Aldean, Jason - Got What I Got Lyrics

She said, "Baby, do you ever miss bein' alone?"
I said, "Hell no, I don't"
She said, "Do you really think I'm where you belong?"
I said, "You know and I know..."

You're perfect for me
Everything I'll ever need
I ain't playin'
What I'm sayin'

When I got what I got I don't miss what I had
The old me before you belongs to the past
In the back of your mind you might think there's somethin' more I want
But when I got what I got, girl, I don't

I said, "Baby, do you know you sound a little crazy,
When you're talkin' like that, girl?"
Ain't no second thoughts, no regrets, no kinda maybe
No wishin' I turned back

Before you came along
I could go all alone
Girl, just kiss me
You're all that I want

When I got what I got I don't miss what I had
The old me before you belongs to the past
In the back of your mind you might think there's somethin' more I want
But when I got what I got, girl, I don't

She said, "Baby, do you ever miss bein' alone?"
I said, "Hell no, I don't"

When I got what I got I don't miss what I had
The old me before you belongs to the past
In the back of your mind you might think there's somethin' more I want
But when I got what I got, girl, I don't
No, I don't
No, I don't
When I got what I got, girl, I don't

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Aldean, Jason Got What I Got Comments

    This song is so amazing literally me and my girl are split while she gets into college and we listen to this all the time this is so real

  2. Cathy Sauceda


  3. Nicole Carter

    I got what I want, I need nothing more!!! If you ever see this, I love you baby

  4. Tayor Morris

    This song has seriously topped my hotlist keep your dynasty rolling brother great song!!!!👏

  5. Daddy Dick

    Veronica vicenta ='(

  6. Caddiking Heartbreaker

    Killer song 💪 killer “No one follows a killer” -Jerry Lewis

  7. Luv Life

    Thank goodness he plays this song for me all the time

  8. Ricardo Ibarra

    “ the old me before you belongs to the past.” I felt that. Don’t take no one for granted!


    Awesome song! it is definitely a deep one

  10. namesvoorbugvall

    What a tune

  11. order desk

    My ears just got pregnant

  12. Jess Wicked

    I don’t listen to country but damn this fire 🔥 let me know what else I should listen to Snapchat: xtaintedevox

  13. November 4ever

    Lmao another reassurance song for Brittany!!!!!Geeze his music was so much more better and country when he was with Jessica!!!! He is into pop music sound now huh!!!!😂😂😂😂

  14. Justin Jacobson

    Just wow he did it again or who ever wrote the song for him but props if he wrote it

  15. Ann Byrd

    Omg I Love This Song!!

  16. Reeann Bogert

    My favorite music artist. I've seen him in concert twice and know every word to every song on every one of his albums. I'm working on learning this one.

  17. BigBrainOnMusic

    This will most likely be the next single from 9

  18. Karla Smith

    This song gives me goose bumps

  19. Wayne Jones

    Best song he's put out in awhile!! God bless this man....

  20. Kimberly Bond Coile

    This song came up on my playlist after I got out of an 13 yr narccisst relationship and I met a very special man who basically was my Twin flame he just literally went through a 13 yr relationship almost exactly like mine after 5 mths he just ghost me and told a mutual friend to tell me he loves me but wasn't ready for a real relationship.. But this song will always be how I feel for him even tho my heart breaks everyday because he is gone!

  21. Danielle haynes Cameron and Timothy

    somtimes i feel like my bf still thinks about my ex and it scared me until he told me to listen to this song now i can stop replaying it and all me stresses are gone thank you Jason for this song !! 💛❤️

  22. Grace K

    Decent song if you like pop music, but this isn't even country music anymore. He still has a little bit of southern twang in his voice but that's it. Jason Aldean has totally switched from country to pop music

  23. Charles Gamble

    This is in serious consideration for our wedding song, in about a week. Great song - simple and pure!

  24. Martin Arriaga

    It’s hard to forget the past, but I promised myself that once I move forward with trusting again to leave the past behind and give it all I can despite all the hurt one needs to feel to fully understand what love is to those who seek serenity.

  25. Racheal Walker

    Love it, one of my favorite singers!

  26. Janel Griffin

    This song is AMAZING.... :)😍

  27. rarbaugh07

    I sent this to my wife the second I heard it.

  28. Donna Turner

    Thank you. Always seem to write what I need to hear. Great song and message. Is there a song about leaving someone even though it is not what they want it is for the best?

  29. texasgirl38

    I like this one

  30. ambers price

    Love!! 💕

  31. Vanilla Bean

    This ought to be a beautiful song!! My best friend dedicated this song to me and we’re getting married next month. 5 years of ups and downs and there was no better song he’d dedicate to me! You know what they say, “You’re very lucky to marry your best friend”!♥️

  32. Dray Barber

    Im glad i can listen to this song and look at my wife and say i got what i got...... To the love of my life its been the best of times ready to see more in out future .... Love you baby....

  33. Depth Anarchy

    I’ve been through some rough stuff in the past few years. Got divorced two years ago and I lost all of my faith in myself and was scared to open back up to anyone. The relationship was extremely toxic and I had to get out before I lost myself.

    About a month and a half ago, I found someone. Someone that made me feel something. I was terrified, I’ve known her for a very long time and we gave it a shot. It’s working better than ever and this song hits home. I put all of my dedication and time into something that wasn’t worth fixing and I learned the hard way. Now, I’m healing and I’m loving someone harder than I ever have before.

  34. Mikhail Losev

    Music without borders. Thanks from Russia.

  35. Robbie Rother

    Omg!!! Yup! It's like that! I love love love this jam, all his songs are 🔥🔥& 🦄🦄 but this song right here us for my boo!!! Love Jason Aldean 😜😜😜

  36. Tink Neverland

    One day

  37. Whitney Watson

    I've added this to one to one of my favorites of his, I love you and your music so so much!! I'm gonna see you in concert soon❤❤❤

  38. Mr.nicholas

    My beautiful gf Luz has this stuck in my head ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Hellfire Legacy

    fuck country music. gah!

  40. Kimberly Barrett

    I said hell no.. I dont... u know n I know ur perfect for me.. when I got what I got I dont miss what I had...❤🤘📻😭

  41. Harlow Shrine

    My boyfriend sent my this 🥺💞

  42. 1Watchman Reign007

    I love you Jerusalem

  43. 714butterflies

    The old me before you belongs to the past👌🎶

  44. Vicky Rodiguez

    He dedicated this song to me n broke my heart again smh! Was a beautiful song tho.

  45. Merriotte Wells


    Jamie Behrends

    Let me guess who you are

  46. Merriotte Wells


  47. Merriotte Wells


  48. Merriotte Wells


  49. Merriotte Wells

    #Love now

  50. Steve Alexander

    Nothing but quality.. thumbs up from canada

  51. Destiny Lozano

    Its been on repeat for days 😭😭😭💛

  52. polux

    best song on the album, blame it and we back are really so so

  53. tabatha Bunkowfst

    Love this

  54. Joe Cameron

    Tess my love idk where everything went so wrong but i miss u and love u more than u will ever know

    Tess Bowers

    I love you soo much too baby. I'm so happy to have you back into my life. You're the greatest damn thing that has ever happened to me. You're my only reason I'm still living to this day. Can't NO ONE take awau the love i have for you. Can't NO ONE ever change the way i feel about you. I never wanna see you walk away. And i NEVER wanna sign divorce papers. You're everything to me

    Tess Bowers

    I don't know how everything went so wrong between us. Blame me all you want. I understand your anger. And I'm sorry for all of the pain I've caused. Iloveyou Joe. I thought we could make this work. I guess not tho.

  55. Anna Ruiz

    The perfect song ❤❤❤ Jason Aldean always killing it with his music!

  56. Christina Lubumad

    Wahahahaha stupid song, the back of my mind says , move on and get away from liars. I did and I'm so 😊.

  57. Rc Vitals

    Cindy I'm here also. I still love you

    Jason Caldwell
    Hickory nc

    #CindyBenson. FB

  58. Nicole Carter

    I love this song....reminds me of him!

  59. Allan Macek

    Jason rocks! Luv this song!!!💜🧡💚💛💙❤️

  60. Addy Brown

    This song fits my new relationship because I went through a divorce and never wanted to be in a new one not love again

  61. Chevis Splawn

    Love it!

  62. ShaunaLicious 1989

    This song has Me in Love, gives Me the chilllllsssss!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Hvac Vitals

    Cindy Benson i miss you. I miss you so much.

    Jason Caldwell
    Hickory nc

    #CindyBenson. Fb

  64. Dena Normandin

    Another hit🔥!!! Jason is legend!

  65. Kelci Wilson

    best song i love it

  66. Joey Bold

    This song is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! Can’t wait for this album!!

  67. Tammy Ruiz

    gotta sing this on new tour 🙌🏼

  68. Angel Arbino

    She thinks he wants his ex back...? But he's clearly moved on...

  69. bertsbug

    That's because she's truly never going to be yours it's just your turn

  70. Derek Redmond

    This is one bad dude,I'll be seeing him in concert on March 7th.

  71. Carrie Davis

    I love this song it makes me think of me and my boyfriend 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  72. Lori Nastasi

    Love it!

  73. Jay black

    Amen brother i just had this talk with my girl and then this song came on

  74. Adrian Estrada

    A.M.M. 🖤

  75. Elizabeth Carlisle

    I don't understand why people keep bringing up the past about his personal life. He and Brittany have been married going on five years and have two beautiful kids. Move on people !! Let them love each other and be happy.

  76. Ruth Tiapula

    I love this song . It fits me and my boyfriend really well . The lyrics are exactly what me and my man are going through . Music like this keeps me going and puts a smile on my face . Anyways William Andrew Thomas i love you even though u complicated my king . No love is perfect but to me you are are absolutely more then 100% perfect for me . I love u babe .

  77. Beautiful Crazy

    So in LOVE with this song!!!!!!!!

  78. Christy Carlson

    Wow! What a SEXY Song!Great Job Jason, It sounds like your singing it to every female Fan, This is going to hit Big, It Sells! I wouldn't expect any different from one of my Favorite,s! Thanks

  79. Sam Jones

    I love this song reminds me of my man this is just how we talk

  80. car guy

    Autotune pop garbage

  81. Terri Schisler

    She is probably thinking hes cheating on her aka brittiany sents he cheated on his older daughters mom

  82. Terri Schisler

    He must of wrote this to his new wife sents he cheated on his first wife


    Omg, country. COUNTRY REALLY, 3D/5D#RYAN?! BLAAAAAHAHAHAHAA! You so cute. c:

  84. Tina Bolt

    EXCELLENT ❤🎸🎶🎶❤

  85. stop getting salt in your panties

    Same old country song, talking bout love. Cant country make a song not about love? But I'm not into sappy shit either

  86. Claudia Gay

    Love this song!

  87. SuzetteMoonandStars

    Perfect song..

  88. Joy Lewis

    Good song

  89. Con Con

    Come to Orlando Florida u changed my life forever thanks I want to meet you have a beer or 2

  90. Con Con

    I struggle with my mind set he puts me in a good mind

  91. Darla Nash

    This song literally is perfect. Love should be this way!

  92. Shelly Burgans

    Love this song and the person who sent it to me❤🐻

    Beverly Davis

    😍 aww is that a poppa bear?
    good luck to you & your ❤️🐻

  93. Jeff Planck

    This song says exactly what my heart feels with u my love Lori always and forever

  94. Cheri' BlacKoiUpstreem.

    my exboyfriend needs to stop contacting me, you ruined it. face it.

  95. Robert Brown

    This is the Shit...Best song ever !

  96. Jay EagleBear

    Great tunes! #JasonA #Love_it

  97. Robert Wilson

    Larissa stop trippin baby and just sit back with a clear mind and let a real man love you this time... I got what I got and your ALL that I want...