Alec Benjamin - Feed Lyrics

You've got that flesh between your teeth
Got the dirt beneath your nails
You've got the hunger in your eyes
The one that never seems to fail
Now I can feel it when you breathe
Get so close I get so frail
No one ever gets to leave her
No one lives to tell the tale

Ooh, I'm running out of time
I believe
And ooh, it's just a matter of time
Before she needs to feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah

I know it's killing me
But have your fill of me
I die if I let you starve
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me

Now I'm half the man I was
You left my bones out here to thaw
So when you have a minute
You can take them out to gnaw upon
The pieces that remain
When there's no blood left to draw
Pour my soul into a glass
So you can drink it through a straw

Ooh, I'm almost out of time
I believe
And ooh, there's nothing left inside
Please proceed to feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me, yeah

I know it's killing me
But have your fill of me
I die if I let you starve
Feed on me, yeah
Feed on me

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Alec Benjamin Feed Comments
  1. Layan Alhamayda

    I'm speechless

  2. Anaya Key

    Is it sad that I heard "feet on me?" ;w; I love Alec.

  3. Wolfie Laker

    Woah it sound different in head phone's and it's great

  4. gamerboy 9238

    Is this song a reference to Tokyo ghoul?

    Courtney Knutson

    cannibalism, metaphorically of course lol. basically it means he's willing to do anything for her, even die if it means she'll survive.

  5. Eudaimonia

    Why his voice is so so soft and relaxing

  6. Caitlin Wilson

    Is she a cannibal? I cant really find the meaning of this song?

    sabrina bonvicini

    Yeah that is the point, but in my opinion it's a metaphor of how he would do anything for her, even Die for her just to make her survive, and if that means that she has to eat him in order to do that, as a metaphor, he is willing to let her do it.

    Leo Basinger

    Caitlin Wilson i mean sorta but it’s about his girlfriend using him so she’s feeding off of him alec is very well aware of his surroundings
    but if she didn’t have him she’d be nothing and he doesn’t want thet

  7. nicole bolton

    so is this about a vampire or somehing
    also after he says feed on me yaaaaaaaaaAHHAHAHAHAHH
    i keep hearing feed on meow
    and it takes away the note of the song

    Jordan Whitehurst

    It’s metaphorical, like most of his songs. He’s talking about how she uses him up for her own gain. Essentially something to that nature, I didn’t write the song so idk what he was truly thinking.

  8. Zack Grayson Jonas

    I swear to god this song is really good, i hate that it's underrated like seriously online 63,945 views. T^T

  9. Diana Gwako

    feed us your songs plssss

  10. RaccoonDog42

    I get so emotional everytime I hear him ♥♥

  11. R.B.

    i would love to see what was his thought process when writing this song. i absolutely love it lol

  12. Alexis Fay

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant stop lisinig so naw im sad.

  13. Teddy Bartlett

    Is there somewhere I can download every single Alec Benjamin song in just one click??

    Aaron Southworth
    I gotchu

  14. eclipse_ dragon

    0:24 ok, so she's a cannibal

    Trash Panda

    Figuratively speaking yes.
    That's what the whole song is about.

    Nomi Plays

    Apparently yes. XD

  15. Alysia Moore

    I was walking to class, and I got bored so I started to sing Feed, and it was stuck in my head. SO, I was screaming this at the top of my lungs for the rest of the day. The funniest part was that I do that so often, nobody in my grade even noticed me


    Did everyone clap


    @Løst that would be cool lol

    Nomi Plays

    I just did that today but I was just humming it XD

  16. Videos of Jonas

    Thank you thank you thank you

  17. Jose Villadiego Plumber

    I love how he thinks about other ppl when he says “I would die if I let you starve” I would too #Relatable

  18. Salma Del Real

    His voice is actually heaven

  19. FangMonkeyScoop

    All of his songs are amazing

  20. Pup Pup444

    All of Alec’s songs are so good!!

  21. Brittany Osborn

    This is amazing. I have been listening to his songs lately and they are💙

  22. bridgette davis

    Really lovely. Love the melody.

  23. galaxy love

    You make everything better by 100 because you are that amazing and by the way i dont want to hurt your feelings but are you a girl or boy

    Carmen Melendez

    He's A Boy

    galaxy love

    Carmen Melendez okay thanks

    Kassie 13

    Everyone at my school when ever i talk about say " isnt alec a girl" but i dont get it. He sounds 100% male to me. Can someon explain.


    @Kassie 13 omg same. he doesn't sound like a girl at all to me???? didn't think that even for a second, and even if i try to hear it, i cant.

    Peytton Martin

    @Kassie 13 well in some of his songs with his higher pitched voice he kind of does. like let me down slowly, which is one of the most popular of his songs, which is why people say he is a girl.
    -ur welcome

  24. Jxssie

    The sweet sweet lullaby, and the music to my ears oh my 😭

  25. jade barnett

    Ah 16 like ilysm

  26. Edwinnn

    3rd comment

  27. Kake Fleek

    2nd XDD lmAo XDD hahaha Xd

  28. Salam Hyr

    This is really beautiful!! I feel like I’m in heaven