Aldous Harding - Designer Lyrics

Whatever was your angle
With that visionary shimmer?
A strange thing, to roll out a spell
À l'amour

Tears water the flowers of need
And you bend my day at the knee
Sit down, we'll frame the far side
Shapes live forever, designer

I give up on your beauty
Shady as the day you were born
I'm leaving you alone with it
We're going sailing, designer

That visionary shimmer
Do not lose your young eyes
Last thing, it could work with your ugly son
Give up your beauty

Oh, holy bosses leave me here
I'm diving off that memory
Stop painting up your lives like wives
Give me your finger à l'amour, designer

We were à l'amour

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Aldous Harding Designer Comments
  1. Heather Glassbrook

    I love watching your joy when you sing.

  2. cocteautwinned


  3. Juan Pablo Torres

    Boy am I glad i subscribed to this channel.

    The Current

    Thanks for watching and subscribing, Juan!

  4. Victoria Bennett

    Aldous, you're one of my favorite people ever. :)

  5. Tony Viner

    I keep passing this up at the record store. It's probably time to just buy it.

  6. piggystardust

    One of my Top-5 Records of the year ♥ ♥ ♥