Aldean, Jason - See You When I See You Lyrics

Let's don't say goodbye
I hate the way it sounds
So if you don't mind
Let's just say for now

See you when I see you
Another place some other time
If I ever get down your way
Or you're ever up around mine
We'll laugh about the old days
And catch up on the new
Yeah see you when I see you
And I hope it's some day soon

God made this old world round
And maybe it's that way
So that paths we go down
Yeah will cross again someday
And someday I'll...

See you when I see you
Another place some other time
If I ever get down your way
Or you're ever up around mine
We'll laugh about the old days
And catch up on the new
Yeah see you when I see you
And I hope it's someday real soon
I hope it's someday soon

See you when I see you
Another place some other time
If I ever get down your way
Or you're ever up around mine - just stop by
We'll laugh about the old days
And catch up on the new
Yeah I'll see you when i see you
Till then my prayers are with you
And I hope it's some day soon

I'll see you when I see you

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Aldean, Jason See You When I See You Comments
  1. Alex Lucero

    My father my friend I'll see you when I see you pops love you

  2. edlivy lester

    I'll see you when I see you dad and i hope it's one day soon love ya pops

  3. RocketMan Domains

    love it, a lot of hurt and pain I never got over

  4. Pizzaisbae 123

    Lost my dad, this song is what we use to listen to. My heart is still heavy and broken from his hurts more then anything.

  5. Steve Hardman

    I cannot beleave this beautiful song has only got 1million hits ???the world needs to wake up and find this song ♥️

  6. bro tatochip

    Miss u GCS

  7. Tina Lovelady

    I've been a complete ass I push pushed farther than the moon and back I messed up my dear im lost

  8. Tina Lovelady

    Tina I'm Soo sorry dear

  9. J Ditty

    RIP Ray ..see you when I see you ..

  10. Gary Vargas

    Been a great day....and ill c yall soon.

  11. Pokey Joe

    I'll see you when I see u

  12. Richard Barney

    To mom and dad see someday soon

  13. H sock

    Good tune

  14. Jeff Morgan

    See u when I see u James kite lil bro 8/31/2019

    Deanna Morgan

    God i miss my little brother so much

  15. Steve Davis

    Lost another good friend rip candi see someday

  16. Gary Prince

    see you when I see you dad ❤

  17. Bonnie Carey

    Great song

  18. Franny jarrell

    You are awesome Mr. Aldean.

  19. Polly Ullrich

    Jason aldean you are awesome luv all your songs especially singin with that beautiful miranda lambert she is also awesome always a fan page ullrich altoona pa

    Polly Ullrich

    My name is polly ullrich not page thank you for all you beautiful songs also I luv the song the truth I like how it rains on you forever a fan page ullrich a pa

    Polly Ullrich

    Miranda the chicken looks delicious very happy for you you deserve it all luv you miranda I luv all your songs a fan forever pa ullrich altoona pa

  20. Taylor Collins

    this was one of my moms favorite songs !! 💘 she would always sing it to me 😔 she passed away from cancer when I was 12 n I miss her more n more everyday rip my loveeee you’ll never be replaced 🥺💞💞💞

  21. Chris Durden

    21 years this month and it hasn't gotten any easier with out you 2 here. I'll see you 2 again I promise. I know your taking care of your grandbaby mom. Tell her daddy loves her just as much now as I did 22 years ago when she was sent home. Tell her daddy misses her and there isn't a day that goes by I don't think of you two beautiful ladies.

  22. Sarah Pfarr

    This a nice touching music video of Jason Aldean , i like this songs

  23. Frank Vargas

    This is for you ALEXIS b.....miss yo face homie.

  24. Khousley Blair

    Kboy runt loves u and I c u when I c u ♡ the new is awes♡me I'm sure ♧

  25. Khousley Blair

    I love your music♡x♡X

  26. David Hill

    Three Chords and the Truth is what makes a good song !

  27. Steve Davis

    See agian some time aisslynn alicia I miss you see you some time

  28. steve ramsey

    Is it just me are do you want jesus to hug you an say GOOD JOB MY LOYAL SERVANT

  29. steve ramsey

    To the man that lost your son no greater love than a man laying down his life for others im sorry hope i meet him one day ive lost many officers in my life including my dad im old an out i love my brothers in arms blessed are the peacemakers they shall inheart the earth

  30. steve ramsey

    I cant wait for those arms to hug me an say welcome home my good an FAITHFUL servant please repent only one way to the father the shed blood of jesus christ

  31. Connie Presley

    this song is so beautiful the words are great and touch so many different reasons of life!!  but the main thing I notice is jasons beautiful voice an his perfect pronouncing of the lyric

  32. san gie hersantria

    See you when i see you

  33. Stephen Cherry

    awesome from catfish

  34. Kate Adams

    c u when i c u best ever!!

  35. DaBears 52

    I’ll see you when I see you fam, and I hope it’s someday soon. You’ll get to see your first grandson mom and dad

    DaBears 52

    Or grand daughter

  36. shelia thomas

    Less. Don't. Say. Good bye. See you. When. I see you. If I get down on country road I stop by. I miss. Your. Smile. God. Knows. I. Miss u. When. I look them. Baby blue eyes I. Want. See. You. Wish. U. Could read. This. You. Cone find me

  37. Francis Drake


  38. Shytowngrl Me

    I’ll see you when I see you

  39. Patricia Messerschmidt

    Miss you Mom ,love you with all my heart ,hope i make it to Heaven to see you, love you for ever ,was not ready for you to go

  40. Julie Rice


  41. Jennifer Harrison

    Are u the one that tore up mommas fence


    See you when I see you are, and will always be the love of my life.

  43. Tiffany T

    I will see y'all again baby girl and best friend.. Love and miss y'all so much


    To my good friend Noe', I'll see you when I see you.. still can't believe you're gone. Miss you Buddy.

  45. jim hutchins

    I have this on the bottom of my slab, "I see You when I see you"!!

  46. Susie Tollison

    I missing my mother-in-law,father-in-law and brother in law.wish I was there right tell them I love you one more time.see you soon missing ya at the holidays

  47. Jody Wilson

    Thank you for the video you did a great job!

  48. Just a bored cellist

    This song reminds me of a friend I haven't seen in a really long time. We got separated into different schools and I really miss him.

  49. Tiffany T

    I lost my little girl in a car wreck on Oct 25, 2017 and it will be a year of my littler girl not being here with me. Lilly Mary mommy love and miss you so much baby girl. But i know your up there with your sister and greandpreant and your uncle kevin watching over me. But there not a day that gose by and your not on my mine. I miss waking up with you saying mommy it time to get up but its okay i will see u again some time soon.. Love u baby girl fly hight

  50. Jeff Rodger

    I love Jessica and I'm positive I'll see you again your my one and only even if it's in a retirement home I will see you when I see you ...

  51. Denise Marie

    Miss you daddy , see you when I see you 😘

  52. Annie Juarez

    I dedicated this to you, the last time I seen you. It's been 5 years and still my heart's missing you. Both of you.

  53. Ted Adams

    So glad you you glad you you said fuck you to your first wife. hope your happy. You and I know she's just peice, been there done that p

  54. Selina Culp

    I lost my uncle yestrday amd they let me choose a song and this was my choice

  55. Austin Miller

    he puts everything in this song, so awesome

  56. Billy Latham

    This what I told my girl she said ok baby I love you I know you do I love you to . call when you see this.

  57. Letitia Steel

    You were gone so quick I love you and miss you see you when I see you

  58. Stacey Ramey

    this song had a lot of meaning for me. lost a good friend way to soon. fly high buddy!❤️

  59. josh suddeth

    Hope its someday soon

  60. alan White

    See u one day Dad I love you

  61. downs813

    Can't wait to see you mom & dad, & Tammy! I sure miss you all! love you , daddy's girl.

  62. Mellaine Burns

    how cute both of you,wow,how about talking to a lady in West Virginia,half 😵 drunk on a phone Me!

    Dave1968 Hoyt1941

    this is the best man in country

    Wanda Eaton

    I'll see you when I see you my sweet precious Becky. I know you're no longer in pain. And the pain will never go away for your brother and sister. Especially for me-your Mom nor for your 2 kids but they know I will do anything for them. Rest in peace sweet angle, until I see you when I see you....💕

  63. Jeni Smith

    See you when I see you ...and I hope it's someday soon. ❤

  64. Tiffany T

    I will see you aging baby girl I know your up in heaving watching down on me baby girl with your baby sister love and miss y'all so much

  65. wen budro

    Missy. I'll see you when I see you.

  66. Jade Marie

    I absolutely love this song 😍

  67. Frank Rodriguez

    Penny Morris

  68. lbcake27

    I am numb with pain from the loss of someone special. What a perfect song. I wish heaven could hear it.

  69. dichambers

    Love this song! Love this voice!

  70. Alpha1Charlie

    The memory messages are touching.... But this song is solely about breaking up with someone. Not someone passing. Sorry.

  71. Harry Chris

    Lihn, I miss you. Maybe I should not meet you at the first place. But now, I cannot stop missing you. Only time may ease these pains.

  72. Krista Chastain

    Wish my best friend could here this song makes me think alot of him just remember lil see you again really soon

  73. Joseph T

    Lost my life partner to depression/anxiety suicide back on Jan 17. Hearing this song for the first time, in a public place, broke me down. I had to leave my half-eaten meal and go out through a side door.

    xj_1982 xj_1982

    Joseph T. Sorry for your loss Joseph.

    texas strong

    Sorry i feel your pain

  74. sharon westphal

    lost my daughter 11 days ago ..had to come listen to this..see you when i see you jessie i love you miss that beautiful smile that contagious loves you jessie girl rip baby...

    james jaeger

    I read of your loss. I am very sorry for you and your whole family. I really mean that. And yes one day you will see her again. I really tear for your loss and wish for you to always take a step back,take a deep breath with wife in hand. Look up ,though hard,and ask God to grab your daughter,spin her around,and look down at your smile of Love. Honestly,that's how I have asked God to do for my dad. One day sir.......


    You made me shed a tear. Damn this Internet.

    Sarah Pfarr

    R.I.P your little girl, praying for u

  75. Kyle Ritchie

    I know this is a song for the passed but i use it as a song for my ex who i messed up with and if i could do it again i would. Im 16 we where together for 3 years and i would do anything to have her again. She is down in lamar and i am up in the springs. To Alex... Wish i still had you. Mayby some day soon...😢

  76. jose rodriguez

    i want this song at my funeral

  77. connie presley

    This sound an this voice, is Heavenly" it`s so crisp` an clear,all the way through with each word, He`s really Heavenly"A Beautiful Song  love See You

  78. connie presley

    That beautiful voice!! those words are so clear an perfect an he`s singing!! just a beautiful voice an great lyrics !! love see you


    Ill See u went ill see u Dad Some other places Some other time. Even if i see u shining all the times in the Sky

  80. Chiptruck Ausberry

    to my cuz Antonio shakedown ausberry

  81. TheSongsOfTheDeadTree

    I'm sorry we are gone from each other lives forever. I always knew I hurt when you wasn't near me but never thought you would hurt me by being in his. I never thought years later, I would still cry myself to sleep. I never thought I would hurt myself like u did me. I'm sorry It took this long to truly forgive you. As of right now, this moment, I let you be free of the love we shared through the nights of tears of happiness and sadness. I forgive you for not being everything I was once. I am finally ready to let you go. Just remember, I will always love you but I need to find a way to love myself enough not to. Just remember that time we went to the beach. We were so happy. You said you loved me. You look so beautiful in the sun against the water and your hat fell off. I chased that damn thing for a mile at least as you laughed. I want you to know I will never be as happy as I was in that moment. Thank you for giving me that..



    Normajean Bond

    TheSongsOfTheDead Let her go baby.I promise u Shes a stepping stone 2 what God truly has in store 4 u.Remember dont ever stop living the way u did that day on the beach.Bcuz ur girl u soon will b in the arms of will b the girl who deserves u.U dont want somebody who can b w/ another and not feel the same wurt u feel.Peace sweetheart Dont let life pass u by!!!! Now go have fun.......

  82. itumeleng judith

    Love from South Africa!

  83. josephine baeringer

    love this song.. mom I miss you today, tmr and always the first time I heard this song it was like I was saying that to my mom. love you forever! and I will see you ag!

  84. Jon Props

    Dad, Im sorry I wasn't there for your last days. You know the reasons but I just wanna tell you that I'll never meet another man as honest, loving and hard headed and sincere as you were. You taught me to always keep my word and be kind and generous to others and to never belittle another human being. You were the meaning of tough true love and ill never EVER forget you my OLD MAN. I will love you for eternity DADDY. Godspeed, and ill see you when I see you, and I promise I will see you again....

  85. sherry Sherokee

    see you when I see you. another place another time. if I'm ever get down your way . or your ever up around mine. I hope it's someday real soon

  86. MIGUEL S

    to my little boy miguel angel your life was taken from me so fast held you in my arms just for 42 months been 2 months since you left us everyday that passes seems like a eternity I'll of do anything to hold you in my arms again

  87. dumbALASKANhick

    This song right here shows some truths about so many things from Heaven to Earth, God to his children.
    While this video and others like it are based on the song, HAT'S OFF for doing a great job! EVERYONE!

    And I will admit, I am a big ol' boy and I still cry everytime.

  88. Bernice Rendon

    Reminds me of him... (J.S.)

  89. xxThrillKillzxX

    Every time I hear this song, I always think of my best friend who moved away last month

  90. Debbie Collie

    I just lost my Mom and this song is Beautiful 

  91. Carolyn Swain

    This is our graduation song....

  92. longlivethefish

    See you soon Dad... Miss you & love you. Zya when I zya

  93. Terri Daniels

    Dad see you when I see you love you hope your hearing this

    Harryismystyle sweet

    Terri Daniels

    I know ain't it

  94. Jennifer

    this song could never get old, I absolutely love it!

    David Hill

    Three chords and the Truth......That's what makes a good song !

  95. Charles Tyler

    Son your heaven I know your with me all the time and want to say son proud of you sticking with me and helping me get in the Military and thank you God for taking care of my son in heaven and one day I will be up there with you and my son Love you son and keep watch of me while I go and serve my country and watch your dad while your father makes you proud I am God Army and in the U.S Army love you my son amd God bless you child


    Grow balls! Is this a joke?

    Lisa Graae

    Thank you for you're absolutely will be together.


    shatnerpants nah bro

    Sarah Pfarr

    Thanks for serving our country

    Braxton Long

    Snanterpans shut up and let him be

  96. Charles Tyler

    See you when I see you again son I know your in heaven and I miss you


    I have a daughter there. Miss her so damn much, its unreal.

    Patrick Lawson

    Charles Tyler that's sad(:

    Peyton Lenderman

    I have three brothers in heaven

  97. George Indermark

    from my classmates that I will see someday, to my father, brother, fellow flat track racers (gone but not forgotten), to my niece, friends, old girlfriends, etc. this song covers it all, so well written and heartfelt....

  98. EviL9oo

    Played this at my Grandma's funeral. Love you, Nonna, and I'll see you again one day.....

  99. Brandon J

    I hate country. But I'm in love with a country girl. Have been for five years now. She showed me this song because she's moving back to Kansas for I don't know how long. I love her more than anything, and this song describes us perfectly.

    I'll see you when I see you, Patti...