Aldean, Jason - I Don't Do Lonely Well Lyrics

Baby since you've been gone
I leave the TV on
Gotta hear somebody's voice
I just need some kind of noise
I lay some pillows down
To wrap my arms around
I pretend I'm holding you
I know it's sad but it's what I do
To keep me from goin' crazy

I can get up and face the day
Just fine all by myself
Go out and take on the world
And get it done like nobody else
Ohh but I don't do lonely well

I got some real good friends
Check on me now and then
Try to get me out at night
Say I need to get a life
It's easy to say alright
When you're not the one goin' crazy

I can get up and face the day
Just fine all by myself
Go out and take on the world
And get it done like nobody else
Ohh but I don't do lonely well

Here comes another sunset
Here comes another long night
I'm not over you yet
No I'm not over you yet

I can get up and face the day
Just fine all by myself
Go out and take on the world
Get it done like nobody else
Ohh but I don't do, don't do lonely well
No no no
I don't do lonely well

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Aldean, Jason I Don't Do Lonely Well Comments
  1. Matt Martin

    Lonely is the only life i know how to live.

  2. Kaden Poe

    I am same every time I loose someone Because when I loose someone that i am close to like my grand grand grandmother its is hard everyday

  3. Gold Thumb

    TV is always on I can't stand the silence... This song hits home hard.

    Nicole Carter

    No more loneliness...I want to be there!!! I want to make lots of NOISE...turn the TV off and lets do this!!! I love you!

  4. katelyn beadle

    Love this song

  5. Vincenator 25

    I miss you babe. I still do.

  6. Jeremy Driskell

    My ex sent me this link ... I don't know what she meant or how it relates FROM HER PERSPECTIVE, but she knows me pretty well.. I'm a functional addict, a lil too functional. And I'm the worst kind. No one knows it or sees it, & because I'm so functional I suspect one day itll just kill me. Probably what she means.. tell you the truth I could care less.

  7. Chad Phillips

    Crazy what u can survive an the time it takes.

  8. Toxic Ghost

    You know what sucks when you're leaves you for her ex throws child support on you and is going to marry her ex once she divorces me 😪

  9. Carol Sharp

    Had a heart attack 1-10-2017 they put stents in my Arties to keep the blood flowing to my heart now I have COPD

  10. Melissa Mendez

    Lonely. Sucks

  11. shavvon Ekle

    This song helps me when i feel depressed and lonely felt that way since first grade I can feel it every day weither im with my boyfriend some time's not very often and when I'm around ppl I have felt lonely all most my whole life once I have friends that can relate to me I won't feel as bad but I can still feel it just not as bad as if you're numbing a part of yourself it does not feel good. It's not one's falt I had this feeling since I was little and I do and don't want the feeling to go away

  12. Carol Sharp

    I have a bad heart + COPD can’t breath right plus’ I weeze

  13. shaunxk8

    I don't do it well either but I'd sooner be lonely than be stuck with someone who's not meant to be making do while all that wasted valuable time could of been spent finding someone you deserve.

  14. Theresa Hinkle

    I love this song 😘😘😘

  15. inspiredbykaylamybabygirl

    This song reminds me of the pain of loosing my daughter, Kayla. She loved this song & JA!! Mama misses you so much KK!! Fly high my beautiful girl!!

  16. Ben

    The way he hits certain notes is amazing

  17. Michelle Elliott

    I miss you R.R. 💔


    2018 anyone???

  19. Kim B Scott

    Not an easy thing for sure

  20. Jessica Harper

    I love jason aldean forever

  21. Carol Sharp

    You took your life I had a heart attack a year ago

  22. Rodney Burkman Jr

    6 years me and my wife where together. she kicked me to the curb. And now she has my son. and I see him once a week. and it destroys me that my family is apart. this song is how I feel everyday. me and my buddy's go out. and I put a smile on my face. but I don't think I can go on feeling this way. it really does suck.

  23. Rodney Burkman Jr

    6 years me and my wife where together. she kicked me to the curb. And now she has my son. and I see him once a week. and it destroys me that my family is apart. this song is how I feel everyday. me and my buddy's go out. and I put a smile on my face. but I don't think I can go on feeling this way. it really does suck.

  24. Carol Sharp

    I like this song

  25. Brooke Pullen

    Song is outstanding!

  26. Jonathon Erickson

    I’ve never done lonely well... I miss her but she’s to much for me to handle...

  27. Kimberly Shuemake

    Love this

  28. alex crockett

    Who’s watching in 2018??

  29. Pauly Omelia

    Just recently in a break up and this says it all

  30. Boesph O

    Found this song in 2018! Love it

  31. blake miller

    This song is me and hits home hard,yes im 22, but I still can't let go even after a year and a half .

  32. Kane Hite

    We were only together for eleven months but it was the most amazing eleven months of my life... until she came back from a out of town weekend with her best friend and broke up with me over text.. I just wish she would see how much I still miss her.. after 5 months of being without her i still feel the same as the first day we met..

  33. Ron Martel

    I first head this song shortly after suddenly loosing my wife...really hits home and expenses all I went though dealing with her lose...thank you Jason.

  34. Dave Wall

    Go in Crazy! Cause I don't do, don't do, lonely well

  35. Austin

    Great Song! :)

  36. Rose Mueller

    I love this man and his songs very much

  37. Gregg Levin


  38. connie presley

    This is another song that catches you right out as soon as it starts but their is a lot of people that can relate to this word by word but for ALL time passes an new love finds us in a happy place again!!!!!! love

  39. Isaac Ramirez

    I just had a horrible motorcycle r
    wreck I almost totaled by bike and I'm all banged up and I'm 1300 miles away from the only person who can heal these wounds... I love her so much that it hurts to be away from her ...

  40. Karen Kruger

    72nd I'm _

  41. andy leclaire

    this is my favorite aong by him like i can listen to it none stop

    Jonathon Erickson

    andy leclaire I always listen to this song since me and the mother of my son broke up😢 I wrap my arms around a second blanket...😢

  42. Heather Schumacher

    some morning i dont even want to face the world without after 14 yrs..

  43. Sharon Emrey


  44. William Johnson

    this song is my favorite I miss my ex's she died 😢

  45. Reichan Rose

    Who's watching in 2017

    Jean Grey

    Reichan Rose watching in new year

    Trey green

    Best aldean song ever! 2019

  46. รc0гpค LΞGΞИD

    I like this song but it also reminds me of how I have to live with my PTSD, always alone... I can't even put sounds on in the background because of it, but great song!

    Gold Thumb

    You should try some weed brother.


    I used to be against weed but then I realized how dumb I used to be. Weed would probably help you cope brother.

    รc0гpค LΞGΞИD

    Thanks, I will give that a try. I used to smoke all the time when I was younger so I'm sure it wouldn't hurt having a go at it again

    Rebecca Dominguez

    Jeremy Allen 💙

  47. Best dad and fiancé Ever-love you baby

    Kinda hits me hard realizing how I screwed up on the one I love just wish she sees that now

  48. Shawn Barrera

    What a great song

  49. Shawn Barrera

    I really like this song

  50. Elani Brooke

    To my beautiful son.I miss you baby.:(

  51. Verrückter Schakal

    since my girlfriend left me, this has been me. left in a bought of depression that is slowly destroying me.

    Gary Robertson

    I feel that with every sense I have left

    H Luz

    I can relate

  52. Rebecca Babbitt

    My Husband passed away a year ago. This song says it all.


    So sorry for your loss. My husband passed away a year ago and its so hard to get through the day.

    Vivian Bramble

    I'm so sorry

  53. April Hodges

    I love this song so much, I really want to learn it word for word and sing it in front of a big crowd lol if only I could sing..

  54. Ryan Kowalski

    why is it so true?

  55. Stacey Ann

    this is my life right now....picking up pieces trying to live life for me.

    Tim Hill

    same here beautiful

    Stacey Ann

    @Jacob​ thanks for the encouragement! And sorry for not replying earlier, I just saw this.

    Stacey Ann

    @Tim Hill​ awe thank you!


    Same here Stacey....stay strong!!

    Stacey Ann

    @tlj6524 thank you!  I'm in a lot better place now, it's true, time heals all wounds.

  56. N N

    resonating whispers of love Ly me

  57. N N

    Very true love fit perfect accepting kind.

  58. Terrie Ellis

    Good song

  59. Angelica Dumaguit

    nice song

  60. Angelica Dumaguit

    nice song

  61. justin smith

    I dedicated this song to my brother that was shot

  62. MYA Contreras

    love this song with all of me

  63. Judy Alexander

    It's like you are in my mind. You know exactly how I'm felling. Love this song. 💔

  64. Kelly Cockrell

    I'm havinga very had time with lonely life

  65. ice18

    Why this wasn't a lead single is beyond me. Some gems in the albums are good, we like them, but not always single material, this was

    Michelle Gardner

    +Jay Bing Chuck wicks Co-wrote this song. He is releasing this as new upcoming single

  66. Obamacankissmyass

    This song is me right now...

  67. Mariam Overtoom

    Beautiful songs

  68. aaron garrett

    I think when you have met that one true love the love and lonely pain never goes away when they leave. you just learn to get thru the days as thats what you have to do.

    Joshua-Coy Parsons

    I ruined it with her and now she's gone and i can't have her back i guess it really is true don't know what you have till it's gone

    Beast Mode

    True, recently fell in love with a Senior that's graduating soon. Sweetest damn blonde I've ever seen.

    Mason Mcguire

    @Joshua-Coy Parsons I agree bud I did the same thing you learn to live with it but I'm in a better place now still love her though that will never change

    Robert Dudley

    Complete truth

    Byron Leiva

    Fxking keep ur head up

  69. linda jordan


  70. Cherie Buffa

    his voice omg 💞💞💞💞💞

  71. Cherie Buffa

    his voice omg 💞💞💞💞💞

  72. Cherie Buffa

    love this 💕

  73. Cherie Buffa

    love this 💕

  74. Dallas Duchess

    Sorry, Jeff... As a victim of suicide, please don't speak :(
    You hurt my heart ! I always respect your opinion.... Darling please don't go there on this please don't go! Best wishes Anna Xo

  75. Holly_winggsz

    Heis perfection in every way I can relate so much to this song...

  76. Zach Frankart

    I started listening to this song after my girlfriend broke up with me. i let her know about this song too and how it relates to my life.


    Same here. Found this after my gf broke up with me start of this year. Just hit home so much. Its a great song.

    Curtis Beal

    It hurts doesn't it fellas? It's been a month for me, & the hurt gets worse by the day. I hope y'all are doing good considering these are old comments.

    H Luz

    Curtis Beal it sucks when you live in the same small town too

    Call of duty Player

    Yeah man I’am to


    Been alone all my life. Good song.

  78. Haven Salmons

    This song hits home!!!

  79. Joshua Kennon

    I know this feeling well


    Same know the feeling all to well Brother!!!

  80. Dony P

    This is so me

    Andrea McQuiston

    its you cause of me

  81. Eric Creamer

    Every album has a great song that now ones knows about this is one of those

    Kierra Nichole

    You are so right! I was just thinking that (:

  82. Cara Foster

    I had this love that made me the happiest girl in the world as time went on are love got stronger and hearts grew together then it all fell apart now I lay here at night wondering when my heart will stop aching my heart is crushed no way I can love again I miss my heart being full of love laughter. Those brown eyes of his swept me off my feet but now I'm down on my knees asking for questions that will never be answered. He captured my heart and threw it away like it was trash my heart will never be filled again
    This broken heart has no meaning just severely wounded by man who likes to play cards and he bet my heart

  83. Danny Clay

    This song describes me. My sweet wife died in November, 2013. I miss her so much, im not doing lonely well.

    Emily Medders

    my fiance died in July of this year, three months ago today. Every walk win grief is different. I hate when people say "I know how you feel." but I do sympathize.

  84. David Lieberum

    Yeah the i relate to, my now ex she broke my heart on Christmas eve a week back her home town she was with an ex and left me. She might be pregnant too, With my kid. Life sucks and its lonely.


    I hope things get better. you're not alone!

  85. Logan Bevill

    Its always upsetting to see the one you cared most about with someone else. I loved her and I still do. Im just glad this guy is descent and isnt a drug addict, etc. But its always best to try to let youre ex go. As long as shes happy, im happy. Even though its difficult to accept...

  86. Trey Mccarson

    Song is true.mornins and nights are the worst.that's when I feel it most...

  87. Amy Brown

    Tania I know what your feeling my boy friend broke up with me tonight it crushed me

  88. Tania Thurling

    I know we broke up nearly 5 months ago but you were my everything for you to throw everything we had together away for another woman hurts like hell. I miss you and ill love you forever. This song is me all over because of you

  89. Leann Miller

    Love it!!

  90. Ryan Crawford

    Hell ya nice song

  91. Jacob Selvidge

    RIP Kaitlyn

  92. Christina Wade

    Love it