Aldean, Jason - Who's Kissing You Tonight Lyrics

I don't think of you every day and night
I got things to do, yeah I'm doing alright
So, I can't explain why in times like these
I nearly go insane when you're not here with me
Oh I know it's really over and you're never coming back
And there's no way that I can make it right
Still I wonder, oh I wonder, oh baby I can't help but wonder
Who's kissing you tonight?

Oh it's the jealousy that's hurting me
So why can't I let it be, why can't I just let go?
But the thought of you somewhere with someone else
Doing what we used to do, feeling what we felt
Oh I know it's really over and you're never coming back
And there's no way that I can make it right
Still I wonder, oh I wonder, oh baby I can't help but wonder
Who's kissing you tonight?

Oh I know it's really over and you're never coming back
And there's no way that I can make it right
Still I wonder, oh I wonder, oh baby I can't help but wonder
Who's kissing you? Who's kissing you tonight?
Who's holding you tight? Aw, Who's kissing you tonight?

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Aldean, Jason Who's Kissing You Tonight Comments
  1. Mike Davenport

    Hmm no one .

    Mike Davenport

    I'm on my daughter's boyfreinds facebook

  2. Justa Kee

    Anyone listening in 1930?

  3. Pokey Joe

    Who's kissing u tonight darling

  4. linda Browning

    I love Jason Alden who kissing u tonight love his music

  5. Linda Morales

    Love this song ❤❤

  6. Mickey Bowser


  7. Brandi Lester


  8. Ni zar

    anybody here 2019???? ❤❤❤

  9. kp ps

    Wonder who Lloyd is kissing tonight cause its not me anymore😞...oh well life goes on..once a cheater always a cheater...

    Ni zar

    Not all cheater

    Robin Peryea

    Is it Lloyd or floyd

  10. Jennifer Harrison

    Nobody is here just me

  11. Alexis Green-Hernandez

    What a beautiful country love song. Jason Aldean sings such nice love songs.

  12. Alex Little

    I want to whoop my ex girls new bf freakin ass, because he stole my girls heart. I was supposed to be the only one she said. she said I was her everything. and she moved on faster than dog getting on scent. and thinking of them doing what we did, I've almost broken my hand punching my door so many times, now I just go to the gym. and then punch the door.

  13. Sweet Pea

    My husband left me 13 days ago and i am dying inside knowing someone else has him :'(

    Ni zar

    Be strong if hi love he will back

  14. Masses Gh

    Nice song ..

  15. Kim Hall

    Cant sleep This song explains alot especially the jealousy part. te amo

  16. Mellaine Burns

    your hot,me

  17. Mellaine Burns

    put this on mypage like it too,very sexy voice,mellaine

  18. Mellaine Burns

    did you have a page with a small fire built around it when you sang? mellaine!

  19. Richard Glazebrook

    Love it # 1 song

  20. Taylor Steege

    Thank you for comment

  21. caty verster

    Love love this song!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Taylor Steege

    Ex boyfriend Andy doede cheat with another girl in the truck he is a jack ass

  23. Juanita Buron

    Oh nobody is kissing me oh dang is that good or bad?

  24. Madie Pearson

    I love that song

  25. Clara Fulgham

    Love this song. I am the one that ended the relationship with my ex .No one is kissing me tonight.

  26. Mariah Neil

    My boyfriend name is Joshua Aldon young

  27. Sarah Garza

    who's kissin me tonite? the same guy that has been doin it the last 10 year's. you should have taken the time to realize what you had when you had it. I feel sorry for you.

  28. Juanita Buron

    Theres no way nobody cares.

  29. Dolly Diaz

    I wonder why these songs come to my mind to push the button order to listen to it you have very nice song thank you

  30. Debbie Naquin

    I know whos kissin him I still wish it was me

  31. Teresa Jenkins

    I agree I fell in love with someone and thought he felt the same about me. boy was I wrong. he left us after four yrs. and I never seen it coming. for someone almost 25 yrs younger. slap me. so yeah this song hits home love it says exactly how I feel right now. I loved him so much.

  32. connie presley

    Yeah, this is one of the best!!! just another song for Jason to add his collection,. I like all of his music!! who`s kissing you tonite , love

  33. Micayla B

    hes kissing a chick that reminds him of me.. fuck him and his bitch. Hope he gets raging anal herpes

    Jerry Wichterman

    Micayla B lmao !

  34. Ford Farming

    I don't need that two timing bitch but I hope she is kissing the devil in hell 😂😂

  35. Kimberly Tarpley

    revenge for me,at last

  36. Vicki Masterson

    Love jason aldean from his Very first Cd,He is What Country means&Needs"

  37. Laura Mossey

    I love your music!

  38. Phillip Catron

    Love This song

  39. Javier Avila

    This song hits hard and it hurts...I get jealous when I think who my cowboy is with💔


    Mooi lied

  41. Colbe Ellis

    he'll ya!!!!

  42. Carla Duvall

    This song just broke my heart in a million pieces and it's been almost a yr in a half since we separated.

  43. Cindy Havard

    I love to hear Jason Aldean's music especially the slow love songs😃😃😃

  44. Courtney Rachelle

    Love this song..

  45. Abby Bashore

    nice song its a good song 😊😊😊

  46. Toreva Sukut


  47. Laidy Asare

    sweet lyrics

  48. Dylan Riphenburg

    this is the worst song.. id rather lick a donkeys ass than listen to it.

  49. Aj Bright

    This Is My Song To My Baby Melody Williamson

  50. Toreva Sukut


  51. Madyson Jenkins

    love the song

  52. David is AndyBiersack

    I'll su subscribe to whoever can mame a lyric video of this song!!!

  53. Jaimee Jo

    wtf wheres even if I wanted to? the whole point of coming here........

    Vernon Decoteau

    sometimes you just have to say too bad i'll move on

  54. Jackie Rucker

    Yes i wonder

  55. Michelle Keene

    Nice song I usually like all his stuff

  56. Chris Shaimas

    I've been in love with adele lieberman for awhile and she me she said she needed to find her I think she meant another man


    +Chris Shaimas  ... Sad but true

  57. THC Nuke

    he is absolutley hands down the best out there as well as one of the best looking ....the only other one that is compare is LUKE BRYAN....he is sexy and has one hell of a voice too!!!!  cant wait to see them in concert together

    Cody Hall

    THC Nuke Luke Bryan ain’t shit compared to Aldean

  58. Chris Perry

    U know id love to see texas was you on youtube but it's like the rarest song ever huh.

    Christa Linsteadt

    +Chris Perry me too I love that song he is one of those artists that he can rock and get it down country style I love his music.

  59. Tracey Farley

    love the song went to his concert last year and he waved at me !

  60. reid988

    Oh baby I can't help but wonder!

  61. Nathan Scott

    Y'all have no idea it's a constant battle even when you think I came out of it it finds a new,way in

  62. Taylor Black

    Amazing song by Jason !! This song used to make me think.

  63. amber doran

    I know he is prombley wordering who is kissing me tonight.I know it is really over and.u never coming back.but I know you worderin.who is kissing me tonight

  64. Christine Bories

    This is a good song nice to find different singers I love country

  65. Johnny Hernandez

    Damn this song hits home brings back all the good memories i had with my wife, and now shes gone because she couldnt stay faithful while i was gone overseas

    Kean Greene

    she just wasn't the right one for you man but you'll find the right one and thank you for your service

    1930 Brooklyn

    Johnny Hernandez aww I'm sorry

  66. luckyducks

    lmao, all the emotionally unstable comments xD

  67. Magan Bradshaw

    I hear this song and wonder if you feel remorse for what you did to me. but then i look at my phone and emails and know you don't. but just to answer his question no one's kissing me tonight though it should have been you. hope she was worth it. 

    dona smith

    I know that feeling too. After 23 years together n 20 years of marriage my husband starting a phone affair and I caught him, begged him to stop, said he would, caught him again, over n over ... he finally drove 3 hours n met her n spent a weekend with her, still I tried to save us but continued to catch him talking n texting with her even though he told me she meant nothing to him n he never went back n met her again he was still involved with her emotionally. So I finally left after almost a year n filed for divorce. Hardest year of my life but I'm determined to recover n move on.

  68. Rebecca Anastasiadis

    Men are usually the ones that cheat. There is high infertility and my ex Jason had a whole another life with my other set of twins behind my back. I worked so fing hard my whole life and he turned the whole town against me and the new bitches locked me up in a janitors closet for another set of twins of his. Talk about ruining my whole life, I am practically the most beautiful woman in the world and held hostage in the gayest down in the fucking town. Used for babies and money with million dolla

  69. Tim stevenson

    I was good to her fucking blows

    Juanita Buron

    Tim stevenson I know right hope your doing better by now

  70. Aneel Beckford

    I just had the experience of one myself... and hearing that line in the song "wondering who is kissing her tonight" brings torment to my head.

  71. kerry schanmier


  72. April5525

    I hope everything works out for you.

  73. Marcus Campbell

    country is my LIFE!!!!!!

  74. GalvezQb

    Keep your head high soldier. Thank you for your service to our country. God loves you.

  75. Dylan Siebol

    im sorry to hear that brother.

  76. jerry burrows

    heyi hate to say this but im sure she had him sooner than five days

  77. TexasBulldog74

    10 years here and found out there's another guy. taking everything in me not to let the anger grow

  78. seabear swisher

    Wonder who's kissing her tonight oh yeah my dick

  79. jteg96

    dude fucking well said brother...I'm 3 years out from splitting up with my sons mom and I feel exactly the same way trying to fight drowning in a bottle every night hoping one day ill finally wake up and it'll be ok

  80. Carlos Teran

    Sorry I'm on his account hahaaa

  81. Carlos Teran

    I love this song me & my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years just broke up and I just can't let him go :(

  82. Bailey Murray

    i'm sorry now

  83. ZMarksbury54

    Makes me miss my baby

  84. Stirling Wright

    Keep you're head up Brother.


    miss you ....

  86. Dawn Mccall

    I know what you guys mean its not easy just remeber to keep your head up

  87. kyle beckius

    i miss her so much

  88. Cody Albright

    this is a song that tells my hole story :/

  89. greg mosher

    Amen brother... was with my woman 2 1/2 years, she left, had a new boyfriend real quick than, they ...well he took what he wanted, made her feel amazing, than left because he couldn't deal that she had a son... When your soulmate leaves don't ever really get better, you just learn to make it day throuh day without biting a bullet & trying not to find every answer to every question in the bottom of a bottle. Just don't give up, EVER...

  90. Chandler T

    idk he just is

  91. Jean77718

    Beautiful song

  92. Bridget Narvais

    amazing song <3

  93. Tabby Smith

    Nothing hurts worse than realizing you wernt/Arent loved as much as you loved. Im sorry!

  94. haley b

    this is a great song my boyfriend love each other so much but can fight like theres no tomorrow and when we break up we both still text and call like why didnt you tell me you were going there or when you got home why did you call and wake me up still talk on his breaks ect. niether one of us wanna be apart but when we get back together its like falling in love all over agian even tho it was only a week apart and still talking lol

  95. Ricky Bobby

    I hear ya bub,,,,

  96. Jean77718

    Very nice song

  97. Jean77718

    Beautiful song and your voice

  98. nadiaktiri2

    If he wouldn't have gotten back with his ex who cheated on him we would of been perfect together but now I just got watch them back and pretend I'm just a friend. It hurts and I know that they end he will be back but then he would be wondering who kissing me tonight.

  99. Ashley Clement

    Whos kissin you tonight honey? I miss you, the pain just wont go away. I look back everyday and wonder what I could have done to make you stay. I love you. Always have, always will.

    John Applewhite

    Just wondering, it's been 6 years. Do you still feel the same way? Did you move on? Did it end up being for the best?