Aldean, Jason - Camouflage Hat Lyrics

You can find 'em 'bout sundown Friday
Coming out of them fields for the highway
First stop, Texaco, fill a cooler full of cold beer
Paycheck sitting on the console
Got get it in the bank 'fore the doors close
Call your boys, get your girl
Time to throw it in another gear

Here they come rolling down Main Street
A country song spinning on a CD
Small town looking for a good time
Raise a little hell and a drink at the county line
Muddy boots, muddy tires
Wrap your baby in your jacket by the fire
Yeah, the girls 'round here, they got it bad
For good old boys in a camouflage hat

Country girls know how to love
And how to pretty up a pickup truck
Falling for a rolled-up flannel under tailgate stars
And country boys, they hold 'em tight
Best believe they're gonna treat 'em right
'Cause they'll be dealing with a daddy if they break their hearts

Yeah, here they come rolling down Main Street
A country song spinning on a CD
Small town looking for a good time
Raise a little hell and a drink at the county line
Muddy boots, muddy tires
Wrap your baby in your jacket by the fire
Yeah, the girls 'round here, they got it bad
For good old boys in a camouflage

Lay it on the seat
Up on the dashboard
Let her put it on
And you'll never get it back, boy

That camouflage hat

Yeah, here they come rolling down Main Street
A country song spinning on a CD
Small town looking for a good time
Raise a little hell and a drink at the county line
Muddy boots, muddy tires
Wrap your baby in your jacket by the fire
Yeah, the girls 'round here, they got it bad
For good old boys in a camouflage hat

Yeah, camouflage hat
Yeah, camouflage hat

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Aldean, Jason Camouflage Hat Comments
  1. Emma Hambidge

    I absolutely love Jason's music, I've been listening to his music since day 1. His music is my escape from life from having a bad day or whatever the case may be his music makes everything better.....Love you Jason!!!

  2. Terrence Aulis

    Right on track bud heart and feelin straight no shit.

  3. Scott Lipe

    He is about 1 more album away from coming out the closet..

  4. Brian Buffington

    You the man

  5. Connie Presley

    I other thing that I Hear ?? A Southern Sound In The Singers Voice!!!! Its` Great Song with that Steel

  6. Connie Presley

    This is my favorite song from the new Number Nine" Album its` got all the cool sounds an pickup`s of the melody" with Great Lyrics love it

  7. Linda Seibert

    The more I listen to Camouflage Hat the it's becoming one of my favorites a great uplifting song

  8. Andrea McDaniel

    Wow sounds like my life lol

  9. Sorin Morgin

    This new album reminds me of 2009 and being 13 years old and the very dark green leafs but it’s 2019 and Ben a decade now and this summer had dark green leafs so feeling like at home 🤗

  10. XD mellon

    Ich bin begeistert ,gutes musik Video

  11. Marie Crone

    Great music!

  12. Sylvia Jean

    #1Hit Jason ♠Aldean♠😆👍⭐by Sylvia Jean Lane 🐞💋💝🇺🇸💯😆👍⭐💯♠♠

  13. Ms_Michelle 67

    Really like this song Jase!! Good job!!! You just can’t produce any bad songs can’t wait for the album too be released!! Will add it too my collection!!! Love you and your music

  14. Dustin Lynch

    Love it man

  15. Fidel Ekyamba

    He’s a good singer but he’s racist

  16. Clayton Lowery

    This song makes me want a gf because I don’t have one

    Prescott Holland

    Clayton Lowery 😂

  17. K Perfect

    Jason’s music is the best he is awesome

  18. Mary Hoffman

    Love ❤️ Jason Alden’s music!! My favorite singer!!

  19. Kaden Poe

    Is your album out yet

  20. Schlene Allen

    The best

  21. Mason Peters

    Camoflauge IS a color!

    #Wisconsin #Kwiktrip

  22. angela bowen

    Love his song's

  23. Kyle Dursteler

    "here they come Rollin down main Street" absolute perfection!

  24. Brian M

    For someone who listens to every musical note in a song along with the words, I love the steel guitar incorporated in this song. Gives it an actual country music feel which is getting harder to find.

  25. Kane Etsate

    I have a "Jason Aldean" tattoo! Loved his music from day 1!!

  26. CjDaBoss 247

    Love the song

  27. Connie Presley

    Ok I m going be mad if The Dick Clark Award was a way to keep JASON ALDEANS name from these CMA award shows that are coming

  28. Connie Presley

    I love this new song

  29. zack Compton

    I wish this CD would hurry up and come out

  30. Christopher Manley

    Love it hit the nail on the head and would Love to see you in my town bowlinggreen KY Kentucky out of the new singers your the Be

  31. brandon anderson

    Jason, keep making this sht til you're 90.

  32. Andrew Damon

    Who’s listening while wearing a camo hat ?

    Adam Ayrapetian

    Amen bro

  33. hunter christian

    My fave so far. Jason really CANT make a bad song.

  34. Alexis Gore

    All I’m missing is my country king

  35. Deanna Laprad

    Very true words, for this country girl. Another beautiful song. This man is one of a kind. Keep them coming Jason. 🕇❤🕇

  36. dj pafford

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Charles Mantooth

    great song

  38. Chitwncubsfangrl

    Good morning love🌹

  39. Cypress1840

    This sucks sorry to be honest but it's the truth. If you claim to like it you obviously dont like country music

  40. Tina Bolt

    ONLY JASON ❤🎸🎶🎶🎸❤

  41. Natalia Stornello

    This is surely an interesting song. Nothing I’ve ever heard from him before

  42. Jessy Linden

    rollin down main street

  43. Joshua F

    Slow, simple truth

  44. Trevor Rickard

    Heck yea!!!!!🤘🏼

  45. Tammie Harper

    Just listening music.

  46. Tammy Powell


    Cletus Snow

    What’s not real can’t come back

    Joe Copa

    Lets hope so.


    I love jason aldean I been is biggest fan since my dad introduced me to him at a concert I was 5 years old when i met him and now 28 and still his biggest fan love you man keep up the bad ass songs see you when you come back in to texas

  48. Cody Pippin

    Same ol mainstream

  49. forzahellrizing

    I treat my girlfriend with the most respect in the world I tell her I love her every day and I’m a country boy to

  50. All-America Trucks

    I’m posting DAILY Truck Compilations 🔥

  51. Keith Wiley

    That's why I love dirt roads

  52. Luke Van Wingerden

    If this doesn’t describe small town America life as a teen I don’t know what does, keep it real JA 🤟

  53. Schabell Gaming

    i love this song

  54. Sunshine 78

    His music all has the same time with the music , his songs are great thou ! Any one with me ?

  55. Virginia Feagle

    Love this song!!!

  56. Mama Know

    There's 73 that need their daddys to kick their ass

  57. Phoenix Rising

    Love this

  58. Doggo The Doggo

    Love this

  59. carrie white

    Good song

  60. Becky Webb

    Beautiful voice ❤

  61. kp ps

    Sounds like a my kind of long as he's from Georgia..

    Mark Hagler

    Born and raised from Ga ,we are the best at it no doubt.

    Tony Merritt

    @Mark Hagler I call bs you ain't been to NC I don't reckon. Y'all think y'all deep souf I crazy come up here and you'll see thats why every fuckin body from all corners of the nation move her is because of the hospitatly and chivalry or are U fimilar with chivalry? 😆 Ja and js

    Braden Green

    kp ps Jason aldean already has a wife you can’t be with him 😡

  62. Melinda Burroughs

    Great song

  63. Roger1 333

    Soon as this new CD comes out im throwin it in the semi with the other 8. Was a fan ever since "hick town". Dont forget the fans out here in NS Canada!!

  64. Pam Jefferson


  65. K1CGT

    Come to the UK Jason, one of a few acts I’d love to see over here 👌

  66. Jamie Lukens

    This is my entire life wow 👏🦌🏹🇺🇸

  67. Happiness

    Great Song

  68. Nick Burke

    This may be his BEST song EVER!!!!

  69. George King

    Here before 1M

  70. Dylan Schutt

    wow very nice song

  71. Victor Aldaba

    🎶🎶🎶Let her put it on and you'll never get it back boy🎶🎶🎶#facts

  72. Dude Perfect FAN #1

    Good song man lov'n it! Also I love all ur music ur my favorite music artist man,keep the good work up and stay AWESOME!!!

  73. Julie Glenn

    Love this Jason!!!Camoflauge Hats🔥

  74. Bob


  75. Redneck USA

    Ha. The girls in my small town go after boys who are fake country boys with their gay ass rap

  76. Jessica Lutz


  77. Keelan Miles

    A very predictable song and it sounds like another song from someone else within the last 5 years. I am sure this will climb the charts and drag the other good songs down.

    Ron Krumviede

    I'm free v be in bb bb bb b

    Ron Krumviede

    I am telling you right now. IAM furious mad right now. You pissed me off earlier. And just fucking now I broke my fucking phone. I don't know what's going on in my fucking world but IAM gonna tell ya. IAM not fucking happy you fucking call me and bitch at me. Then you don't talk to me.. I suggest you figure it out.. you are fucking with my head.. i not gonna say it. But you know just as well as I do how I feel about you. Fuck I just went the fuck off over here and broke my mother fucking phone. I don't know what to say.

    Keelan Miles

    If you broke your phone over me saying the song is predictable you may want to seek some professional help.

  78. Tiff Clemons

    Good ol boys in a cammaflouge hat...missing my good ol boy

  79. Blast From the Past Auto Appraisal Service

    His music relates to all of us

  80. teresa taylor

    Awesome song, love the beat of it.🌹

  81. Lee Kirk

    Good song & even better lyric video
    Simple easy to read & to follow
    Some people try to do too much & you either can’t read it because it’s too busy or goes by too fast

  82. Christopher I Wolf

    Wish he would return back to his roots. I used to love aldean but he's really starting to lose me. They don't know was his last decent album but for me after night train his career has become more towards bro country

  83. Xl KINGJOEY Xl

    CMA winner no doubt

  84. dan

    Sounds Awesome 😁👍 🎤🎸🎵 Awesome song‼️🤠👍

  85. Kyle Dunn

    My favourite song released today 25/10/2019

  86. JLynn Harris

    You know if Jason has some tiyahs and fiyahs with a drank it’s gon be LIT 💯🔥❤️🍻💆🏼‍♀️

  87. Nico Roz

    Just like fine wine, he’s getting better with age 😁

    Tiff Clemons

    I need u

    Tyler Mesco

    He was better when he wrote his own music

  88. Sebastian Woodard

    This is one of my most favorite songs from Jason. Amazing

  89. Bryan Allen

    This is every stereotype country song BUT I LIKE IT!!!!

  90. Cameron Mallin

    Same old fuckin song over and over again do you think I'm some kinda fool?

  91. Deena Carroll


  92. Jean Wrenn

    This is a good depiction of country girls and country boys...and yes Daddy's waiting for you

  93. Curtis Stole

    Small town iowa explained in a song. I'm damn proud to be from the midwest.

  94. old guy

    This country seems to be headed for trouble, but Good Ol Boys with camouflage hats are going to save it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Austin Ford

    Seems like Jason had a point where he was trying to reach the younger generation of millennials and then all the sudden decided he was goin back to his roots. Proud of you Aldean. Keep on keepin on and makin some genuine country music. Much love

    Tyler Morgan

    He doesn't make the music.

    Austin Ford

    He doesn't write the music by himself but he does play a role in what he does and does not wanna sing.

  96. tara Lee


  97. TheDigitalNdn

    They must be running out of things to write about. Camouflage hat. Okay.

    Michael DiDonato

    I wasn't sure at first but after listening a few times it caught on.

    Woll M

    JA is legit

  98. S1KE

    This is gonna be my new favorite album.

  99. Andrew Hicks

    Love this song i am a fan