Aldean, Jason - Why Lyrics

It's 3 AM and I finally say
I'm sorry for acting that way
I didn't really mean to make you cry
Oh baby, sometimes I wonder why

Why does it always have to come down
To you leaving
Before I'll say 'I love you'
Why do I always use the words
That cut the deepest
When I know how much it hurts you
Oh baby why, do I do that to you

I know I'd never let you walk away
So why do I push you 'til you break
And why are you always on the verge of good-bye
Before I'll show you how I really feel inside

Why does it always have to come down
To you leaving
Before I'll say 'I love you'
Why do I always use the words
That cut the deepest
When I know how much it hurts you
Oh baby why, do I do that to you

Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest
When I know how much it hurts you
Oh baby why, do I do that to you
Why do I do that to you

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Aldean, Jason Why Comments
  1. Sasha Rankine

    Bf broke up with me last night if forever dose have an end

  2. Mackenzie Smith

    Seen this live a few years ago and it was amazing! Still one of my favorites

  3. tuunmaster

    His best song to date

  4. William Osborne

    This is one of his best songs hands down. 2019 still 🔥

  5. Annie Sowers

    Awesome song

  6. Alexander De La Cruz

    This is the song that toxic boyfriends dedicate to their girlfriends

  7. Veronica Contreras

    You did with someone else.
    Courtney Nelson,.

  8. Veronica Contreras

    Michigan can win next week..

  9. Veronica Contreras

    Camamile with Lemon in hot water stir in honey.

  10. R0n C0x

    Srxy i wanna hear yor vouce

  11. Veronica Contreras

    Leigh Green gets jealous when she sees me around men regardless who it is.. Its her jealousy card she plays to get more..

  12. Daisy Edberg

    I wander why also

  13. Tanesha Campbell

    This song never gets old!

  14. 2CutE 4YoU


  15. QTee

    Because why should i think about him.. he loves somebody else

  16. Daniel Kommer

    Love this song ❤️

  17. JJ Howenstine

    it was so good

  18. Welfarebear101

    Dang this video about to be ten years old

  19. Nancy Whitacre

    Ive been playing this alot cause this is how i am right now

  20. A R


  21. Trevor Soldier

    Still don't understand why I alway have to use the words that cut the deepest. But it doesn't matter now my girlfriend of 9 years left me.

  22. Chelle Smiddie

    Jason my man.....

  23. Eric Anolfo

    🥃 Here's to Jason and Jack the two men helping me get through this.

  24. Destiny Stoker


  25. Dawn Hubbell

    Why do you do that to me? LOL. All good.

  26. shawn sharpe

    2019 Anyone??

  27. Timothy Van Nortwick

    Song was made 10 years ago and still just the other day havent heard this song in forever the lyrics started coming out at work and i instantly played it and still sounds like it did out of this universe

  28. Lisa Nicole Avery

    Why ??💔🎶🎵🎙🎼🎹🎸CJE

  29. Mysti Lucas

    This song says what I can't 💜

  30. jenna hawkins

    anyone from 2o19

  31. Roxanne wood

    Not a country fan but there is a couple that is good and this is one

  32. Deelyn Tilley


  33. Rachel Y

    God I love this song.. still in 2019

  34. bubblelishious08

    And my kid to

  35. bubblelishious08

    Love this song. So much I would love to go on tour and sing it with Jason aldean

  36. Michael David Diaz Sr

    I love this song!

  37. Cj weekly!

    Fuck! Im trying hard to get this girl... after all these stories and comments, i dont know🤔😑🙁

  38. Chad Pugh

    Had tickets to Jason Aldean and Kane Brown at an outdoor venue here in ABQ, NM 2 days ago. Me and my little girl (12). We anticipated that show for 3 months. Couldn't fckn wait man. Gates opened at 5:30. Show starts at 7pm. We were there early. She was soooo happy. Then... it started raining. So what. Then it rained more. And more. And kept raining. Then the wind picked up and folded our umbrella in half. At that point we'd been sitting in the cold rain for 2 hours. Now it's 8:30 and the music equipment is still covered on the stage and its still pouring. We were misrable. My daughter looks at me with disappointment on her shivering little face, and says "Daddy, I'm cold. I'm ready to go." So we left. $275 soggy dollars in the hole. What a let down. Turns out they started the show about an hour later. Now, as her Daddy, I've got to find a way to make it up to her.

  39. Michael Brindley

    Man this song is so deep makes you miss wat you had

  40. David Towry

    I 💘 this song

  41. Chasez Venter

    I agree this is his best song

  42. Ashton Rice

    For the good one you right to the reason you want you right I can even use the code do it

  43. Sarah Pfarr

    I like this song of Jason Aldean ☺😃

  44. RaeAnn Spears

    Absolutely love this [email protected]❤❤

  45. Tabitha MiBroadway

    You turned your back on me and left me to defend myself and I was left with the only weapon I would ever need God put no one above me

  46. Marie Marmolejo

    I miss this country 😞

  47. Mari Ot

    Its always about men hurting women cause men are always seen as aggressors by feminists and society cause they are generally bigger and stronger than women. What about women hurting men, thats hardly talked about, sadly. Shouldnt always judge a book by its cover. No wander girls turned to lesbians and boys turning gay or they stay single because of these lies, its wrong. Really not that hard to figure out.

  48. Shanell Smith

    This song remind me of my sister

  49. peggy self

    JC why do we do this to eachother

  50. Sarah Pfarr

    Amazon song i love it 😍❤😘

  51. maggie stout

    I always get in my feelings listening to this sing

  52. Wendy M Holmes

    Still listening in 2019! 💕

  53. mR.fiNnESseBoi69

    I wish I wasn't such a fuck up and say/do so much abusive shit I don't realize it until after the fact and I hate myself so much for it I'm trying so hard to fix this problem I really don't deserve her I still don't understand why she's with me I'm a WORTHLESS piece of shit.

  54. Bigb


  55. S C

    I don't even like country music. But I love this song 😥💕

  56. dawgsfan1196

    His 1st 2 albums are underrated

  57. JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    Who knows why?

  58. J. Giorno

    This song sucks. Sorry Jason.

  59. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Yea why!

  60. Valerie Trujillo

    Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest when I know how much it hurts you oh baby why do I do that to you.....

  61. Logan Johnson

    2019 anyone else?

    Denise Clark

    **Of Course I am Listening**

    Madison Mastowski

    Me of course

  62. charlie erven

    I love you and I miss you Gina baby

  63. Pam Jefferson


  64. Ronnie Watts

    15 years later,still watching

  65. K.J.Hottest 100% Loyalty Huh Fuck With Me

    3 a.m. all nighter right baby love you Andrea forever and a day our love will never stop.......

  66. sci fi dude peace & love

    You always bring happiness to others

  67. T B

    Still Loving this and all of Jasons songs!

  68. Duane Shields

    Forget his Dirt Road Anthem, this is an abusive boyfriend anthem

  69. Alexis Green-Hernandez

    What a beautiful song? Jason's songs usually are so beautiful.

  70. Shelby Harris

    This song saved my relationship with my boyfriend and now we have been dating for 2 months and a 2 week

  71. gcjbhar

    One of his best!! My wife and i were splitting at the time this came out!! KILLS ME!!!!!!!

  72. Reynaldo Garcia

    woohoo Get Down Brother!!!!

  73. Rick Gonzalez

    I miss u Monica 💙

  74. Spunky

    Sir Aldean you sure have a way with your words and then you set of your videos! Gotta give it 2 you leave it all out at there. You know your passion is off the charts !00 %

  75. Alyssa Vasquez

    Awwe he is fine.

  76. David Pugh

    I Think about Anna Whenever I hear this song

  77. Lynn Shelley


  78. kris4408

    all you people need a psychiatrist and thousands of pills to sleep of ever

  79. kris4408

    take a gun and blow the cry baby brans out of your head all country cry baby people

  80. Dana Moore

    what time are they going to have Easter Easter at my mom's house 255 hit me up at 2:45

  81. An-Ni-Ya

    This song is a jam

  82. Sarah holland

    His hat is clear of his eyes. This is not normal....!! I'm usually wondering why he hides half his face.

  83. Teresa Poole

    Why i do that you! Ask. Every day & night !

  84. Norma Morales

    Listening 2019

    Jeremy Critney

    Nope 2040! 😂

    Norma Morales

    @Jeremy Critney 😂

    Jeremy Critney

    @Norma Morales 2019 is SO yesterday! 😂

  85. linds aymm

    Sometimes you have to fall completely apart, to fall completely back together. And just sometimes you have to over and over until you get it right. It’s called NEVER giving up on them. Waiting for them. Loving them. If they have your heart truly, no one else , not even the hottest, most richest man alive can change that for you guys. Love is strong when it’s real. If they give up and you can’t even give up if you wanted that’s when you know it’s real love. It takes a lot of inner strength and accountability, self respect and respect for them to take responsibility for your wrong doings. If they don’t come back. And you tried everything, you have to remember you did all you could. And every time. What’s meant to be will always be and surly be . So relax and love life , you never know when things might change. If not, years later it may happen. But until then he happy and don’t cry to often !!!!!

  86. Billy Ferguson

    This song still sounds good and brings all kind of good memories back!! Give up for Jason!!

  87. Olivia Smith

    Thank you fm radio for putting in throwbacka

  88. Olivia Smith

    This was on the 94.9 the bull atlanta ❤❤ that brought me here

  89. Rickey Engle

    why what,,,

  90. David 6.2342

    Wow time goes fast

  91. Irene Sampson

    I love this song to my husband bc where going through a bad break up