Aldean, Jason - Any Ol' Barstool Lyrics

I guess you heard I was pedal to the metal on a downhill slide
Girl, you know those rumors get to flyin' in a town this size
No, I didn't feel a thing when you threw that ring and slammed the door
If you wanna know the truth you gotta go straight to the source

Ask any ol' barstool in this town
Ask my new found party crowd
Sure I take more Jack in my coke now
A little more high in my smoke now
Sure I stay 'til they're all long gone
And I take the long way home
But I ain't sittin' 'round
Tryin' to drown the thought of you
Ask any ol' barstool

I can finally stretch out in our king size bed if I make it that far
But fillin' in all these blanks you left isn't all that hard
No, I ain't wonderin' where you been or who you been with
I guess you didn't hurt me half as bad as you think you did

Ask any ol' barstool in this town
Ask my new found party crowd
Sure I take more Jack in my coke now
A little more high in my smoke now
Sure I stay 'til they're all long gone
And I take the long way home
But I ain't sittin' 'round
Tryin' to drown the thought of you
Ask any ol' barstool

Yeah, you think I'm down and out, hidin' out, hell-bent crazy
But that ain't me, baby

Ask any ol' barstool in this town
Ask my new found party crowd
Sure I take more Jack in my coke now
But I'm a long way from broke down
Sure I stay 'til they're all long gone
And I take the long way home
But I ain't sittin' 'round
Tryin' to drown the thought of you
Ask any ol' barstool
Ask any ol' barstool

I guess you heard I was pedal to the metal on a downhill slide

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Aldean, Jason Any Ol' Barstool Comments
  1. purplejuice88

    Damn the ending

  2. Eric Warner

    True story

  3. Allen Friedrichs

    Josh Thompson writes some great songs.

  4. Cheri' BlackBirdTwox2

    Damn, this is so true to life.

  5. Out_ _ _

    great song, who was the cast in this playing the actual story line of this song? anyone know

  6. Hannah Warriner

    What's Jason Aldean's Favorite Pokèmon Character?!

  7. Nadia Briseno

    Wassup Miss Old COUNTRY

  8. Merry Christmas from Aidan Reinker

    "ANy 'Ol Barstool" in the description. LOL. "ANy"

  9. Madison Rogers

    would you like to be my friend

    Chad Reeve

    Sure what up buddy

    Elvis Presley

    Is 3 a crowd or can't never have enough friends?

  10. Max Mullins

    pretty sure i'd just make it to the couch....

  11. AUBrey caro

    Who's rocking with this hit😊

  12. Anthony Barrett

    When my ex broke up with me. The song got me through some really tough times. Thank God I see now that it was a blessing.

    Karen Quave

    Yes!!! I can relate. My divorce was the best damn thing that has ever happened to me!!!

    Andrew Jensen

    This song speaks to me

    Andrew Jensen

    When my wife left this song kept me going kept me on the right path

  13. PBS Funding Addict

    This is my favorite Jason Aldean song ever!

  14. Quinton Bailey

    What shitty friends

  15. Ray Chandler

    I like the girl from the bar better.

  16. Martin Brady

    Song blows. The video is worse. Who are those people supposed to represent?

  17. William Allman

    This is the tune that was playing when the crazy fuck shot up Vegas a few years ago

  18. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin If You Want To Know Why You Broke My Heart Ask Any Ol' Barstool In This Town

  19. Daniel Wilson

    Makes a lot of sense.
    Couple falls in love.
    All new and shiny turns to comfort and secure.
    But..... seems one or the other so often mistakens that comfort with bordom.

  20. Chris Luna

    I'm American-Mexican. 100% Texan! GOD IS GREAT! GOD BLESS U.S.A!

  21. Cody Levinson

    Why is Adam Levine moonlighting as a Bartender?

  22. Benny Draco

    Did he loose both of them?

  23. Soviet Doge

    2019 anyone?

  24. XxRICH777xX

    Ugh girls huh jason. Smh

  25. Happiness

    Ask any old bar stool

  26. Camo and Gunner


  27. Teresa Lane

    Me and my boyfriend broke up and I played this song

    Jack Reacher

    No you're fucking someone else

  28. Ryan Cole

    See ya to tonight.

  29. tuff 701

    He sucks......

  30. Robbie Stewart

    Melody Williamson Since You Broke My Heart Ask Any Ol Barstool In Honey Grove How I'm Doin

  31. TheLegitLife

    Like This Or heart this if jason or one of his directors read this

  32. TheLegitLife

    Probably My Favorite Song Ever!

  33. elizabethannmarsha lopez

    man he can sing

  34. Leo de la muerte


  35. Dave Stinnett

    U Fucked Up,Dude!!!!

  36. Derick Smith

    This was the last song that beautiful country crowd heard in Las Vegas before the massacre 1 October 2017. God bless those lost souls that night!

  37. JoeBond209

    How are there 158 comments

  38. Coach

    Yeah I'd chase after that second girl in the little dress... Nothing but the dog in me. Ha!

  39. Hanna Fogg

    Deacon home Deacon meeting ampm

  40. Kassidee Whelan

    I still love this old song ya guys

  41. Beth Edwards

    This is a good'en

  42. Kassidee Whelan


  43. andrea martinez

    I love how there’s always love for the Ganja in your artistry! LOVE YOU Jay!


    i have to say that i haven' t liked a lot of your music lately..but i loved sounds like the country i was used to...thanks

  45. Ryan Elbers

    Reminds me of Deadwood, SD.

  46. Sonp Y.

    loved this

  47. Jamee Mincks

    My boyfriend in my head

  48. Adrian

    So in the end he's actually pretty crushed about her.

  49. Chitos The bear

    Everyone, go straight to the source. Social media can twist things very easily. Got an issue with someone? Open the dialogue with the one you have an issue with to help clarify the situation. Also, choose your friends wisely.

  50. Dave Stinnett

    Don't Bite Off More Then You Can Chew!!!!!

  51. Catherine Todd

    Drugs and alcohol aren't great for keeping relationships alive. They drown them.

  52. Catherine Todd

    Wish Aldean would order a plain coke - with nothing else - at the bar so he wouldn't look so bloated and aging too fast. He's a good singer; hope he sticks around a long time.

    Lee Taylore

    Do you work with A.A, or what. It's a song . Do you think he lives what he sings

  53. Linda Fort

    Still sounds GOOD to me.

  54. Adrian Garibaldo

    These comments are all over the place, holy damn lmao

  55. Tommy Miller

    Dope if u dont like it listen 2ur hand

  56. RockNroll Forever

    If you have one girl and cheat on her with another and even a third, and these girls find out, you won’t have any girls, be carful how you have relationships with girls, the end could be devastating. I’m just saying.

  57. Jeremy Glen Castle
    My Favorite Memory

  58. Colt Taylor

    keep them coming.

  59. Savage bye

    My favorite song💙

  60. Greg Glover

    I like the video

  61. Johnny Dominguez

    Ask any of barstool!!

  62. Johnny Dominguez

    Hell yeah!!

  63. Rachel Pulido

    Love country music everyone makes fun of me cause im born and raised in the city and the music i grew up listening too is completelty different

  64. hillbilly redneck

    Jason Alden come to wenatchee please

  65. Aquaplum •

    Should i wish for a miracle

  66. jake williams

    This dude is the best artist in 25 year's ,, he turned country music around to where it's cool to listen to in my truck on the radio with a awesome woman , great job bro thanks

  67. Mario Emanuel Perez

    the story on this video make no sense towards the end !!!

    Brian Bisdorf

    Was thinking the same

  68. halley Wooley

    Love this song so much 💕♥️

  69. Raymond Ybarra

    This song needs a part two

  70. Johnny Ray

    Enough calender s have past it would be so I stayed away but your memories didn't..I'm still alive..

  71. Aubrey Sims

    God is working in my life through others...aubrey

  72. Sylvia Jean

    This day is special Happy birthday ♠ Jason ♠ Aldean by Gina 💋🌹🌹🌹🎂🎁🍷🍾

  73. Dino Goncalves

    Amazing 😉 song my love bro 🎸

  74. The Fall

    Man, he's been eating well.

  75. James Russell

    It's not outlaw stuff, but still a great song. Put it on my playlist.

  76. Charlie Baker

    Hey Jason you get rid of your GUN S ?


    Charlie Baker why would he? He supports the 2nd amendment!

    619 lopez

    Go to venezuela they got rid of they're guns just perfectly you'll love it there :)

  77. Linda's place

    Love this song!RIP Chris you are always in my heart ❤

  78. Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta

    Funny this was made very early 2017 and is just now uploaded.

  79. Veronica Izaguirre

    He sure does have it cover 🤷🏻‍♀️

  80. WAYNE O


  81. Alpha Mega

    This will always be 🔥! #askanyolbarstool

  82. 818_Sega

    Still have no idea what the guy did wrong

    LaFlama Blanca

    818_Sega we never do

    jaclyn farrell

    Listen to the lyrics she did something

    jaclyn farrell

    He says I don’t have to be wondering where she been or who she was with

  83. Man slaver

    good good song

  84. Joshua Phillips

    Any ol barstool

  85. jaclyn farrell

    I love everything Jason writes and sings! Chills throughout. I feel it!❤️❤️

    Jean Cary

    Any Ol' BarstoolComposers
    Josh Thompson

    Deric Ruttan
    Jason Aldean does not write most of his songs.

    jaclyn farrell

    Well I love who writes it and when Jason sings it!

  86. John D Blake

    coo coo..

  87. Sherry Trenner

    Yep.. I got it covered lol

  88. Russell,C Hammer

    every sung he does matches my life Perfectly. jason for presedent


    I know you mean song not sung

  89. Nate Nelson

    How does this not have 300 million views?

  90. Drag Outlaws Memphis

    Jason Alden music is so awesome 😎

  91. Dee Harris

    I'm here and I like this song.

  92. James Skogman

    I guess you heard I was peddle to the metal on a down hill slide...

    Johnathan Lyles

    We all get there

  93. Billy Fish

    Deuces beech!!

  94. Deborah Moulin

    Love you Jason and Blake you're both awesome your the only to I listen to 💓💓💓💓