Aldean, Jason - If My Truck Could Talk Lyrics

Twelve gauge '04 buckshot floorboard, don't ask
Fence post, door dent, let's just leave it at that
It's got dirt on me, yeah I'd be up a creek

If my truck could talk, I'd have to yank out all the wires
Pour on the gas, set it on fire, anything to shut it up
It's been good to me, but it knows too much, it's seen it all
I'd have to find a riverbank and roll it off
If my truck could talk

Those two headlights looked in her eyes, while she danced
Moonlit truck bed, two kids, enough said, yeah man
All that went on, those all night longs
It could go on and on and on

If my truck could talk, I'd have to yank out all the wires
Pour on the gas, set it on fire, anything to shut it up
It's been good to me, but it knows too much, it's seen it all
I'd have to find a riverbank and roll it off
If my truck could talk

If my truck could talk, I couldn't deny a word it said
I'd just smile and shake my head, yeah

It's been good to me, but it knows too much, it's seen it all
I'd have to find a riverbank and roll it off
If my truck could talk, if my truck could talk
If my truck could talk

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Aldean, Jason If My Truck Could Talk Comments
  1. Scott Mccauley

    It my truck could talk I would be 20 years upstate it be worth it for that old Chevy boyy

  2. Wide Load

    I had to sell it but if my 88 S10 Blazer could talk me and a few buddies would be in jail

  3. Phelisha Ross

    This song is my husband, he has shot his truck with a shot gun threw the bedside lol been everywhere. Mud, rain, sleet and snow hes had that old truck threw it all busted new taillights with a tree smacking it. But its been a good old truck and he loves it

  4. Scott Mccauley

    Never go wrong with my man. Ever play him whatever mood George strait JR

  5. Chris Greene

    If my 90 Silverado could much trim on that bench seat

  6. Quentin Dow

    This is for all my trucks if they could talk go ahead and get my cell ready lol. If they could talk. We could sit and talk for hours. And hours about shit

  7. Lawayne Vick

    only if..... 😂

  8. colton glick

    if my 92 2wd chevy could talk I would be in a lot of trouble with my parents lmao we'd sit out on the river bank somewhere off of a dirt road and talk all night. its seen every side I've got depressed, pissed off, sad, and even witnessed the happiest and saddest times of my life she's running up on 320,000miles and she's temporally down I'm trying to get her up and going again I can't figure it out if she could give me one sentence I could have her going again miss the old girl we've been through everything together if she was a woman I'd be a married man lol

  9. Konner Kramer

    New or old, import or domestic, ford or Chevy my old 66 c10 has been the most loyal truck I've ever had. My great aunt bought it In 1974 when our family moved off the farm. She drove it everywhere from 74 up until the 90s when she parked it between 2 barns. My great aunt left us in 2015 and I paid $200 for that truck when I was 15. It took me almost 2 years of working my ass off to finally get it to pass highway patrol inspections. I've never been prouder than when I put that bright white antique tag on that rusty old Chevy. I was smiling from ear to ear struggling to push the clutch in and rowing through that 50 year old 4 speed. I will never forget the first time I opened up that little 327 and layed patch for half a block. Spun both tires all the way through 1st and 2nd until I got scared and let off the gas. It was that moment right there where I realized how much of a bad ass my great aunt was.

  10. Christopher Draper

    First week of owning my 94 had to go to my buddy's funeral.....if my truck could talk id have to get rid of her to many old memories that i wish i never happened did happen when i sat behind the wheel of her

  11. Austin Dillard

    If my truck could talk

  12. Jon Scott

    Unfortunately I had to sell my Ford ranger and before anyone bashes that truck I went places where trucks and Jeep's on 35s and bigger went. I miss that truck as my wife would say I miss lil red. The things I put that truck through and the memories I have with that truck, I met my wife in that truck and when it died we both cried I tried to save it but I didn't have the money for a motor, so it left the country and went to hunduras.

  13. nicholas pancoast

    If my jeep or bikes could talk I wouldn't have insurance

  14. Charlie Adams

    If my truck could talk I’m sure it’d say it misses me.

  15. Dakota Robertson

    If my old truck could talk I'd be in some trouble with all the donuts and burnouts

  16. Ron Krzaczyk

    07 ranger its been to hell and back and i wouldnt trade it for a brand new truck ive got so many memories good and bad in her and shes reliable as hell i love my truck

  17. olered _z71

    This goes out to my '94 Silverado. I love you Scarlett!

  18. Tyler_ 1072

    If my truck could talk to me it would tell me to quit racing and stop fightin

  19. angel lee

    Well id have to burn it to the ground lol but boy it's seen alot of stuff, it's all worth it!+

  20. Jacob Eilers

    As long as she is leaving johnny alone I'm alright

  21. Jacob Atchison

    Have you ever jumped dunes on a abandon golf coarse sorry old ranger danger she still pushing

  22. Daniel Hedgepath

    My 86 chevy 4x4 everybody would kill me if they know half the storys between mud holes mowing down street signs and deer

  23. Divine Maniac

    12 ga in the backseat of my 04 Silverado. Man this song matches lol

  24. Nathan Freedlund

    If ny truck could talk it would probably give me death threats

  25. Oledodgeboy98

    Thank God I still got my old 97 5.9 boy love that truck ole faithful

  26. Howard Ross

    If My truck could talk I would be divorced, in jail & banned from the church.... ohhhh yeahhhhh

  27. James Kauffman

    At least my truck talks to me it tells me what it needs unlike a women all they say is im fine

  28. Bob Joe

    Had my fun in it and s tree hit it the day after the motor blew... Built it back from frame rails and a cab, 2 years later I drove it 10ft the next day was gonna do breaks showed up and it was gone. Let me find the motber fucker who stole it...they will pay with 2 shattered kne caps

  29. Aaron Barnack

    So true when i was younger years ago

  30. Brian Iannarelli

    if my truck could talk we would have a good time and talk about good ol memories and pull a lot of trailers and do 110

  31. Black Country Boy 1992

    194 people never even drove a truck

  32. Dustyn And huldeyrocker

    If my dads truck could talk. She'd say "I want to run and tear the road apart." Or it would tell stories of what it feels.

  33. Jessica Hembree

    Loving Your Music Still. You Georgia Boy's Are The Best.

  34. Dalton Garrett

    Well i think any ol boy would screwed in that situation

    Quentin Dow

    Ik I would be

    Nick Carey

    I take care of my truck. She isn’t snitchin

  35. Lance Bailey

    My truck never talks back too me, and has never let me down not once. Had her about 4 years, she was my Grandpas old truck I've been trying to restore. Wrapped it around a pole a couple weeks ago in a blizzard, hit some black ice. Got her tore apart, saving up for parts sure miss her.

  36. Rachel Rushing

    If my truck could talk. My dad and mom would kick my ass, but I wish my truck could talk.......

  37. Divine Maniac

    Id be screwed

  38. Kason 1

    Gives me chills every time I think about the 84 gmc my dad handed down to me

  39. Adam Diaz

    With all the bull shit. Only time my Chevy let me down was a fuel pump In an oreileys Peking lot. Took my two hours and I trust her no less

  40. Nelson Williams

    if my truck's i have owned in the past culled talk i would be in trouble

  41. Jace White

    Pretty true about my 2016 doge challenger too

  42. FordPoweredEveryday

    Your truck doesn't talk? The motor does all the talking!

  43. Starr Troup

    Ok I'll be xz

  44. 54Capn Merica

    My truck talkin and I'd be dead. Lol

  45. Jerry Wright

    if,my truck could talk I don't know where it would even start it's been threw plenty of mud holes and down a lot of dirt roads

  46. Konrad U

    Love it....

  47. Countryboy 4 life

    Glad my 72 Cheyenne, 78 4 door long bed square body Chevy, and 1 of my 86 2 door short bed Chevy's can't talk...

  48. Noneyo Bussiness

    My 71 powerwagon yup !

  49. Gracyn Johnson

    I'd be in federal prison shit

  50. rob long

    i like it

  51. Luke Bone

    My first daughter was conceived in my truck bed 🤣

    christine brace

    Same... Lol. I only have 1, but she was too

  52. gilbert mumford

    No lie I'll be back behind bars no doubt 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😱😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  53. Levi Warner

    yeah, truck over girl any day, I have a 1994 F-150 and its my baby, we'd be in a relationship if we could

    Levi Warner

    countrygirl country musiclover you must be a fuckin mentally retarded bitch

    Levi Warner

    son of the south thank you, idc what truck you drive, I ain't gonna hate on yah just cuz yah don't drive a ford

    Levi Warner

    countrygirl country musiclover im 99% sure you need medical attention

    Cutlass Ciera

    As long as it ain't a Honda Ridgeline you got a truck

    Mason Leadbetter

    Countrygirl why are you so angry? There must be something on your mind bothering you to come here and just start yelling at perfect strangers. Unless that's actually how you talk to people. Then I would suggest maybe learning some manners. Have a good day eh?

  54. Quentin Dow

    great song

  55. Temo Galvan

    If my truck could talk i would tape her mouth shut!!!!!!!!

  56. Kristian Wilson

    if my troke cold talk i wold be in a jellow coma

  57. Kristian Wilson

    if my truck cold talk it wald de the sweatist thing ever

  58. Kristian Wilson

    this song makes me think of contrey

  59. Zach Dow

    So true about my 2000 2500 Chevy Silverado

  60. Quentin Dow

    if my truck could talk well get my cell ready I would b in some deep shit

  61. Ryder Wehr

    yeah my truck would get me in trouble but i don't care i want my grandpas old dodge back it was a ram with red and white stripes running down the middle of the hood he taught me how to drive in it when i was 6 right before he passed away on the operating table for a heart transplant i loved that man and now everyone in our small Indiana town tells me that i remind them of him and act and look just like him so it does look like that truck taught me a few things before it got sold

    Dalton Brennan

    Cant beat living in a small indiana city.. theres so much connection between the people and land

  62. marissa pierski

    I love this song

  63. Brian Casteel

    At 2:36 that's what I would do to

  64. Sawyer kehus

    01 f350 7.3 if that damn thing could talk id be in jail

  65. Robert Holmes

    85 f250.. 460, 4 wheel drive.. took real good care of me! I sold it cause of a girl.. the girl is gone and I don't miss her one bit, but I sure miss that ole Ford!!

  66. Jacob Fincher

    it'd be nice if my 7.3 powerstroke could talk. I'd wanna hear all it's stories. she is broke down but I can't sell her bc it's my first truck to ever own

  67. Kayli Daniels

    i love this song lol

  68. Mitch Meseck

    If my truck could talk my dad would kick my ass.

  69. gage miller

    if my 92 dodge could talk I would n in trouble it's gotta lot of shit on me lol

  70. Darrel Muston

    my 1951 f1

  71. Lane Lasley

    Id be in some deep shit if my truck could talk

  72. Zachury Strawcutter

    Sold my 95 Chevy Cheyenne because of a chick, felt like I needed some kind of positive change, didn't realize until I watched that old pickup driving away down my road that it was what truly made me happy, cruises, tailgate parties, Pennsylvania summers, I miss the old girl, she could tell damn good stories if she could, three hundred and thirty six thousand miles when I got rid of her.

    E Razco

    Zachury Strawcutter damn we all made young dumb decisions in life

    Clayton Davis

    I bought a 96 chevy Cheyenne 4x4 last winter. It resembled the one I had in high school. My wife doesn't get why I like driving it so much. At the turn of the ignition I go back in time to those days. I won't ever sell this one. I'll pass it down to my son so he can see for himself what ol' dad saw.

    Dave Blank

    Good old pa

    olered _z71

    I dated a hi know for three years to find she cheated on me with my best friend. So i bought a new truck. 1994 silverado z71. I still got the Ole s10 though

    Richard Christianson

    Told the wife when we got married my muscle car came with me and would stay with me.  Three and a half decades later and I still have both.

  73. Matt Gaudreau

    I sold my old 96 Chevy because of a girl . she's gone but I bet that truck still runs as true as ever

    galaxy gamer Mccreight

    Matt Gaudreau never trade your truck for a girl

    Quentin Dow


    Country Boy Hunting

    Matt Gaudreau I would keep the truck you can always replace the gir l but not the truck

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Women come and go. Trucks don't.

  74. Alex M

    man. if my old 94 chev could talk i would be so fucked 😂 been the best truck ever though. Definitely proven itself worth keeping

  75. Daryll Simons

    this song was so me and all my buddys growing up in a lil town in louisiana... running on the river and back rds girls fires late nights and huntting.

  76. Adam joiner

    good song

  77. Mitchell Obenchain

    Yeah buddy. my old dodge would have me in deep shit

  78. Trina Pepe

    Love you

  79. Easternontariofarmboy B

    Good thing my old chev cant talk lol.

    Clayten Churchwell

    You damn right good damn thing non of my truck could talk I get in so much trouble on some dumb shit not even funny

  80. Tanner Webster

    I would smile and shack my head

  81. Jacob Phelps

    So true about my 93 power stroke 😂 🍻

    Jacob Fincher

    Jacob Phelps I have a 93 Powerstroke 7.3 dually

    Brandon Miller

    Powerstroke wasnt until 94.5 bud 93 was still the ol idi that couldn't handle much over 35 lbs of boost if you threw a turbo on

    Jason Sifer

    could of been an engine swap, its not that hard of a swap to do.

    Kauy Thompson

    maybe a factory turbo 7.3 idi...i have a turbo 6.9!

    Daniel Trobaugh

    Jacob Phelps correction, Powerjoke.

  82. Isaac Sergent

    If my silverado could talk, I'd love to just sit down and have a conversation with it and the memories and shit it's been through.

    Austin Reid

    Isaac Sergent hell yea

    austin boyer

    Isaac Sergent hell yes my 99 f150 has been through and saw so much it would be fun to hear all the memories. I'm probably never gonna get rid of it

    Quentin Dow

    If my 98 dodge could talk i would sit down and carry a conversation with her just to relive some of tge memories with her she has almost 200xxx but she has earned every one of those miles she has been buried to tge frame has been threw hell and back ik if she could tho i wojld be in a lot of trouble lol

  83. New Orleans Native

    buck shot floor board dont ask

  84. Supreme_Snipezzz 06

    Good song

  85. gybau

    surface reality

  86. Hal9000ize

    This sounds like shit


    @mark munro Says you pleb

    Echo 4 Whiskey

    who's forcing you to listen to it? and let me guess your vehicle has never left pavement


    @Jacob Wise It dosen't matter who'se forcing me, what matters is the song is shit! /mu/ lied to me!

    Trina Pepe

    Jacob Wise

    Jeremiah Siler

    Hal9000ize you need your jaw jacked

  87. Emily P

    If my truck could talk : "She just throws her trash in the bed of me! She's horrible! Let's me get low  on fuel, never washes me! Someone take me away from her!"

  88. Teena Tomblin

    shit if my truck could talk i would ne up a creek lol

  89. sara Okay

    why wh y why why

  90. Ford Farmer

    If my 2002 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax could talk it could tell some great stories from the previous owner and some stories that I'd be in some shit for in my 3 years of having it. Damn good song

  91. Demitrius Dix

    Hell yeah....

  92. Donovan Littler

    S A M E
    A M
    M A
    E M A S

    Cody Ogden

    how the fuck??

    Jasper Spomas

    thats what you used it for. thats what you used the internet for. well played. indeed.

  93. Travis Cooper

    If my truck could talk...

  94. ciao wutang

    >tfw this is patrician now

    ciao wutang

    underage @MrCambam99

    Tasha Crow


  95. Kidwitha12gauge

    I'd be dead or in prison if that ol truck could talk, lots of dumb shit has been done behind that wheel!

    James White

    Kidwitha12gauge amen

  96. Jeff Kirby

    enough said mr Aldean 👍

    Shelley P

    Jeff Kirby qhnhjj

    Shelley P

    Jeff Kirby yiuofdfgj