Aldean, Jason - I'll Wait For You Lyrics

These fields don't grow overnight
This town wasn't built in a day
I'll be turnin' that dirt when the sun comes up
Goin' 'round in circles while that plane
You're on takes you away
Chasin' down that sun in L.A.
Two thousand miles, it ain't that far
Girl, wherever you are

I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
Find your way back, I pray you do
I'll wait for you
The August rain, the break of dawn
Like anything worth countin' on
Comin' through
I'll wait for you

I'll keep the light on on the porch
I'll keep the key under the mat
Just in case I'm out there somewhere
Tryin' not to lose my mind
And you come back, I know, you gotta go
And if you don't, girl, you'll never know
And if you can't find what you want out there
I'll be right here, ain't goin' nowhere

I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
Find your way back, I pray you do
I'll wait for you
The August rain, the break of dawn
Like anything worth countin' on
Comin' through
I'll wait for you
Oh, I'll wait for you

These fields don't grow overnight
This town wasn't built in a day
Some things you love are worth the wait
Worth the wait

I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
Find your way back, I pray you do
I'll wait for you
The August rain, the break of dawn
Like anything worth countin' on
Comin' through
I'll wait for you
Oh, I'll wait for you
I'll wait for you
Oh, I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you

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Aldean, Jason I'll Wait For You Comments
  1. Victory Kisses

    I just said that.

  2. Shaunda Melton

    You know who you are.... I love you.

  3. Sarah Pfarr

    I love this song of Jason Aldean ,😃😍😊

  4. Rob Mack


  5. Chad Pugh

    This song is too damn good.Ain't long enough.

  6. Marisol Mercado

    i love this song jason aldean i love you from mexico

  7. Kenneth Shaw III


  8. Brandon Lankford


  9. Kim Kahn

    He is most sexiest guy on earth he made the greatest songs to

  10. Melissa Wynne

    I'll wait your worth it!!!

  11. Sarah Pfarr

    I love this song of Jason Aldaen☺

  12. Ellia FE

    I will meet and visit you.

  13. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch happened since I been a sleep.i woke up.and the song I send to you I see it got a big heart and you had it posted I liked it I makes me feel good to know that i got good taste in music you know honey i try to get greatest for my baby honey i got to gave marsh to.fix me some supper I'll let you know what u have after I eat okay love you love me forever always my love xo xo xo xo xo xo my aexy man I love you really I do baby

  14. Lochlan Brooks Life

    love this song J, but that "plane shes on" is a c-17 globemaster which is used for military/freight purposes not commercial lining lol. Love the song man tho!

  15. Aracely Dass

    I love this beautiful song 💗🎼🎼🎼🎼🎤

  16. Kim C

    This is a kick-ass song.... some things are just worth waiting for !!!

  17. Super Bee

    so does the lyric video mean its gonna be released or...?

  18. Thomas Moweryjr

    Hell no I'm running spent to much time waiting just for her to leave again

  19. Darci Brewer/sweetd394


  20. Tanner Holtzapple


  21. Brandon Whitehair

    My favorite

  22. Ethan Partain

    Why is the ending so intense I get goosebumps

  23. Estespreston Estes

    I wish I could come to see you in concert soon

  24. Dick Tator

    She has no idea

    Dick Tator

    K 83 dont get it

  25. Matt Wichmann

    Any one know where that bridge is at 3:19 in the song?

    Matt Wichmann

    Sorry at :57seconds

  26. Mike or patty Rhoades


  27. Jenny Dennison

    longest music and song so proud of you Jason Aldean

  28. Backwoods Boys

    Been waiting since this came out, shes not back yet, and this is still revolving in the playlist.

  29. Sylvia Jean

    Jason Aldean you rock you are the best

  30. Ashley Burns

    Love this song

  31. Isaac Housley

    Guitar style sounds like alot of chase rice songs

  32. Barry McCociner

    This song is about nothing but white privilege!!

  33. Paolo Maldonado

    Gran cancion!!

  34. Igor P.

    This song did my day. Thanks from Ukraine.

  35. 7 DusK

    This song is the worst one I have ever heard from Jason.
    Sounds like he started chasing the money instead of the dream.

  36. T Beckley

    God for me to get mad we need to get married so I wait for you Jesus doesn't seems his mind while I'm alone in pain so I guess I'm going my own way💦💧

  37. T Beckley

    Waiting for my girl just playing for me to get married so I still wait for you💦💧

  38. Heather Nichole

    These fields don't grow overnight and this town wasn't built in a day. Baby I'll wait for anything worth counting on. I'll wait...i promise. AWD

  39. josh suddeth

    Lifes to short to wait for someone! Great song though

  40. Carolina R.

    Congratulations Jason ⭐⭐⭐

  41. Dave Willis

    Love it

  42. Maxx Ruby

    I use to not like country but Aldean put me on now it's my favorite genre

  43. Richard Livingston

    Ok this is the best song I ever heard

  44. Lupe Young

    All of Jason Aldean
    Album's or Great Hit's

  45. Jimster Smith

    He'll yea this song hear I'll wait for you god you need to send her here cause I'll wait for you

  46. Chris Patterson

    God bless the troops

  47. The fuzz 101

    Cool song and loving the country


    O my God Gayyyyyyyyyyy every single song out is all about love hello it’s summer

  49. Enache Marius

    4 days and counting... This song give me the strenght to carry on... Miss u babe...

  50. Christopher Hinchen

    Great song 🎶 I'm not going anywhere 🌲💙🌷🌄🌊🌋🌻💛🌲

  51. Justin D'Aloia

    Are some things you love truly worth waiting for??

  52. Madelline Braudis

    I really loved this song it's so beautiful

  53. James Morgas

    I hope one day you find your way back... I love you Stefanie, always will. I'll wait for you....

  54. Enache Marius

    There are exactly 2500 miles between me and my girl.... 1.000.0000 views from me... Great song!!!

  55. connie presley

    This is a power house song!! Jason `s voice is all over these lyric`s killing this song with alot of energy an great blend love

  56. Monica Vd Westhuizen


  57. Northern Ninety7

    Got me a little teary eyed. Its good.

  58. Amanda Cole

    How weird, as I was sending my last text to someone I was seeing but have had a falling out, I said when you ready to talk I'll be here, this song came on, never heard it before,my angels are definitely listening

  59. srdan bukvic

    The best album of Jason I like it . France

  60. Anderson Morais

    i imagine myself driving my bike going to nowhere

  61. Francine Sanders

    OMG beautiful song babe 😘

  62. Christian Clark

    who doesn't love this album

  63. Tim Grimes

    FREEKING AWES! See you in Bethell NY and Toronto Canada! Best CD EVER! OMG! Wicked Vocals, Drums and Wild Guitar! Can't WAIT!!

  64. RShipwash

    "Anything worth having isn't easy to obtain."

    I believe it. I guess it's my turn to wait now.

  65. swabby2

    Another great album. And I like that Averitt truck rolling by at :56.

  66. Jason Putman

    Good song like all this songs

  67. Cesar Torres

    I wouldn't wait!!😂😂🤣🤣
    But he'll yeah that's a awesome song!

  68. Logan Schlee

    He says "ill wait for you" the entire time. Too repetitive.

    Brody Peele

    Logan Schlee it is the main part of the song and the name of the song so I wonder why

  69. T Beckley

    I'm still all alone babe I'm still waiting for you to make love to and I'm sad losing hope don't have faith anymore this is not worth it anymore what will you marry me Lauren clodfelter where you ever marry me I till wait for 😢😞😷 Form Chris beckley

  70. T Beckley

    I still wait for you babe to make love to me but I'm telling you being alone but I'm still all alone annoying I think I'm a I am sad and💧😞😢😞 Christopher beckley 😢😞😷😴😡😠😟😧😤😓😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😤💝

  71. Travis Cooper

    Rock on!!!!

  72. Todd Clark

    Killin it again another bad .Boy album.

  73. Christopher Hess

    This is so cool his albums give me faith love and courage give this video a like if you agree or you could like my comment. I don't care for either on I just want to know if you like all of Jason's albums😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  74. Johnathan DeSimone

    Why would anyone dislike this , I'll be playing this track this summer

  75. Kendall Phillips

    That guitar...

    Maricela Torres

    Kendall Phillips - right 🖤

  76. Clarissa Mestas

    This song hit hard--- for every one who travels for work!! #TruckersWeNeed2FeelThis
    Thank u to our troops u guys stay safe

  77. Silver

    This has #1 on the charts written all over it 👍

  78. GO440

    JASON keep your shitty political views to yourself and you will be much better off.  You have the balls to come out against the 2nd amendment ??   You will regret this dumbass move when people start leaving your ass in droves.


    You mean your pussy, right BITCH ?

  79. Robert Rodriguez

    I love how the guitar comes in badass 🤙🤙🤙

  80. Robert Rodriguez

    Jason this is your year for sure it already is 💯🤙

  81. Sherry Brown

    This is my first time listening to this song.And Lord this song kills it. 😄😃😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😅

  82. Donna Benson

    Heck yeah

  83. Miriam Rivera

    Love it ❤❤❤!

  84. Marcia Wilso

    Good song! Sounds different then what usually record.Reminds of a time in my life.

  85. Shehab Aci

    the new album here
    Jason Aldean - Rearview Town (2018)


  86. 截ち切る

    Cheater .... ya we love your new homewrecker gold diggin wife, she’s great.

  87. Shelby Huckaba

    Still like "You make it Easy" more than this song! But this songs alright too..

  88. Thierry C

    Good songs as always Best regards from France

  89. Troy Walter


  90. Joseph Moser

    this is one of the best song and album

  91. Sarahchu

    Another great song Jason!

  92. Pieter Oosthuizen

    Jason what an awesome song. As a ex military soldier I know that feeling. Your song is the cherry on the cake. Well done

  93. Chad Pugh

    Damn haven't heard this one. Love that sound.

  94. Austin Glaves

    Here’s how you play this song on electric/acoustic guitar! Enjoy!

  95. Tamiko Lee

    I just can't get enough of this song❤❤❤

  96. george compton

    Love it