Aldean, Jason - I Believe In Ghosts Lyrics

I've never been superstitious
I've never feared the unknown
But ever since you left me
I've believeed in ghosts
Girl, i believe in ghosts

Well i'm haunted by a memory
That won't leave or let me go
Call me crazy and i may be
But i believe in ghosts
Girl, i believe in ghosts

I swear i keep seeing shadows
I kno that i'm not alone
I feel the temperature dropping
And it chills me to the bone


Should i be afraid, should i be scared
You follow me everywhere, I'm haunted

Call me crazy Hell I may be
But I believe in ghosts


I've never been superstitious
I've never feared the unknown
But ever since you left me baby
I've believed in ghosts

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Aldean, Jason I Believe In Ghosts Comments
  1. SHAYLEYS day

    I believe in ghost for real no joke sometimes the realest things are the things you cant see

  2. Reagen Solomon


  3. i Believe in ghosts


  4. dcb4357 hiitsme

    i understand and believe completely. a friend died decades ago, someone who was special and everyone who knew her worshiped the ground she walked on. she has visited me and others in dreams and delivered signs and people say they think of her and feel her presence. she isn't haunting him. she loves him. and is an old enough and pure enough of a soul to be able to come and go between the worlds at will. its a great thing to be loved by someone like this. the dreams are always sweet, pleasant, comforting, even instructive and with advice and encouragement. she went first to be our pathfinder. like the paratroopers who go first to guide in those who follow. he has no need to worry or be scared. he is loved . all of Rita's friends and loved ones are under her care and all we need to do is pay attention when she tells us something. this fellow in the song is blessed.



  6. Ben Tish

    I'm only here because one of my favorite Metal bands (Ghost) did a cover of this song. I despise country music.

    Sean Davidson

    Could you link the cover? I can't find it.

  7. Brandon Phillips

    I like this song I got the cd

  8. Kerry Denham

    Are you sure.

  9. Mastergreninja02 Torrence

    amazing work

  10. Crystal Mitchell

    His ghost haunts me around every corner of out small town. This song is a reminder of the powerful love that we shared

  11. chris fast

    cant sleep but 2 hours a night because of this reason

  12. Brandi Neri

    Love it

  13. Alex AldeanFan

    I luv this song

  14. RaginRedneck1997

    Older song still hits at the heart-strings every time

    Brandi Neri

    i agree with you

  15. Chasity Gaddy

    Jeff. I miss you every day.

  16. TheSMK2

    Really i thought it was more dark, like she died and his loved for her makes him see her or feel her, like if she was a ghost.

  17. melanie bell

    the song isnt really bout ghosts his ex-girlfriend broke up with him and he still wishes she was there

  18. melanie bell

    this song reminds me of ME. it makes me cry sometimes. miss my ex

  19. Watson Samuelson

    i beleive in ghosts

  20. fish1648

    well you have a angle watching over you thats what i believe sorry about your friend passing on

  21. Katarina Pursifull

    I was with a friend of mine when he died last year... And I still see him. Up until about six months after he died, he was with me every day, and now I know that when he comes around, it's to tell me or show me something because it's only once in a while now. I miss you<3

  22. Steve Wiswell

    The strange part is, the day my ex girlfriend and i broke up, i heard the voice of my dead father shouting "She cheated on you" and every once in a while i saw shadows moving out of the corner of my eye, strange lights in a dark room, or feeling like there's someone else in the room when im all alone. Yeah, i believe in ghosts.

  23. LysergicFuneral

    I LOVE THE POWER THIS SONG HAS OVER ME! it brings me to tears sometimes. easily one of my favorite songs ever.

  24. MephistoDP3

    I love it and I love you

  25. Subohmcody

    I had recently lost my fiance she said she never wanted to talk to me again and since then I've seen her. But she is 12 hours away. I know she is no where close by. But I see her as if she were here.

  26. ryan pace


  27. Emily Oliver


  28. Shawn Hedalen

    @15rimfire day by day. good 4 you.. :)

  29. Shawn Hedalen

    @huntaa24 - Nice comment. Are you that cold hearted or empty inside that you couldn't even let someone that lost someone have hope again.

  30. 15rimfire

    My husband died 19 years ago, I was young, he was young, and my kids were young, finally a song that says it like it is I BELIEVE IN GHOSTS, and will for the rest of my time here, until I'll walk with him again!!! Thanks for the words

  31. David Fontenot

    @xxChecker102xx lol me too :)

  32. Imuri Rose

    this song describes how i feel in my room! :P

  33. Rob Will

    @dirtbikeracer566 hahahaha hahahahahah funny funny bs though

  34. David Fontenot

    @Fallautumn97 Craazzzy bastard!!!

  35. Tori R

    love this song(=

  36. Fallautumn97

    I relly 4real belive in ghosts. some pople thinks im wried if they dont know me. my grandma is living in this ghost town i belive. i had this dream but its not an normal. i nhever have dreams so..... i woulder if it means something cause of what this person said in it. it was relly wired!! what do u think?

  37. RedPagan Corner

    @HottieGirl16100 How did Zach die? :(

  38. RedPagan Corner

    @PaulaAnnPitts1 Jesus! That's horrible! I'm so sorry! :(

    My grandmother and I lost a friend recently to cancer. He was 72. It just took him so fast. He and I were big sports buddies. I kno how u feel!

  39. RedPagan Corner

    @PaulaAnnPitts1 I'm sorry to hear that PaulaAnn. How did he die?

  40. Grant Johnson

    I do too.

  41. Bryan Martinez

    one word...........reality, the reality of all us mother fucking rebel , heartfelt humans.ok, ok, that was a few words, but you get the picture.

  42. Arun Wadhwa