Aldean, Jason - Wide Open Lyrics

Corner café…
She scrapes some quarters off the table
Says thanks yeah now maybe I'll be able
To get that black Mercedes
I've been saving for
The other girls say
You oughta undo a couple buttons
Start showing off a little something
She says nah, you go ahead
Think I'd rather stay poor
See I'm just making rent
She said this ain't where my road ends

This may not be my town
It'll do for now
Till I can figure out
Who I am
Where I'm going
Shes slinging eggs and bacon
With a college education
Just hanging out and waiting
For a better plan
Shes OK not knowing
Shes young
And the worlds wide open

There's a rusty old ford
Lives out back behind the diner
Sitting there waiting on her to make her mind up
Itching to sling a little gravel
And take her who knows where
Maybe head out west
It's in Gods hands I guess


She throws down that apron
Takes the money shes been making
Her life's out there waiting
Got a better plan
That's where shes going
Shes young
And the worlds wide open

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Aldean, Jason Wide Open Comments
  1. Corey Plowman

    Relevant in 2019. The worlds a big place. And Wide Open.

  2. Austin Leister

    he is my life



  4. Ryan Lewis

    Diner* not dinner

  5. Ashley McCarter

    I so agree

  6. rangersfan3210

    This shouldve been a single

  7. chris lopresti

    I'm a country boy and this finishes my life

  8. chris lopresti

    Yeah buddy

  9. duckhunter222

    My theme song right now

  10. alexis schrecengost

    Cant wait till this saturday;) Gonna go cruise round town with him singin this to me!

  11. Odessa Jannette Montalvo

    wow the first verse describes me :)

  12. alec Steffes

    Jason Aldean>

  13. Grace B

    This song is my lifes theme song. Most of Jason Aldeans songs explain issues i can relate to. But this is one, theres no doubt about it! <3

  14. ededdneddy9871

    first to post

    thanks nice vid