Aldean, Jason - Rearview Town Lyrics

Wipe the footprints off my dash
Tore up those sun-faded photographs
Threw 'em in the wind, ya'll can have it back
I'm outta here
I stuck my middle finger up in the sky
Flipped off that "ya'll come back" sign
Looked in the mirror one last time
And watched it disappear

It ain't nothin' but a rearview town
Broken hearts and rusted plows
Roots ripped right up out of the ground
Never thought I'd ever leave it
It ain't nothin' what it used to be
Population minus me
On the other side of that dust cloud
Ain't nothin' but a rearview town

I could tough it out, but what's the use?
A place that small, it's hard to do
Too much of her to run into
And so much road to somewhere new

It ain't nothin' but a rearview town
Broken hearts and rusted plows
Roots ripped right up out of the ground
Never thought I'd ever leave it
It ain't nothin' what it used to be
Population minus me
On the other side of that dust cloud
Ain't nothin' but a rearview town

It ain't nothin' but yesterday
One less truck rollin' down Main
Ain't nothin' left to say

It ain't nothin' what it used to be
Population minus me
On the other side of that dust cloud
Ain't nothin' but a rearview town
Ain't nothin' but a rearview town

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Aldean, Jason Rearview Town Comments
  1. Jesse Quick1988

    i just love how he pretty much says like all his number one hits he has had over the years in one song.

  2. 93 cherokee

    How I feel about my town. 100


    I live in the rearview town that he is from

  4. Josh Nalley

    Fuggen rocks bro

  5. Jack arreola

    This is sis df phont he has 2

  6. Jack arreola

    I love you😘😘 my name katlynne

  7. Shephard Lostprophet

    Michael the black echo!

  8. kerieldial

    I love Jason aldean

  9. Ryleigh Hinson

    Reminds me when I left Albuquerque. So glad to be back home in the South where I am originally from.

  10. Royal K Performance

    I'm not a country fan but this shit SLAPPP!!

  11. Yasmine Miles

    Love this song

  12. gacha_ night fox

    Jason aldean rocks country

  13. Nathan Hanson

    Makes me feel better about my past

  14. Nathan Hanson

    I listen to this song when am depressed

  15. Nathaniel Basler

    It's a great song. I have played to this song about 100 times

  16. corrine f

    Stuck a middle finger up in the sky, flipped off "the ya'll come back" sign,
    I could tuff it out but that's the use?
    It is nothing what it use to be, ain't nothing but a review town,
    One less truck roll that way,
    Ain't nothing but a review town


    One less truck rolling down main*

  17. Shawn mendrek

    rock that shit!

  18. ElijeeTeeVee

    what song does this song sound like? a staind song ? anyone know?

  19. Stephanie Harley

    Wats up , Owensboro and Ohio Co ??? Why don't ya'll pack up and relocate and I'll keep my happy ,drunk ass right the hell here? I'm right where supposed to be, and when you don't what to do,. Be real still...

  20. Matti Rhodes

    I live in Las Vegas and I was devastated when my the one October shooting took place.#Vegasstrong#58

  21. Josephine Watts

    What a stupid, childish song, how unoriginal, and meaningless, new country fag shit

  22. James Sharpnack

    This song is my life right now 9 years with the gale and it looks like I'm on my own now

  23. Sue Brown

    im playin this in my fucking chevy when i go...... signed STACES wife.🦋🤠

  24. Joshua brown

    God get me home pls

  25. Johnny White

    Reminds me of a town I'm from and since hurricane katrina it hasn't been the same. Chalmette to be exact

  26. KatiHasIssues

    This song made my cry so many times...watching the love of my life leave me killed me living in a small town..because his ghosts everywhere

  27. Sylvia Stallion

    Jason Aldean. #2. Kenny and Tim. Share #1. Well i favor Kenny Chesney. Shoot i have 2. Love him to death !!!!! All of you. Tim. Jason . Blake Luke. Keith .Brad. Love all your music!!!!

  28. Morgan Wallace

    I’m going home to Kentucky for the rest of my life I can’t stand to live in Wisconsin any more I’m gonna blast this all the way down there seea y’all

  29. Ryland Patterson

    Left my small town in north tx now in Houston

  30. Lee Lester

    Grew up in a few in rear view towns!

  31. c rp85

    Amazing tune

  32. David Strickland III.

    Hey Jason Aldean Can U Please Redo The Song Rearview Town Yet The Song We Back For The year 2019 + 2020 But 2032 .

  33. Kelli Dibler-Portogallo


    Kelly Houlahan

    OH HECK YEAH!!!!!! Omg, can't believe someone mentioned Luke in these comments!😄 Jason and Luke really are both amazing... and Luke is my celeb crush... OF COURSE bc he's so hot.
    Also, I've been lucky enough to see them both in concert... both are down to earth guys and pout on an awesome show... but the Jason Aldean concert was maybe the most visually entertaining and high energy concert I've ever been to. Not only the music but the lighting and set is so incredible.

  34. Power Evolution RC

    I am so glad to be out if central GA, that's where he's from Macon. Hard as fuck to get out of.

  35. Court Car

    Ain’t nothing but a Rearview town ✌🏻

  36. Tiffany Marie

    Love this song! ♥️

  37. Blade Largent

    Best country song of 2019 👽😈💯 yeeyee wooooooooooooo

  38. Sylvia Stallion

    Hey. I know what its like to run from mental pain. Feeling guilty about peoples deaths. Especiall my dead husband Brent. He died 2.5 yrs ago. I did Cpr. But he died. His day n Gods day to take him home:(

  39. Miguel Marquez

    Im not straight so this is why i ask, but why do guys let girls put feet on the dash? Thats toes!... and to me always seems symbolic of their lack of respect. Or do alot of guys feel the same? I cant imagine a guy doin that to my truck on a road trip.

  40. striver1987

    Goosebumps. You Sir are becoming a Legend.

  41. Starr Thomas

    This is spur, tx...i watched it disappear from the side mirrors when i left & buried my daughter's ashes here

  42. Sylvia Stallion

    We live in Chicago East Peoria Knoxville Tennessee and St. Thomas USVI

  43. Sylvia Stallion

    Mrs. Bitchy sex deprived wife. Mrs. Chesney

  44. Sylvia Stallion

    You fucking rock

  45. Pam Jefferson


  46. Tara Tucker

    Favorite song😍😍 I love it so much🙌 I love you Jason!

  47. ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ғʟɪᴄᴋᴢ

    I need dat minty :(

  48. Andrew Martin Official

    Love this song!! Check out my cover of it here !! Thank you!!!

  49. Shane Battles

    Such a great frikin song

  50. Roger Kenis

    Dont know if this is the song that helped me get thru the Vegas Massacre and destruction of my relationship from it, or the song that nearly killed me over it. My roots got ripped right out of the ground.

  51. Cherra JHines

    This is real talk

  52. poop poop

    his songs are so good i love all his songs i wish i could see him in live

  53. Liam R

    I live in the UK. My neighbours love this song. Weather they want too or not.

  54. Whitney Watson

    This is a badass song, man I'm telling you it hits home with me every single time I play it!! JasonAlden##1💋💋💯💯

  55. Julian Mcguigan

    God this song is amazing!

  56. Jacey Wilson

    I want a cowboy 😍

  57. Bad to the Bone

    Jason Aldean you the man

  58. Bad to the Bone

    Fort Smith Arkansas is a rearview town to me it's so sad when I look back in my rearview mirror and see it

  59. Douglas Morrissey

    I am an Elvis kind of music guy, use to be a huge fan of 80-90's country music because it was really good. Today it's a different thing but out of a handful of artists I do enjoy in Country genre, Jason Aldean has to rank #1. Just a great guy with great music. He can sing, he has a genuine love for his fans and we all remember Vegas which he showed all of us through it that he deserves great things to come his way. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a ticket when he comes through. Thank you Mr. Aldean for the music and your genuine heart.

  60. Jon Stolte

    Small town Wiscompton

  61. Ed Wu

    I got out of that town as fast as i could... F that witch👎

  62. Tanya Larsen

    Just like my hometown Duluth, MN

  63. Malachi Burbank

    Jason Aldean is the best country music singer ever!!! 👍🏻

  64. Veronica Contreras

    Javi you want to play hide and seek. You know where to find me..

  65. Sandy Phillips

    This song is his best by far in my opinion! But hey...everybody has one! Love you #JasonAldean !! You rock!!!! 🙌🏼👊🏼🤟🏼🥰

  66. Flick The World

    I feel like this song is a sign and most of the comments here talking about texas man it's definitely a sign ready to leave California I'm so ready to leave all my toxic people behind definitely won't be looking back ❤

  67. Ghost Train Haze Ghost Train Haze

    Definitely one of Jason's best.

  68. Coulter Gaske

    Went to Austin for a little bit. Honestly, IT AIN'T NOTHING BUT A REARVIEW TOWN!

  69. Jane Doe

    This city's gonna be a ghost town pretty soon 😂✌✌🙏❤

  70. Patricia Garcia

    I love this song!! I can’t stop playing it! I left my hometown years ago and this how I feel about it! If I ever go back I’ll make sure to flip off the “ y’all come back sign” while blasting this song 👍🏼😂

  71. Tony Hise

    ILive in AMERICA ill sAy what i want to say WHEN and WHERE i want to say it... ........

  72. Veronica Contreras

    Your no where close to being me. Verónica Camacho..its just a name..

  73. Aubry Knight

    Awesome song!

  74. Darrin Heichert

    My old hometown just held me back. I finally left to somewhere, anywhere but there, just to find something better. It fully became "yesterday" to me when I flew past that Come Again Soon sign (thought hard about running it over) and I did flip it off, both hands thru the sunroof. Reds and blues lit up behind me. The cop understood and didn't come after me when I left in a dust cloud. Someday I'll get the chance to say thanx to Jason for making this song for me.

  75. Will Hopson

    Damn I was having fun with “population -3”. Guess I’ll have to settle for “population minus me “

  76. Tractor Trio

    A song for high school graduation

  77. Angryfarmergamer21

    Coming from a really, really small town. This hits deep. I have a plan better than falling into the same pattern everyone around here does.. Go to work, come to bar, get drunk, go to bed, repeat, 7 days per week... No. I'm better than that. And it's not what it used to be after losing her. That's the point of this song. It's time for me to go.

  78. Taylor Fristoe

    Me I agree he is my favorite

  79. Rephaela Yasharahla

    Feel this way about Maryland. Rearview ass state

  80. avguytx

    Awful like most all country that uses Auto Tune. Hardly anyone there has true talent anymore...or in most any new music. If you can't hear auto tune, consider yourselves lucky.

  81. Alley Cat

    You the best country singer😍your videos

  82. ghost reccon89

    Am i the only one that hears her instead of it?

  83. Candy Porter

    Sueces Bitches.u can have it. Ther..IM GHOST. U P.O.S

    Candy Porter


  84. Safari Frazier

    wow you are great singer.

  85. dthain

    I'm going to Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam in 15 days. I'm listening to this about 20 times during takeoff and the flight. 🖕🇨🇦

  86. Linda Roney

    I love your music Jason Aldean I want to meet you so much

  87. Brenda Lynch

    This is how feel we speak of gods country But this is the devil’s den where brothers for sake one another’s mothers steal from there daughters this could never be my church my god isn’t here my god lives above the clouds not in them. God family country. Ryan Sr

  88. Amber Rueber

    Great song

  89. All-America Trucks

    I’m posting DAILY Truck Compilations 🔥

  90. Tara Tucker

    My favorite song right now😍😭

  91. Roger Diotte

    Man I left a RearView Town...layoff...this song came on LOL...Chapleau Ontario! I'm outta there!

  92. Jay420 0

    I love this song

  93. Curtis Stone

    Whoever wrote it , lived it !

  94. David Grant

    I live in Maine. My town is definitely a rearview town. This whole state is one giant rearview town.

  95. -S C O R P I O -

    Don't know what exactly it is about this song, but it makes me want to DANCE MAH BUTT OFF!! I love this song so dang much.

  96. OR66.EXE

    Got screwed over by my ex pretty hard. Somehow I didn't know this song till right after it happened. Jason really hit me where I live on this one.

  97. Jawad Seehar

    I heard the song, it was amazing and i had a video in my mind.. but the original video is not even close