Aldean, Jason - Show You Off Lyrics

We can go around, club hoppin'
Tell you all I want to do is drop in
Have a drink and catch a good band
Couple songs and, hey, we're gone again
Act like that's all we're doin'
The truth is

I just wanna show you off
Drive 'em all crazy
Watch all them boys hate me
Is that so wrong, come on
I just want the world to see
How lucky I am
You're so fine girl, damn
You beat all I ever saw
I just wanna show you off

Maybe take a ride down Broadway
All the Dodges and the Fords and the Chevrolets
Slow rollin', lookin' over and
Girl, you got that super-cab glowin'
Roll down that tinted window
There ya go

I just wanna show you off
Drive 'em all crazy
Watch all them boys hate me
Is that so wrong, come on
I just want the world to see
How lucky I am
You're so fine girl, damn
You beat all I ever saw
I just wanna show you off

(Come on, girl)

It might look like we're just cruisin'
The truth is
The truth is

I just wanna show you off
Drive 'em all crazy
Watch all them boys hate me
Is that so wrong, come on
I just want the world to see
How lucky I am
You're so fine girl, damn
You beat all I ever saw
I just wanna show you off
I just wanna show you off

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Aldean, Jason Show You Off Comments
  1. Trisha Stagg

    Love this song ❤️😍

  2. the dog

    It sucks my keys were stolen

  3. Austin Dillard

    I just wanna show you off irene

  4. Taylor Burkman


  5. Michelle Gosnell

    Wish I had someone to show me off !! My husband has never done anything like this for me !

  6. Sarah Pfarr

    I like this song of Jason Aldean ☺

  7. Sarah Pfarr

    This good song of Jason Aldean

  8. Carolyn Grissom

    Men say it, but do they actually do it!?

  9. Carey Marlena Johnson

    I wanted to show you off Jason

  10. Chamberlain Fortenberry

    This sog would be great if i had a girlfriend,but unfortunately i dont have one

  11. Adelai Luckie

    I don’t know why but I love how Jason says Chevrolet’s in this song 😂

  12. David Tucker

    I always wished I could sing country music. Now I wish he could. Tractor rap sucks.

  13. redd iamuzik

    Best doing it now

  14. Amanda Long

    Miss y'all....

  15. Korrie Whitten

    aww thanks tim us marshall your number one song...

  16. Quentin polley

    good soog

  17. Hannahbella

    Need a guy who’s happy to be mine and his “I’m taken” game strong asf. 🥀🀄️

  18. Tina Hamilton

    I wish I had a guy sing this song for me

  19. Jon G. Patneaud

    I just want to show you off Kassie Rae!! 💖😘❤

  20. Larry m. Leffew 11

    If only the girl i always played this for wasn't so lost she would have know that all i wanted was for her to be happy!!!!

  21. Elle Berger

    Best song I ever heard

  22. Karrigan Hammons

    I love ur music Jason Aldean . u are my favorite country music arrtist / singer cn u follow me on instahram please

  23. Mihail Kovalenko

    love this song

  24. Kelly Hall

    I love to sign is song to my wife love showing you off Kelly and I'm a lucky man to have you.and Thank you Jason.Keep on with the songs

  25. Madison Darnell


    Madison Darnell

    Fuck you hiker 454

  26. Madison Darnell

    All of the boys shoots be jelis

  27. Paul Bitner

    i love this band, relate to everything this man sings Jason Aldean rocks my soul



  29. Jessica Izquierdo

    My boyfriend dedicated this song to me I love you Mikel coast 💗 you have my heart ❤❤❤❤

  30. Morgan McKinney

    This song was my grandparents song, so many memories ♡

  31. Iggy Azalea

    Luni coleone listen to it

  32. Countryboy 4 life

    This song sounds good... I would love to show my girl off, but I doubt she'll let me... She says she's not mad at me but ik in my heart she is...

  33. brian baker

    What's left explosive vocals and lyrics ; Georgia ; Kicks ass ! ; The North American publicis thankful that it took three times before Jason ( Williams ) Broke through Check Out ~~> Heather Myles @ Nashville's gone Hollywood !

  34. jedwycke abbot

    There will be a day when Aldean will be described as the best ever

  35. Tabetha James

    this song is about my 92 chevy 😉

  36. Alvin Hall

    Kelly Hall I just want to show you off Love you xoxoxo

  37. Jeremy Weltner

    Me and my girls song:):)

  38. Paula Drummond


    Jennifer Dijames

    I'M wondering too Jason.

  39. Jason Welch

    I definitely wanna show you off Daisy!!! ;) you make my heart smile beautiful....

  40. Georgia Myers

    this is going to be our wedding song Jeffrey for ever and for life and always sweetheart

  41. Elice Olalde

    i love this song its so intresting 👍

  42. Georgia Myers

    I love jason Alden so much and for ever and for life and always will no matter what

  43. Faith Lewman

    God i love this song❤❤ best of all time

  44. Faith Lewman

    God i love this song❤❤ best of all time

  45. Randolph Co. Boyz

    I sang this to my truck,

    Aria S.

    Ram! ♡

    Donald DuckTape

    @Caden Niebrugge lol

    Shannon Phillips

    Bahahaha i love it!!

    Jim N

    From Wyoming, I love my truck

  46. WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ

    WHY did jason not release this as a single....this is one of his BEST songs

    countrygirl country musiclover

    WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ literally anything out of his.mouth is his best song

  47. Regan Sauder

    good song

  48. pamela bird

    this is my shit

  49. L Herchen


  50. welderguy1776

    people interpret the song how ever they want I just wanna say it's a good fucking song 👍👍👍

  51. Elrose Davis


  52. Alexander Page

    I love you so much "ALEXUS SHIVER"😊😘😍😝😏

  53. Alexander Page

    Baby i love you more than anything in this world, I hope and pray that we stay together forever, and baby I love showing u off to everyone and I know all the Boyz r jealous and they hat me for it but I don't care ur mine and love u and I want to talk care of u and that's all it matters, but I love you baby i hope you see this😊😘

    hope HOPE

    u k h jeu and h tre jjhe ok jeyehwoeh h jehe

  54. brett Cooper

    Amazing song

  55. G.k UNIVERSE

    the best thing about this song is the replay button lol

    Jessie Dennis

    So true!!

  56. Cool 200

    a great song LOVE IT

  57. Robert Mccraw

    I love this song watch all them boys hate me cuz I got something so gorgeous and they don't

    Harley Ruppe

    Robert Mccraw

    Robert Mccraw

    Harley Ruppe what's up

    Harley Ruppe

    Her mother what up

    Robert Mccraw

    Not much

    Robert Mccraw

    Harley Ruppe do you have a number I can text you from

  58. Lisa Everly

    AND HIS VOICE!!!💋💋💋

  59. Terry Rickner

    Love all Jason's music, all the time and any time always got a song to set the tone for any thing

    hope HOPE


  60. Savannah Johnson

    Can't wait to see him tmrw night🤘💙

    John Trumpower

    Savannah Johnson I like ur comments I love this this song to

  61. Carolina Delgado

    I love this song!!!

  62. Justina cotter

    u are the best Jason Aldean I got my first love to ur music so ur the best

  63. Captain Clogger

    we can gi around club hopping

  64. Captain Clogger

    is that si wrong, come on?!

  65. hiker 454

    this is a look what I got,and you don't song.

  66. Karen Cook

    One of my favorites!!!

    Georgia Myers

    Karen Cook Jason Aldean is so good looking

    Jennifer L Cox

    Karen Cook I show u off

    Karen Cook

    Yes mam

  67. Ashley Midgett

    I love your music

  68. Kathleen Wilmot-Lynch

    I think he's talking about his truck. Not a women.

    Livvie B

    That's hilarious!!! I love it!!!😂❤

    Dylan Morrin

    you’re onto something you
    just blew my mind

    Callie Rose

    I love you for this comment omg

    Aria S.

    Kathleen Wilmot-Lynch lol! 😂

    Nick Civetta

    Kathleen Wilmot-Lynch why not both at the same time

  69. Logan Curry

    taken ones love to flaunt themselves guess they forget their taken.

  70. Aj Bright

    This Is My Song To My Baby Stacia Montgomery

  71. Felicia Alfaro


    Brian Davis

    Felicia Alfaro Dem other BoyZ aint Reeeeaady 😍

  72. A10helixtangofoxtrot g

    Release this song!!! Release this song!!! Release this song!!!
    *starting chant!*

    Joey Bates

    Jason Aldean


    It sucks but he didn't release it. This song is way too good for country radio anyway.

  73. ciao wutang

    Thank God for /mu/

    Nah nope

    +ciao wutang
    I don't understand what they are saying
    this is a joke right?

  74. Sean Murdock

    all them dodges

  75. Bradley White

    I don't really like jason but this is a good song

  76. Nickie Foster

    Jason Aldean is happy don't be mad

  77. Zachary Compton

    love this song

  78. AH JAJ

    For Jeff!........J&A

  79. Backwoods Barbie

    my boyfriend says that this is mine and his song lol

  80. Twins Do Stuff

    GUMMY. Bears

  81. Hannah Hilburn


  82. Lane Kuper

    finally someone put this up!!!! I sung and played this to my girl. really good song to win your girls heart for good. Supper easy on guitar and easy to sing! Do it bro!!!!!

    thomas jones

    Lane Kuper I am on our wedding day she's my heart and soul just wish more men knew how to treat their woman

  83. David Castillo

    This song makes me want to cheat on my wife


    David Louboutin don't bru

    Joe Longueira

    David Louboutin this had me crying laughing!

    aveon wright

    Lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jake Bemis

    David Louboutin ha

    jaydin Townsend

    Thats not right

  84. Monica St John

    All guys should feel this way about their loves


    I always do. I love her

    Logan Curry

    +Monica St John females take it too far sometimes show off more than they should

    Robert Mccraw

    Monica St John Amen on that one

    Dženeta Griffiths

    Monica St John g


    Every truck or woman loses the new car feeling. Lol

  85. Ethan Thacker

    Yes makes me wanna go get my fiancee and show her off to everybody

    Robert Mccraw

    Ethan Thacker true that brother

  86. Ethan Thacker

    Yes makes me wanna go get my fiancee and show her off to everybody

  87. Bill Bower

    Hell yeah! Yeee hhhaaww