Aldean, Jason - When She Says Baby Lyrics

Some days it’s tough just gettin’ up
Throwin’ on these boots and makin’ that climb
Some days I’d rather be a no show
Lay low ‘fore I go out of my mind

But when she says baby
Oh don’t matter what comes
Ain’t goin’ nowhere
She runs her fingers through my hair
And saves me
Yeah that look in her eyes got me comin’ alive
And drivin’ me a good kind a crazy
When she says baby
Oh when she says baby

Some nights I come home fightin’ mad
Feel like runnin’ my fist through the wall
Is it even worth what I’m fightin’ for anymore
Feelin’ torn, oh the hell with it all

But when she says baby
Oh don’t matter what comes
Ain’t goin’ nowhere
She runs her fingers through my hair
And saves me
Yeah that look in her eyes got me comin’ alive
And drivin’ me a good kind a crazy
When she says baby
Oh when she says baby

Everything gonna be alright
Just lay down by my side
Let me love you through this life

She’s a perfect shot of faith
When every bit of mine is gone
Somethin’ I can believe in
A best friend, a heaven sent
Love to lean on

But when she says baby
Oh don’t matter what comes
Ain’t goin’ nowhere
She runs her fingers through my hair
And saves me
Yeah that look in her eyes got me comin’ alive
And drivin’ me a good kind a crazy
When she says baby
Oh when she says baby

Yeah that look in her eyes got me comin’ alive
And drivin’ me a good kind a crazy

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Aldean, Jason When She Says Baby Comments
  1. Darth Maul

    1:12 1:10

  2. Dillion Davis

    jason aldean is my porson that i wood like to be

  3. Nickys We make the videos

    Still listening in 2019?

  4. SpinelliBoyz TV

    All I can hear is gunshots whenever this plays.

    Prayers still with Las Vegas 🇨🇦

    Bag Of Funyuns

    dude same, it's fucking sad.

  5. Black MEGriffin


  6. Mc Ren

    Sounds EXACTLY like all along the watch tower

  7. M47theduck

    0:09 automatic gunfire starts
    0:19 Runs off stage

    Mike The Red Engine

    Low blow mate. Very low blow. Not cool. >:(


    @Mike The Red Engine


    Barbara DuBois

    Thats sick not right 50 something people are dead shit

  8. AP BuildOverYou

    The Las Vegas Massacure changes this song a lot. Oof😭

  9. Christine Fernandes

    me and my wife's song💜💞💜💞

    Ken Van Gundy

    Dam rights

  10. Wyatt Ensley

    0.09 never forgot

  11. Deena Enfinger

    Taylor waves

  12. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  13. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY



    Pop pop pop pop pop

  15. Johnny H

    Man that’s just one of those greats that never ever gets old ! ! ! Am I right ? ! !

  16. Waffle Games

    2019 anyone

  17. Sarah Pfarr

    This song of Jason Aldean i 😢 when i listen to this good song . Because i called my ex boyfriend baby when i was with him .He killed himself & it took it really hard on me even right now still . Im going though a rough time & grafing & also moving forward . Im going to be like this for a every long time now .Im taking it really hard right now . Im happy then a second i can turn around really fast to start to 😢 to be depress . He died a year 1 & 4 months . I never had anybody i know ever killed themselves .

    Akia W

    Sarah Pfarr wow. I’m sorry for your loss. That is a lot to deal with. I hope you can find peace. Don’t blame yourself ever.

    Sarah Pfarr

    @Akia W I don't blame myself at all .This my frist person killed them self & im just talking it hard now . He died 1 year & 6 months ago now . Im even 😢 right now when im telling u about what happened to my ex boyfriend .

  18. Caroline Silva

    Alguém aqui também ama e escuta muito? 🖤🖤

  19. Ginny Folcarelli

    Have a great time at the BBT 2night

  20. Patti Simpson

    Love love love

  21. Misty Dobbins

    Love this song

  22. Treasure Trails

    Heard this song for the first time watching vegas shooting footage, it will forever be connected to that event for me :(

  23. trev base

    Please please please come back to c2c 2020

  24. Deena Enfinger


  25. Litfy Loft

    0:09 (automatic gun fire starts)

    James Paulaski

    That's just low and petty lol

    emerson bigguns



  26. BlueAndGamingTV

    Barbecue sauce comes right into my mind in the first second lmao

  27. Tracy Hernandez

    Wow. Some of the comments??? Half of you want to talk shit about Jason, and the other half speak of the Las Vegas shooting as if it was a joke. Shocking how so many can be so insensitive. What a sad, cold representation this country's heart.

  28. Larry Smith

    Love This.

  29. Vikman

    1 año de la masacre en las vegas

    Texas Vato De San Anto

    Subtitle : don't know

  30. Pamela Owens

    I love love love this song😜😘😘😜😘😜😘😘😜😘😜😘😜😘😜😘😜😘😜😘😜😘😘😜😘😜💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💜💚💙💚💜💚💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💞💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💞💙💞💞💙💞💚💕💞💚💚💕💋💋💋💋💋💗💗💗❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💓💖💕💕💓💖💖💓💖💕

  31. Kyle busch my other name was bryson mate

    When I play nfs hot pursuit I play this song


    I had that game

    Carson P.

    @Welfarebear101 loved it

  32. Larry Smith

    Bought the Night Train CD-Awesome.

  33. Nicholas Adams

    I love Jason Aldean! He's my hero, my idol.
    His music heals me and my heart.He always puts a smile on my face, and always makes me smile. Every time when it's my Dad's birthday, my Dad's death anniversary, and father's day. Jason's music always keeps me from not breaking down in tears.

    I hope one day that I'll get to see him live in concert. And, hope one day that I'll get to meet him.I never seen him live or met him before, but I'd love to!

    He has gotten me through a lot of things, the things that I can't explain.He has gotten me through the tough times and through difficult situations.He has changed my life, and has done a huge change to my life. So much that I wanna write my own songs and wanting to become a country singer and tour all over the world.I've written 27 songs about him.I even wrote a song about his wife Brittany, and his son Memphis.

    I ever get the chance to meet Jason Aldean one, I thought about giving him one of my songs I've written about him, have him sign one of my songs I've written him.And, give the songs I've written about his wife Brittany and his son Memphis.
    His music has always been there for me when I needed to listen to his music.
    I've been a huge fan of his ever since I was 10 years old.Been listening to him ever since his song "Dirt Road Anthem" and his 4 th studio album "My Kinda Party" album came out in 2010. His song Dirt Road Anthem is how I got started on his music.#IHopeOneDayThatIllGetToMeetJasonAldean #IHopeOneDayThatIllGetToSeeJasonAldeanLiveInConcert #JasonAldeanIsMyHeroMyIdol #ILoveJasonAldean

  34. ThatJames Guy

    Ringtone 😂

  35. Madara Sem Dedo

    Shooting Las Vegas

  36. Sepi838

    The song Mr.Aldean liked to run away to... Gutless little fucking coward.

  37. Yung_Freez

    What a song to commit a mass shooting to. I'll give Stephen that one.


    Fucks sake man, what the fuck made him do it?


    Sepi838 the brother claims that it was a gambling addiction

  38. D A N D Y W A V E S

    When she says baby but every time she says baby gunfire intensifies

    D A N D Y W A V E S

    671JH when she says baby


    0.09 is when everything went wrong!!!

    Jacob Collins


    Dianna may

    @Jacob Collins if you hate jason aldean then why are you here


    671JH 0:09

  39. Naminski


    Madara Sem Dedo

    Shooting Las Vegas

  40. teresa taylor

    Babe., I Love your voice...

  41. jake ringer

    Holly shot love the music

    Alisson Lich

    Holy SHOT indeed.

  42. Magaly Chavez

    This is my shit Jason Aldean mmmmm ;)

  43. Tanit Herrera

    Starting to love country music lol

  44. Monica Bauerschmidt

    I love you cuz you're a sweetheart josh because I love you so much and that's what you're going to be my dad this year cuz you work sweetheart

  45. Gil Collings

    good song..loves when she calls me baby just saying

  46. Taylor Eversole

    If he'd do stuff like THIS instead of "Burnin' it Down" "Dirt Road Anthem" and "1994", I'd never have a negative thing to say. This is a great COUNTRY SONG...and not "Bro" Country either.

    Tyler Haraf

    Taylor Eversole it’s the best song on this album. it’s still a little bro country but it’s bro country done right that has some serious energy and real singing and not his talk-singing or rap-singing from the my kinda party album

  47. Sesha Sayi Panangipalli

    So fresh a voice.

  48. Breif Case

    when she says baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. felix pitts

    This is allowed in the door as new country.

  50. Maurice Class



  51. Hailey Morgan

    I feel into it

  52. Coley & Ryan Music

    Hey y'all! I did a cover of this song so check it out and let me know what you think! Sorry for spamming. Thanks!

  53. Kristy Ford

    I fell in love with his music instantly and out of every song he has ever sang this is my favorite next to "i believe in ghosts"
    I love you jason

  54. Zoe Martinez

    I think I broke da replay button:))

    Madelyn nunya

    lol!!  i totally relate!!

    Jacob Collins

    Fuck Jason Aldean. Gutless little fucking coward.

    Dianna may

    Here's the backup reply button 0:00

    Dianna may

    @Jacob Collins btw what u talking about boy?

    Tyler Haraf

    Jacob Collins lmao dude u wish u were a country music star like him

  55. candice palmer

    love this song

  56. GhostGirlsMemphis


    Ken Van Gundy

    Few times on repeat

  57. Darlene Raccuglia

    Love it!

  58. Alvaro Martinez

    Muy buenos temas muy buena musica country

  59. Gordy w


  60. Amy Brown

    dang i wanted him >:D

  61. Yanira Cantu


  62. Joey Hancharick

    But when she says baby

  63. JRms

    This guy doesn't sing nothing bad. I like him.

  64. Joey Hancharick

    Very catchy I like

  65. Bella Germain

    October 11 here I come♡

  66. katie chapman

    Saw him in Tallahassee, what a great concert..:)

  67. Lindsey Skeen

    He was amazing I hope to see him again and in 11

  68. Lindsey Skeen

    I love the album and I was at his concert in tallahassee

  69. Bri Stouder

    Lovin' the jason aldean song, WITH the luke bryan banner (; <3

  70. Meredith Wiseman

    Love this album

  71. MLJ14

    NEXT SINGLE, please Jason! :-)

  72. Bree Lynn

    Just gotta see him in concert! He's so cute and a good singer! I love you Jason!

  73. Dustivitch Hamilt

    is it just me or does jasson aldean have a nice ass

  74. Dustivitch Hamilt

    i like trains

  75. Sarah Ford

    very much addicted to this song

  76. DJgirl_200

    one of my favritesongs on he cd night train or black trears are my other faves

  77. jad2309

    Great choice for his next single, waiting on either Night Train or Black Tears

  78. Cameron Toth

    Country music sucks trolololololo

  79. brianna dickerson

    Jason aldean

  80. Chuck Norris

    I thought we were going places Beth....

  81. Bethany Scarlett

    He is my furture husband

  82. lilbitkuntry75

    I get to see his concert in September!! I can't wait!!

  83. Lisa Hall-Sheets

    So Hot Jason~very into this tune Baby!! ;)

  84. TheEhs1964

    Hmm.. Jason sure is cute

  85. Amy Brown

    don't forget he's cute!


    He's a little bitch.

  86. Alex Summers

    I think he uploaded the whole entire Night Train album to YouTube... The related section has like, 3 of his songs from his new album. What in the world.

  87. darkwol9089

    That reminds me of my friend and his girl

  88. Americano

    Hey guys.. I'm a brazilian singer, and I'm trying to include Country music in my country.. check it out my song, search for Victor Hugo & Americano - Minha.. forgive my english... i don't speak very well.. thankssss...

  89. Gary Vuorela

    HI Jason,Good song well done.GARYV.

  90. Lisa Heanue


  91. Cheri Meil

    It's beautiful.

  92. debramster123


  93. TheBobyMusic

    That's awesome