Aldean, Jason - Just Passing Through Lyrics

Well I can hear that rooster crowin’ down the road
I felt my eyes open up real slow and I looked around
Makin’ sure I hadn’t checked out
Cause there was an angel lying next to me
And I figured heaven’s where I must be
Oh but it was you, and baby what else could I do
In that bed I said a little prayer,
For one more day I’m still here

It’s your world and I’m just in it
Ain’t no other way to spin it
Lucky me just being there when I get to hold you
I’m just here to love you girl
It’s your world and I’m just passing through

I dig in my heels and try to slow this down
I want my life to revolve around, everything you do
Oh but that’s all up to you
Everything good seems to go so fast
It’s kinda like one big party you crash you weren’t counting on
One day you’re here and gone
Baby all I wanna do is lay right here
And hope it all don’t disappear

[Chorus x2:]
It’s your world and I’m just in it
Ain’t no other way to spin it
Lucky me just being there when I get to hold you
I’m just here to love you girl
It’s your world and I’m just passing through

I’m just here to love you girl
It’s your world and I’m just passing through

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Aldean, Jason Just Passing Through Comments
  1. Cheri' BlackBirdTwox2

    In your harmony of sublime, I read the doom of writings on the wall.

  2. Priscilla Nuncio

    Sending kisses to heaven

  3. Joann Pflug

    listen in2019 new to technoligy love music

  4. Ladonna Dowdy

    Down road

  5. Rachel Puckett

    anyone still listening to this in 2019?

  6. Jake Johnson

    He just told me that so I would leave him alone lol

  7. malachi jordan

    Omg I played this in my school talent show long time ago

  8. Clari Japp

    Miss you 💔

  9. Hohrhamikai Olaf

    just here because a herald just passed trough

  10. Sylvia Jean

    Thank you so much for the share ♠ Jason ♠ Aldean is the best!!😃by Sylvia Jean 😃 👍💙

  11. Bleng Diabloed

    who else is here because of league of legends?

  12. Kelsey Hoffman

    I like this song too

  13. LimeLovesGreen

    Im just here, to love you girl.. Its your world.. And im just passin through. "" im not sure what this song is about but for me.. I think of my two angels when i hear it. My boyfriend of 4 years who committed suicide.. And my brother who also commited suicide 6 months later. He loved to listen to Jason Aldeans music. I did not know this singer before. but since my brother passed i can't stop playing this song ❤ its like they are both talking to me. They were here to love me... They were just passin through... It hurts to loose someone you love forever.. But this song makes me think of the good times ive had with them ❤👼👼

  14. Bonnie Walker

    He is one of the last real country boy's. This world isnt going to have any country left.

  15. Νίκος Κουκ

    hello kshaway :D

    Bleng Diabloed

    man of culture

  16. smiling fool

    Damn so true damn my luck

    T N

    Thank you John Nealy is the sweestest thing ..I love you my Great lover. Thank you for always singing to me.

  17. Adam White

    Every time when my girlfriend listen to this song it makes her think of me

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  19. Rose Robinette




  21. Lisa Henson

    This is a special song for me and my girlfriend 😍😘❤

  22. Tisha Dalton

    like this song

  23. kaden herrera

    There's my Jason😘😱😍👊👍👌

  24. kaden herrera

    I love you Mrs aleden

  25. kaden herrera

    this song is so sad I was crying 💦💔😒😞😢😪

    kaden herrera

    baby all I wanna do is lay right here and hope it all don't disappear

  26. Valerie Pennington

    It's your world and I'm just in it..... And I'm just passen threw.....

    kaden herrera

    I no it is so sad

    kaden herrera

    can we be friends

    Robert Nelson

    Miranda sAm

  27. Crystal Jett

    I plan on keeping u Myles Nelson ur the BEST ilysm

  28. Alexis Jenkins

    sums it up!

    Todd mcnett

    Alexis Jenkins Ditto!!

    kaden herrera

    Todd mcnett , FB

  29. Samantha Petersen

    Man I love this song!

    kaden herrera

    Samantha Petersen me to

  30. Marshall Trucker

    Pretty much sums up my life.

    Timothy Mckee

    It's up to you to fight for truth, Justice and the American way!

  31. Kyle Barrientos

    @SHAOGAMING no you are not alone 😂 im a big fan of hayden btw

    SHAO Montoya

    what was the video called i forgot 😂

    Kyle Barrientos

    That troll bard vid

    kaden herrera

    it called passing through

  32. Kyle Barrientos

    Brofresco brought me here 😂

    Kyle Barrientos

    Hahahaha That Bard part tho xD

    tyler scarra

    +Kyle Barrientos that moment like woah!!! hahahah xD


    Hahahaha srsly me too



    Aaron Castro



    when i first got my license in high school this was my shit

  35. Amy Pendygraft

    love it

  36. Alissa Pichardo

    I really love this song. need me a sexy cowboy to sing this song to me!

  37. Ariana Becnel

    fav song😍

  38. Becky Sullivan

    Jason aldean good entainer like his musichope you come back too kentucky you jam and your drummer he just flat out kucks ass no other way too put it you rock jason love your musicand your drummer is awesome

  39. bruce harper

    That's a good song!!

  40. Stephanie Bradberry

    I am just passing thur!!

  41. brittany caldwell


  42. lavenia quarles

    OK I do love this let's go home and sale some cow's

  43. Shelby Anderson

    My boyfriend played this on guitar last night. 3 Years together and I'm still in love with him<3 LDPG <3

    Tammy Burns

    Shelby Anderson -%

    Allen W

    I wonder if you two are still together, update us pls.

    mark smith

    Still together?

    Sebastian V

    5 years later, still together?

  44. redneckprincess5948

    Jason Aldean is AMAZING!! <3

  45. Wolfrun nightfallen

    This song is like how it was for me and my girlfriend and well I'm not in her world no more.

  46. Becki Mason

    My ex hubby timmy basel would sing this to me

  47. britany gross

    Love my Armyboy

  48. Jp Boelter

    Passed right throught her heart. Couldnt hang onto it

  49. Buddy Nickell

    I love you Mrs. Nickell for eternity !!!!

  50. Rob04Lightning

    I love you Vanessa Cantu Mata!

  51. Nan the Cowdog

    From what I get...
    A guy likes this girl, but he knows shes not gonna hang around for long. He's trying not to fall in love, but he is. And he's trying to tell himself it's not gonna last... And they won't be together...
    Personally, thats what I think....

    tristan mcneilly

    Nan the Cowdog that’s how I feel about this song thinking about a girl lmao

  52. Nan the Cowdog

    I know that forever alone feel.

  53. Tori Foust

    Love my boy<3

  54. Shari Stone

    hjghohj yglkmhkymhky

  55. chloe

    I'm listening to this during a thunderstorm helps me stay calm

  56. Redneck Sniper

    shut you fucking city boy

  57. Jacob Stewart

    could someone explain what the song is talking about, cause I don't want to sing it to my gf if its about a one night stand thing. thanks

  58. Gabi E

    This song tho.

  59. Kaylon Lewis

    I love this song
    Mine and Keith's song
    Love him3

  60. Susan Harbaum

    I feel the same way!

  61. Nancy Cermak

    Love Jason Aldean!

  62. Daniel Cadle

    Love this song Its A good song

  63. tman2919114

    i am still here and it is 12/22/12

  64. SummerRain82811

    this is an awesome song i am glad that it gets stuck in my head a lot

  65. MrAmericanBarricade

    I know how you feel man..

  66. anthony hammel

    when i saw this girl, my jaw dropped. she wasnt perfect, but she was perfect for me. but i fucked everything up. now she has a boyfriend. i think im in love. but she has a boyfriend. it kills me everytime i see her becuase i know im not able to call her mine.

  67. Callie Carranza

    This is my fave song. I listen to it over and over and don't get tired of it. ^^

  68. Casey Underwood

    thats a bummer, but awesome that you dropped that in here.

  69. kt nguyen


  70. Hannah Winters

    I wuv him(:

  71. Hannah Winters

    My best friend told me this song reminded him of me(: <33 even though we're so close,

  72. Jonathan Dunson

    Its your world I'm just in it, ain't no other way to spin it, lucky my just being there when I get to hold you3
    I'm just here to give her my love 3

  73. Brett

    There's a guy who loves this girl, yet he knows he's just going to be a phase of her life. And he knows that it will hurt when she leaves but he's getting the most out of it he possibly can. That's my take, but music is all about interpretation.

  74. Kerstin Kuecken

    life can sometimes be so hard and u cant take care of it... Just like me... Monday was hard for me i had a hard time because brentt said that i broke up ch i didnt and he said he didnt want the dramma and so i told him straight out and said you dont have to listen to them it dosnt mater who u like its your life and you can choose your own girlfiriends and i was pissed off so i said that everyone can have there wish of me not being in this world anymore so i tryed cutting my self it ws bad:(

  75. Kyleigh Green

    Pillows are our best friends. They don't talk back when you tell them about your day ^.^

  76. Kyleigh Green

    I know this sounds kinda bad but in a realationship. Look for a better guy before you and your boyfriend get's to serious, so if you guys brake up the other could help you out with the crying, sadness and stuff. I know he will cheer you up.
    ( P.S. Just don't fall in love with him )

  77. Sarah Hansen

    This is me and my pillow's song. #foreveralone

  78. Haleyopal

    This was mine and his song... He said he would never leave. But it looks like he was just passing through.

  79. amy ates

    me and my babys song!

  80. Blondie9561

    i love this song! <3

  81. Elizabeth Rupe

    I have a really good friend that I've known for about 8 years now and recently he's acting crazy .He doesn't want me around him for a week or two but I miss him and hope he'll stop this and let me back into his life.

  82. zebralover1413

    Honey, I know how you feel, I had to change schools and it just didnt work out, but you can find another guy who loves you more than life itself, good luck!

  83. zebralover1413

    I will, and help always comes to the people who ask for it, give him some time, he will eventually relize your worth it, or you can dump his sorry butt and find another dude who appreciates you!!!

  84. Kerstin Kuecken

    im so sorry tht you have to get that i hope ou do well lol <33 jordan4ever<33

  85. Kerstin Kuecken

    me2 but this was my ex-boyfriends and i's song and since were broken up i cant say much but i still like him in all but idk if he does he is a awesome boyfriend but ppl keep on saying that he does drugs but he dosnt i know very well and i hope me and my new boyfriend stay together forever were such a awesome couple!!! but im n schoo right now so i gtg im in computers in marin city junior high <33 jordan 4ever<33

  86. Chris Gouckenour

    <-----Forever alone.

  87. amanda filgo filgo


  88. amanda filgo filgo

    wow.. seriously? just give him space.

  89. Taylor Yates

    i love my baby more than the entire world:)<3333 i love you more than air!!! jts <3's itmy forever and always

  90. TayDCurtis

    CJQ, I miss you... /3

  91. Jaycee Shianne


  92. kat ivey

    this is about his daughter people im really close to him so i know

  93. breana jackson

    i love this song too
    and i think my boyfriend is mad at me too he wont talk to me and today at lunch him and his friends just stared at me and my friends and hes just not him self lately

  94. dustin richard

    my girlfriend luv this song

  95. TheRedneck811

    Natalie baby just know that i love you and never will leave you my Fiance(:

  96. Hallies Comet

    @MrPepsi98 If you think you found a better guy in a week, you don't know what love is

  97. kat ivey

    i luv COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'/

  98. ALENCE30999

    this was the first song i sang to my girlfriend

  99. kat ivey

    this song made me start loving country agian
    i love JASON
    i love his other song DIRT ROAD ANTHEM
    i love his MUSIC