Aldean, Jason - Hicktown Lyrics

Oh, you like the way that sounds?

Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin' up his Bronco.
He's gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull.
An' all the girls are getting' pretty... they're sprayin' on the White Rain.
Yeah, they're gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game.

Yeah, we let it rip when we got the money...
Let it roll if we got the gas.
It gets wild, yeah, but that's the way we get down,
In a Hicktown.

Well, you can see the neighbors butt crack nailing on his shingles,
An' his woman's' smokin' Pall Mall's watchin' Laura Ingalls.
An' Granny's getting' lit, she's headin' out to bingo.
Yeah, my buddies an' me are goin' muddin' down on Blue Hole Road.

You know, you know, we let it rip when we got the money...
Let it roll if we got the gas.
It gets wild, yeah, but that's the way we get down,
In a Hicktown.

[Instrumental Break]
(Oh, stand on it.)

We hear folks in the city party in Martini Bars,
An' they like to show off in their fancy foreign cars.
Out here in the boondocks we buy beer at Amoco,
An' crank our Kraco speakers with that country radio.

We let it rip when we got the money...
Let it roll if we got the gas.
It gets wild, yeah, but that's the way we get down.

Oh, oh we let it rip when we got the money...
Let it roll if we got the gas.
It's buck wild, yeah, but that's the way we get down,
In a Hicktown.
In a Hicktown.
That's the way we get down in a Hicktown.
In Hicktown, yeah, in Hicktown.

Got your country boys and your redneck girls
It's the party heard round the world
Right here in Hicktown
In Hicktown
The whole town's getting down
In Hicktown
Yeah, in Hicktown

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Aldean, Jason Hicktown Comments
  1. Tonya McKinney

    Ausitn mckinney

  2. Tonya McKinney

    You got a good sounds good sounds

  3. Joshua Brooks

    Aside from getting older, Jason hasn't changed much physically since he debuted.

  4. B J C

    Song reminds me of Lagrange Ohio back when I was young and wild LOL

  5. rusty hayes


  6. country girl

    I miss the country so bad I wish I never moved to the city it is not for me

  7. Jonathan Boyles

    He was one of the best country musicians before he started doing that hick-pop shit.

  8. reco mary

    the south will rise again

  9. James Crawley

    I prefer hicktowns to big cities. Big cities suck!!

  10. Jacob Stlouis

    I was born and raised country and people complain about me being old fashion but at least I was raised right.

  11. YouRGay

    10 years..

  12. Charles Williams

    This applies to the most important ones ! 😎

  13. DCS tv

    Bro this was my shit when I was 5 riding in my maw maws jeep😂😂

  14. Wildshow Brothers Productions

    And Jason Aldean has been my favorite country singer for 7 years, I was 2 years old when this song came out

    Ludwig Koopa

    Wildshow Brothers Productions I was 2 when this song came on as well but I forgot about it I just found out about it again a few days ago

  15. Holly Vidal

    My favorite part of the whole song is 2:13 to 2:45. How he says it is so catchy!!! 2019 and I'm still jamming out. Nothing like a little Jason Aldean, right?

  16. Glenn Lathem

    Wish I had earrings and hat. Sucks pond water.

  17. Oliver

    2:37 Now that’s a fking truck right there

  18. Jamie Kloer

    Think I am from a hicktown. I have three sons they all have jacked up trucks, four wheelers, guns and rails.

  19. Xander DiBartolomeo


  20. Cody Oslin

    I turned 21 when this song came out and the times I had listening to this song at the bar were some of the best times I will ever have. I wish I could go back in time just for a couple of days. I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  21. the pizza Player

    i love this song


    Why is this song so good but this video is about depressing it's so dark and gloomy

  23. Chris Ford

    Yee yeeee

  24. William Jefferson Clinton

    Back before Jason got as gay as Luke Bryan.

  25. laura d

    Just him last night in Cincinnati, wow what a rockin show!!

  26. Robert Green

    that pour beer

  27. Mike Sigler

    Jason this was my favorite song you performed last night 8-10-19 at CMAC in Canandaigua, NY. Was my first time to one of your shows I’m definitely getting to as many as possible now, was nothing like being right by the stage in the pit. Love all your music man keep it coming

  28. Southern Girl

    I could listen to this all day and it'd never get old 😁 love me some Jason Aldean

  29. Shane Newport

    Thumbs up for the blonde in the brown tank top!!!!!

  30. Eclipse Gaming and Vlogs

    This song came out when I was 4 years old still one of my favorite songs

  31. Hello There

    There’s always that one resident a hole that decides it’s a good idea to go mudding in a non lifted van in my hick town. And my role is the resident with the winch in to get those dumb a’s out. Man my high schools a wreck 😂

  32. Ronald Southwick

    This makes me wanna get a Ford truck

  33. Chase Conway

    Who’s here in 2019?

    Luke Adams

    Still here bubba! Been jamming this song for 10 years now haha

    Rita Mead

    Just reminding my son how awesome this song is...
    I heard Jason say how it just blew him away when at the small town venue where he was performing and the fans were singing every word to this song...
    Cause they were from LITTLE HICK TOWNS!

  34. Jessica Garcia

    Jason is amazing. such a good song

  35. Seth Kauffman

    put in on x1.5 playback speed :)

  36. Jude Lion

    , I do love Laura Ingraham

  37. Rachel Kaminsky

    If you love country life say hell yeah

  38. Rachel Kaminsky

    I love this song i remember do this back in the day

  39. Matthew Lee

    Moved to oklahoma drove nothing but 4x4 trucks and SUV. Even the 4 banger pick up truck was 4x4

  40. JLynn Harris

    Surviving White Rain since 1990💆🏼‍♀️🔥😜

  41. Darrell Harris

    badass song black conutry boy the northern cali now in okc luv conutry music

  42. Josh Gould

    gotta have the cold beer with the country music blasting

  43. Lake Dennis

    Still watching in 2019 anyone???

  44. Skip Littleton

    Country ROADS, GraVeL
    PaRKing LoTs OfEM
    PeaCE PleasenT PEASEnTS Saying LuvN
    CuZNs , Blessings From a BackYards Always Deeep is My Faith Christ Jesus Amen 🙏🏿, 1MoRe SOng Yalls a Wanna HeAR 👂🏿
    FreeBiRD HerD LiVe Xs 3
    57Yrs PerFeCT 👌 ChEVy
    PiCK UpS Lines ALL HaVe
    BumPers , ChrOME , ROaM
    WiThYa PEASEnTS, ChRIsT Jesus, PleaseS MEEE 2say HeY 👋 Yallls
    GeTs SuM, FUN , ALL Unda
    GODs SuN 🌞 Huh, C MoaN , TraCToR 🚜 PuLLs
    FuLL SHIT , WELL SuM TIMES, Rhymes Fa LoW
    GO RiDe Round ToWns 2
    Reds LighTs FiGhTs
    WeLcoME HoMeToWns
    GeTs SuM, FuN ThATs IT
    Blessings From ya PleasenT PEASEnTS PleasenTLY Saying HeY 👋 YALLLLS a HaLLas
    TrUe SHOTs CaLLas
    Almighty God Ohyea

  45. Briar Maruska

    I bought my 4x4 for 150 dollars

  46. Roses Wolves

    Great and good song

  47. Ryan Long

    ANYONE IN 2019

    Hannah Krenek

    almost in 2020 lol

  48. Lee Puckett

    I have always been a fan of Jason Aldean and his music. Would love to see Jason Aldean sit down for a collab with The Kyle Daigle Band, check out their newest single "Out There" and let me know what you think?

  49. RockNroll Forever

    I said it on She’s Country, and I’ll say it here, “this is good Rocking Country, I mean good Rocking Country.

  50. Ronald Southwick

    Love the girls with the hats 😊😀😃😄

  51. Randal Bedard

    This is still a kick ass song . Definitely one of my favorite Aldean songs

  52. Dawn Marie D

    Town of Davie in South Florida, believe that😉

  53. Kylee Carpenter

    Throw a guy in a tire

  54. Ginny Bandiera

    Ford,,,American made,,no other brand matters!!

  55. cumb

    Hell yeah. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about fuckin my mama and slammin a keystone light 🤠🇺🇸😎


    I love this was one, my favorite singers when I little so then I know I saw him in concert in OKC

  57. Vitor Saints

    people from my country wanna go to the US to visit New York, LA, Washington DC and so on ... Me I wanna go to the South, South land seems the best place in all USA. I love the music the people I'd sure love the food as well

  58. Joanne Willman

    Country until I die in this small hicktown I live in this song describes everything that goes on around here...2009-2019 more like 95-2019

  59. Snyd!

    This song goes hicko mode

  60. Dan Dan

    When Jason wasn’t a duche

  61. The Mess Ender

    Yes. I do. Like the way that sounds.

  62. With Love2018

    Country music at its best, man I was only a little one playing in the Georgia clay when this song was leased I miss those days but Jason is still coming out with amazing hits.

  63. charles berndt

    I like being a hick whatever that might be lol

  64. Johnathan shadowhunter

    The girl's in this video are sexy as hell


    Thats how its suppose to br

  65. Mike c


  66. Johnathan shadowhunter

    this video is heaven

  67. Hollyann Steele

    Who did the videography, Disney? 'gettn down somewhat.

  68. Ryan Hoag

    He has a manager, (who works in a car dealership) lives just a short drive south of where I live in Northern California.

  69. Robert Mease

    Murphy N.C.828 Creekerz

  70. Chris Alberrson

    I like the music though set up that makes me country then I've got you I guess I don't know how I'm sorry Rodger over

  71. Chris Alberrson

    I never said I was country

  72. crazybloger dudes K & L

    Butt crack

  73. Kc Maccune

    U did a vary good job on your song i sing it evey day if it not hick Town it is burn it down and just to let u know u do vary good job grate job 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Kc Maccune

    Nice job

  74. Chedder 69

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that ranger???

  75. Joe Blechl

    pretty country girls

  76. Haley Spires


  77. Mason Jones

    I want to see this song in a concert

  78. AliviaplayzRoblox

    ew 1:16

  79. Diesel the White-Tailed Buck

    Fun fact everyone should know: This was his first song.

    David Wilkerson

    I saw an interview and he's been performing since he was a teen. Is this something he wrote when he was younger ? Amarillo Sky is a great song as well in my opinion.
    Possibly my favorite he does that I'm familiar with.

    Tyler Haraf

    fr and his best too

  80. Tara LaForest

    Good song!!!!!!!

  81. Traveler Volkriin

    I'm so fuxkin drunk on NYE 2019! IN AZ!

  82. Brandi Nunn

    Love all of Jason Aldean’s songs!

  83. Tui Man

    I suddenly want to move to Texas

  84. Hunter Asher

    Well you can see the neighbors buttcrack nailing on his shingles and his women smokin Palma watching lauria ingells.

  85. Arek Porter

    Good songs

  86. Autumn Faith phillips

    I love Jason

  87. Jess Montgomery

    I'm a country boy forever and ever🤠🤠

  88. Young Fishing

    Who still here 12/17/18

  89. Evelyn Tuttle

    Go back

  90. Maddison Waller

    this is about Crossville TN (my hometown) 🤣

  91. Thelearner1000

    Great stuff Jason!!

  92. cod_beast_xbox

    2018 anyone?

  93. Josh Gould

    I like how the guy throws the damn cooler out the truck bed

  94. Nick Swing

    As a wierd ass gay guy....can we bring back this kind of thing...please..I miss beer pulls and mudding...

  95. Cody Adams

    Poor four wheeler

  96. Dynamo072005

    2018 anyone?