so I let him shoot his shot without interfering and now there dating so yay ( I guess) and I’m still alone as the other girl doesn’t want to be with me or hang out even as friends so yh 🥺😭

  5. 박재화

    My very close friend took her life away from herself a year ago, I was living in france at the time and I got a phone call from a friend, she told me that Ellie (my close friend) passed away. I was at a fucking park with my friends acting like idiots, I hung up and I just burst into tears and screamed that I was sorry for not being there for her... I kind of have these weird nightmares, to this day, I dream of being in a dark space were on a wall are dark and hurtful words and each time I have that nightmare again, a new word is on the wall... and I can wake up screaming, sobbing or just scared for my life..
    I also moved back to my home country, I couldn't stand not being around my family and friends knowing that someone might leave my life in a split second..

    On Monday I have a school "class meeting" about suicides and how to deal with stuff like that but, I don't think I can stand talking about it..

    Sorry for ranting it just helps to talk to someone who hopefully cares ❤

  6. tre the dead kid

    I'm autistic and I get bullied for this

    tre the dead kid

    Does anyone else have autism or get bullied cas of it

    tre the dead kid

    And they say at it's a sickness

  7. BTSTXTlover Loveeveryone

    His songs are very relatable and it hurts to know that I relate to almost every single one

  8. Gamer Wolf

    I had a partner. We love each other but we cant eww each other it been 3 months now scince their mum stopped them from seeing me all because of something that i couldn't help and i think its all my fault i try so hard to speek to them but ive not been able to. Their mum blocked me on everything my last resort is one of their friends or an email hopefully this ends soon

  9. Red Love

    It's ok, get a tissue and dry those tears ❤️
    Get a snack too and some hot chocolate if you can, wrap yourself up in a blanket and pop a nice movie on, remember you're important and should take care of yourself ❤️

  10. Michele Boutchyard

    People say I'm different and they like that all the guys who like me like me for that and other reasons and they ask me when there flitting why are u so different? I say overthinking and overwhelmed by my thought, say because I been broken and hurt and got a look a reality from a young age * I dont wanna date because I dont wanna hurt them too *

  11. D E P R E S S I O N

    This song makes me wonder what people will think of me when im dead

  12. Grace Mod

    There are now 318 dislikes on this video as of November 30, 2019, and all I have to say is, WTF. Did those 318 people have their phones upside down? Do they have like extremely bad vision? Do they all like have their ears plugged up from trying to ignore their families and teachers? Or, do those 318 people just like different types of music, such as rock, BTS (eewww), etc.

  13. Thalassophobic Teen

    This song is a John Green novel.

    Change my mind.

  14. 우울한 성욕

    i hope we can talk soon.

  15. Angels Moon

    I’m lesbian and well I’m in love with such a perfect girl. (She’s gay) But she is broken she dated a girl who fought cancer and lost. She sadly likes someone else. She is so perfect and beautiful. I would do anything to get a chance to be her other half. But she can choose who she wants. Cuz in the end I’m not enough for her right now. She’s my best friend.

  16. TheWeirdOne_ Pw

    Anyone ever read the Fallen books. Rip Daniel, we love an hope you'll finally be able to get with Lucinda 😭😭♥️♥️
    I'm reading Passion rn so no spoilers

  17. FireBird20613

    I have no stories that fit this song but I do have a lot of sad stories.

  18. Tiasunep Yaden

    Thank you for making me a better person..... It has made me realise the rights and wrongs..... N I'll find someone else.....

  19. reine

    This song was published 9 months ago, and I still hear it, it's been 17 days since my bestfriend and I have been fighting, he really treated me like trash but the memories kept pushing me, but now I'm tired of fixing so when I pulled back he let go :-( I don't know how to feel😢

  20. Aarya Rajesh

    All of Alec's songs tell a story..This is a sad one..

  21. PuRpLe oRaNgEs

    Song suggestions?

  22. Riverthe PanFan

    I don't have a personal story to share because I'm young and I just don't, but I do have a character that matches this song so well, and this character is very close to my heart so in a way I have a story that relates. Well this turned rambly real fast, I'm leaving this here 😅

  23. Lily

    why isn’t this in spotify? 🥺

  24. Hayden Bowen

    My best friend and I hated each other for 6 years until we finally realized we're basically the same person. We told each other everything and now shes pulling away and closing herself off. Don't let the ones you love go, even if its platonic. It will only hurt you both. <3

  25. Amelia Gobetz

    My bestfriend killed himself about a month ago.. I just miss him so much

  26. Wolfalynn

    Everyone's the last of their own kind.

  27. Payten DeGrave

    One of my best friends died from cancer a few years ago. I miss him so much. I wish he was still here.... but he left his mark on the world and left his mark on the world <3

  28. celeste mcdonald

    How many people realized that this describes their life😔💔

  29. Neysha Diaz

    This makes me cry so much😭👯‍♀️💔🚶🏽‍♀️

  30. ïżży B

    This makes me sad bc I might move in about a year and I'm scared that my friend will leave me and make new friends. Molly if u see this I love you a lot and I always will no matter what. (I told her today and her dog also died today and she cried)

  31. I0,000 subs with no content

    I dont understand the meaning

  32. Joshua James

    My fiancee and I broke up last Sunday. And I can't seem to stop thinking what if? I miss her soooo much. The pain, and heartache is so surreal 😪

    ïżży B

    It will be ok.. 😞

  33. May-Star Cipher

    My best friend left me nearly a year ago. He just cut it off and acted like we never became friends for months before he moved away. It's been 11 months from that but it still hurts whenever I think about it. But yeah that's my comment hahah thx for reading

  34. Tan tan Jane

    So cute

  35. Pamela Tenesaca

    Reminds me of a year ago . 😖.....

  36. Bookerson

    I'm so sad that Spotify doesn't have all his songs😥

  37. bry bry

    i've been here

  38. Zen McKenny

    Why does this sound like a song my OCD would write?

  39. Caoimhe Calnan

    Look I’m just sad this isn’t on Spotify

  40. Kaylee Rowland

    I broke up with my boyfriend 2 days ago. Hes hurt. I hurt him. Yet i care about him. He made me feel like shit a lot tho. I would cry almost every night. We were together for 2 years with a 3 month break. I can't keep taking all the pain and hurt and pretending to feel ok. I started talking to someone and they liked me and i kinda liked them, but i didn't start or do anything while i had a boyfriend. I'm not like that. He hurt me. Yet got mad that i hurt him back. I never caused issues. I never started an argument. He did that. It hurt. He makes me feel like shit for the breakup. I relate to this song and i'm considering sending it to him. This other guy is offering me what i asked for from my boyfriend. I hate hurting him. But he needs to see it's whats best. I felt trapped. Like i couldn't escape. i want to be apart of his life and help and be there for him.

  41. Ariana Rodriguez

    Everyone’s sharing legitimately sad stories where loved ones die and everything but my best friend who I have a huge crush on went to college in Canada and I just miss him 🥺


    Ariana Rodriguez Hey, don’t feel pressured to have some problem, your problems matter too, no matter how big or small

  42. Emily Palmer

    Wow❤️ He’s music puts me in my feels

  43. Jas Ejupi

    I love the title

  44. chez iao

    i thought he was a girl

    chez iao

    @alicia cait his voice is so wonderful

  45. Lucy Mason

    Reason why i dont wanna die is cuz i dont want them to feel the same way the guy felt in the song

  46. Johnnyscholl46

    All he’s ever done is hurt you. I was there for you when all seemed to be lost. When you were about to quit, I stayed up and made you keep fighting. I love you more than I love myself, but even after he left you, he couldn’t bare to see how much I loved you. I’ve fucked up. I really have. I keep fucking up. All I know is you’re the only thing I want. I miss you darling. I really do

  47. Emma Jane

    Why would people even dislike art like this. He doesn’t loose sleep for kicks people!! I mean people need to be supportive!

  48. Lily Pierie

    i hate that this song isn't on spotify

    Maike Ferreira

    ugh same!

  49. Damian Gutomo

    Hi there stranger scrolling trough the comments i am baking an egg and i kinda messed it up im okey the egg is kinda weird but imma eat it okey have a nice day

  50. june x

    I'm just so cold.

  51. Ɣσυȵǥ Ɓσσρlє

    don't worry Jess, he's still trying
    we all miss you every day

  52. Brave Jonah

    He took her heart
    Into his hands
    Turned into ashes
    Slipped through his fingers
    It tore him apart
    But he couldn't stand
    Watching the magic
    Turn into cinders

  53. Charles Lococo

    This song makes me so sad but happy

  54. Cherry DL


  55. Nahla Kawji

    my heart drops at 2:30, i'm so sad, the way his soft voice became even sweeter and softer just tore at me, and i picture this desperate boy helplessly watching as the girl he loves slips out of his grasp.

  56. *ミLuciDemon*ミ

    i cant wait to make this for my friend and her bf on there 1 year

  57. Maggie

    I was met this guy, (let’s call him Liam) March 8th. We became best friends quickly. I told him absolutely everything, including that I had Schizophrenia and didn’t know how to tell anybody. He was somebody I trusted. Somebody I still trust. But I soon caught feelings. He is amazing in every way. We slowly started drifting apart in July. I thought it was temporary and kept trying to talk to him. He took longer to respond each time. Sometimes he never responded to my calls or texts. That worried me because I know he is suicidal. I tried so hard to make him happy. Anytime he seemed sad, I immediately got sad. He started giving me dirty looks, and signs that he didn’t like me anymore. It hurt. A lot. Every time we would talk I would feel like I was bothering him. I always told him “Sorry I’m so annoying” “Sorry I’m such a bad friend” “I don’t deserve you” “ I’m sorry i am who I am”. He would always seem sad after I said those things and would always say stuff like “You’re not a bad friend” “You’re not annoying”. That made me feel even worse about myself. My self-confidence went from a 35/100 to a 0/100 quickly. My mood plummeted and my depression got worse. I decided to quit talking to him after it got so bad, I still watch him from afar and he seems so happy. I cry myself to sleep every night because i love him. I’m happy he’s happy. But I’m depressed that I can’t be the one to make him happy.
    Always tell the one you love your feelings. Don’t make the mistake I did. Try to talk it out with them and if they don’t feel the same way, move on. I know I will never be able to move on because I couldn’t make myself tell him.

  58. a t l a s

    we were the perfect match.
    best friends.
    you were different from anyone else i’d ever met. we clicked almost immediately, and our friendship blossomed like wildflowers in the summer. We had our ups and downs, but we always came back together in the end.
    its weird, I always knew someday we wouldn't be so lucky.
    I cant really explain the feeling, but every time we talked about our future, its like I knew... there wouldn’t really be one. Of course I never told you that, I didn’t want to ruin your spirit.
    After a while I could feel you growing distant. I had a hunch, that maybe the worst had happened.
    I was right.
    You were leaving.
    We got in the car after school, headed to your house. (like we did nearly every day.)
    You didn’t say much.
    The silence told me what you wouldn’t.
    I remember how I wanted to say something, I wanted to ask you what was wrong.
    I kept quiet.
    Then you said “I need to tell you something before we get home.”
    I remember thinking *no, this cant be real. I’m dreaming*
    “We’re moving,” is all you said.
    and thats all i needed. I knew.
    you were gone.
    and I wont get you back.
    nor will i ever replace you,
    your the last of your kind.

  59. Sapphire Moon13

    Excuse me? Why is this not on ITunes because I want it!

  60. Monna Wei


  61. *sʜᴜᴜ ɴᴀ*

    Wow!This song amazed me!I love this song!🤗

  62. ice and almond has fun

    Is this going to happen in 4934 that all females is going to disappear and its going to be rare to find a female

  63. CiaraPlays Roblox

    U currently have 420k subscribers congrats

  64. Potato Queen

    My best friend and ex-boyfriend(same person) and I have been depressed and suicidal for a little over 3 three years. I’ve been in a treatment center for almost a year. This song reminds me why I lived for him. I’m almost ready to go home and see him again. I love him so much and would do anything for him so he could be happy, even if it meant leaving. I regret breaking up with him. He is my everything and I couldn’t live without him.

    I have so many friends that have struggled just like me. Whoever is reading this just know you are worth saving. It’s been a year, it might take a while but get help. I did and it was so worth it. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

    You are worthy of love and if you think you aren’t loved, you are, because God loves you.

  65. Hazel Turner

    i miss you Mum.
    it’s been a month. and i’m just so fucking lost without you.

  66. Danny Meyer

    Heartbreaking 😖

  67. Andy Auyeung

    The line at 00:28 to 00:32 sound like a song I've heard but I cant think of it. Any help?

  68. Istanbts Uwu

    Okay, so this song always gets me, why? Because it reminds me of this boy I met.

    My friend brought me to this church thing, it was one time a year and it was my first time, the first time I saw him we made eye contact. I looked away awkwardly, later he talked to me, he was so sweet. Later we grew closer, also the thing was 24hrs. We stayed up together with my friend. It was morning and everyone was leaving. When it was my turn I made long eye contact with him before walking away. I don’t know why he was so special, my first says it was love at first sight, and it probably was..that was in September.

  69. campfyr

    I love her so much.
    I don't know why, I just do.

    I want to hold her hand and tell her everything is going to be okay when she feels down.
    I want to be the reason that she smiles.
    I want to make her dreams come true, every single one of them, because she deserves absolutely everything.

    I love her.
    I love her so much.
    But she'll never love me the same way.
    Because she is a straight girl and I am a lesbian.

    I told her and we agreed to stay friends.
    That was over two years ago.
    Slowly, this friendship is starting to break me.

    I know I can't go on like this.
    I know this is unfair to both of us.
    But I just can't let her go.

    I love her so much.
    I don't know why, I just do.

  70. My little pony

    Been exactly 17 days since me and my ex broke up

  71. Harper Evan

    I , for some reason, just started crying. This is my first time listening to this song..

  72. Madison Gibbons

    my best friend from 3rd grade died in a fire she went back in to save her puppies and its been 11 years years and i recently found out she was my cousin and this song reminds me of her nevaeh i miss you so much at least i know you went to heaven bye the way her name is nevaeh because her parents knew she was going heaven

  73. Xxgacha editsxX YT

    WHy is SaD T^T

  74. Jake Morgan

    I messed up, I messed up bad, I didn't mean too but I did. And it wasn't my fault that it happened but it was also 100% my fault it happened and now she can't trust me, I broke her, I hurt her and I look at her and sometimes I'm just so fumed at myself for being such a dick. I'm so in love with her and she has no clue she might think she does but she doesn't

  75. Tyree Cruz


  76. Tyree Cruz

    Ashley hearth

  77. tsubaki keichi

    I like this girl she doesnt like me she is really messed up do to old relationships and I want to be there to help and support and love her whther she wants me or not because she is someone who is amazing and will do something for this world I want her to be here long enough to make her mark I love her so much nothing will change that

  78. Abbas 224

    That made me cry

  79. FireBird20613

    I am trans and am at the lowest point in my life. I wish I could just be normal and wish that this was all just a nightmare I could wake up from. I'm so tired of living but I know if I go people will miss me, and will never know the real me. I don't now if I can live through life like this but I guess I just have to try.

    sorry my sad story doesn't have much to do with the song but the song makes me want to share.

  80. Richie Tozier

    my best friend
    the girl I held close
    she left.
    she moved.
    she's forgetting all about me.
    I love her.
    she's gone.

  81. Katie Stock

    Am I crying?’s just...hay fever

  82. Թɾίηɕεနန πίʆʆσπ

    😭😭😭so sweet..

  83. NCR veteran ranger

    The girl who I fell in love with used me and just threw me away, and I still love her so much despite everything that she did to me, I still think about her so much, yet I still hope she does well in life

  84. Jillian Foreman

    I wish I could sing this in a talent show or something but then I realize I will never have the guts to face my fears.😔

  85. totallynotayjay

    dear kahlo(my ex lmao):
    i know my own worth. i know that you lost something good that you won’t be able to get back. but i just want to know why i wasn’t good enough for you. what happened, when everything seemed to be going so well? how long were you lying for when you said you loved me? because i know that i meant it every single time. it hurts now, but i will move on. i don’t deserve to be hurt like that.

  86. krysvianah

    If you didn’t cry... you aren’t human

  87. Lesbian Queen

    Im may be a very kind person still hurts

  88. Lesbian Queen

    Some many boys say they want a good girl hey im right here you know....they dont think so.....

  89. Sofia Aberdein

    hi alec, please officially release this

  90. Jackson Smith

    I lost my best friend... we were the closest two people could be without dating. She knew everything about me and I knew everything about her. She was strength when I had none. I was her shoulder to cry on. We had an argument and we haven’t talked in 2 months. It hurts me everyday knowing I lost the most amazing person in the world, I’ll never find anyone like her and tbh I don’t want to. We have tried to move past it but it’s always just there. We act like we are both okay without each other but I know her, and I know it hurts her. We just can’t move past it though. 😔maybe one day we will be close again addy

    Lesbian Queen

    You guys had a strong bond im sure you guys will figure something out! i cant talk to my best friend much anymore...and me and her i told her everything and she told me everything i was always there for her and she was always there for me....i hope someday well get back to eachother....i miss her so much but i keep trying....and my other best friend...well....i dont know if she is okay......she hasnt talked to me but its main one is Kay....bc i have known her for 2 years....and i love her to death! thanks for listening and i wish u the best!

    Jackson Smith

    Bloody Blossom i truly hope you guys can figure it out, it sucks but hopefully it gets better

    Lesbian Queen

    @Jackson Smith yes hopefully I got to see my best friend Kay on a trip yesterday! I was so happy!

  91. Kyung Mi Choi

    My life, my hope, my heart
    You ripped it all apart
    You pick me up
    You pull me down
    But I just can't get enough.

    My tear stained face
    Still wears a smile for you
    But you left me
    On the cold, hard floor
    Of the dead woods.

    You are enough
    You give me everything by existing
    And being here
    You left.

    The tears descend
    Into the everlasting

    The breeze on my face
    Turns into ashes
    Of what once was

    Come back love
    So we can hold hands
    And mold into one
    And just stand here

    Both cold
    Both broken
    Both shattered
    But we will pick up the pieces.

    The mirror breaks
    Once your reflection comes into view
    If only you knew
    It broke because it couldn't handle
    Your beauty.

    Come back.
    And just
    Be with me.

    The rose petals descend
    Into the end
    Of eternity.

  92. Nathen Lyter

    This song hits me really hard. A girl who i had dated for 3 years and engaged to, just recently left me. She always went around and slept with other people. I was always by her side when she made this made those mistakes. I forgave her but she just kept doing it over and over again. Each time i always forgave her and gave her more chances. I loved her so much. And now she left me because she couldn’t stay committed. It’s been so difficult because she made me reasonably happy and now since she left, i feel nothing. 3 years of hard work and mental strength gone in an instance.

  93. I LOVE Aarmau

    Why can’t I find this song on Spotify??

  94. RocketTheCat •-•

    Alec Benjamin is so amazing I love everyone of his songs, I listened to some of his songs (use me, Annabelle's homework, last of her kind ect.) then after falling in love with must have been the wind I realized I recognized his name on another song I liked and I looked him up, I found out there was a ton of songs by him I listened to and adored! Now he's my fav song artist!

  95. Ari

    I messed up pushing away my best friend and this is one of the songs she sang to me before everything happened. He cant sing this like she did sadly.

  96. Kayden Stuhr

    My heart aches💔😭😭

  97. Cloudy

    "she's the last of her kind"

    Brianna Branson

    Omg I am so so so sorry for your loss... sending prayers and love to you... :)

    Yeeyee Feetus Deletus

    Cloudy one thousanth like

    jane pang

    Cuz she's the only one of her kind tho

    Annamae Wish

    Cloudy: "The last of her kind."
    Likes: 1.6k
    Hotel: Trivago

    Kawwii potato

    @Annamae Wish 😅😂ik the struggle and also u be enjoying a good song then ur mood changes from sad/happy.. (ect) and then ur mood chnages to another song 😂