Aldean, Jason - I Don't Drink Anymore Lyrics

She don't like this bar
She don't like my friends
She thinks we party too hard
She said it's me or them
She said I need to change my ways
Boy you got a choice to make

So I don't drink anymore
Ever since she left
I don't drink any more
And I don't drink any less

She picked a bad time
To try to slow me down
And this ain't a good night
To try and turn me around
I still like to get crazy nothing new
Still like to have a few

But I don't drink anymore
Ever since she left
I don't drink any more
And I don't drink any less

I didn't want her to go
And it's not that I don't give a damn
I just want someone to want me
For who I am
And this is who I am

She said I need to change my ways
Boy you got a choice to make

So I don't drink any more
Yeah tonight you can bet
I don't drink any more
And I don't drink any less
I don't drink any more
And I don't drink any less

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Aldean, Jason I Don't Drink Anymore Comments
  1. Mac Cooper

    I’m getting drunk for all you not drinking it’s ok... Sober is cool if that’s you.

  2. brandon42music

    I'm all for people getting sober if they need to but could you at least listen to 60 seconds of the song first? Smh

  3. Operator 9037

    My friends are Jack and Miller. Jimmy drops by, so does Walker. Mr. Marlboro likes to hangout a lot. Still work with my buddies Justin and wolverine. Chevy and Mack are my riding compadres.

  4. Robbie Lawson

    Hi there guys, I’m thinking about starting a cover channel and dropped a small snipit video. If you could stop by and check it out that’d be amazing, it’s about 30 seconds long but I wanted to post it to make sure I’m decent enough to do it. Thanks!

  5. Robbie Rollin

    I let a great woman go cause I didnt want to leave a dead end town , cause I was afraid. Love with her was amazing and it kills me to be weed with out her.

  6. Sherri R

    Country songs about drinking. Novel idea.

  7. dannykensy

    Literally just wrote a song with this same title. Guess back to work.

  8. Albert Hernandez

    Still like to get crazy nothing new still like to have a few 🍻

  9. Ricky Stoner

    I've listened to Taylor Ray Holbrook he don't hold a candle to Jason Aldean Jason might have stole it but he done a way better job then Taylor just saying

  10. McCracken 07

    Right on. Most country sounds like shit now. Listen to the radio and it sounds like some teen pop snap track nonsense. Maybe others will follow you and some of the other old timers still making music.

  11. Bobby Charrier

    Sounds nothing like Taylor Ray Holbrook

  12. Joe Mcginnis

    Who gives a rat's ass about taylor hall brook just listen to the song damn

  13. Derek Redmond

    Laughing at all the clowns who think he stole a song from another artist. The music and lyrics are not the same. Y'all just won't let this man be great.

    Joe Mcginnis

    Exactly it gets annoying

    Derek Redmond

    Yes it does. They keep hating on him and he keeps winning.

  14. namesvoorbugvall

    This song is fucking amazing man

  15. brad portillo

    I just want the one I want to want me me for who I am should be the lyrics 👍

  16. Hunter Velonis

    All you have to do is look up the lyrics to both songs, and you'll notice not even close... Not the same melody, not the same lyrics. Only one common phrase towards the end of the chorus. Are you telling me not a single other artist has used the same phrases? 😂 Btw, It's not even about the same thing.

  17. Robin Luce


  18. Michael Roberts

    Damn, way to take a better song from Taylor ray and make it worse

  19. Bubba sutton

    I feel ive heard a similar song oh wait taylor ray holbrook wrote i dont drink no more and it sounded alot better jason consider talking to your writers so you dont lose your ass from a lawsuit and you may wanna back off on the voice enhancements on the the handy dandy computer

  20. Michelle Breeden

    Jason..... Smh... What the hell

  21. brittney newberry

    Legit ripped off taylor ray Holbrook song 🤣🤣

  22. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin I Don't Drink Anymore Every Since You Left Allea Pippin I Don't Drink Anymore And I Don't Drink Any Less

  23. Brittany Van Akin


  24. Marisa Samaray

    Taylor Holbrook did it better ! 1 year ago!!!!

  25. cd_smokin BBQ

    Use to like you when you wrote your own songs, now your song writers can’t even write their own.. shame.. TRH still sang it first an better..

  26. Chris BoTM

    @jasonaldean what the hell man? You got writers, but you guys are just gonna steal something? That’s not REAL COUNTRY. Real good ole boys don’t steal cause the real ones work for what we got. Taylor Ray is the real one here. Money can’t buy you truth. Keep it KUN!🤘🏼🌾

  27. Kylie Roth

    The amount of ppl pissed at this song sounding like TRH’s 😂😂 but fr. Jason please check with your writers

    Also y’all this song isn’t about being sober.

  28. Terri Hamilton

    We love when people take credit from smaller artist! To sad. Grow up.

    Carley Palmer

    ok boomer

  29. MusiqueMusette

    I really hope this leads to a lawsuit because this whole song's concept completely copies off of Taylor Ray's I Don't Drink No More. This is pathetic and ridiculous how bout make something unique instead of making money off of something that's not yours?! This is copying off of Taylor's song and it sucks tbh. He should get some credit, how nice would it have been for them to collaborate at Jason have like a rap verse with Taylor. Shame shame Jason.

  30. Bailey Flynn

    Sounds like copyright to me.

  31. Brookelyn Aust

    Lyrics Stolen!

    Taylor Ray Holbrook, we love you 💙

  32. Tyler Mesco

    You lost a fan here just like you did when your music started going downhill. You stole it from Taylor ray Holbrook. Dude he’s a independent artist and you just take it wtf. Just keep on doing you in your Hollywood shit.

  33. Michaela Houth

  34. Michaela Houth

    You can thank Taylor ray holbrook for your song

  35. Waylon Rose

    This song is literally just a cheap shit version of taylor ray holbrooks song

  36. David Lee Brosseau Music

    Man... all these Taylor Ray fans are just blindly nutswinging. I like him too but he’s way off on this argument. He didn’t come up with that phrase, it’s been around for decades. Aside from one similar line, EVERYTHING else about the songs are different. Instead of going off the tiny snippets he posted, you should try using your ears and actually listening to both.

  37. courtney laird

    Taylor Ray Holbrook did it better

  38. James Travis Dawes

    To all the folks that are Claiming that this song copyrighted Taylor Ray Holbrook's song, listen to the damn lyrics, configure the mood of both songs, then try to tell me he ripped Taylor off. Every songwriter on this song have hits on hits, I doubt they need to "steal" lyrics, I'll even go beyond that and say that they probably ain't even ever heard Taylor's song.

  39. Taylor O'Bannon

    What the hell? This is Taylor Ray's song almost exactly.

  40. Zach V

    Taylor ray holbrook did it first and did it better. Way to be original

  41. Kylie A

    I mean if you really were gonna take Taylor Ray’s song you might as well have just re-recorded his version. He did it better anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️


    yeah shitstain, same exact words and everything and that song licks a limp one. You think either one of these artists are the first ones to say , "I dont drink anymore...and I dont drink any less?" Its old as pull my finger.

  42. Jessica Buchas

    Why does this sound exactly like I don’t drink no more BY Taylor Ray Holbrook? Hmmm

    David Lee Brosseau Music

    Jessica Buchas it doesn’t, unless you base it only on Taylor’s tiny snippet he posted. Not even close.

    Bubba sutton

    Its sounds very fimilar to me to

    Naylor Small

    This completely different yall need to stop drinking

  43. Shannon Scarcella

    Hmmm sounds exactly like Taylor Ray Holbrooks song called “I don’t drink no more”. 🧐🧐 His song came out a long time ago too. Might wanna check your song writers cause this may lead to a lawsuit.

    David Lee Brosseau Music

    Shannon Scarcella it’s nothing like his song. Taylor didn’t come up with that phrase, people have said it for decades. The songs aren’t even about the same concept, have no other lyrics that are similar, and have completely different melodies. I like Taylor but he’s way off base on this one.

  44. Lucy Cucy

    If you're listening to this... You might as well go listen to Taylor Ray Holbrook. He's awesome!

    Collin Hardy

    That song is trash compared to the legend when Taylor guy has a quadruple platinum song let us know

  45. Braden Green

    Compare this to whiskey’d up

  46. Jeff Kinsey

    I have a good friend who works a concert venue in the midwest. Turns out Mr. Aldean is a real prick. Maybe even plagiarized these lyrics....well fuk you jason I'm done your stupid act..

  47. Debra Parkerson

    I love your music. We have no see em damaging people's bricks an cars with child's play.. In Macon, ga
    Maybe a song about Juno 360 live ps4 ,apps an sites..
    Macon Recovers after all the hell..
    Victim of abuse

    Cj Jones

    Lay off the crack

  48. Dennis Garrett

    Why yall posting being sober?
    He says I dont drink any more & I dont drink any less

  49. Connie Presley

    one thing I like about this song is the beautiful strings of music that's in it !! it just make the song stand out in every way, love it JASON

  50. Jennifer Lynn

    Catchy song, love it!

  51. Darcy Lee

    Love me some Jason Aldean !!!! This song is so good ♥️👍😊 and he is so easy on the eyes !!!

  52. Robbie Rollin

    This rings to true for me.......she really is a worth it and one of a kind.

  53. n2cable

    ALl the ignorant kids in here that said "Quitter" i bet we see in jail, divorced, car accident, you name it...LMAO Losers for supporting a cancer on our society

  54. Rachel Dickson

    Hi Jason, loving the groove of this song! Also love the meaning behind the lyrics, that you are who are and just want someone to love you no matter what! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

  55. Brittany Brady

    Who knew he'd make an almost exact replica song to I Don't Drink No More by Taylor Ray Holbrook

  56. Randal Rucker

    Can you come to Dalton please Jason Aldean

  57. SAVO

    I grew up listening to Jason when he started and I loved and still love his old songs but I hate some of his new ones because they are not like him but I love this one

  58. erick lozano

    I love it to much to get away from it

  59. Colin Fletcher

    I never liked aldean. Till I lost my fiancé. Me and him have a friendship going now

  60. Paras finn

    Plot twist, the song was about not giving a f*ck.

  61. Sandra

    Jason and the boys, loving that steel guitar! ❤

  62. Local Boy2000

    Damn good song

  63. Katrina Ussery-Townsend

    I love Jason Aldean...he just sings songs like their from my soul

  64. namesvoorbugvall

    This album is going to be great

  65. Hey I'm Judy

    Love this song

  66. Myra Pyatt

    Love Jason Aldean and his music

  67. Jamie Behrends

    Only drink days end with a y

  68. Kayla Welch

    I don't drink anymore and I don't drink any less🍻

  69. The NKG

    don't change for anyone just be yourself who cares what anyone else thinks

    Terrah Nichols

    I love life and I will enjoy every single day

  70. Rico Stoaks Jr


  71. Stephen Crenny

    Damn this sounds way too similar to Taylor Ray Holbrooks don't drink no more

    Jozett Diaz

    That's because it is.🤣


    Sounds nothing like the same song

  72. Katie Cochrane

    I am so happy I found this song during my horrible heartbreak. I was just broken up with because of drinking to much when we would go out, I know I could have fixed that, but he gave up and walked away. Thank you Jason for this song <3


    This song makes me want to drink

  74. Kaitlyn B

    This really hits bc im loosing my man to drinking and fightin with his friends... n like i know hes been doin it for years but it still a hard thing to deal with

  75. R R

    2/25/15 #recoveryispossible I don't drink anymore

  76. R R

    My man! Never disappointed

  77. Jeremy Peck

    It’s not about being sober!
    It’s about choosing the bar life or the girl you want

  78. DCI FA

    im just saying it seems like he ripped this song from Taylor Ray Holbrook. His song "I Dont Drink No More"

  79. nfayed 88

    Our love from sinai sharm

  80. Шумкор Собиров

    Great voice Great singer Great Man i love Jason Aldean forever 💝🌟🌟🌟👈👍

  81. Joe Copa

    I'm drinking now.

  82. Amy DotCom


  83. Hungry_Potato_Gaming

    I dont drink but i still love country music, this song reminds me of "Drinkin' problem" by Midland.

  84. John M

    Where’s the instruments? Why another trap beat? Didn’t expect this from aldean

    Toby Stephens

    Do you not hear the steel guitar?

  85. TorezPc

    “ThIs AiNt CoUnTrY” “SoRrY gEoRgE” give me a fucking break. Things change. Nothing stays the same. If you really believe things don’t evolve over time, I wish I could live your life because it sounds wonderful. For fuck sake. Rock is different. Rap is completely different. Genres change over time. You don’t like it? Fine, go listen to what you do like. But damn. Does a 1967 mustang look anything like a 2019? No? Gee. I wonder why.

  86. Candice Martinez

    Helping me get thru it tonight!! Ty JA

  87. April Burrows

    Love you Jason! Thank you for making great music we can all relate to!❤

  88. inotill

    Woman pandering music. I hate radio country.


    @inotill It's not Woman pandering music.

  89. Stacy Myers

    Freaking love it!!! Love me for who I am.

  90. Patriot Republic

    Country music is dead. Dear George we are sad to say no one filled those shoes.

    Andrew Clark

    Just enjoy the music my friend. That's what it's all about!🤠

    Michael Carper

    Well we do still have a chance in Luke Combs and if that doesn’t fit your desires, listen to Tyler Childers and Jon Langston

    Drew Tyrrell

    It's not dead. I have all the best stored digitally.


    @Patriot Republic Country music is not dead not even close to being dead.

  91. jdparsons1

    This song reminds me of Jason’s earlier stuff. Love it!

  92. Heather Lyn

    "I don't drink anymore and I don't drink any less"....Take me as I am don't try and change me bcuz you loved me before and I'm still that same man! Love it! So he don't drink any more, but he don't drink any less!! Be yourself!

    Chris Browning

    Tks a woman who understands

    Mallory Hamilton

    Y’all should probably listen I don’t drink no more by Taylor ray Holbrook 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    Heather Lyn

    @Chris Browning Amen to that😘

    Heather Lyn

    @Mallory Hamilton I just did sister and I'll be damned.... Only diff is the story and anymore/nomore... I've never heard of him b4 he's good tho😘

    Chris Browning

    @Heather Lyn hi heasther

  93. Keegan Eldridge

    Damn that was a good twist!

  94. Grace Spitzer

    This song sucks.


    @Grace Spitzer This song doesn't suck.

  95. You Know

    Can we please stop with the damn "boom,clap,boom,boom,boom,clap" tracks. It has ruined country music.

    Todd Tracy

    For real. It’s f-n terrible

    Jay Casteline

    Its boom clap boom boom clap. Would u rather boom boom boom boom like every other lame ass country song ever made. Like this one? Country is not music. Its dogs whining in the pen

    You Know

    @Jay Casteline no it's b,c,b,b,b,c.. listen to it guy


    @Todd Tracy This isn't terrible.


    @You Know he isn't ruining country music.

  96. Desiree pitman

    Way to steal lyrics from Texas Country superstar Kevin Fowler, from his song “I ain’t drinking anymore”...

    Not Serious

    Desiree pitman it’s not a unique concept, there’s plenty of country songs like this


    @Desiree Pitman Nobody stole his lyrics

  97. joyce lewis

    @JasonAldean Yes indeed you hit the nail on the head . Yeah the song is so true and someone you love 💕 you know what I’m talking about too to. I love you to the moon and back to Honey. When is it going to be and happy honey . You need to make up your mind what is it. Lovely song . Love the pic. I love you honey 🤗❤️😘😎🥃🥃🎤🎻🎼♠️♠️😎🌻🦋💞

  98. LW Ma2K9

    I just want someone to want me for who I am. Boy ain't that the truth.

    Hunting Pride

    Amen,and this is who i am

    rock the world

    May I ask you to maybe talk to me sometime?

    Joe Mcginnis

    I agree one day we will