Aldean, Jason - In Case You Don't Remember Lyrics

In case you don't remember
I left a picture of us on the hood of your truck from that spring break
We were young and a little bit crazy enough to just think
We were gonna be something
Yeah weren't we something
A little bit burned a little bit buzzed didn't feel it
Still got the hat that you wore flipped back I wear it
Yeah I swear it

There was magic in the air it was everywhere that we touched down
The carnival ride and the high we were on as it went around
It was us against the world and you swore girl that we'd never surrender
But I still can't forget you girl
In case you don't remember

I still got the key to the room that we never slept in
Yeah the love we made you let it fade away well I kept it
And I don't regret it

There was magic in the air it was everywhere that we touched down
The carnival ride and the high we were on as it went around
It was us against the world and you swore girl that we'd never surrender
But I still can't forget you girl
In case you don't remember

The last time we kissed
The taste of my lips
The way we couldn't say goodbye

There was magic in the air it was everywhere that we touched down
The carnival ride and the high we were on as it went around
There was something in the way that you swore girl
That we'd never surrender but I still can't forget you girl
No I won't ever forget you girl
In case you don't remember

I left a picture of us on the hood of your truck from that spring break

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Aldean, Jason In Case You Don't Remember Comments
  1. trollolol

    I wont ever forget you case you dont remember.

  2. Sarah Pfarr

    This is another good song i like by Jason Aldean

  3. Lewis Palladino

    That's my man James Bailey love u love always god

  4. Angie Hoffman

    Jason Aldean your music is my life 💙

  5. Matt Mitchell

    I like the songs that Jason aldean sings. Jason aldean is one of my favorite singers.👍😃

  6. Daisy Edberg

    Good stuff

  7. Pandora Pirate

    Who wrote this song? Get at me! 706-639-7774. I'm crying

  8. YG the K?D

    I love this song

  9. Brandi Patterson

    you are my favorite artist hands down. I wake up listening to you and you put me to sleep. you are A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E, now figure that out.

  10. lourdes falavigna

    merecia estar no estrelato a muitos anos pimha opinião CMA COUNTRY MUSIC dão tem preferencia temos muitos profissionais da musica melhores do que os atuais puxa sacos desculpem

  11. FSMS FS

    Awesome Jason.

  12. Scotty Rice

    You are the awesomest thing ever in the world Jason Aldean

  13. Julie Groves

    Awesome song.

  14. Jessica Brohawn

    I like this song

  15. Erica Ann Parra

    Hands down one of my favorite songs!! ❤❤

  16. Krissy Michelle Sweetheart Sims Hill

    Jason Aldean Is My Favorite Singer

  17. Chuck Bower

    You know those songs that make you want to cry but at the same time you cannot because the memories it brings back are the best you ever have

  18. Dave Pitts

    Country Music Hall Of Fame! You are Destined for this ..God has his reasons.God Bless the Victims and the Survivors in Las Vegas. Thank you Jason.😊

  19. new found life

    aldean your voice is still great its just the beats that are not with it anymore you need a new person to hit those beats like you used to

  20. Rachel Rooker

    Keep it up and never stop bro kysonowens

  21. Rachel Rooker

    Can I have your girlfriend tell me her phone number kyson Owens

  22. Solana Munoz

    For Chris Roybal ♡ RIP

  23. Juanita Buron

    Bunk houses

  24. Jr. Police

    Why there's thumbs down lol I love Jason Aldean songs keep the good work -Stay Safe

    Emily Celestine

    I love my Jason Aldean 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😘😘😘😊😊

  25. Rob Malone

    Jason Aldean says everything a guy wants to say to a girl. Love this guys music... but I'm all out of beer!!

  26. James Furr

    Does jason wright his own lyrics?

  27. DUSTY1373

    White boy music

  28. Rebel Renegade1

    She left out of the blue. Never even gave me an explanation why

  29. Jake Middleton

    Jason Aldean is the king of country!

  30. Shaun Walker

    Yet another one from Jason gotta love country music 🤘🏼 people don't see how I'm a black guy listing to music like this hell how can't you it's the best ever

  31. Melissa Boshnack

    absolutely love me some Jason

  32. connie presley

    Jason never seems to atonish` me, always!!!!!   in case you don't remember, always lyrics that are so true to life!! once again this is another  love

  33. HooverPlayz

    I just gotta say his new album is amazing. It brings back so many memories and it just makes me think of my crush. It's amazing.

  34. Dolores Rodriguez

    love your music Jason Aldean

  35. Johnny Rivers Jr.

    great song

  36. Bell Crick

    can't wait to see him perform at the country fest! he's on fire with this album can't wait to hear some of these songs live.

  37. Sondra mcclain

    In case u don't remember thts my favorite song 🎶 ever.... Jason ur my hero I'd die without ur music 🎶 ur my favorite country music singer

  38. Sondra mcclain

    Jason Aldean ur so amazing I love all ur music 🎶 and if u come to Alabama please let me know I would love to see u live in concert ❤ u can dm me on twitter @sondrakenealy ur the best #1

  39. Austin Crutchfield

    i like him to

  40. jim braz

    This whole album may be his best yet!!!!!

  41. Misty Dobbins

    this album is the bomb

  42. Trisha crazy one

    I love this song because I don't remember a lot of the past . But ,you know we have to move on. :)

  43. Linda Seibert

    brings back awesome memories Jason rocks every song

  44. Jared Earl

    very good song

  45. Crystal Jett

    ilysm Myles Nelson

  46. Orion's Star

    Jason Aldean, from 2005, never looked back. Best of Everything for the future.

    Southern Vibezzz

    Orion's Star me too ! This album is fucking killer he's gonna do good with this I gotta see him in concert for this

    Orion's Star

    Agree. Love the "A little more summertime song", whats your fav song?

    Zack Newman

    Me too. Been a fan from day 1.

    levi moore

    Orion's Star my favorites are A Little more summertime, reason to love la, whiskeyd up and all out of beer

  47. David Lopez

    I love the new album 😄😄😄😄😄

  48. Douglas Wall

    another great song seems like they always hit home

  49. Amanda Clinton

    #1 hit song love it

  50. Josue Toledo

    relationship before

  51. Tammy Saunders

    love Jason aldean always

  52. brian baker

    Bout' Time One Of America's Top Echelon " ACT'S " Starts to record Again ; Damn  " Why " did it take so Long !!!!

  53. Julia Lytle

    this album is amazing!!!!!

  54. Mitch Wilson

    Australia tour was unreal with Florida Georgia line my first concert loved every second of it keep it up aldean!!!!

  55. Christen 5477

    jason is coming back!!! it's about time :)

    Derrick Houston

    Christen 5477 He never left

  56. ThatBosticSound

    This song resonates with me so well.
    It's exactly everything I want to say to her. Its exactly how I feel about our situation.
    We said we'd never surrender, but we surrendered everything. Its a damn shame.

    But this paints the picture so clearly of what the power of music can do. Its makes people connect. Being a musician myself, I feel im connected with music on a deeper level by default, but music is alot of what keeps me sane. There is some kind of comfort hidden in it like a drug that helps you convey your emotion.
    I dont know, its just awesome. Thankful for this album. I bought it tuesday and it hasnt left my cd player..
    There are so many songs that I connect with.
    Im just thankful for the music overall. It helps me escape to a different place. It helps me forget the difficult aspect of my situations, especially whenever I hear a song like this.
    Its like someone took a snapshot of the last 4 years of my life, and wrote a song about it.


    Guitar+MeThis 😍


    Guitar+MeThis u said everything im feeling..put it into words:)

    Skylar Delgado

    Guitar+MeThis Word

    Landon Saliven

    I'm sorry for not being Ableton​to get it to the gym

    Jeannie Cook

    I just have to know was the pic of one person that was found in my driveway

  57. Zack Compton

    Jason Aldean bad ass love you bro and your songs

  58. emdeethao

    Keep it coming ❤

  59. Lucas Yslander

    I'm trying not to like one of this new songs, but is impossible <3

  60. Evangelina Martinez


  61. Aubrey Dowell

    Love it Jason <3

  62. Never Gonnatell

    This guy's a scum bag and so is anyone that likes him.

    missi robb

    Haha. Have a nice day loser

    Sal's Girl

    missi robb are you okay?

    Never Gonnatell

    @missi robb That's what a thought. Too stupid to even form an argument.

    Sal's Girl

    The Wanderer I'm a fan of him and I've got a high IQ for my age.

  63. Elrose Davis


  64. Mason Kennedy

    I'm your number one fan

  65. ChubbyChub

    those asian eyes doe

  66. alexander gutierrez

    Jason aldean you are the greatest

  67. Matt Vegas

    love it!! great album man…i'm glad i traveled to boston for your show with kid rock. cant wait for another tour

  68. Rachel Mims

    I♥THIS SONG!!!♥♥♥

  69. Ella W

    Another great song Jason👏🏼

  70. mark villalon

    It Was Everywhere

  71. Frisky Squatch

    I'm here early

  72. Sal's Girl

    I've been waiting

  73. joey lol

    Jason aldean is so amazing💕

    Fundador Jm Cuevas

    @zoe Connor and you look so amazing as well.

  74. just a pekin duck

    lol first

  75. Jordan Munn

    Great song Jason!