Aldean, Jason - She Loved Me Lyrics

It was the summer of '89
I fell in love and i learned to drive
Me and Becky didn't waste no time
Went zero to 65 one night
Being young was getting old
We were headed down a dead end road

But we didn't care, we were on a roll
Hangin' on for the ride
Those lines that we were crossing
Carelessly tossin' caution to the wind
We were wearin' thin

We were livin' for the minute lovin' every second of it
Fearless wild and free
Nothin' could stop us
But one day time caught up with us
And woke us up in the middle of our dream
But not before she loved me

To think we thought that it would last
Now lookin' back i have to laugh
What a mess we made of that
Now I'm not sure that i would want it back
We learned a little bit about love
What it wasn't and what it was
It was fast and it was fun
The beginning of the end of us
But one day that road just ran out
Yeah, i still travel down it now and then, and once again


She loved me
She loved me

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Aldean, Jason She Loved Me Comments
  1. Jake McCurdy

    I can relate to all his songs. He's that good.

  2. Ella Rose

    nice and easy song, different, but real nice for jason. =)

  3. 159cats

    I love this song. It's so true and so easy to relate to! Thank you for making this!