Aldean, Jason - Don't Give Up On Me Lyrics

I don't go to church enough
I curse out loud, I drink too much
I'm more of a sinner than a saint

Got a dusty Bible on my shelf
I just pick it up when I need help
Lord knows there's a lot I need to change
And I want to, baby, you make me want to

You tie the knot
When I'm at the end of my rope
You never stop believin' in me
When I don't know who I am
Or what I'm supposed to be
I don't give you no good reason
But baby, don't give up on me

I've smoked my last cigarette
At least a hundred times I bet
I guess I'll just keep quittin' til' it sticks

But for all the things I've failed to do
I've never failed at lovin' you
We both know I can't grant your every wish
But I want to, baby, you make me want to

You tie the knot
When I'm at the end of my rope
You never stop believin' in me
When I don't know who I am
Or what I'm supposed to be
I don't give you no good reason
But baby, don't give up on me

You tie the knot
When I'm at the end of my rope
You never stop believin' in me
When I don't know who I am
Or what I'm supposed to be
I don't give you no good reason
But baby, don't give up on me

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Aldean, Jason Don't Give Up On Me Comments
  1. Wendy Sue

    I lost everything the one person that made me feel beautiful and happy when you left me my happiness left and I can’t get it back I cry everyday I’m so lost inside I had know contact I lost everything that matter to meyou knew everything about me and now it’s hurting me you giving it to her....

  2. Wendy Sue

    I’m falling apart over a year and I can’t get over you fuk I so needy I can’t move on like you did what suck I can’t even hear from you to know what I did I really thought you loved me and wanted what you given to her ... fuck I’m being a big fat baby it killing me I’m a mess brrrr 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. sh Sh

    Hey won't you send me a number on messenger so I can get ahold of you please

  4. Alanna Huppie

    I love you Cameron Huppie

  5. MJ clavero

    we share alot of straggle but still we are together I just wish is don't give up on me.

  6. Dakota Jeffries

    Abby Metzger
    I wish you wouldn't give up on me I've done a lot for you because I love you but I know you don't feel the same but I won't give up on you because I just know we are meant to be together
    I love you Abby Metzger

  7. kenny plooster

    this is for someone special in my life and I hope she's listening to it right now

  8. Cray Hall

    now.i see. u have a new man. more important then your two yeaeold . wow

  9. Kyla Creel

    I wish he could read this comment. I miss you and still love you. I wish he wouldn't have gave up. Things happened that shouldn't. I still love you Casey

  10. Morgan Harris


  11. Olivia Santillan

    I love you!

  12. reden mendoza

    love country 

  13. jody friday

    love this song baby I love you

  14. Amie Elwood

    But for all the things I failed to do, I never failed at lovin' you, we both know I can't grant your every wish. 

  15. Angelica Lopez

    Great song. Exactly what I'm through right now

  16. Robin Tharp

    my story...

  17. Kathryn Philbert

    Good ass song

  18. Jessica Nevel

    I miss you

  19. Sandra Flores

    its better to keep a frienship than losing all the memories!

  20. Jimmy Colvin

    I should o never stopped trying or forgetting since that day.....i always try to replace everything i could to not feel the pain of you not in my life!!!

  21. jodi jones

    I love you TMB, I will never lose hope or faith. You've held on this long, dont give up on me now. I need you so much. E,E, & E!!!! "BB"

  22. Kenzie K

    I wish you would've never gave on me. /:

  23. Liza Viernes

    I never give up on you baby I love you!

  24. Shazreen Shah

    i really wish she could just stay and didnt give up on me.. ive tried everything. i miss her a lot.

  25. nichole Roberts

    I will never give up on you Chad!!.. I love u :)

  26. SarahNicole1398

    Makes me think of my boy, bits and pieces could be each of us. I just pray he won't ever give up on me, cuz I won't give up on him3

  27. graysnowball

    My boyfriend sent this to me after a big fight.

  28. mbriz24

    You cant be friends with someone you love. I know that from experience.

  29. scastillo0707

    I love my husband so much we have our ups and downs like ever marriage I just hope he don't give up on our marriage or our you baby

  30. Courtney Norris

    Awwwww thanks hun i love you to and i will never give up im here to stay i will always be here no matter what happens i promise

  31. zach proud

    you should feel lucky. me and my ex fiance were together for over seven months. she did me wrong, i forgave her, the one time i messed up, she broke up with me on valentines day. i still love her more than anything

  32. Bre Angell

    This song means the world to me! Me & My man have been together for a while & I've always said I'm going to change & change my "habbits" but it never worked. I've said i a million times, but I tell him one thing I will always say a million times & mean it is I love you. He's always believed in me & he has never gave up on me! I've askd him over & over not to give up on me & he's still by my side today!(:

  33. Maddison Mayfield

    Babe, I know we are fighting but we can get thru this! <3

  34. Maddison Mayfield

    My boyfriend said this is all our song, I love you so much babe. I'm never gonna give up on you. <3. You are my everything. (:

  35. April Mattingly

    For you DRS!

  36. robin peryea

    do not put yourself down give love another chance

  37. Viviham

    Why couldn't I just be okay with friendship. I hate being as dumb as I am. I should've just said sorry... :/

  38. Kaleigh Sanders

    this is me and my brothers song... he has always been there for me, he is a year younger than me but he is like my older brother in every single way possible, he has helped me through so much and i will always do the same for him. nobody will ever understand how close me and my brother are, he knows me better than anyone else and that will never change. i will always have your back shawn! i love you bro!

  39. Austin Lane

    country music always talks about the same thing....

  40. smiley faces

    1-15-12 nevr givn up! Ur mi evrythng! Idk wat i wld do with out u! Cnt imagine life without ya! Bn hard last couple of days:'/ luv u bunches!!:) c.m.k.d

  41. tanker sullivan

    I Love You Salli Stevens

  42. Eliot Mykal

    My girlfriend...dedicated this to me....I'd be crying if my parents weren't in the room...

  43. smiley faces

    ig he is gonna giv up.......:"(

  44. soccerchick9841

    I won't ever STOP give up on you I love you so much(:

  45. smiley faces

    mi bf tld me he thot ab shooting himself, mi heart jst sank whn he said tht, idk wat id do without him :( plz dnt evr giv up ♥

  46. smiley faces

    plz dnt evr giv up on urslf or me! :( plz. i love u nd u r mi hole life...i dnt know wat id do with out u! ♥

  47. smiley faces

    omg, i totally agree!

  48. Yvonne Sosa

    I want to dedicate this song to my love sandra Ortega I love you babe

  49. amandalovesyouify

    When your boyfriend sends this to you . <3

  50. Nia Faulkner

    i love this sooooooong xx

  51. Mia Brianne

    This is mine and my boyfriends song, we've been through ups and downs, but in the end we love each other, and he lives so far away.. i get to see him every now and then.. I LOVE YOU ANDREW...<3

  52. elly orwa

    huhuhuhu...anytime i hear this song i miss my ex-*sarah...ooops!!

  53. KillingJokes97

    Please, just don't give up! <3

  54. halmarkwander

    I Love you, Katie Downey. <3333e

  55. Trevor Aquino

    don't give up on me, babe<3

  56. Trevor Aquino

    I love you, Shelby. <3

  57. Olivia McInerney

    i wish he wouldn't of givin up on me....

  58. tyler mullins

    Your my favorite singer

  59. Caitlyn Force

    Ill never give up <3

  60. zekerzmom

    made as my ringback tone so u mite listen to it when you finally call, i hope you get the real message :"(

  61. Avril Miller

    ill never give up on you baby <333 your my all my everythin i love you Kristopher <333

  62. Avril Miller

    i feel you on that one <3

  63. randy lee

    i dedicate this song to luz merino i <3 you

  64. ponibratz2

    you are my god.

  65. Kelsey Morgan

    i think love cant happen in just 12 days. but u will find the right person for u im sure!!!!!!!

  66. Kelsey Morgan

    i think thats great, maybe to young for a kid but its ur choice not mine... if ur happy with her then, i wish u both the best!!!!!!!

  67. Kelly Elizabeth Murray

    Jason Aldean is so amazing. I love his music. He has a beautiful voice. One of my favorite singers by far. <3

  68. Cc Wood

    like if you disagree with the 28 dislikes !!~~

  69. misty lindley

    This has a lot of meenin to it and is why i love is song

  70. Jason Flanigan

    back in november i was ready to giv u indie when papaw died but then this girl came in o lifelooked me n th eyes and said you ma give up bu ill never give up on you and now im preaching in church and still with that girl and our 8 onth are friday i lov you baby girl and country 99.9% of the songs are about me and my life i swear

  71. Sheila Holbrook

    Please, I haven't given up on you.

  72. Adriano Salgado costa

    YES YES YES and YES!
    Thats way America its just the greatest country in this whole planet!
    Also,behind our ears listenning country songs through the radio,there is always a great man ready to share love with his wife,kids and family!
    Please respect our freedom!
    God bless America.

  73. Lauren Hovermale

    i think he just gave up on me :'(

  74. Lakota Junker

    My computer won't let me like it...But. Like!

  75. Kelly Leishear

    Baby dont give up on me <3 I love youu Jason Aldean ! :D

  76. Heather Johnson

    You gave up b4 we really had a chance, That's not fair...But what is?

  77. nichole martin

    Yes it was cuz u don't post sumthin and say Fuck everyone tht likes contry,,,Cuz I'm contry and if u dont like it go to hell bitch anit nobody talkin to ur bitch ass anyone is ur name um lets c bobjenkins6969,,,No exactly so shut the fuck up and mind ur own bizz

  78. xMonroe_Hoex

    ummmm was all that necissary??? no need to curse at the man. Geez.

  79. nichole martin

    Ok for one f*ck u and F*ck whatever u lisen to Contry is really nice and most ppl can relate to it very well and ur just hatin cuz u cant relate the peice if sh!t music u lisen to so go f*ck urself and go to church sumtime u know it might help a lil bit we contry ppl put ur food on ur table so be very thankful contry ppl and contry is here u ok thx bye

  80. Ervina2010

    trey songs heart attack

  81. onedyaho

    exactly where im at... shes everything to me....

  82. Adrieanne Dowdy

    i agree im only 14 and my 15 year old pregnat girlfriend is everything ive ever asked for....weve been together for a year and a month and 4 days....but yet it feels like forever...the first time i ever laid eyes on her i was speechless i couldnt explain how i felt about her and i still parents dont like the fact in with her but i hide it bc idc what they think i love her and her baby already and she still has another parents may be able to control my life but not my love

  83. Makayla Herron

    my young love lasted for 12 days and then my boyfriend broke up with me :(

  84. Kelsey Morgan

    this is me and my boyfriends song...weve not been together long but i already know hes someone special we deffinalty have seen the ends of each others rope, but it never fases us, i believe young love CAN last!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Lizaaaaay


  86. Brittany Withem

    Alcohol doesnt solve everything!

  87. amy ates

    i hope jason gets some kind of award at tyhe CMT music awards!!!!...i think he deserves it a lot!!!

  88. Monica Gentry

    @bobjenkins6969 You need help you don't know how to live if ya' don't listen to good ole country music ! So don't insult us smart people if ya' ain't got no good taste in music .

  89. Courtney Baker

    agree so much...

  90. K1026

    He gave up on me...and yet I still can't give up on him...

  91. Sydney


  92. Sydney

    THAT SO SWEET !!!!!!!!!!:)

  93. Josh Stucky

    This song tells exactly where I am right now. I had an amazing girl, but I screwed up and lost her. I'm fighting everyday to get her back. She's the only person whose ever accepted me for me. Everyday I'm with her, or around her I fall deeper in love with her. I love you baby, please don't give up on me :''(

  94. Brook C

    I started dating a soldier a long time ago, and when we first started dating he posted this song to my facebook wall. I will always love this song now.. :) <3

  95. themaddi2013


  96. Tayli Jeffers

    I put that as my status on fb... just to let ya kno:) lol i agree 1000000%