Aldous Harding - Hunter Lyrics

He's a hunter, he's a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home
He's a hunter and a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home

In the garden you are Adam and Eve
You don't need me
In the garden you are Adam and Eve
You don't need me

I am bleeding in the river
She knows I do not run
I am bleeding in the river
She knows I do not run

He's a hunter, he's a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home
He's a hunter and a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home

In the river he has fallen
His blood begins to run
In the river he has fallen
His blood begins to run

He's a hunter, he's a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home
He's a hunter and a good man
Be brave when he brings you nothing home

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Aldous Harding Hunter Comments
  1. LifeWithoutMak

    Suprised in 2 videos someone is smoking. Hope its a fake cigarette.

  2. Kolin Evans

    Additionally other interesting aspects from a ‘common universe’ law perspective
    Hard to explain but due to a merger which is both temporary and permanent if ‘Hanna’ wishes and at her discretion
    At the point she took the action she was ‘merged’ with the Entity so if any reader has any ability to do basic math then this means that a parent or parents have now been scheduled {and agreed} to kill their daughter.

    Due to the linearity of time on this vector there is always a ‘first action’ and in this whole equation the first action was the group of people or person that dictated that a ‘parent’ should kill / terminate a daughter, then after that , the ‘parent’ the defensive action is the action took by the daughter.

    So back to basic math under ‘universal common law’ that is self defense, which will work it’s way back to the original action. {no doubt}

  3. Kolin Evans

    I will translate this clip and song in my on fanciful interpretation : {I will edit due to rewatching to add anything relevant}

    The girl Hanna in this story lives a ‘normal’ life but wonders on things like ‘the universe’ and all of these other esoteric questions and is trying to make sense of the life she has in the place that she is.

    The entity she goes and sees for his / her part has been ‘marked for death’ {to use Emma Ruth Rundel language} the family members of Hanna have been selected {among others} to carry out the job , these family members could have been selected for their various ‘physic powers’ or simply as known ‘killers’ this is the reference to ‘hunter’ the entity does not undertake such activities but due to its existence makes for a target by others, due to the ‘hostile’ nature of the consensus/ planet.

    The wolf hound is significant because the entity is associated such animals and other variants.

    So the entity finds Hanna and simply offers her a deal, it’s completely her choice, if she eliminates the people that are scheduled to terminate the entity, he/she will grant her anything she wants in regards to her dreams of becoming a ‘successful musician’ and then after that other aspects like answers to some of the questions she has, basically the ‘level up’ equivalent of winning the cosmic lottery.

    The entity lets the offer stand, and she then goes and knocks on the door and agrees , the deal is sealed in a sexual way and he /she makes a sketch of Hanna, this is important, due to it is the way that ensures that all the Xp Hanna experiences is duplicated and returned to her so it really is a ‘win win’ from that perspective it is not a form of ‘possession’ if Hanna is telegraphing that in later art, it is likely because her ‘IQ’ I.e Xp has risen such that she finds it amusing to ‘play with the kids’ so to speak.

    After the sketch duplicate is completed, she then carries out her side , there is also a image of ‘Mary’ above her bed {significantly}

    The last scene is her contemplating the gravity of the situation. Due to the the separation of the experience and the forwards progression of time /XP, once she gains the larger view she would likely understand more.

    The entity appears how Hanna idealistic visions, however would not appear as such after her XP rises.
    The black lace necklace represents that the offer stands as is so the whole clip is her considering it , also the fly in the web at the beginning is significant, due to the XP aspects.
    Only someone with the understanding could make a clip / song like this.

  4. Kolin Evans

    I’m shocked, and i mean it’s ‘2019’ so you know ...
    Her dark eyes are so beautiful and mysterious

  5. Zut Knacka

    He’s a hunter and a good cat
    Be brave when he brings you a mouse home.

  6. Aaron Cummins

    Another great song , from the treasure. Like the wolfhound too.

  7. geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

    Aldous (Huxley Thomas) Harding. She is intriguing. I wonder was this her actual home, dog, gun, ex dad etc.

    carmen caamaño

    geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz Why i want to know such of things? you looks Like someone whith a owfull secret, don`t you?

  8. BK BK

    For a beautiful man 🍁🦋✨

  9. Elise Bach

    it's like Kate Bush, Bjorn and the girl from The Knife had a baby...and Emma Roberts.

  10. 122Music1

    Nice song.
    Video is total SHYT!?
    Whats with killing Dad?
    Craptastic. No direction, no story, just random BS.

  11. uncoy

    Stunning video. Thank you.

  12. Stephen Sweet


  13. Bevan Roderick McGregor

    The hunt continues for originality Now it is found again.

  14. Dhalí Cipres

    Greetings from México! <3

  15. She_ Wolf

    eu amo de mais essa música
    linda de mais

  16. angel metatron

    So cute <3

  17. angel metatron

    Faking It 💜

  18. Annabelle Cozy

    i dont like this song tbh bcuz all i hear is "he's a hunter, he is bla bla" and the lyric keeps on repeating

    Kevin Sanders

    I think context is pretty important in what she's trying to convey by repeating that lyric over and over. Is she convincing herself (or us) something?

    Aaron Carson

    It's also in the style of a traditional folk song, and they tend to be a bit cyclical.

    Luis Martinez

    C'mon Annabelle, have a little more consideration and open up your mind to the beauty of repetition that surrounds our daily lives.

    Elise Bach

    it's called a chorus


    No one cares what you don’t like . We gather here to talk about how much we do enjoy Aldous. Go listen to Taylor Swift then. That way all of us who appreciate this beautiful song and you , who could care less ... are both happy .

  19. joshua cartwright

    i want the tabs for this,

    Keith Wigley

    Umm...I will send you a packet of cigarettes if your that desperate.

  20. David Ashby

    what kind of dog is in the clip ?


    Irish Wolfhound

    Keith Wigley

    @fairtradenow how do you know the dog was Irish ?


    @Keith Wigley I don't know, how do you know?

  21. Yourcreativebuddydotcom

    Fantastic song and a fantastic video. I found this song this morning by dumb luck and have not listened to anything else but Aldous all day.

  22. Grayson Maximillian Phoenix

    Absolutely beautiful and amazing
    Thanks Faking It for this wonderful find <3

  23. Julia ADM

    ! My heart goes with you and your voice!


    Flipping Awesome!

  25. Ruby Matic

    So I bought a LP vinyl off Spunk Records, and received a free compilation CD called 'Tropical Punch'. This song was included on that CD and it absolutely blew me away. Love you Spunk Records for your freebies.

  26. Raphael Mendes

    Amazing! Greetings from Brazil

  27. Ross Dawson

    art expressed in voice echos in eternity, whispering in the wind  

  28. isalmeida222

    Great music, fantastic video.

  29. loveuabundle

    i'll say a stand out voice wow

  30. nzmike

    Devastatingly beautiful.  Aldous and City oh Sigh are my two favourite Kiwi groups/artists right now.  We truly have so much talent right now and it's great to see small record companies mixing it with wonderful sounds like this. :-)


    kiwi's rock,thank god we have great artist's in our land

  31. Liam McKenny

    Lyttelton's finest...great song.

  32. Leandro Alessandrini

    letto articolo su rockerilla,confermo!!Meraviglia..

  33. Jacob Nottage

    What a tune..loved it

  34. Colin Dougherty

    chillingly beautiful

  35. Maya Payne

    Great song. Great video. 

  36. FemAcoustica

    Video is fantastic. Song is exceptional..album is fully captivating.

  37. Sara Lake


  38. Simon Claridge

    Tis good. Tis good. 

  39. Sarah Hogan

    so so nice

  40. claireeva tane