Alec Benjamin - Gabriel Lyrics

Gabriel the oldest son
He praised the Lord and married young
Became a priest at that confession
Cured the people of transgression
Gabriel he held the weight of
Everybody's toxic waste
And with the load upon his shoulder
Couldn't sleep as he got older

Oh oh oh
What it means to be someone
That everybody has to talk to
Everybody has to talk to
Oh oh oh
Our Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to
Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to

Looking for a place to be
Or some place he could hide his grief
Gabriel ran to the beach
And set out for the open sea
Heaved the baggage from the sands
Aboard the vessel with his hands
And when he couldn't see the land
Released their sins on his command

Oh oh oh
What it means to be someone
That everybody has to talk to
Everybody has to talk to
Oh oh oh
Our Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to
Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to

As the problems slowly drifted
All the weight was quickly lifted
From his back into the sea
He finally felt he was free
When he got home after months
Sat down and waited for lunch
He looked down at an empty dish
Cause all their sins had killed the fish

Oh oh oh
What it means to be someone
That everybody has to talk to
Everybody has to talk to
Oh oh oh
Our Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to
Gabriel, he had no one
That he could talk to
But is Gabriel responsible

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Alec Benjamin Gabriel Comments
  1. Nyny Anime queen

    That’s my cousins name!?

  2. Wulfixo Studios

    0:30 Is he eating coffee or what?

  3. Jade Wagner

    okay but this video is so aesthetically pleasing like... 🤩

  4. Ash Bl

    I the son of god I the son of Jesus I the son of heaven I the one who talks to people I the one who loves the is the one in need amen

    -The son of Jesus Christ

  5. Tammy me

    I am Gabriel sadly

  6. N E P T Û N E S - T Û N E みだらな

    *you can talk to us*

  7. Black Burn

    And Gabriel is a angel 1like=1pray for gabriel and alec

  8. Black Burn

    My name is Gabriel and this is about me like me real

  9. Chloé LEFERIS


  10. king kung

    he held the weight of everyones toxic waste

  11. Cinder-squad 55

    My name is Gabriel it’s strange my favourite singer has a song with my name in the title


    You inspire me.. one day I'm going to be a singer :)

  13. Nicole Jan Tingzon

    Depends on what i saw its a song titled "Gabriel" but the music video is about murder or something but my opinion
    The music video suits "if i killed someone for you"

  14. Gabriela Juarez

    Me Gabril

  15. Izabella Watson

    I'm quaking

  16. Jennifer Krause

    So deep, I got chills.

  17. TØXĪÇ _76


  18. Merci Maples

    Don't be sad alec

  19. ain musdi

    *freaked out hearing the door knocking

  20. Fatma Salah

    I love has song because it's always a story 💓💓💓💓💓💓😭😭😭😭

  21. That Guy

    if i killed someone for you
    you need to understand the person I killed is me

  22. Beverlie Tyler

    This is my crush name☺

  23. Jen

    Here my theory on this song:

    I believe Gabriel is what you would call a therapist friend almost but is buried deep within the problems the friends and people around him have. In the first few lyrics, *"Gabriel the oldest son he praised the Lord and married young became a priest at that confession cured the people of transgression Gabriel he held the weight of everybody's toxic waste and with the load upon his shoulder couldn't sleep as he got older"* I believe this shows he is burdened with the fact all the problems are piled on him. *"Oh oh oh what it means to be someone that everybody has to talk to everybody has to talk to oh oh oh Our Gabriel, he had no one that he could talk to Gabriel, he had no one that he could talk to..*

    *Looking for a place to be or some place he could hide his grief Gabriel ran to the beach and set out for the open sea heaved the baggage from the sands aboard the vessel with his hands and when he couldn't see the land released their sins on his command."* The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. Depression, anxiety, etc. But, anxiety and stress is a perfect represention of what it felt for Gabriel. The problems become to real and it's become apart of his daily life. Which then these problems becomes his so he tries to get rid of them away. In doing so get shoves his problem (Alec in a bag) and kinda buries him beneath to get some sort of relief off. This was shown in the video. In the end, he calmly starts eating again but a knock is heard for the door. He gets up and opens it to see his and others own problems have came back, because one can not simply push problems aside and say "I'm okay" No, it's better to talk to someone but Gabriel didn't have this in a worry to put his own problems on someone else.

    *Soooo um yeah..tell me your thoughts..*

  24. deathgamer pubg

    Our school's name was Gabriels earlier

  25. Cameron Sievers

    Alec is so underated

  26. The Wolf
    Alec Benjamin fans here ❤️🙂

  27. ღ MajesticBecca ღ


    this song made me cry so many times 😭😭😭😭

  28. ღ MajesticBecca ღ


    this song made me cry so many times 😭😭😭😭

  29. Bianca Castro

    Amo essa voz
    Tão suave

  30. Alex Grey

    damn the cliffhanger ILY tho

  31. NCBB AlexC

    Why do you like Alec Benjamin as an artist?

    *: The answer is easy. Alec wrote songs not because he wanted to but because his songs are for those people who needs someone to lean on. Someone to talk to. Someone who's being lonely for too long... So for those people who feels like they are alone, be strong! Y'all nice keep going!*

  32. Brandon Urio

    I just keep thinking of Gabriel as the one from supernatural and that makes it even more sad

  33. brokenmoon wing

    Ever think Alec's songs are about his life, if not his voice is so smooth and melodic, much much love

  34. Shae mk

    Love the song seriously
    But I'm so lost please explain ,🤟🤣🤣

  35. Ocean plays

    I wanted to eat dat breakfast that Alec cooked at the beginning of the video 👁👁

  36. Lovely Wolf

    Feel like the storyline has to do with
    If i killed someone for you
    Knife in my back
    And this one
    Im probably wtong but...??? Maybe not?

  37. maias badra

    What it mean to be someone that everybody have to talk to

  38. poivron chaud

    For those who think that alec is under-rated: it's sully but like that these concerts are cheap

  39. Its_Gabriel Kun_UwU

    I do not know I'm song?

  40. pigeon overlord

    * is creeped out by the ending *

  41. David Lagasse

    Omg. I wanna faint.. I wonder if he can sing hallelujah

    David Lagasse

    The song

  42. Marius Master

    Why isn’t this on spotify😡

  43. PQ Vines

    Missing lack of rhythms in the lyrics sometime. Though it's a story telling.

  44. TheArttarius

    I have a friend named Gabriel

  45. Hazal Özkan

    Perfect 😉

  46. Marlyn Abalos

    Alec is kinda the opposite of sins

  47. φ zåçh hewo 0-0


  48. Mystery Girl

    I'm almost exactly like this... I don't have anyone to talk to but everyone talks to me about everything. Anyone can rant to me about anything and I'll listen...

  49. GåchåFån Jøci

    Haii! I love ur songs!

  50. hunter vest

    So after listening to lyrics and watching the music video, I brought together a story. Gabriel grows up to become a priest that everybody can talk to, but later on he loses his twin brother or other family member and starts to grieve about it but he has nobody to talk about this so he gets rid of the body in the lake and goes back to his every day life

  51. I Remebered

    "Looked down at an empty dish cause all their sins had killed the fish."
    Thats deep bro.

  52. Last Minute Wonder

    Alec i know what ur talking about . When u feel and see everyones feelings and u try to heal and fix it u get overwhelmed. Alec do you think u have the trait of a highly sensitive person? I am a hsp and when i listen to ur music it makes me feel understood.

  53. Ishy Gacha

    I'm French and I like your music please Continue like this
    I am crazy about you(Je suis français et j'aime ta musique s'il te plait Continue comme ça
    je suis fou de toi)

  54. Honey

    my classmate: This is my favourite song since today!!!😂

  55. Amelia Eads

    I feel like this is my brothers song bc his name is Gabriel and hes always so quiet and mad and hes so rude to his own little😥

  56. BmackSkits

    I think I just nutted at 1:28 that music switch up is so good

  57. RhineWolf

    Who else expected to see an FBI agent with a gun at the door the first time around when they saw this?

  58. Pitter

    You can't trick yourself forever

  59. Taylor Henderson

    i feel as if this is me, because all of my friends need me in some shape or form ,yet i dont get to vent things

  60. marius swanepoel

    alec and gabriel twins ha

  61. Dhananjay Singh

    alec benjamin is becoming popular everywhere .....wowww best singer

  62. Molly Sirois

    Any one else thinking of Gabriel from Supernatural and crying?? Just me?? Okay. I’ll go now.

    PinkBunBun Ella

    I think of Gabriel as the Archangel from the Bible

  63. Michelle Baggiore

    The ending-

  64. Simply productions

    The end kind of freaked me out for a second

    PinkBunBun Ella

    The first time I saw the ending, I was scared as heck

  65. Inez Copelin

    bro but if i killed someone for you is still better but if you haven't heard it listen to it and if you have listen to it again that song is amazing

  66. benevolent Butterfly

    Why did alec write a song about me like im boring

  67. Sternentr8umerin Watty

    This song is for the persons who always try their hardest to make people happy because they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.
    And absolutely for the persons who have no one to talk to...

  68. Original Ramen

    *coughs* he’s definitely hinting to my name

    Btw my names Gabriel thought it was funny

  69. Gabby Smith

    My name is Gabriel. i used to love my name......not anymore...Thanks comment section, your the best.

    The Private Internetter

    Gabby Smith it’s a beautiful name :)

  70. Re Goldd

    please put this on itunes!!

  71. Priyanshu Singh

    Gabriel with maserati


    ok my name is Gabriel and this song is really creepily accurate...Im 18 now, and alot of my friends share their issues with me but i dont really share my own with them... also I like to kayak and just float around in the sea and I want to join the navy to be in the sea so like wts how is this so accurate o.o

  73. Joel 664

    This makes me appreciate my nanny (grandmother for clarification)
    I deal with a lot with school and my mum
    My mum constantly shouts at me and makes me comfort her when she’s upset, like when she and her boyfriend broke up for the 4th time and I was 10 she came in crying and I had to talk to her and keep her company, and honestly my nanny is always there for me to talk to about all this and if she wasn’t there I think I’d explode

  74. Joel 664

    I hope my friends know that they can talk to me, anything they need to talk about I’ll be there for them.

  75. Joel 664

    Right so seeing people’s interpretations I decided to do my own
    Gabriel goes around the world hearing confessions from people and forgiving them and lifting the burdens of their sins and takes them on his own shoulders as he has no one to talk to, or pass the sins on to, so he tries to throw them away but they still came back

  76. Julianna Wang

    Why does this feel like something Gabriel Agreste would do?

  77. MoonChild Serendipity

    If this isn't the prologue of "If I killed someone for you"

  78. Nøva Edits

    He didnt give a crap about that bag. 😶

  79. Shruti Rokhade

    Why do you have to make SUCH awesome/beautiful/ambient songs???

  80. Atziry

    *is it me or I’m the only one seeing him chew his food*

  81. Shannon Murray

    He's so talented

  82. Storm Van de weerd

    Why isn’t this song on spotify please put it on spotify

  83. Hhmmm

    *Me: listening to this relating to Gabriel cuz I always listened to my friends secrets and now they hate me and the only friend i have will be gone next year*

  84. Nova November TheMostWOWEEWorthCrestie

    I really can relate to this.
    I want to help others. I want to make a difference. I try to help when I see drama happening online and offline.. I make apologies. No matter how long they have to be. I make them.. I want to have a purpose.. to help. To comfort. To be one of the many beautiful people that save our world from the horrible, sick place it’s in. We’re all stupid. People are stupid. Nearly every “natural” disaster wouldn’t happen if we showed more love to our world. I promise to be anyone’s safety net. I’m here for you.. and everyone. Sometimes it hurts to help. Sometimes it’s hard.. but I’ll continue. With nobody else to talk to.

    I know I really stink for acting like I’m so amazing and don’t get treated the way others treat me. The truth is.. helping is my purpose. No matter what I’m helping.. as long as it’s good I’ll do it. It’s hard to do it sometimes when I try to help and my efforts don’t work. I’ve got nobody to talk to.

    Alec, this song is beautiful and it’s definitely going on my playlist on ITunes..! Sorry for typing so much.. I like writing.. erm typing.. XD alright. I’ve got to go now.
    - November

  85. Billie's little baby

    The end scared me but I loved it

  86. Ebtihaj Abdullah

    This is why trust me I say this boy got my feelings out!

  87. Raymond Thai

    mkay, first If I Killed Someone For You, this, next's gonna be Outrunning karma

  88. Gabe Parker

    who else has a name gabriel

  89. xXWolfz4LifeXx

    gabriel: sings
    Me: That's Alec..?? wat??

  90. carbonated poop water

    the song is fucking trash tbh

    The Private Internetter

    Shay why on earth would you think that?

    carbonated poop water

    i love and respect the meaning to it but the song is just all over the place

  91. Kubilay Çıtır

    He's a synth!

  92. Nightcore Jess

    Watching this again just shows me how much Alec suits black😂🤩😤

  93. Deadpro159

    My name is gabriel and this song relates to me a lot lmao :3

    carbonated poop water

    the song is fucking trash tbh

  94. Lola Rodrìguez


    Tove Falkeström

    Lola Rodrìguez or were there...

  95. Maëlys UwU

    Ooo~ oh Gabriel had no one that he could talk to

    Me: that's why he kidnapped people

  96. Maëlys UwU

    Gabriel is a clone
    Gabriel1:*opens bag*
    Gabriel2: hola!
    Gabriel1: *puts him back in the bag*
    Gabriel2: Adios?

  97. Merriann Pham

    i need this on spotify or sum

    carbonated poop water

    the song is fucking trash tbh

  98. vanilla bean 666

    This👏song👏is👏so👏underrated 👏

    carbonated poop water

    the song is fucking trash tbh

  99. Nightcore, AMV's Life