Aldean, Jason - She's Country Lyrics

You boys ever met a real country girl?
Talkin, true blue, out in the woods, down home, country

She's a hot little number in her pick-up truck
Daddy's sweet money done jacked it up
She's a party-all-nighter from South Carolina, a bad mamajama from down in Alabama
She's a ragin cajun, a lunatic from Brunswick, juicy Georgia peach
With a thick southern drawl, sexy swingin walk, brother she's all

Country, (shoot) from her cowboy boots to her down home roots
She's country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays,
That's the way she was born and raised, she ain't afraid to stay, country
Brother she's country

A hell raisin sugar when the sun goes down, mama taught her how to rip up a town
Honey dripping honey from the holler in Kentucky, getcha flippin kinda trippie like a Mississippi hippie,
She's a Kansas princess, crazy mother trucker, undercover lover
Thick southern drawl, sexy swingin walk,
Brother she's all

Country (shoot) from her cowboy boots to her down home roots
She's country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays,
That's the way she was born and raised, she ain't afraid to stay, country
Nothin but country

(Thick southern drawl)
(Sexy swingin walk)
(Aw show 'em how a country girl does it one time now)

Brother she's country, from her cowboy boots to her down home roots
Nothin but country
Yea yea yeaaa
She's country (shoot) from her cowboy boots to her down home roots
She's country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays,
That's the way she was born and raised she ain't afraid to stay, country
Yea she's nothing but country

She's all about the country
From the backwoods she's a homegrown, down to the bone, she's country

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Aldean, Jason She's Country Comments
  1. Emily Celestine

    Jason Aldean 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌 my favorite Country singer 💜💜

  2. Lori Wetzel

    Your security sucks:(

  3. thegreat

    Small town Kentucky born and raised, baby!!

  4. Mason Spiess

    Fixed the title for ya:
    She’s a mud cricket.

  5. Hannah Warriner

    2009 Broken Bow Records

  6. Soesbeats

    This song is cringe as hell

  7. Stephanie Heywood

    Bet this sweet country ass I am and yall not ready for me

  8. Benjamin Green

    Hit like if you love country girls🐎

  9. KathyD Marbert

    hi Mr.Jason Aldean, I have always Loved this song & whole album!

  10. Michael Kawaykla

    Love me a sooner country girl that can drank a beer and bait a hook!!

  11. LonelyToothpick

    What an asshole

  12. Bryan Collier

    Any South Carolinians here?

  13. Rachel Stauter

    Where my Texas ladies at?? ❤️🇨🇱

  14. Beverly Davis

    ☘️👣💚 Texas

  15. Roni Rocket

    I just filmed my first cover haha. And it's of this song! Because I loveee it. Feel free to check it out on my new tiny channel (2 songs hahaha). Sending love to y'all!

  16. The Hermanator and Spurgle

    🇺🇸 ✌ 🇺🇸

  17. Denise Clark

    **November 2019. ANYONE LISTENING**

  18. Abigale Cramer

    love this song!!

  19. rockerfreak85

    not enough small town gothic people out there it is so annoying.

  20. Brett Lewis


  21. WeCoolWeCoolBOUNCE

    This goof cant even sing. Just, how?

  22. Tiffany Sloan

    Love hi music and he is HOTTIE

    Nicole Smrekar

    He can't be, he's a man. They look like wookiees.

  23. Jacqueline Bolton

    I have seen Jason Aldean in concert believe me damn that's all I can say. This is my favorite country song .

  24. Kauê Muniz


  25. Texan weeb hunter

    Classic rock is better than country

  26. T D Foreman

    Country this isn't

  27. richard gonderman

    Other Redding

  28. Todd Martz

    why am i watching this ? i hate country.

  29. Cindi Massey Bates

    Born and raised in Georgia peaches 🍑.. Country as a mother trucker ❤️❤️

  30. Chateau Fortoo


  31. Jacqueline Bolton

    All I got to say is danm

  32. Dream team Squad

    I’m nothin but country I’m sothern

  33. dan

    Awesome song!!! 🎤🎵🤠👍

  34. Addy Au

    I'm country lived and raised if you know how to eat a can of dirty ass and four wheelers

  35. kp ps

    My little girl is all counrty... Beaufort Parris Island South Carolina...born and bred in the Marine Corps life too.. Her song through and through..

  36. chloe doan

    I’m a country girl I hunt,fish,shoot,ride in a pickup truck lol Born and raised in the country

    os terminal

    Shut the fuck up

  37. Little Mac

    I wish there was a country girl in my country my school.theyre city girls than think they're a fuckin diamond and think they're super hot and it pisses me off

    os terminal

    You prolly ugly lil nigga


    Sept./ Oct. 2019?? Anyone??

  39. Joann Jones

    October/ November 2019

  40. Chris William

    When she should have been with husband I go Back Country

  41. Ricky Tan

    I don't usually hear country but this song is a different level 🔥

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    🔥 Jason Aldean - She's Country [2018]
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  43. queen-nyra

    I love your songs

  44. Bobbi Jenkins

    My big sister listens to this song every day

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Jason Aldean - She's Country [2018]
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  45. DanLeigh Gartman

    I live in Alabama come with me and we will see if ur country slap on some work boots and try to keep up oh and I hope u can stand the smell of chickens

  46. Alice Riggs

    Actually, bring me someone from the South and I'll teach them Country

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Jason Aldean - She's Country [2018]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *3.400 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  47. Alice Riggs

    Because were the fuck I'm from it's not only Country,but it's Hard Country!

  48. Alice Riggs

    You know I'm kinda getting pissed here.
    Because you fucking seriously do not have to be from the South to be Country!!!

  49. Whats_HerTM

    Im black and for some reason this song really clicks in my head. My mom is from Dublin Georgia and i was raised in the country my whole life so i blame it on that

  50. Melinda Behanna


  51. Nagarajan Sivakumar

    A great tribute to southern women !!

  52. XxShadowxX

    I grew up in east syarcuse new york, and my Dad used to play this song on a CD in his truck all the time. I loved listen to this wile driving through the mud after a rainstorm.

  53. Larry Smith

    I'll Just Stay in My Room and Let My Parents Handle it.Every Human Being is Allowed their Own Opinion.Never Ever Forget That.

  54. Larry Smith

    Take a Shot at Me and Miss--------------I'll Rip Your Fukin Heart Out----------------Personally.

    The_Dirty_ South

    That's fucked bro

  55. Nykiah Holland

    A country girl

  56. IWANNABITCH LikeDillionHarper[Taf]

    الله أكبر 😆😆😆😆

  57. Kyle Laniel

    Born and raised city boy from North Minneapolis and I love this song.

  58. Bryeana Criss

    She’s Country! For her cowboy boots 👢 to the way she moves

  59. new found life

    this is when the style started to change over

  60. Cecile Daniel

    This is Malcolm song this is my kind of song

  61. Laura Hedges

    My favorite!!

  62. lester stanford


  63. Mr 515



    Me explica a referência?

    Mr 515

    @Rebeca o inconveniente personagem do Pânico


    @Mr 515 uai q nada a ver kkkk

    Mr 515

    @Rebeca era essa musica usada por ele durantes as materias, ele tinha esse bordao "pra que fazer isso"


    @Mr 515 aaah sim

  64. Brenda Hurst


  65. Thomas Howell

    I like Jason Aldean

  66. Robin Alberti

    yes I am...

  67. that girl

    My neighbors like this song wether they want to or not!


    Blast that country pride!

  68. flagstaffbarn

    Pretty sad that people consider this good country music.

  69. Travis 1994.

    Within the first minute he drops “pickup truck” and mentions Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina. This shit is embarrassing and low effort as it gets. The guideline to write a “country hit” must be pretty easy.

  70. niagra898

    Mans the REAL DEAL..ain’t no Luke Bryant bs here.

    Kevin Courtright

    Luke Bryan is good

  71. Darrell Durocher

    Where I come from we are the best of both worlds and have a lot of life experience.

  72. Gas8666

    Even Country eventually gets on board with changing words around to making it fit into a Country Song, but is trying to do a go around on the Sensors, such is the line “Crazy Mother Truckers”, which sounds like . . . well you know, I don’t have to spell it out, do I ?

  73. Kelly Houlahan

    Rocking out to old Jason Aldean music videos alone in my room like awwwww yeah... Honestly, he's one of those artists who was way better when they first started out. Don't get me wrong, You Make It Easy is currently one of my favorite songs, and there was a little while where i was obsessed with A Little more summertime. He still puts out amazing music, but these early songs are just the best. Jason Aldean is honestly AMAZING. I always tell people don't ever pass up a chance to see him in concert. He puts on an absolutely incredible show. I had never seen anything like it in my entire life.

  74. James Grundy

    ur throat not thorpin too much , is it?

  75. mwhite13ful

    I like him but I also like Justin bever too but I like party in the USA is 1 of my fave o and btw I have a crush on a gig at my middle school his name is Connor but I just Two chickens and my feelings Get hurt easily so ya

  76. Rue Stahl

    Hey Jason Aldean instead of Showing Yourself and Your Band, why wouldn't you have put the Focus on Country Women instead of Yourself.? Yeah you showed a few Country Women in the Video, but the Focus was "All" on You and Your Band. I'm disappointed in the Video. And Yes I'm a Country Girl and Not a Feminist. I was born on a Farm near the "Little Wabash River" in Southern Illinois where we raised Pigs, Chickens and Black Angus Cattle. I like the Song, but Not the Video.

  77. haden baer

    This song gets me pumped I live in Michigan we're nuts over here 💪

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Jason Aldean - She's Country [2018]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

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    da burger


  78. Dakota Spreckelmeyer

    Country for life

  79. Smokey Bear

    my all time favorite Aldean song. let's hear it for those sweet country girls!!

  80. JJ FIRE

    Greetings from Brazil. An amazing energy song for Country lovers.

  81. Nick Dragon

    just saw him in concert 4 days ago (august 2nd) and fuck me what a show it was!

  82. Lindsey Harris

    Absulty 100% country girl

    Cesar Sandoval

    100%Mexican Vaquero... Wassup...

  83. Dorothy Johnson

    I'm a juicy Georgia peach from Georgia I was born in Brunswick Georgia and I live in Nahunta Georgia

  84. Larry Smith

    Either I'm going Def or the Volume is Low on this Video.I am not Going DEF.LOL>

  85. Larry Smith

    I Like Country Girls Because My Roots are Country.Love This.And I'm from New Brunswick.LOL.

    Ella Cart

    Larry Smith s/o from Louisiana, from Edison 🤠

  86. Brendan Chwascinski

    Because they'll yell at bad driver's country girls have slot of respect but if you pull out in front of them your going to hear alot of cussing

  87. Brendan Chwascinski

    That's why you should stay out of a country girls way and don't piss her off and mabie learn to drive right before shenstarts yelling

  88. rvrbarnacle79

    One thing for sure he ain’t got no country girl that’s for sure

  89. Sandy Aldridge

    I love Jason Aldean and his band!!! She's Country is a classic like no other. Been around the world but still a country girl!

  90. Brandon Waage

    Wow are you terrible! Country ain't country no more

  91. Ginny Folcarelli

    My birthday girl..Ginneane,shes Country,shoots,fishes,hunts.ect
    Going 2 Bbt 2night at Camden N.J
    Have a great time!!Luv ya


    I live in Kansas sooooo

  93. James Grundy

    ima call u red on johns banjo

  94. James Grundy

    lol heya

    James Grundy

    its actually fe-ma-le, jason but cool

  95. Marcus Loureiro

    BR aki porra

  96. Bruno Miranda


    Raony Oliveira Santos

    Kkkk Inconveniente

  97. OG DanG3000

    Brantley or Aldean

  98. Sarah Pfarr

    I like this song of Jason Aldeans , i just love how he sings ☺😃