Aldean, Jason - Fly Over States Lyrics

A couple of guys in first class on a flight
From New York to Los Angeles
Kinda making small talk killin' time
Flirting with the flight attendants
Thirty thousand feet above, could be Oklahoma

Just a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms
Man, it all looks the same
Miles and miles of back roads and highways
Connecting little towns with funny names
Who'd want to live down there in the middle of nowhere?

They've never drove through Indiana
Met the man who plowed that earth
Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me
Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas
They'd understand why God made
Those fly over states

I bet that mile long Santa Fe
Freight train engineer's seen it all
Just like that flatbed cowboy
Stacking US Steel on a three day haul
Roads and rails under their feet
Yeah, that sounds like a first class seat

On the plains of Oklahoma
With a windshield sunset in your eyes
Like a water colored painted sky
You'll think heaven's doors have opened
You'll understand why God made
Those fly over states

Take a ride across the badlands
Feel that freedom on your face
Breathe in all that open space
Meet a girl from Amarillo
You'll understand why God made
You might even wanna plant your stakes
In those fly over states

Have you ever been through Indiana
On the plains of Oklahoma
Take a ride

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Aldean, Jason Fly Over States Comments
  1. Rebecca Rose

    Love this song it mentioned my beautiful Indiana one of my favorites

  2. Leland Hopkins

    I'm a truck driver, and I've delivered John Deer Tractors/Mowers to fly over states....Never knew just much farm land and back roads to small towns there was.... Now I Know.....It was a privilege.........Leland.

  3. Thomas Morgan

    I hear Jason's a prick face to face.

  4. Lisa Sweeney

    Drove through em a time or two , Kansas sucks but when you hit Indiana it starts looking like home <3

  5. Adrian Miller

    Aldean was good with stuff like this, before he sold out....

  6. Tiffiny Tolman

    Makes me think of the great times with the live of my life

  7. Minnesota Northland

    I heard Trump golf's a lot. Haven't heard Rush talking about that or the deficit since Trump was elected. Just imagine if the president before Trump that got elected twice ever asked China, Ukraine, or Russia for help against a political opponent. I guess it's all good for the Republicans they got God on their side they say.


    Just an Indian guy, dreaming of the day, when i am cruising on my chevy truck, baseball cap on the dash, dogtags hanging from the glass, drifting through these flyover states.....🇺🇸 greatest country on earth !!!! Lots of love from the other side of the world ❤️ God Bless ‘Murica !

  9. William Horton

    Major patriotic pandering from crisis actor Aldean.

  10. DeWispelare Farms

    Proud to be feeding this amazing country! God bless.

  11. Shane Hammer

    up here in south Dakota and the bad lands are beautiful

  12. Jamie Dudley

    love this song

  13. Nancy Fontaine

    Who else lives in the badlands of North Dakota?

  14. A million subs With no videos

    Where my Indiana gang at?

  15. jacob bellew

    Best fuckin song

  16. Shawn Hampshirehick

    New #9 brought me back to my favorite song. My daughter loves Indiana 💙 and I am glad she finally got to go West to see what our family came from. Take a Ride.🚜🚛🇱🇷

  17. zachary kauffman

    About to go see him in a month 💯

  18. Holly Vidal

    Song never gets old, no matter times you listen ti it. I have chills all over me. This song is beautiful, as is all of his songs. Can't get enough of Jason Aldean. Love It!

  19. Savage Sooner

    Watching from my flyover State!! Good tune right here!

  20. Isaiah Frausto

    Hands down best song

  21. Lynn Johnson

    Even tho I'm a city girl, I still love my flyover states and long to go to the country every day!

  22. Jean-Pierre Girard

    Last comment is to hold here, this song deserves to have your attention.

  23. Daniel Larson

    Anyone from Colorado?

  24. zach bussie

    I was born and raised in Indiana.
    The year was 2012. I had downloaded a bunch of new music I never heard to my memory on my phone. I was on an airplane to an FFA national contest in California. This song came on and I listened to it on repeat over and over again never hearing it before I set foot on that delta flight. That was the life
    By the way my team won that national contest.

  25. Matt Martin

    Born & Raised in Indianapolis back in 86!

  26. David Ortiz

    Greetings from Ecuador. Love country music and also live in the country.

  27. Bam—- —-bam

    As a first class driver, nothing better then a 3 day haul, watching sunrise and sunsets!!

  28. SportsH1ghlights _

    Who here lives in a fly over state #missouriproud

  29. Weston Lilly

    Love this song. One of my favorites

  30. TraumaXIII

    I always come back here,, like this is my favorite Bar.

  31. Leah Swaim

    This dude a coward u have no idea what it takes to be a frame cowboy this guys never rode a train he's never Begged for rain screw all u new country boys

  32. John Syler

    I'm glad people on the coasts think that way. Come on through and laugh at the hillbillies and spend your money then go back to the city.

  33. Mike Stephens

    I live in the great State of Kansas!

  34. Brian Jones

    This song makes me well up with pride every time he mentions Indiana. It's a great song regardless especially for those of us from the flyover states.

  35. James Craver

    most of the country is done in Indiana. what's up

  36. James Craver

    what is wrong with living in Indiana. I love and live in Indiana

  37. Amy Neal

    Been their

  38. Joann Monkey

    I like a lot of your stuff but this will always be my favorite.

  39. Hard To Kill

    I’m gonna miss this shit hole!

  40. RTV83

    At 1:21 is my buddy work. We tell him he's famous now. Lol

  41. Mitch Wheeler

    Straight from WV coal mining town McDowell Iaeger, like to thank he might be talking bout us as well

  42. ThatOneKid

    Makes you love your state more and country as a whole.Yeah there are political issues in most states but that's not the point in this country especially when you visit a state.I work in a factory in Tennessee and I actually felt this song!

  43. Kim Davis


  44. Kat Komfort

    This song should be our second national anthem. Anyone who loves this country and it's values will understand.

  45. Trenton DeBacker

    Im about to take my first ever flight from Denver to Dallas, I'm definitely playing this song.

  46. Lisa Sweeney

    I 70 wb , lol def fly over states

  47. Brendan Manning

    Remember to vote Republican!!

  48. John Spurlock

    Most people think this is country but it's actually southern. Rock. It is a remake of some of the southern rock big. Hits the music is extremely similar to at least three other songs that came out in the sixties by southern rock

    Duncan Berry

    Who needs a music snob anyway. We don't

  49. Corey Sanchez

    Sounds just like north florida

  50. Michael Allison Jr

    I seen a harvest moon in Kansas where im from It's beautiful

  51. Josh Scheeter Parkers

    Idk why people hate the city so much. Yes, there are a lot of strange liberals but it’s not like they bother you all the time. I’ve moved to at least 5 different states and the mid west I hated the most. No diversity and they hate new things, strictness and some racisms. I couldn’t even wear shorts at my senior high school when I moved to IN when I was a senior. I mean CA has beautiful mountains, nature parks, and oceans and cliffs. Like cmon what the hell does Tulsa have flat lands and bueno taco?

  52. Michael Dugan

    #MAGA Fly Over States

  53. Blake O'Kelley

    I have to say that I dont care for Jason Aldean, like at all, to me he represents whats wrong with modern country, but this song and Amarillo Sky will go on to be classics from their time. He has my respect for the that, real recognize real.

  54. Revelation 19-16

    Jesus is the Savior of mankind.

  55. James Craver

    what's wrong with living in small town in Indiana. I live and love my state of Indiana

  56. Barry Elkins

    Probably won't

  57. Allen Trey

    #saltytamponvampires you are gross.

  58. Allen Trey

    Keep flying over... we good.🦈🦈🦈🏁 You made your choice.,.,we don't want you here..

  59. Vanessa Lynn

    This is why I love road trips across the US. My granny and grandpa live out in the country and I love driving the 3 hours to visit them and being with them out there. My husband always wants to fly, but I always want to drive anytime we need to travel.

  60. Danny Gunawan

    Not American but I really love these kinds of music

  61. Nate Borgo

    Everytime I visit home, I play this song while I travel the back roads surrounded by cornfields. It never gets old remembering where you came from.

  62. Lamp Unto My Feet

    Yes! They kept playing this song on the satellite country station. You can't help but fall in love with it. Beautiful song!

  63. Brian Harrington

    still one of his best

  64. Rosa Bella

    Always one of my favorite JA songs 💖

  65. 101327

    As far as I am concerned, keep flying over them. Dont land. Dont stop.

  66. Tracy Angell

    Thy tHhygn

  67. Mike Murphy

    People that make the USA a great country.

  68. Dakota Showalter

    Who lives in KS

  69. Karl Brundage

    Just found this song......

    I hope the coastal elites see it and wake up to the fact that a significant portion of the population don't live like them or have the same mindset.

    I live in one of the areas mentioned in the song and just want to be left alone. My neighbors, as well.

    Don't push us.................................

  70. bitterclinger100

    The flyover states are America

  71. matthew scarborough

    Nothing like cruising my 1970 cadillac deville convertible "top down" with it's big block 472 rumbling along the highway with my kids and gf in the car with this cranked up and those subs dancing in the trunk to this song looking out over that big american made hood at that beautiful sunset it will bring a tear to your eye

  72. Cameron Mayle

    Got my flyover state a little town in Northeast West Virginia im proud to live here and Lord willing don't ever plan to leave.

  73. J City’s ThunderTV

    Born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana and I’m happy that I grew up listening to country music songs like this 😉👍

  74. Vivian Ramage

    I love this song! It's my no.1 he sings. It's because I LOVE those flyover states and the people that live in 'em!

  75. César Álvarez

    I sent the lyrics of this song to my girlfriend who trained to be a flight attendants making her think that I wrote it. She had never heard it but know we laugh about it every time we hear it together.

  76. Denise Mendez

    I’m from East Tennessee and happy to be from a place where its country and like this! Love this song!

  77. Barry Elkins

    I'm sorry

  78. Greysun Mayhew

    i live in a small town called poquoson and were close to the NASA air field

  79. Greysun Mayhew

    the 3.9k dislikes are people that dont get the meaning or listen to rap and pop am i right...

  80. The One and Only Caddo Girl

    Born and raised an Oklahoma Sooner!!!! #Boomer

  81. originalbarryman

    This music makes me nauseous

  82. Laura Hedges


  83. Polly Ullrich

    Jason luv all your new songs I still luv fly over states luv rearview to and summertime also always a fan pa pa ullrich

  84. kip barksdale

    this song is kinda depressing...

  85. Zach Nonn

    I heard you a real first class asshole in real life garth Brooks would destroy you in a fight or being a real good person in my book your a L.B

  86. Mel Memories

    🙌 Daddy and Pops 🙏missing y’all! Farmers are the best 🌹💯......

  87. Kennedy Bergsten

    Anyone who lives in the city will NEVER ever understand the feeling of a small town ever!!!! It’s WAY WAY different than the city I can tell y’all that!! Everyone knows everyone and it’s amazing

  88. Roger Myers

    I loooove the soong

  89. luka davladze

    Hey US people , Im from Georgia ( not state but ancient country ) and I ( We) Love USA

  90. blueibabygirl07

    I love this song it is beautiful 💖 9/2/19💖

  91. Pricilla Ellwood

    A couple guys in first class on a flight
    From new York to Los Angeles,

    Kinda making small talk killing time,

    Flirting with the flight attendants,

    Thirty thousand feet above, could be Oklahoma,

    Just a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms,

    Man it all looks the same,

    Miles and miles of back roads and highways,

    Connecting little towns with funny names,

    Who'd want to live down there in the middle of nowhere,

    They've never drove through Indiana,

    Met the men who plowed that earth,

    Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me,

    Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas,

    They'd understand why God made those fly over states,

    I bet that mile long Santa Fe freight train engineer's seen it all

    Just like that flatbed cowboy stacking US steel on a 3-day haul

    Roads and rails under their feet

    Yeah that sounds like a first class seat

    On the plains of Oklahoma

    Where they windshield sunset in your eyes

    Like a watercolor painted sky

    You'd think heaven's doors have opened

    You'll understand why God made

    Those fly over states

    Take a ride across the badlands

    Feel that freedom on your face

    Breathe in all that open space

    Meet a girl from Amarillo

    You'll understand why God made

    Why you'd want to plant your stakes

    In those fly over states

    Have you ever been through Indiana

    On the plains of Oklahoma,

    Take a ride,

  92. Leroy Morris

    Being a OTR driver myself, I can definitely relate to and feel this song. The perfect drivers song

  93. Danny Pitcher

    As a corn grower this hits home.
    Indiana here

  94. Edward Foshie

    This my best favourite song for life yay because I'm dj yea

  95. Villinova Villinova

  96. Jon Harris

    I've lived in Missouri Kansas and Iowa and Texas I liked it out there but nothing beats the state I was born in

  97. Red Alert

    Indiana Stand Up! #219

  98. Bert Gor

    I Love this song ❤️❤️❤️🤗👍👍👍

  99. Matthew Bombaci

    Don’t fighter jets have guns...5’ 10” but you know what... I’m not tall enough to see their faces🤗

  100. Autofire BT

    I like planes