Aldean, Jason - Drowns The Whiskey Lyrics

[Jason Aldean:]
All the folks down in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Been working hard for good ol' boys like me
I don't wanna be the one to tell 'em
That stuff that they been selling
Ain't working like it should
But I damn sure wish it would

[Jason Aldean & Miranda Lambert:]
Whiskey's supposed to drown a memory
I've gone from one to one too many
And the thing that really gets me
Is how your memory drowns the whiskey

Maybe it's the bar or the stool I'm on
Maybe it's the band and this sad ol' song
That keeps me buying rounds
That keeps me turning down
Any girl that wants to dance
And you ain't giving them a chance

Whiskey's supposed to drown a memory
I've gone from one to one too many
And the thing that really gets me
Is how your memory drowns the whiskey

Girl I'm livin' proof
That 80 proof
Ain't got a shot
At touching you

But whiskey's supposed to drown a memory
I've gone from one to one too many
And the thing that really gets me
Is whiskey's supposed to drown a memory
I've gone from one to one too many
And the thing that really gets me
Is how your memory drowns the whiskey
Yeah the thing that really gets me
Is how your memory drowns the whiskey

All the folks down in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Been working hard for good ol' boys like me

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Aldean, Jason Drowns The Whiskey Comments
  1. Scott Valerius

    Is Jason talking about Jack Daniels or Harley motorcycles?

  2. Idowu Obadeyi

    Still listening in December 2019!

  3. Bates Davenport

    who still here in December 2019

  4. Sarah Pfarr

    I love this song by Jason Aldean , i also love his county voice

  5. Bonnie suarezYT

    I need a shot.🥃🎶🎶🎶

  6. Cynthia Virove

    These two sound soooo good together ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Nicholas Pelletier

    ok y should i care

  8. Tara Bovard

    See you soon Mr. Aldean! Feb 2020 cant get here fast enough! 👏👏👏😍

  9. Daryn Freeman

    Hey Jasmine, I miss you and I’m so fucking sorry. Cheers everybody!

  10. Joseph Rogers

    What idiot producer at the 2:10 mark coming out of the bridge decided to maintain background beat instead of go acoustic??? So stupid!! Damn amazing song other than that, and both of them are perfect. Dumbest musical arrangement decision I have seen/heard in a long time. DUMB!! Two of the greatest voices on Earth and in history..."Yeah, Larry... Let's throw some beat tracks in there and go smoke a joint...". Idiots.

  11. Joe Morrow

    Try Benchmark # 8,,,
    Great Song👍👍

  12. Lorenzo Chin

    Just a beautiful song. When I’m on the road I repeat it so many times lol

  13. Veronica Christopher

    Goddamn her voice compliments his 🙌🙌🙌❤

  14. Ann Byrd

    I'm a black woman who loves country music!!

  15. MidwestPatriot

    Miranda Lambert is utterly wasted on this song. They could have some token singer doing the backing vocals on this song for god sake.

  16. Vern Frederick

    Awesome song and a Beautiful lady

  17. Ashlyn Umpherville


  18. Wayne Edward

    Great song

  19. Fermen Nelson

    You know everything us

  20. manddservice .manddservice

    PINK! He needs to do a song with PINK! Miranda, love her voice. Kelly Clarkson's voice Scared him.
    Find the perfect song and you have GOLD. Kenny Chesney held PINK back.
    Her voice is so SOLID!

  21. Judee Taylor

    MAN I love this song!! These 2 are fire singing together!

  22. King Robbo

    Who thinks 500 ppl asking "if they are listening to this song in 2019" is gettin old

  23. Superman Rocks

    I sure do love this song I’m a huge Jason Aldean fan I became obsessed with his music and he has gotten better this is my 3rd favorite song by him and that lady singing with him is really good she definitely nails every note just like Jason Aldean does I wish those 2 would sing more often together my 2nd favorite song by him is Rearview Town and my 1st most favorite song is Girl like you I have even created a ringtone out of that one I am so obsessed with that song or any song he has I must have them all eventually I will get to that point but anyone who agrees that Jason Aldean awesome at singing and making music please give a thumbs up 👍🏻

  24. RageMode357

    2018 summer anthem?

  25. WG Snow


  26. Alexa Rae

    Still listening and loving it!

  27. A Shot Of Whiskey

    Yes if I didnt know this song was written about my whiskey Steven. (I miss you whiskey rest easy lover)

  28. diane walters

    "I've gone from one,to one to many" 11-11-19 Happy Veterans Day America!!

  29. Ashlyn Umpherville

    Canada, Saskatchewan, Sasktoon, Here jamming to your tune at 4:37am

  30. Overby's Raiders

    I tried to out drink the memory of my ex-wife. But you can't out drink Godzilla.

  31. Henry Solis

    I hate the accuracy of this song I’m always drinking whiskey during a breakup to forget and then the memories just end up flooding 😂

  32. Some Guy

    Girl I’m a living proof

  33. Sandy Shoenberger

    Try Gentleman Jack. It works anytime everytime

  34. Bem Star Erika: fisio e educadora física


  35. Matthew Francis

    Country music sucks

  36. Bobby Schmidtzinsky

    The best duo. Dang so good.

  37. The Bearded Tattoo

    I don't get this song!
    My guess is he ain't drinking enough. You see the key is to drink so much that you pass out and when you wake up, you can't remember nothing. It has worked for me every time. Also if what you're drinking isn't strong enough, I would suggest white lighting. It has never failed me yet! LOL 😂

  38. Gordy

    Miranda comes in with the background vocals and her sexy glance at the camera. God Bless America's Country Girls "angels on earth"

  39. Joann Pflug

    sing it baby

  40. Joann Pflug

    john this is youre song miss you and love you

  41. Joann Pflug

    good ole boy my ass real man

  42. Joann Pflug

    got to work hard to have a whiskey

  43. Joann Pflug

    you know I love you john get a grip.

  44. Sherry Roberts

    The music intro to this song with the steel guitar is my FAVORITE part !!

  45. Ray Smith

    Perfect arrangement, and Miranda’s the most natural country singer out there.

  46. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin The Thing That Really Gets Me Is How You're Memory Drowns The Whiskey

  47. Oya Wright

    I’m a R&B fan but I really like this song.

  48. Randy Pittman

    I can listen to this anytime!!

  49. Mike Beasley


    Cherry Red

    Hell yeah...
    Pants off blackout drunk.

  50. Alice Riggs

    I'm so upset,because what really gets me is that my father,may his soul rest in peace spent most of his life drinking, and my brother died from cancer, and my nickname is Allie but only my father ever called me that
    I miss them so much

  51. ratt finkk

    This is the only current "country" artist that can make me want to fall in love again but also thank fck I'm single now

  52. Louis Lockwood


  53. Peppermint Patty

    1 of My favorite songs 💞

  54. La Mac

    Who's feeling this song when it plays??❤❤❤
    Goose bumps....

  55. Keaton Tso

    Lidia :(

  56. Sheila Lutkenhaus

    Jason, went to your concert this weekend Arlington totally rock the doors off the arena...Great concert!!!

  57. Chris APU

    This goes off 😤😤😫🔥

  58. Jackson —

    Even 90 proof doesn’t drown his memory

  59. Music Forever

    Who is still listening to this s song in October 2019


    Miranda never looked so kissable. I love this video.


    @Music Forever We, Serbs !!!

    Hails & Cheers from the capital Belgrade of Serbia 🍻🍻🍻

    Paul Scott

    Awesome music is for all time. You can listen to a kick-ass song 20 years from now. You don't really understand music do you.

    Paul Scott

    How do you think bands continue on forever and ever. You keep listening to their songs. You actually sound kind of shallow

  60. Neal Harrison

    love this song

  61. Gary Vargas

    Best Town everrr! Go blue!...Gettemmmm

  62. Michael Sanchez

    80 proof ???

  63. Justin B.

    Who loves country?

  64. Anna Cavazos


  65. Rita Hamrick

    love this song and video jason aldean and miranda lambert make a good team especially beer and bar songs

  66. Mak Knippers

    I love this song it is so me

  67. Rockin Randall

    This is a very good duet!!! I love it!!!!

  68. James Hilliker

    As much as I hate the stuff they call country music today. I have to say this is a great song. It hits very close to home

  69. Neal Harrison

    its a story

  70. Neal Harrison

    just listen....

  71. R6 Rich

    I have this song on repeat ☺️

  72. Joe Raper

    Wonder if she tried to sleep with Jason also

  73. Dave Manhart


  74. buster smith

    Two ear rings ?? Double gay ?? What the hell,,,

    Cassie Arellano

    Bob segar

  75. Don't McDaniels

    Love, love love!!!!!!!

  76. Jamie Thein

    Yes was told bout this song few years back when still in Nebraska. Thought was great song than. Two super music artists.

  77. Katherine Strong

    The thing that really gets me... is how your memory drowns the whiskey.... ❤

  78. Amish Acct

    Absolutely amazing song!!

  79. Derek del Valle

    This just replaced Killin Time by Clint Black for me.

  80. Kiara Skÿ

    why does this song make me want to buy a whole ass bottle of whiskey, sit in my bed and cry bout my life problems jk.

    Mike Brinkley

    I have try it drink my problems away it didn't work open up your eyes their is more to life

    Kiara Skÿ

    Mike Brinkley , obviously i wouldn’t drink my life away, it was meant to be funny

    Mike Brinkley

    @Kiara Skÿ my bad . I lost a love one

    Kiara Skÿ

    Mike Brinkley , i recently lost a loved one too.. that’s why i said that

  81. Michelle Moss

    Love this song getting over an ex✌

  82. Phyllis Martin

    This is one of my favorites love me some Jason

  83. kathy meador

    Perfect together

  84. kathy meador

    Love love love

  85. kathy meador


  86. Synth

    I live in Lynchburg Tn

  87. Nelson Williams

    Wisky only temporary numbs the pain.

  88. Mary Drummy

    Damn it your memory drowns the whiskey..

  89. Delphia Sims


  90. bigbootytimmy jimmy

    yo i went to your consert it was awesome!!

  91. Sherry Gorton

    Blume Bryan videos

  92. Angela Sweet

    Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert are great singing together😇😇 Great couple

  93. Ray Fletcher

    I'm sure it's the bar stool that's contributing. Certain types of bars stools can be quite a bear. Just makes you want to keep buying shots.

  94. FJ80Coop

    Yeah,maybe she a hoe,but I'd still pick her up,slam her against the wall n bury my face in it until she passed out. ..

  95. Greg Hill

    Memorise will always drown the wisky, every single time , guaranteed !!!!

  96. Joshua pruitt

    Just recently went through a break up and this was my go to was nothing but sadness. Now that I'm in good spirits i see it in a different light and it's still my Jam