Aldean, Jason - I Ain't Ready To Quit Lyrics

There's something 'bout lighting up a Marlboro red
And that nicotine rushing to my head
And the taste of Southern Comfort on my lips
Tells me I ain't ready to quit

There's something 'bout driving way too fast
Switching gears and hammerin' on the gas
And the fact that they ain't caught me yet
Tells me I ain't ready to quit

Don't start thinking I'm gonna stop
Givin' it all I got
And you think you've seen love
You ain't seen nothing yet
How could I ever get tired
Of waking up by your side
And the taste of your sweet kiss
Tells me I ain't ready to quit

There's something 'bout the way you say my name
That drives this ole country boy insane
So baby don't don't stop loving me like this
Cause I ain't ready to quit

Don't start thinking I'm gonna stop
Givin' it all I got
And you think you've seen love
You ain't seen nothing yet
How could I ever get tired
Of waking up by your side
And the taste of your sweet kiss
Tells me I ain't ready to quit

Don't start thinking I'm gonna stop
Givin' it all I got
And you think you've seen love
You ain't seen nothing yet
How could I ever get tired
Of waking up by your side
And the taste of your sweet kiss
And the taste of your sweet kiss
Tells me I ain't ready to quit

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Aldean, Jason I Ain't Ready To Quit Comments
  1. Stacy Kelley

    Yeah I had a few nights like this right here,I guess I anti ready to quit.....

  2. Backroads Bandit

    Something about lightin' up a Marlboro red , nicotine rushing to my head
    Taste of southern comfort on my lips, tells me I ain't ready to quit..... Oh yeah

  3. La Donna Anderson/Hanicek

    Jesus ! This boy turns me on. His new music is a disgrace bc I don't care for rap. But rap or not,he's hot

  4. Mason Green

    “The nicotine rushin to my head, something about driving way to fast” those two lines hit me just right

  5. Sarah Pfarr

    I love this song of Jason Aldean , i love how he sings 😃☺

  6. Clari Japp

    Hermosa canción, me recuerda a alguien que extraño como el primer día.

  7. patricia beckman

    In another lifetime maybe I'll have this kind of love.

  8. Robert Haddix

    Drowning in stress and my friend Marlboro has my back

  9. Sabrina Williams

    2019??? 🤗🤗🤗

  10. Dewayne Harrelson

    Something bout lighting up a marbor red when that fucker rushes to your head please don't stop loving me because I'm not ready to quit

  11. Randy The redneck

    This song was originally written by @thomasrett

  12. ADAM LEGER CajunCountry

    Awesome song, check out my cover if you’re bored

  13. Be Anna Belle Roge Canel

    Aldean Has Done RRR Again..Way To Get RRR Done ...TALENTs At A GENIUS ....I'm Logon This HIT .....ART ..LOVIN COUNTRY y Style Al L NIght ..SLOW And RIDE N ALl. the Way As YA SAys RIDE ALl. Night Lady Like Country Style XoXio W Rogers

  14. Be Anna Belle Roge Canel

    Alden Does It Again Y*All

  15. Be Anna Belle Roge Canel

    Good Country isThe BEST and SoREAL...A Lean Does This Again ..Art St It BEST Far From The REST...Thank Your For The Drive n in The STICKS and LOVE Making TUNES MUSIK ..XoXo My Man William Jr BE ANNa

  16. Adam D. Kerr

    can a cowboy quit a cowboy....why does ❗⭕🔻📝ove have a con✴sequence....because the bitch be taking ✔notes...🌴

  17. Mason Green

    Swap the the Marlboro for Copenhagen and I’ll take it.

  18. Lynn Denney

    This song helped me hold on to the loving relationship I have with my fiance. This past year has been a roller coaster for us. A lot of bad situations and decisions on both our sides. But when i heard this song it gave me the courage i needed to keep on trying and giving it all i have. I AINT READY TO QUIT!!! ❤💯❤💯❤💯

  19. John D

    at less you have a wife i am the nice guy you can ever meet and help every one out in Stockton ca from Fairfield ca and all the cute girls say no to me just becuze i am john dominguez and i am 30 every thing bad happens to me even at my new place at the end of kirk st

  20. Ma Ss

    This song describes everything i am. Ty Jason

  21. Stephanie Hogan

    I love my wife to death but I hurt her and now she don’t trust me can’t blame her. But I ain’t ready to quit trying to win her back. I will never be ready to quit. I love you Stephanie hogan

  22. Kathy Hardee

    A Good Man never quits loving a Good Woman’s kisses 😘

  23. Brandie Blakley

    I love u Edward L. Blakley!!

  24. Guy Smith

    One of jason aldean's best songs!!!

  25. Connie Presley

    This is a great song!! I love the force of it pushing through the way Jason can make you feel it, love his music !! Love

  26. connie presley

    Love this blue plaid shirt, jason always looks good with his plaid shirts He is the only Major Country Singer that can put on a Plaid Shirt an be everything a girl needs on Any Stage love

  27. Ricky M Richards

    Not publicly

  28. Tander Highsmith

    Steve Mount!!(#22#31)

  29. Keonte Richard

    Something about drivin way too fast, switching gears and hammering on the gas. Yessir!

    Edward McDickersome


  30. Larissa de Abreu

    Aldean is my favorite country singer ever!

  31. Jon Zornes

    I'm Jon and I'm gay. I like this song

    Trevor Kraemer

    Wtf 😂

    lonesome cowboy

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. outdoor redneck

    NICE :)

  33. Trish Perkins

    Do relationships like this really exist? Been with the wrong man way too long.

    Jessica Kelsey

    Im sorry to hear that

  34. Bonnie Evans

    Give all you got cause the getting gonna get good



    Kaiden Ramsey

    They are all amazing songs

  36. Sherman Paul

    My favorite song bye him

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  38. Misty Lonetto

    I absolutely love Jason Aldean

  39. Mark Sackett

    switching gears an hammering the gas :)

  40. amanda howard

    never get tired of waking to someone u love [email protected]💯💯💯💯💯💯

  41. Ashley Morris

    Dedicating this to my handsome hubby Dexter <3 <3

  42. Becca Smith

    ♡ good song!

  43. brandon barnes

    lightin up a marlboro red, southern comfort on my lips, sounds like a damn good time

  44. connie presley

    Jason I hope you never quit!!!!!

  45. Josh Mullins

    the way a man treats his woman has changed just like country music has changed. bet none of you open doors for your girl anymore. treat her like she's meant to be treated and shell stay forever.

    Chicago Fire Fan

    Josh Mullins I always open and hold the door for ladies and I always let them go first. 😀

    Tyler Crosby

    I still treat my woman good, holding doors, etc...


    So true. Mine hasn't for 23 years together. He still don't give me the attention I deserve. So I'm ready to quit

  46. John George

    this song is dedicated to my soon to be wife chrissy ward i love you baby and this is to us i aint ready to quit im a fighter i dont and wont give up on us

  47. Ryan Randall

    I've been here with my wife lots of times fell in love with her in high school got her pregnant my senior year and three little girls later here I am. She got her tubes tied in April. So quit having babies but I won't ever want to quit getting kissed by her sweet lips !

    gamer Gunner

    Ryan Randall nice man. Glad you have a great life!

    Kathy Hardee

    You must be one of the Good Ones and she must be a Good Woman. Best Wishes always and Forever. I have a good Man also thank God.

    Ryan Randall

    yes she is definitely a good women we both have our flaws but we love past that it is something incredible foe sure

    David Pace

    Lucky you, didn't work so well for me and my high school sweetheart

    calla marie

    Ryan Randall vjhsjebeixhevu

  48. Joseph Sanabria

    haven't quit and won't quit.. love you baby

    Alyssa Cheeseman

    Joseph Sanabria forever and always handsome!
    I love you so fucking much.

    Joseph Sanabria

    Alyssa Cheeseman your the reason my heart beats

  49. 12 gauge KUNTRIE

    written by Thomas Rhett

  50. Jake Lashaway

    ya like chew lol Copenhagen wintergreen long cut

    Michelle Leach

    Jake Lashaway YES!!!


    Jake Lashaway fuck yrja

  51. Joseph Sanabria

    love you baby.. I'll never quit

    Fred Edish

    Joseph Sanabria I’m sure she heard you the first time....😂

  52. Steve Reed

    You know I have a hard time quitting anything, especially us. Love you Wen

    Joshua Roach

    bad ass song

  53. Dustin Finley

    Think about you ever time I hear this 💔

  54. Denise Salamone

    Jo and the babies definitely not

  55. Alexis Jenkins

    This is a lot of the truth of real Love!

  56. Christina Horrell

    I gave up a few years ago on the girl I fell in love with 20 years ago and 3 years apart and we are still in love but she doesn't trust me with her heart and life again but I'm not going to be the fool I was 3 years ago, as long as my hearts beating I'm not giving up and her kiss tells me I'm not ready to quit.

    Dogs Wood & Random

    Christina Horrell good luck with your girl

    Blaise Gill

    I can relate to that and feel the same way

  57. Jada Mabry

    Alexis & abbie we like you too and I wuthering you see you love. pored to

    Hope Breeze

    Its a great song!

  58. Morgan dobbs

    this is the best relationship song there is

    Adon Bruant

    I now all of Hess sogs

  59. Sara Estep


  60. Sara Estep


  61. Nicole Stafford

    This is me... everyword i taste fell see fight bleed sweat bleed For .topn Every back rd. hill threw it all.

  62. Keith Cretelle

    I'm not ready to quit but my girlfriend did

    Matt Brown

    Keith Cretelle it's good man. Thought she was my dream turned out too be a dissapointment.

  63. Lupita Correa

    the best

  64. Noah Karau

    i know im not ready to quit

  65. Zack Compton

    lovethis song jason

  66. Roland the thompson gunner

    JA kicks country arse! His songs always make me tear up.

  67. Chirstina Boils

    love your soge😃

  68. Jordan Price

    Tyler Austin Sweet. I know I ain't ready to quit

  69. Bonnie Horton

    Jason Aldean is awesome singer and awesome man

  70. BBG Dbz

    Unfortunately this song wasn't enough to fix my relationship. Thanks anyways jason. I'll forever have your music to listen too.


    I thought the same thing man we broke up and it was the worst month of my life then I said fuck it one more shots not gonna hurt we're back and better than ever there's always hope just remember that you just gotta be the man she fell in love with that's all

    Blake Parkers

    ryan happy for you man.

    Logan Avery

    Abraham Hernandez Me and my ex fiancé broke up a year ago and a year later I gave it another shot and she's my fiancé again man it sucks but think on the positive side and be there for her and she'll realize that she really misses you

    Jacob Holley

    Logan Avery hell yeah man your right

    Wyndall Shepard

    Been there myself. I tried! After 8yes,she decided she'd rather be a whore and screw around

  71. Charlie Hulsebus

    Thats a Thomas Rhett wrote

    Brissa Hulce

    Yeah Thomas Rhett wrote this for him!

  72. Gerald Hyatt

    I done. Told her .Jason your a very dogood dog.I have to say.there be many doors open I would like shut them again. And I be on my straight to the

  73. Parduman Kassiedass

    This is how I feel about a really great Blonde woman. P.K.

  74. Karla Williams

    I love this song! Jason is so sexy!

  75. zach Havens

    Love this

  76. theresa mitchem

    Sounds like home, mountains of central-north NC mountainse my home was.  Smiles

    Ben Young

    Wait central nc and mountain. lol I'm from Boone.


    I love Boone my sister just graduated from App State awesome little town. I'm from reidsville tho lol if you've ever heard of it

    Benton Harvey

    Olin57 I just love my music

    viper 212

    Me too my friend ashe county is my home

  77. Darin Colwell

    I aint ready to quit ether jason trust me

    Thomas Gould

    Yes man

    Thomas Gould

    Just keep on trucking man

  78. Kathy Dewitt


  79. John Viveiros909


  80. ivanildobezerrade bezerra de

    linda musica

    ivanildobezerrade bezerra de

    bne good

  81. Alex AldeanFan

    Luv this somg

  82. Will Pangle

    Such an awesome song! Check out my cover!

    Kaylee Silva


  83. Skylar Walker

    i love this song to pieces!

  84. Kendra Morris

    Never will I ever quit. It'll be a long time before I'll be able to hug you, kiss you, and have you hold me. I miss you terribly. But you know how many times this song saved us before. I ain't going anywhere! I love you and miss you so much. I'll be here waiting!

  85. Cara Foster

    The most sexiest guy in country music!! Love this song and him keep up Jason aldean #aldeanstrong

  86. Hannah Walls

    Love this song♥

  87. gimlley666

    Cameron hanes send me here

  88. Ross Marchese

    back woods girl i see that your a jj lawhorn fan nice

  89. Pat Mikal

    You think I give a fuck kid? Try a little more respect towards someone protecting your ass you ignorant fuck

  90. Jessica Lynn

    I agree with tom anderson lol

  91. YoungFarley

    pots not illegal. its just frowned upon by some people lol. hasnt been illegal for a long time now

  92. Pat Mikal

    The days I want to quit, as well as she does... I tell her that we ain't seen nothin yet, I still give it my all being in a distant relationship... I love her to death... Each time I see her, each time I hold her, and each time we kiss, makes us both realize we ain't ready to quit <3