Aldean, Jason - Water Tower Lyrics

State champs white and blue
Yeah, I remember you
You sure had a hell of a view from way up there
High above the yellow pines
And first baptist "Jesus Saves" sign
I talked to you a million times
'Bout gettin' outta' here

Water tower, it sure is good to see you,
I've been away, for way too long
Water tower like a lighthouse in a storm,
You help me find my way back home

How far did you think I'd get
When I pointed my wheels out west?
A little young and dumb I guess
Gotta learn somehow
Slowin' down and drivin' in
I can finally breathe again
It's like I found a long lost friend
God I've missed this town

Water tower, it sure is good to see you,
I've been away, way too long
Water tower like a lighthouse in a storm,
You help me find my way back home

You and that lonesome full moon watching over me
I'm right where I'm supposed to be

Water tower, it sure is good to see you,
I've been away, way too long
Water tower like a lighthouse in a storm,
You help me find my way back home
You help me find my way

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Aldean, Jason Water Tower Comments
  1. __W202__

    Waaaattteeerrrrrrr tooowwweeerrrr !!

  2. Nicole Tindall

    Ypsilanti mi for me they call it the big dick here lol

  3. NaHo Railfanning

    Tilden park, Berkeley, california

  4. Sebastian Woodard

    The one that watched me most of my life was the Slidell, Louisiana watertower.

  5. Justintime 43

    East end ,Arkansas
    There’s high school’s with more people than this town

    Christian Blankenship

    Im in Kentucky rn i used to live there and this song makes me think of that place every time the big water tower by the dealership and bank

  6. Rudy Ebenstein

    Kansas the heart of America

  7. Darryl Bray

    West Point, Virginia

  8. Cody Johnson

    Blandinsville, IL will always be home to me no matter where life takes me

  9. Chance Pybas

    Vernon, TX

  10. Matthew Scarberry

    Live Oak in Northern California love that hole in the wall hated it then would trade it all to go back

    Levi Bennett

    Same with me SW MO

  11. Landyn block

    This song sucks

  12. Dan nie

    One of the most calming songs to me.

  13. Logan Anderson

    I wanna climb mine but I'm scared because it's medium size town and don't want my parents to have to come get me a 2 am when I'm in jail

  14. Kimberly Meadors

    Kimberly LOVE Jason Alden thank you for the most WONDERFUL music and hard work LOVE Kimberly

    Kimberly Meadors

    Love Jason Alden he is a WONDERFUL Sing Thank you KIMBERLY

  15. Vanessa Cazares

    eloy az

  16. Dawns Redemption Gaming

    Brookhaven MS

  17. Shelby Beard

    Really I ike this song

  18. Michael Kogut

    Uxbridge, Massachusetts

  19. Ethan Long

    Fairborn, OH

  20. Metal Head

    To my South Dakota town Pine Ridge can't wait to go home

  21. Miles Rogers

    Paragould ar

    kyle wr

    Beautiful country there, have family in poplar bluff,mo

  22. Aarron Van Buren

    Oshkosh WI. That water tower with that fading logo meets you as you go over the river. I love my college town and that water tower.

  23. Micah Clifton

    Payson, Az

  24. Larissa Mahaffey

    McDowell Co, WV! 💙💛

  25. Chris Clark

    West Monroe as it gets

  26. stop wearing jorts


  27. Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S.

    Dear Jason,  Are you with Aldean and Al  Marshal and Marie Marshal?  I am Mary K. and pleased to meet you.  I met Brian Hamilton from the Concord Pavilion and found you too.Great!  Ideas show up in different ways.  M.K.I.  Legal Assistant

  28. Mike Kogut

    Uxbridge, Massachusetts

  29. Matt Brattensborg

    Sartell Minnesota. Blue and white are our colors. Can't believe I graduated over 2 years ago already. Man does time fly

  30. Ricky Jordan Hall

    I got one I climb all the time and smoke a joint n think about what's out there or who and what's waiting because I don't fucking know anymore knott county Kite ky

  31. Eric Marchand

    Rapid city, South Dakota here...water towers scattered around the county

  32. BNSF Bandit

    Wapakoneta Ohio <3

    Tony Davis

    Ryan Holbrook ..I-O

  33. James LaFave

    Maple Lake Minnesota

  34. Bittrness

    Waynesboro Ms 💯

  35. Kevin Gerber

    Lincolton , North Carolina love it

  36. ElizabethSwan120

    Loving, New Mexico <3 <3 forever a country girl <3


    social circle, georgia

  38. MOSER_US

    Utah, USA <3

  39. IOnlyTerrorize

    i wanna like it but its at 911

  40. Paul Robinson

    Bremen, GA

  41. tyler lopez

    Pilot Grove, Missouri

  42. Joey Collins

    Brookfield Missouri

  43. Quaze

    my colors are white and blue for my highschool 🔵⚪️

  44. Bryan Coffman

    yeah i remember you

  45. Quaze

    Connellsville PA - Mountain Boy!

  46. Nathan Harris

    Moore, Oklahoma for me

    Vanessa Cazares

    Nathan Harris my grandpa is from dow ok

    Cameron Ritchie

    Grew up in Norman buddy

    Cameron Ritchie

    Go Toby Keith haha

  47. Brian Taylor

    Las Cruces , NM

  48. Sue Kolch

    listen never don't!!!

  49. Sue Kolch

    be strong never shed a tear!

  50. Sue Kolch

    reminds me of my dog


    love this song reminds me of home in barbour county wv


    I love wv, I'm from Putnam county!

    David Ferrell

    +Emilybehindacamera Horton Homes lol I worked there 7years

    Garrett Toler

    I call Mingo co. wv home! currently reside in va though.

    Hunter Wolfe

    I'm only a county away I'm from Taylor and this song reminds me alot of Grafton

  52. Sean Boyd

    king North Carolina :)

  53. Cullen Wollin

    lake mills, Wisconsin. i swear you'll see the most beautiful sunsets from our water tower

    Kenny Jaquess

    Cullen Wollin ain't got nothing on new mexico

  54. Keelan Cook

    Yeah baby that water tower


    Thegamingwarrior 48 😂

  55. Tanner Woods

    haha I'm from Canada all we have is snow but we don't like snow so it's not good to see it.


    y not on radio...

  57. Megan Rose

    lov this song Cromwell In

    Megan Rose

    cromwell Indiana

    Jeff Planck

    I'm from Star city in no water tower

  58. Leandra Pereira


  59. Sarah Driggers

    I love this song

  60. Michael Hurt

    Owensville, Indiana

  61. Connor Galardo

    I love this song

  62. Winston Smith

    Caledonia, Ontario

  63. nathan goodwin

    Growing up I hated this town nothing to do on Friday and Saturday nights so I moved up to WI when I turned 18 but just had to come back to good ole ROCKFORD, AL

  64. Headframe Hunters

    Plant City, FL?? I'm from around there...

    Tyson Ward

    Headframe Hunters I am to

  65. Morgan Games

    2013 the song came out in June

  66. Ian McGuire

    Legit sounds just like my school. D4 state champs and team colors are red white and blue

  67. None Ya


  68. lily casey

    One of my favorites!

  69. Bryan Swartz

    best song

  70. Zack Harshbarger

    This was me and my brothers song before he died I'm the line of duty R.I.P SMH

  71. OneBiasedOpinion

    Valdese, NC. Gorgeous little town right off the interstate. I loved every one of the 13 years I spent growing up there. :)

  72. DakotaMarie Dawn

    Oologah, Oklahoma. ♥ I couldn't ask for a better place to be raised.

    Andrew Elliott

    DakotaMarie Dawn same I grew up in oklahoma all my life

  73. Headframe Hunters

    Heh, I live all of ten miles from you now.

  74. Jean77718

    Beautiful song and your voice

  75. Jean77718

    Beautiful song and your voice

  76. Jean77718

    Beautiful song and your voice

  77. Logan Taylor

    RIP Brendon and Sam

  78. rrn11

    Wow...they probably just didn't like the song. I don't think it was anything personal.

  79. LumberJackkHD

    same here

    Micky Harper

    LumberJac me

  80. Benie williamson

    Who evr disliked this has no heart

  81. ryan greene

    I miss them sooo much!! R.I.P Brendon and Sam!

  82. josh dans

    sure is good to see you ... love this song

  83. JAY NICK

    Takes me back to the good times

  84. WatchThat KillKam

    Love. You

  85. Redsoxfan252591


  86. Zoe Voorhees

    I talked you a million times about gettin outta here<3

  87. Tyler P

    Looked up this song after he mentioned it on his state farm interview.

  88. Crystal Walters

    Such an amazing album!! There isn't one song I don't like!