Aldean, Jason - Talk Lyrics

You’ve told me ‘bout your family
The town that you grew up in
Believe me, I wanna know everything about you
And I’ve rambled on about me
By now you know I’m crazy
We could go on all night if we wanted to
But I don’t want to

I don’t wanna talk anymore
I know enough about you to know all I wanna do is
Find out a little bit more
I don’t wanna waste that moon
And the heat on the hood of this Ford
I don’t wanna talk anymore

That homemade wine on your lips
My name under your breath
Under one of the best river nights you ever saw
Hey, that says it all

I don’t wanna talk anymore
I know enough about you to know all I wanna do is
Find out a little bit more
I don’t wanna waste that moon
And the heat on the hood of this Ford
I don’t wanna talk anymore

I don’t wanna talk
I don’t wanna talk anymore
I know enough about you to know all I wanna do is
Find out a little bit more
I don’t wanna waste that moon
And the heat on the hood of this Ford
I don’t wanna talk anymore
I don’t wanna talk anymore

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Aldean, Jason Talk Comments
  1. Connie Presley

    Stil loving this song and the meaning !! Love Jason`s voice and ALL his music, love

  2. Connie Presley

    hey Jackson,I think it means he has the three different makes of American made trucks!! Great Isn`t

  3. Sarah Pfarr

    This a good song of Jason Aldean 😃☺

  4. Tammy Edwards

    Great song

  5. Connie Presley

    I love this song!!! I have been trying to find a song that I don’t like by Jason and it has not happened.???? It’s like this an relaying back in our days of youth, preteen years up to the twenties?? A lot of us know exactly what this means ?? Still a great song with Jason!!!!!!! Love

  6. Erica Ann Parra

    I could listen to Jason All Day Long!!! 😗

  7. Daisy Edberg

    so beautiful



  9. Connie Presley

    Yeah he mentioned both makes of American made cars which I think is cool!!!!!!!!! Love this song An so my list just keeps on going An going Love

  10. Connie Presley

    It's all about that voice🌪

  11. Connie Presley

    Jason has put together another beautiful song with great lyrics ❤️, he has a talent to take a song an make it his own not many artist have that kind of core that pulls from the heart an it's a gift, from way above our thoughts as humans💕 Love this voice. Love

  12. Connie Presley

    My opinion?? Only is a great feeling for these lyrics they hit home hard!! But would not change one bit of this draw between two people who are making the most of their feelings, it's great love. Love the song

  13. Jackson Quasa

    love the song... but has anyone ever noticed that in this song he says heat of the hood of this ford then in take a little ride he sings about a chevy and in the dirt road anthem music video he's driving a dodge??? 

  14. Julie Bruske

    Love it!!!! ♡♥♡♥

  15. Julie Bruske

    Loooove it!!!!!

  16. Beau Dostal

    Typical 6.0 powerstroke over heating

  17. Beau Dostal

    Only gentle men wear and drive bow tie

  18. Beau Dostal

    And fuck you john smith

  19. Beau Dostal

    Obviously he wants to have sex with the girl he is "talking" to but he doesn't want to do her in a ford and she doesn't want to have sex cause he isn't driving a chevy

    Jen Chadwick

    lmao. Thats Great...

    Patrick Farmers Tan

    I believe she's lookin for a Dodge Cummins Man....

  20. John Smith

    Anyone ever notice the striking similarities between the Chevy symbol and a Maxi-pad with wings?

    Shytowngrl Me

    John Smith 😆that’s not funny

    Shytowngrl Me

    That’s not nice

  21. richizzle88

    it means he wants to fuck you.

  22. Dorathy K

    Love Jason❤️ thinkin my favorite new song from him

  23. Tanner Givens

    Feel that again drink one for me and this song is the best

  24. Tanner Givens

    #3 and this song is the best album

  25. james jerrell

    lol that's funny I like that

  26. Melinda Norris

    My favorite song off this album!

  27. Katie Gourdon

    Best song I've heard in a while!

  28. Dylan Siebol

    haha thats exactly right!

  29. Angela Gipson

    Great song!

  30. Jennah Brewer

    The only reason its a ford is because it rhymes.

    Alexander Taylor

    Jennah Brewer amen

  31. sicwidit94

    real truck's dont have bow tie's lol

  32. Alejandrina Ramirez

    This is probably one of my favorite songs on his album!! I love Jason!

  33. Heather Mays

    another really good song :)

  34. James Mendoza

    How the hell did it become a war between Ford and Chevy??? How about the message of the damn song yall?

  35. Kristen Short

    gotta include the crappy underdog sometimes.

  36. Skyline Highway

    Excellent song. Very well written and delivered with such power. 100% single material.

  37. KyataChibiki

    Also, he definitely says Ford in this song.

  38. KyataChibiki

    No reason to be butt-hurt. Josh Turner drives around in a big-ass Ford. He even does it in his music video for Time is Love. <3

  39. Derek Martinez

    Lol y'all ford owners are butt hurt cuz no one talks about a ford.

  40. squirbbells jaskonuuson

    If you're a real country hick , you'd be lucky to have any damn truck in your name. Just shut UP and enjoy the MUSIC.

    linda inman

    squirbbells jaskonuuson yeah Ford stands Found On Road Dead

  41. k RISTEN hALL


  42. WatchThat KillKam

    I. Love. The. Picks

  43. dancer6six

    not really.. but hey, I guess it's your lucky day!

  44. spiethchr

    I watches Jason talk about this album and he said this song is about a night where he would just want to lay there have a romantic moment and kiss the girl

  45. 2013backwoodsgirl

    Look, people, lyrics are for own interpretations. You can take it literal or put your own figurative thoughts on it. Waste the moon can mean, waste the night talking or waste the chance of having a romantic moment under the stars or both. The heat of the hood of the FORD, by the way, lol can mean its literally hot after driving it or they're getting a little "steamy" on the hood or both. It's way more romantic to kiss on the hood of a truck under the stars than anything in the world. Trust me.

  46. 2013backwoodsgirl

    Fuckin love my Ford. And this song. It's definitely one of my new favorite songs.

  47. kay evans

    i like this song alot and understand most of it but the part that kinda confuses me is the part that says i dont want to waste that moon and the heat on the hood of this ford,care to explain?? a guy i think im falling for told me to listen to this song and i want to understand.maybe im a little slow lol but that part is confusing me

  48. Morgan King

    Love this song so much! ♥

  49. Tammie Tre

    Great song! Love it!! :)

  50. greasymechanic

    love this song, good job with the video!