Aldous Harding - Swell Does The Skull Lyrics

Swell does the skull
I don't want to be a sinner, no
Don't want to be a sinner, no
But bourbon, always bourbon

Swell does the skull
Don't want to be a sinner, no
Don't want to be a sinner, no
But velvet, always velvet

Here he comes through the rain
With his coat and his walking cane
And he says softly to me:
"The war is over, we belong in the country"


Ring have the bell
There's honey on the bread now
There's honey on the bread now
And music, always music

He comes home, out of the rain
I take his coat, and his walking cane
He can feel that I hold him tight
The day's over
We belong by the fireside

Swell does my skull
I'll never be without him, no
I'll never be without him, no
I'll never be without him, no

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Aldous Harding Swell Does The Skull Comments
  1. farfangled

    that bathroom has great acoustics

  2. You You

    tears on this

  3. Scotty Hughes

    this is moving.

  4. october72393

    Hola Angela... Miss you... Thank you for this...

  5. Hard Meme

    My grandfather died about a year ago. As a child he used to take care of me while my parents worked, cutting up melons and fresh fruit instead of giving me baby foods. When he was dying, I felt like such a coward, I didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want to watch someone I loved die, I felt like I was winning for running away from supporting him, and I didn’t want to be a sinner. When he died, my grandmother began to drink more heavily than she did when he was alive, heavy liquors, like bourbon. He served in the army at the end of WWII and during Korea, and I imagined him coming home from those wars to my grandmother, being done with it all, and trying to go back to rural Texarkana, where he was from. When he passed, my grandmother began to have more sugars in the house, namely honey, which she couldn’t do before with him having diabetes. When i hear this song, about an old man in a coat, out in the rain, it makes me think about how even when he was 80 years old he’d go out and play in puddles, when he couldn’t walk right he’d still play out there with a cane or a walking stick, and how most of the nights I’d go see him we’d start a fire in his front yard fireplace, and all my family would come together to talk. Even as I wrote this I began to cry, and every time I do I feel like there’s a swell in my skull, like my head is shaking with the tears coming out. And then I hear that last line, that I’ll never be without him, and I just want to hear his voice one more time, or give him a hug, because I miss him so much.

    I don’t know if the writer of this song will ever read this, but this song was one of the only things to bring me peace. It hurts me so much to hear this beautiful song, and yet it means so much to me. Hearing it makes me remember how much I loved my grandfather, and I can only say thank you.

  6. JΩΣ Lཽhཽmཽgཽ

    Who thinks this is ml aldous

  7. Futures

    jesus she's like a Star Angel shot through a great big bang

  8. Marfa Quariltod

    She sounds like Sibilly Baier , singing this song.

  9. Warachara Upapong

    Reminds me of Chelsea Wolfe’s music.

    Warachara Upapong

    + she’s giving me Kimbra vibes

  10. Atse Busman

    Those ever so rare youtube goosebumps

  11. Frank Morgan

    me: :(
    aldous harding @ 1:49: :p
    me: :)

  12. Micky Ovy

    Never heard anything like her - ever ! Can't get enough of her xxx

  13. 1happyaua

    She is a channel. Feels like a wormhole or something going inside myself

  14. David Adams

    As much as I love Mike Hadreas's voice, his accompaniment on this song's album cut lends it no more beauty than Aldous does here, on her own.

  15. cocteautwinned


  16. Don Hall

    Kate Bush meets Joni Mitchell.. wow ,beautiful music but so tragically dark .

  17. Nicholas Lange

    Where’s the mic? What is the preamp?

    le bruit des graviers

    Clip mic for vocals and DI for guitar. Both in a small handy recorder ;)

  18. Miff Morris

    It's evident this beautiful lady is possessed by an ancient spirit.

  19. Benja Henja

    This song takes me to the same dimension Nai Palm takes me to when I hear Homebody.

  20. Philosophia

    I can't take my ears off her...

  21. Bruno Dias

    One of the best songs ever on youtube.

  22. carmen caamaño

    Great song and singer!!

  23. Nate Engh

    Sounds like squelch the weasel by ween

  24. jo massey

    The resonances of certain notes sound like the wind in a far away place and time. I can listen to this forever.

  25. David Beddoe

    what a beautiful freak

  26. Tamro Kankava

    This song is killing me !!!!
    "I'll never be without him, no"

    Charles Howard

    a Premiere of Aldous Harding's Zoo Eyes up here tomorrow the 8th on 4AD

  27. Adam Burke

    A female Leonard Cohen!

  28. Sad Christopher

    I can't pretend to compare to the genius of Aldous Harding, but if you enjoy heartfelt songs from troubled souls, please visit my page and give a listen. Many blessings ❤

  29. bramblestown


  30. s e l e n n Music

    Sublime chanson et live-sessions✨

  31. Aurora Haze

    What kind of actual depraved lunatic downvotes this? Just wondering..


    Absolutely beautiful. Once in a while a sound comes along and puts you in a state of perpetual regression. She has a melancholic grace personified. She's in my home city of Liverpool and I can't wait to hear what I feel when I listen to her. The joy of life.

  33. OatBoatly

    Watching this whilst smoking the corncob...I’m home

  34. divina6

    I'm so sad I missed her when she played recently.

  35. Carter Rombouts

    every performance she does is so pensive, so mysterious yet incredibly honest, so free yet incredibly crafted. she is one of the most compelling musicians of our time.

  36. Face

    That last “no”, I felt it in my spine

  37. Grace Kale

    her passion....

  38. Zanzibar Betsy

    Transcendent and ethereal. Wish I could just sit around a fire and listen to her sing.

  39. Sherene O'Shaughnessy

    If you like this artist, you may admire the work of Laura Mulcahy. Her music is incredible.

  40. Gary Klein

    I don’t know how I ended up on this video but it’s beautiful

  41. Ty_ teynium

    I thought she was whistling for a second. Then I realized no she's just wooing ... Then I realized that she's imitating a freaking clarinet!

  42. Ty_ teynium

    5:20 that shot is scary and beautiful.

  43. Charles Howard

    So very intense. Superb guitar playing, and a staggeringly versatile, and most enchanting voice. Mercy. le bruit des graviers

  44. Mikko Ojala

    I get goose bumps and I have no idea what this is about. Booze and some man? What? Explain.

  45. Wankeroo

    Sometimes the bathroom has better acoustics than a theatre hall.

  46. David H

    God can't sing like this

  47. blackguitar000

    That trap beat tho'😐

  48. Pizza Gun

    sounds unreal

  49. Giselle Fauquet

    this is so beautiful; but would be better in the winter.

  50. J Foreman

    Jesus H. Christ! Over the past 20 years my taste continues to move towards female artists. They are taking over the planet. Formerly it was Natalie Merchant. Lucinda Williams, Kateil Keinig and more recently Kate Stables(This is the Kit). And now this,.. thank God for artistry.

    Gerard Lee

    J Foreman based on your taste, I do hope that you’ve found the Innocence Mission (Karen Peris).

  51. Judy Clarke

    I love the fact she’s in the bathroom Her songs have a very other worldly feel to them

  52. Michelle Bailey

    Joan Baez for a 21st century that spans the ages

  53. Brendan Ward

    Aldous is a once in a generation talent. Soak it up people. Nothing this beautiful lasts longer than necessary.

  54. jabba

    has her plucking nails longer than her fretboard nails... dedication

  55. Frederick Frost

    this is true talent, I cant take my eyes off her,, she is creepy and perfect at the same moment, fascinating musician and woman, this music will open doors you did not know where there

  56. dem

    I've been lucky enough to know one or two people with that look in their eye.

    Alan Currie

    I hope you were wearing a stab proof vest at the time 😀

  57. Jor Livia

    If I was lost at sea...and the Sirens were calling me to crash on an island in the western sea between Aeaea and the rocks of Scylla.

  58. Bon Jokey

    I have just seen Aldous Harding perform in Bristol 2 days ago. A sensorial treat. I filmed a couple of songs if you are curious... and this one

  59. FanBoySlim

    there are some days when you find a treasure, at the bend of a page

  60. Telmo Fernandes

    Just started listening. Mesmerizing and outstanding.

  61. Rottenlead

    It is the best bathroom singing ever heard this end of the Milky Way. My lucky ears. :)

  62. aldret aldret

    Aldous is a perfectionist in her musical art !!!! Wherever the room 🤓😊😘🌹

  63. Søren Fomsgaard

    Is this a (sad) love song for Johnny Walker?

  64. Eric Muccino

    Who ever filmed this must've been losing their shit watching this performance

    le bruit des graviers

    Everything was totaly clean ;)

  65. Araxie Indjirdjian

    Just stunning!

  66. АЛДМ

    this is the first I heard of her
    thank you

  67. Aaron Montiel Williams

    She's so good

  68. gregg mullen

    This..... Is amazing....

  69. Mark Connely

    Man, this is beautiful and amazing. What a finely crafted song- feels as if it was hundreds of years old, burnished by the hands of so many passing it down the years, its lyrics both universal and cryptic enough to hold any number of personal stories. A lovely melody line -lamenting, wistful, warm, chilling, remote; it's all of these. I'd place its origin as English or Flemish, 1770 - 1825, if I didn't understand the lyrics (bourbon and vervet give it away, in a hilarious fashion). That it's a contemporary creation imbues it with a mystical quality, as if this anachronism fell from the sky fully formed, like a meteorite - ancient, its shape and texture the testament of its long journey. Aldous Harding must have listened to and sung a lot of old folk songs over the years to have created this original gem. Very very cool.

  70. Noicart65325

    Corria la gente, delante de la calma, en estampida, aterrorizados por no saber que hacer

  71. Claudio Monárdez

    cat power, joan baez a little joni michel and the spirit of bob dylan in a strange and very nice mix

  72. geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

    That's just her on the loo. Great bathroom acoustics. A bit Joan Byes?

  73. Emma Edwards

    When exactly did Leonard Cohen and Scarlett Johansson have a baby?

  74. TheAstrius

    Next on the NPR music list.

  75. d3thron3d

    *shrug*... Highly capable but lyrics really seem like drivel. Will prefer O'brother or Jackson c Frank any day.


    cool bitch

  76. Dan Jenkins

    Bathroom acoustics strike again. This is spellbinding. We won't hear a better version of this song. Moments captured and shared for us. The phrasing and tonal quality make me weak in the knees.

  77. Gerry McFarlane

    What a wonderful, wonderful talent. Up there with LP. A modern day poet at the top of her game. Just brilliant.

  78. Alberto Marchetti

    Best voice of the decade

  79. Ragged Lion Press

    so unbelievably beautiful

  80. Gonzalo Villalba del Canto


  81. Pascale Delos

    sooo moving

  82. Miranda Rikki

    Wow. What a performance!

  83. Peter Allum

    A star is born.

  84. Gary McKinnon

    Bathrooms, every musician's first reverb-effect :) Lovely stuff.

  85. Griffin

    she synth whistled

  86. Jim Byrne

    Time for a bath obviously. But just a wee tune first.

  87. Anthony Jackson

    I’m always curious about this lady’s lyrics. ‘The war is over/you belong in the country ...New Zealand is trying keeping all its secrets!

  88. divina6

    I can hear Elizabeth Fraser influences in some of her songs. I love Elizabeth Fraser.
    Aldous has a beautiful voice and focus.

  89. Waldo Cide

    Singing in the shower never sounded so good.


    I bet the neighbours are freaked out, though.

  90. Tova H

    She's amazing

  91. Steve Reekie

    She's great. Reminds me of early Joni Mitchell.

  92. Mr Spare

    The PTSD is strong in this one...

    Mr Spare

    Poor lass...