Aldous Harding - I'm So Sorry Lyrics

Freedom, balance
So many friends wish that for me
Stolen, only a little dime of a thing
That I can't put down

My body's grateful
I never knew how to write

I know everyone's looking on
Why in the world would I risk this now?
But I find little excuses
They bring me their milk and it just goes down
(Just goes down)

My body, grateful
Never really knew how to write
My body, grateful
I never knew how to write

Laughing in my silk worn
I've got a want and I won't let go
Then you'll get me when I am young
I'm gonna bust out of here

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Aldous Harding I'm So Sorry Comments
  1. Griffin

    cool is right

  2. James Skibinski

    still thinking about this.... beautiful all the same

  3. Leonard C Suzanne Vega Tim Buckley managed to have a daughter .... amazing feat .... great great emotional voice

  4. Jill sinclair

    wow amazing

  5. Cody S

    Great voice but awful guitar. She needs a band


    what in the name of holy fuck are you talking about?

    tom abourmad

    he is right, give her a good folk guitar, for god sake it would make leo cohen cry in his grave

    yes him and Suzanne Vega but Suzanne in her bed not grave :] also Tim Buckley in his grave


    Think you missed her point

  6. Marcus Montgomery - Yisra'el

    A hidden gem~

  7. QQueenQQful

    Beautiful and haunting

  8. Matt Goodman

    Absolutely amazing

  9. Freeborn Johnny Lilburne

    Great song, do a shout for crowd-funding/pre-orders and I'm in

  10. ikepoyo

    we meet you yesterday into anglican church, Hyeres. Thank's a lot!

  11. stephaveadream

    i would like you to sing bossa or jazz. it fits to your style and voice. warm regards

  12. ben manard

    such a deeply beautiful soul