Aldo Nova - Paradise Lyrics

There's a place not far from here
With a different atmosphere
It's a world where there's no darkness

Close your eyes and you will see
It's a world of fantasy
Let's leave reality behind us

'Cause Paradise - I'll take you there, whoa, yeah
Just close your eyes and have no fear
'Cause Paradise is here, yeah

There's a place not far from here
With a different atmosphere
Let's leave reality behind us

'Cause Paradise - I'll take you there, whoa, yeah
Just close your eyes and have no fear
'Cause Paradise is here

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Aldo Nova Paradise Comments
  1. Seabass 2001

    80’s synth rock. Amazing.

  2. Gabrielle's Gardenia's


  3. Mr. 7

    Awesome album! Awesome song! 👍

  4. Mark Allan

    A guitar solo you never forget the rest of your life.

    Gabrielle's Gardenia's

    Absolutely true

  5. 1040north

    The Canadian Kid fucking rocked.

    Johnny English

    not bad eh. He wrote songs for Blue Oyster Cult, Lita Ford and many more. Thank god he made it unlike say Orphan from winnipeg. But he had so much talent. Saw him open up for Saga on this tour in T.O.


    He is still around!

  6. Billy Dominguez

    Aldo inspired me to pick up a guitar. He is a household name in my home!

    our subject


    I had the great fortune of meeting him, and being invited as a guest at his home in St. Lazare and hearing 20 incredible new songs that he has yet to release, as well as a ton of amazing demos written for others. He's an understates genius! This was back in 2013. What a gracious, gracious man!

  7. forgotten heros

    HI, well lets not ever forget Aldo Nova, without him their would never be Bon Jovi. Aldo is the first soft rock artist ever. Bon Jovi will tell u this.....Fantasy changed everything, lets never forget the man they call Aldo Nova.

  8. Erica Bowen

    So true but we know where the good stuff comes from

  9. Erica Bowen



    fantastic tune; melodic rock at his best: a masterpiece; timeless

  11. RockCanadian

    Aaron, I am on his facebook page and you are correct. It's legit and has a release date of May 6th, 2013

  12. storm bringerr

    good album...takes me back.

  13. russyboy100

    I seem to remember a joint going perfect with any song!! :)

  14. auntstacey123

    A joint would go perfect with this song!

  15. russyboy100

    I'm right there with you on that dude!!!

  16. François COLLET

    One of the most heartbreaking guitar solos I've ever heard. Beautiful song and good memories !

  17. Aaron St. Amand

    He's got a new rock opera coming out titled Life & Times of Eddie Gage not sure when but he
    said so in a interview last month.

  18. Dragon Tamer


  19. Ursus Minor

    Guy's got a good voice, shame he doesn't have any recent albums...except for a compilation...

  20. auntstacey123

    @jacques0711 I even heard he opened for Hall & Oates, if you can believe that.


    im so sad, my first boyfriend had this album on viynal and i fell in love with it i just never heared such an amazing guitarist keyboardist it blew my mind and when we broke up i kept the album and somewhere along the line its gone missing, i must get it again, subject what a great album and aldo nova also featured on bon jovis blaze of glory album good stuff x thanks for being here so good to listen to you again xx love

  22. 111midman

    WHAT A MEMORy...ALDO NOVA, HAMMERSMITH ODEAN, LONDON...Can't remember understand...Brillant. Thx for posting

  23. humbledb4jesus

    @mrirocz2 - 2110? thats almost as long as Axl took for Chinese Democracy!!!

  24. Dan Robbins

    First of all, I like the word album, and 2nd of all I agree 100%. I had this and a couple of his other cassettes. My friends and I loved partying back then to his music.

  25. bigdzzplace

    I remember when Aldo Nova opened for Kiss in Canada in 1986...and only did three shows then got licked off tour cause he was so coked out he couldnt play...gotta love rock stars!!!

  26. Alberto Guaz

    Aldo Is one of the best composer, musician, singer, guitarist, audio ingeneer. I love all of his style!
    I know he is producer of Celine Dion, and he is still a BIG in the music world. it's a pity he is behind the scenes.

  27. ItaloDiscoFreak77

    Im totaly agree with you

  28. watch?v=UEXPn8C1FU0&fmt=18 stereo much better sound quality

  29. ItaloDiscoFreak77

    Youre welcome

  30. Rail21

    This Album Rocked !!!!!!!!!!! Thx 4 Posting.

  31. 123xxrobertx

    just energizing! think should b unforgettable. one of the classics

  32. 48755003

    It feels like hundred years since ive heard this song. Im very glad i found it. Aldonova RULES!!