Aldean, Jason - Tryin' To Love Me Lyrics

I thought you were just bein' a girl
The kind that just wants to change me
And likes to fight all night long
Thought I had you figured out
I told myself she's crazy
Man, was I ever wrong
The whole time you were just tryin' to love me

I pushed, you pulled, should've just fell into you
But I did what I always do, I always do
You wanted to talk but I walked away
Didn't want to hear what you had to say
Stupid me I can't believe I never knew
The whole time you were just tryin' to love me

I didn't think those tears were real
I thought you were just tryin' to play me
I just stood there and let 'em fall, ohh
You were just lovin' me after all, ohhh

I pushed, you pulled, should've just fell into you
But I did what I always do, I always do
You wanted to talk but I walked away
Didn't want to hear what you had to say
Stupid me I can't believe I never knew
The whole time you were just tryin' to love me

You wanted to talk but I walked away
Didn't want to hear what you had to say
Stupid me I can't believe I never knew, I never knew
The whole time you were just tryin'
The whole time you were just tryin' to love me
Tryin' to love me

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Aldean, Jason Tryin' To Love Me Comments
  1. Irenennmrir9i9u8 Grugnale


  2. Ashley Overlock

    This is a very good song!! Most people pass up REAL LOVE and don't ever really see it until it is to late!!!

  3. Pamela R.

    I told myself "she's crazy" ... The whole time I was just trying to love you.

  4. Catherine sowyers

    My marriage is just like this song.. scared to say that I think it's ending.

  5. Connie Presley

    Never gets old❤️

  6. Dark Storm


  7. Frank chase

    My Girl sent this to me last year, it was me and her. were 700 miles apart making love work through the miles. She is a Dream come true. I always want her know how much she means to me.....Melanie, I Love You Sweets. Always

  8. Lonnie Embry

    Love is what love is..... CRAZY!. .. I love you babe

  9. Lonnie Embry

    Trying to work things out with my wife of 8 years. Time an time again ive had chances but was to blind to see it.. I just hope its not to late. ... im sorry an I love you babe.

  10. Adams Kelly

    I love this song❤❤❤❤ its hard trying to love someone and they dont accept it!!!

  11. Stolen Soul for money


  12. Stolen Soul for money


  13. Crystal Cooper

    Man I was wrong but I was just trying to love you I cant believe you never knew

  14. Shawn Hunter

    Just was trying to love you

  15. Diana Hayse

    You are far from stupid baby. I still love you. Forgiven. This is a great song. Good singer too.

  16. Jennifer Lesperance

    After 26 years .I thought I could make it happen again.i got a slam in the face of reality.u think u know someone.

    Tanya Bradford

    I understand. Was married for over twenty years when I finally discovered I didn't know my own husband. God that hurts

  17. Kerry Nolan

    I miss her so much I wish I could bring memories back to life.. missing you my beautiful rora bug aka Andy

  18. Erica Johns

    the whole time I was just trying to love her. but I'd push & she'd pull. Stupid me, the whole time she just loved someone else. 💔

  19. ronnie gatling

    I screamed for yall im suffering just for beer haha

  20. Judy Main hit me with this one. Great song, Jason....

  21. Jessica Harper

    I love it beautiful song💜💚💙

  22. nicholas monchak

    Man, song lyrics describe my life!!!!!

  23. Stitch o7

    It always seems like the one you're trying to Love doesn't see it and at one point you just have to turn and walk away. it hurts but you can't make someone feel for you the way you feel for them if it's not meant to be. Keep your head high and your heart protected. But, don't give up cause the one that will love you in return will find their way to you when the time is right.

  24. HTX Original

    I should have never walked away from you Shandy. You were just trying to love me.

  25. katherin packer

    this song , and keep the girl , why ............

  26. Holly salyer

    Love this song!

  27. Chitwncubsfangrl

    This is the most accurate song I believe

  28. Braeden Platt

    Man, who knew these words would perfectly describe the situation I’m in...

  29. Wanda Brower


  30. Christina Escobedo

    He was so hard to love...but yet I tried to love him...over and over...he pushed me...too far...I ended up walking away...I will never forget what we had. I will always love you my love...I miss you baby.. #ck

  31. Rich Keith

    Don't know what you got till it's gone

  32. Karen Quave

    I can relate to this in my last relationship. I was just trying to love him and it was so damn hard. He said that he loved me and I just didn't feel it. So I broke it off and just walked away

  33. Jessica Paling

    Sorry for that. WONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN

  34. Paige Butler

    Wow....this song is spot on - too bad it takes walking away......

  35. Laura Bug

    This song so fits my ex George Ward and I he just walked without a phone call except once in a month so I thought it was over so I left. We met up a couple Day's later to what I thought we were going to maybe work things out but he didn't want that he wanted everything he gave me and then some. Well he got my dog he bought me 700 dollars I didn't know about cause I thought he had played bills and didn't and his sister took almost all my cloth's. And it was nasty for awhile cause they didn't get the dog easily. I got tired of all his threatening phone calls and keeping me upset so I ended up giving him my 500 multi poo he bought me for valtines day this yr 2019 and as much as it hurt giving her up it all stopped and I was able to start moving on. The dog went to his sister. Ain't that some shit. I was tried to do while we were together was love him and through he was doing the same. I was such a fool. Now I'm staying single too scared to love again.

  36. Bridget Bauman

    Love this song

  37. Delores Holder

    Stupid me was thinking you loved me somieye you only love your self

  38. Tee J.

    Stupid me

  39. Danna Ludolph

    The mind of a GEMINI , i hate it 😟

  40. Empress Elite1111

    He knows now, doesn't he.

  41. Delores Holder

    I push you pulled I didn't think your tears were real you were just loving me somieye

  42. Shery Campbell

    Just loving you

  43. Shery Campbell

    We all seem a little crazy when we are really trying to love someone <3

    Jen Zea

    Plowman64 mark!!! Tgat comment is as true as they get

    Tiff Clemons

    Yea...we do

  44. Alayna Nichole Pennington

    Yeah Chris Ratliff was trying to love me and if you are reading this just remember you had my heart but someone new has my heart now

  45. Alicia Ellis

    You can’t beg someone to love you. I’ve tried but finally threw in the towel. Not what I wanted but what I needed to do before I see an early grave. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Dusty Filter

    Hang in there Alicia! I know exactly what you mean! Life is horrible 💔

    Tammy Blanchard

    move home yes tammy

    Tammy Blanchard

    home. yes tammy


    Let them go you’ll find love again!!! It took me 8 yrs but I finally found love again and it was worth the wait!

  46. Paula C

    Ufffff!!! Wow....intense...😔😭

  47. Lorrie whitley

    story of my life, I walked away..... for fear

  48. Reka Alberts

    I can totally relate to this song, I have lived this song.

  49. Debra Parkerson

    What another great song. Wow
    Macon, GA fan
    Sometimes people give up to easy. I know I did.....
    God has great plans for me.

  50. nunya nunya

    Too bad too late by 5 years if your many women don't want you sorry I'm not your back up and I'm in love with someone else I know what heart ache and pain feels like because of all the damage you caused I was on edge and afraid of what I might do to upset him or make I'm hate me because of you I felt ugly unwanted unworthy of anyones love and I especially wasn't deserving of him and how could someone ever really want me especially someone like him just stop you lost my love back in September 2013 when you cheated for the 4 th time maybe more who knows I don't believe you or anything that comes out of your mouth your a manipulative person and a very good lair because of you I have trust issues emotional issues and low self-esteem so stay off my email off my stuff and off my YouTube concerned about me don't worry about you 20 to 30 women around the world before the summer of 2015 you probably would have gotten the chance you didn't deserve because change always held me back tough lucky now stop and stop lying telling people I'm your wife because I'm not I never signed any marriage certificate

  51. Karm' Ella-Rose

    U still couldn't see it then, even thru and thru it all....I was only jus' tryn' to love you. But all I know, As I'm NOW walkin' away for good after all this time, Is knowing I gave it my ALL!! .......
    *No Turning Back*

  52. Patti Simpson

    I can't believe I never knew!!

    Dusty Filter

    You should always know!

    Patti Simpson

    You're right!!

  53. love me leave me

    But God loves u and he needs u to know that

    Robin Peryea

    Amen god loves everyone john 3:16

  54. Usj Sjjs

    Love you aldean your awesome not as Awesome as hAnk jn but your awesome. Love you

  55. Ms. Spiritual Gangster1111

    The whole time I was trying to love you💜 You can't change what is already a masterpiece created by spirit.

    Melissa Mendez

    God is great

    Pris Espinoza

    All I ever wanted was to love

  56. Sandrs Jim

    I have lost all hope of him loving me.

    Alex Jensen

    Sandrs Jim stay strong love ❤️

  57. Stephanie Adams

    Once in a life time kinda love..
    "Whole time I was really loving g you "

  58. Elizabeth Ross

    This song was sent to me by my ex i tried and tried but some to late i was just trying to love him


    Same here

  59. Katie Germek

    Love this song

  60. Seth Brethauer

    As I lay here in bed listening to this song I can't even begin to say how relatable this is for me. I had it all, the most perfect woman in every way, brains, humor, looks, she was the real deal, and I let her slip away. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I compare my life now to what it was then, and I finally realized how she felt when she said she was lonely. To the other men reading this, go talk to your lady, spend time with her, hold her, love her. There will be nothing more important than quality time with your partner. KS, I miss you honey, you were my everything.

    Shaine Beaulieu

    Seth Brethauer I can relate to this. I always pushed away from her. Cheated and everything on her she still took me back over and over I finally opened up. I told her I didn’t think I didn’t deserve anything good. I’m no good why do you want to stay with me. She supported me then when I fell apart and she said cause I know deep inside you your the person your not saying 4 1/2 years later we are married for three years. Seth I’m just letting you know it’s hard to let yourself and your guard down especially after someone has been hurt cheated on etc in the past.

    Seth Brethauer

    @Shaine Beaulieu Shaine, I'm happy to hear that you are married for three years. I have never been married let alone engaged. She was the one I was going to propose to. I had my mothers ring except I placed a new diamond in it. I told her that one day I will marry you, and I meant it. It still hurts knowing that this could/should have been avoided however the choices I made, at the time I thought was right, was actually pushing her farther away. I have accepted what I've done and have taken many learned lessons, I just wish I could come home to her again, she was my best friend.

    Shaine Beaulieu

    On top of all that she took me in I was homeless for a lot of years as well she was all I had too trust me it will get better in time her walking away means she wasn’t meant to be. I mean she could’ve of been but the one that is there for you thru the thick and thin and I mean not just thick of shit. I mean I was in jail for a few months she could of left and found someone else but she stood by my side. Keep your chin up bro.

  61. Lynn Lee Blackwell

    So true!! That’s all I wanted was for him to know how much I loved him. 😓

  62. Christine Rouse

    I was just tryin’...sometimes the hardest thing to do is love someone that feels like they don’t deserve your love, because they have been made to believe by others that they are unworthy of it...😔😞😢

    Gunther K

    Well said and exactly what I just went through... Just trying to love her

  63. Lola Combs

    Fan lola

  64. Lola Combs

    I wish your dreams will come true the one you love

    Shytowngrl Me

    Lola Combs thank you 💚 me too

  65. Rochelle McKinney

    Levi McKinney one day I hope you can listen to this song I realize it's all I was trying to do

  66. Debra Parkerson

    what a great song.

  67. Carol Sharp

    I had a heart attack 2 years ago now I have copd I will never smoke again

  68. Tracijo London

    Why 🙏 Lord they never get it???? 🙄

  69. Bonnie Evans

    Just trying to love you but you can't realize

  70. Jennifer McDonald

    True 💚 that’s all I wanted was to love you 😘

  71. Lola Combs

    What do you do when you had dreams about something thirds times I wished I had a better life I better man who cares and everything the man I am with my husband he likes to tell women he's not married and stuff he's got over a hundred and he's got over Norton 6949 women on his page where he goes and talks to him and tells him he's not married I wish Tom day this man would tell the truth want to know Lost online in my heart that's all I do is tell the truth that's why I like going on the music and listening to it some of it makes sense to me

    Tanya Bradford

    Leave his ass

  72. Maryann Stone

    Jeff B. Miss u sweetie with all my heart still love you.

  73. Lola Combs

    I am loving the music all the music I listen to Everyday it helps me get along through the day some of the songs I listen to I know some of them by heart I hope everybody keeps up the good work and keep the music going y'alls fan Lola

  74. Melanie Holland Jones

    The whole time ...jjp

  75. Neature Knock-offs

    I wish he know that I wus just tryin to be their four him. Im hear for all yall who are going thru the same thing. Sometime life has to be bad before it gits good. Love yall

  76. Margo Doty

    How could you not?!

  77. Lorrie whitley

    I made myself impossible to love, for I chose to put him #1 in my life, always, no man could accept that.... no regrets, I had the ride of life so to speak, I lived it to the fullest with limits... I may be along, but I can accept that,....

  78. Elisha Dickerson


  79. Kimberly Cher

    This song tuggs at my heartstrings with my boyfriend on so many levels... ❤️

  80. heart of stone


  81. Linda Jackson

    To jv .....💕❤

  82. Jason Sisson

    I love really no my wife just trying love me my qest is. Am All ready here Jennifer S.

  83. Lorrie whitley

    I choose to walk away, yes I regret it....

  84. Our Moments

    Been 5years with my love he was my childhood best friend and my first love but the fighting trying to make him understand that I wasn’t trying to change him I just wanted him to see what he had in front of him a woman who put everything she got into him who loved hard but he never saw that preferred to walk away from me and his family because he was tired never had time for us but eventually he will realize one day that all I wanted was him

  85. Wendy Sue

    I was trying to love because I love you so much I wanna love you always for the rest of my life time..I know everything change but I wanna see how you feel about me your baby and I love you

  86. Wendy Sue

    If you love me you know where I’m at show me you love me 😢

    Only by gods grace

    Wendy Sue Is this you ? Please answer-

    Only by gods grace

    I don’t know where u are I would have came - I promise you

    Wendy Sue

    @Only by gods grace Ryan

  87. Kimberly Meadors

    You just Are n Wonderful Singer your.numbet one fan Love Kimberly

  88. Jan Mathena


  89. alabamagaboy

    Married High school Sweet heart Divorced 15 yrs later..Started dating..My head was wrecked..Met a girl..Broke her heart...Wrong timing...Wrong version of me...She was trying to Love me

  90. Michelle McDougall

    All I ever was tryin to do was to love you and get you to see what you had in front of you-ME . I could never change you only God and yourself can make that happen. I wanted you to see the man and woman God created in us and although we have both had heartache and pain ,we were brought together to heal each other I still believe that 5 yrs later.You and I are both hard headed and stubborn but the bottom line is we want love and to be loved and not taken for granted or to be left.Our past heartaches sometimes makes it hard for us to open our eyes and see what a beautiful blessing God has for us and that's each other. I want to make us work are you with me? I love you so much baby I miss you.

  91. Phoenix Rising

    I guess I now can understand this song.... the more I pushed the farther he got away..... and now I have nothing but emptiness. I keep telling myself if it was meant to be then it would be..... maybe he never did truly love me if he left so easily and started a new life.

    Tiff Clemons God it hurts to love someone an there hiding there feelings for u an all u wanted was them to fall into u...I guess i can say i been the same way 2