Alchemist, The - W.Y.G.D.T.N.S. Lyrics

[Schoolboy Q:]
Ugh, yo, yo
"But Q, when you gonna drop that new shit?"
Oh, just let it rock, ugh
Tryna figure out, mayne
How you wake up and not be a fuckin' player? Y'er'mean?
Woke up, didn't even brush my teeth, it's the motion, nigga
Went to the garage, said, "Eenie-miney-mo"
Opened the garage
Jumped in that bitch, started it
Put that bitch in reverse, ugh!
Forgot to close the gate and I forgot to drop the motherfuckin' top, hang on
You feel me?
Hit the freeway, I'm doin', like, 80
Nappy ass hair blowin' in the wind, chin hairs blowin' in the wind
And all of a sudden... ay, yo hang on
My nigga Alchemist slid through the AC vent
Haha, yeah
Nigga, slid through the AC vent with the seatbelt already on
I love this nigga, man, hang on
Ayy, but when you gonna drop that new shit?
Nigga hit me up like, "'Member that shit, Alc'?"
Niggas like:

"Q! When you gonna drop that new shit?"
Guess what, nigga? I dropped this!
Between my life, my fame, my body, my daughter
Be happy, I'm focused
Stay on that flight like tourists
Runnin' them lights, no purist
Me and this hood here furious, oh
"But when you gonna drop that new shit?"
Come on, my nigga
You see what I'm doing here take time
Could've came with the same rhymes
Flipping that same bitch, whipping that same brick
Stand on that same block, ugh
Screaming them same "YAWK! "s
Get a feature from K.Dot
Put me under that same box, too talented for it
The rings, the chains, the Porsche
Credibly crippin', the first to do it
The bridge, the verse, the chorus, owh
"But when you gon' drop that new shit?"
Stop it, lil' nigga, I does this
Sensei in these studio dungeons
Two years, lost four of my cousins
Three to the bullet and one to the liquor they gave us
But tell me this weed is scented
Shout out my life for living
Sold me them lies on Christmas
Told me I live in Los Angeles
But need a green card for Latins
So-called "terrorists" attacking
And Trump could actually happen
Damn, hang on

"But Q, when you gonna drop that new shit?"
I'm done with your stupid ass, cuh
I hate your voice too
Get away from me, cuh
You ain't even hear what the fuck I'm saying, my nigga
Niggas... Niggas been waiting something...
Been waiting for something since 2012
You niggas so stupid, I already dropped...
Get two of them thangs
(Drop that new shit)

Niggas always talkin' bout this ol' pimping shit right here
I'm the one that they gon let the record reflect, y'er'mean?
Motherfuckers always asking me "What's up with Q?"
Man I don't know what's up with that African, y'er'mean?
That's just my partner, y'er'mean? Shit...
Always asking me "When he gonna drop something?"
"When he gonna do another video?"
Quit asking me all that shit, goddamn!
I'm doing me, let the record reflect
Right? Y'er'mean?
Always speaking on me! "Ohh, what's up with that nigga"
Don't worry 'bout it, bitch!

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Alchemist, The W.Y.G.D.T.N.S. Comments
  1. Jared Greenwald

    When you realize the rapping actually starts at 0:18

    ..Google prose

  2. Bob John

    This shit right here shits on trash talk. That album was very disappointing IMO

  3. Metal Fingaz

    Alchemist when u gonna drop that new shiit maneee, tell Q to keep whatever work he got

  4. weirdfeline

    man i don't know what's up with that African

  5. Hector Sosa

    Our boy ALllllll!!!!!

  6. Metal Fingaz

    No one ever:
    "Niggas been waiting on that new Q since 2012"

  7. Chuck Unseld

    But Q when you gone drop that new shit ? Guess what nikkas I drop this 🔥

  8. Apecstasy

    The amount of people in these comments that sound like they barely heard of Alchemist this year is wild! Big smh! But fuck it! Peep his older shit too!

  9. Slim Tek

    I really listen to this song everyday 😂

  10. two Five

    Great connection rip#him

  11. Tony Juarez

    What a beat fuck 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Yung Boi

    They're just talking 😂 wtf


    Verse starts 1:26

  13. Sharieff Massey


  14. Gagandeep Singh

    This fire,, but Q....what about that new shit??

  15. Metal Fingaz

    I love alchemist like foreal foreal no lie but dam fam I dont wanna break it to Q but no one was waiting for that "new shit" bruh. Aint gotta be so aggressive or annoyed to whatever fan base he has by roastin on em for askin for new shit when I completely wouldn't have ever heard any new schoolboy q voluntarily unless it was here because of Al. #QKeepTheNewShit

  16. Greg Hills

    Ohio Players

  17. FlipStar26

    Mal brought me here

  18. ConderStudios

    Ft. $MACK

  19. Altair Ibn La-Ahad

    Not gonna lie Q didnt do this beat justice

    Metal Fingaz

    Talks for the whole first half

  20. d3M801 b0iiz

    This shit groovy🌊 keep doin yo thank G🌪

  21. Haider Hasan

    Okay.. now ya'll gotta drop a project together

  22. DreDaDon__

    Q need to just make music woth Alchemist cuz Crash Talk was underwhelming

  23. Donnell Williams

    I can't wait to smoke some 🔥 to this shit

  24. Ryan Sutton

    Anyone know what he sampled!?? Or if he even did? 😭🔥

    Ryan Sutton

    @OG Based C Wizzy that's tight dawg much respect 🔥🙏

    OG Based C Wizzy

    Arjaay da ProduceR Np young OG do your thing

    SeanKeaton TheHNIC

    Same here fam. Since ive been producing ive come across so many song that i can instantly identify the sample. It's a great skill

    Ryan Sutton

    @SeanKeaton TheHNIC some people bro, I swear I'll play back to back the sample and the song with the flip and they don't hear it. I'll even point out the sounds that are similar and they can't even hear that. Not everyone is challenges just a few are gifted lol

    SeanKeaton TheHNIC

    @Ryan Sutton everyone got a talent, whether big or small, it doesn't matter. Musically, some people are in tune like that. God bless

  25. Soundwave

    Here's my instrumental remake:

  26. Edb Martinez

    Real hip hop is still alive and well. Thank you Alchemist and Q. All the people involved in this project. Al you one of the greatest no doubt! #favoriteproducer

  27. thelightsleeper

    Alchemist has been on a roll for a fucking minute. Beeeeeeeast.

  28. Phillip Curtis

    And the blue flames arise

  29. boss12

    So mellow.

  30. Xavier Rocha

    Fuckn groovy yuh

  31. stophe bongo

    smacc hilarious bro

  32. cj valverde

    Alchemist good on guitar yo

    SeanKeaton TheHNIC

    Its a sample but yeah

  33. secovamusic

    Presses play. Hears beat. Clicks “Like” after 1 second. Bit slow cos I’m baked.

  34. RED

    If you not as high as Q and Al were when they made this. Don't comment! I'm commenting!

  35. That local lad

    Anytime I see alchemist producing, that shit go straight to my likes

  36. vincent clifton

    What’s up with that nigga don’t worry about it bitchh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. J Rivas

    I get strong Setbacks vibes off of this

  38. CAVeMUG

    This sounds like som really good to listen to when I pop some pills and I'm zonin...

    Tony Juarez

    CAVeMUG what kind of pills

  39. Ez Breezy

    Sound like sumpn prodigy wooda got bizzy on

    row dub

    RIP to da God💨💨

  40. Sander

    The Alchemist, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Havoc, Erick The Architect probably my top 5, but I can think of so many more greats. Q coming ill, dope vibe. 💯❤️

  41. Doss World

    I need this instrumental ASAP

  42. Telepathic

    God damn this is fantastic.

  43. Michael Linnett

    The likes come from alch fans and school boy nut riders🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  44. carlostha_silent one

    Any more music like this let me know

  45. Loren Latino

    Q needs to stop playin & drop sum new shit

  46. FooeyMcgooey

    This song > Chance new album

  47. Doss World

    I wouldn't have minded if Q put this on CrasH Talk

    Loren Latino

    I feel like Q was forced to drop crash the way he did. Industry politics.

    Doss World

    @Loren Latino probably bro but I don't think Top Dawg would force anything on him that's why it took like 3 years to drop this one

    Loren Latino

    @Doss World Top has people he has to answer to🤔

    Loren Latino

    @Doss World He usually takes 2 yrs to drop. Add Mac & nipsey's death to the mix & u have a little longer.

  48. richard78420

    Uncle Al back at it again. Einstein of the Boom Bap. School Boy Q is the iceberg slim of rap. Cold blooded.

  49. _ LaMar

    Waste of a beat!! Should have gave it to Soul

  50. Cycle.

    This popped off where the collab album

  51. Jay Red

    Maybe the 6th video ive ever liked.

    Jay Red

    42nd* close enough. This is sick though

  52. Smok Biggarton

    My favourite pal al

  53. Illest Visionz

    Forgot to drop the motherfucking top... that’s not even apart of the verse yet that shit stands out the most to me fuck.

  54. Ryan Sutton

    Isaiah Rashad vibes for sure😂

  55. Kevin, The Cardigan

    Haven't listened yet but imma guess it's Why You Gotta Do That Nasty Shit

    Kevin, The Cardigan

    I was wrong

  56. Luisk

    Imma be mad as hell if Alchemist also produced this on an iPad.

  57. J H

    SMAC is talking his shit on this one!

  58. Brother Johnson


  59. Luis Sam

    Mixed eddie sancho.. goat engineer.
    Dj Premier quiet secret weapon throughout 90’s

    Moral: Goats follow Goats
    Alchemist: Goat Status on that Beat💯

    Loren Latino

    Thts crazy. Cuz I got preemo 1 & alc 2nd as favorite producers. Dope comment.👊

  60. Keep it real

    P smiling for his boy for still making dope beats. RIP to Infamous P

  61. Retired Knicks Fan

    Classic Q

  62. CruztyCrabs

    but for real, when you gonna drop that new shit

  63. Verbfromarizona Hip Hop/Boom Bap/Beats/FOR SALE

    beats REAL REAL JAZZY FRESH...............................peace!!!

  64. Chuck Unseld


  65. PinkFishTacos

    Alchemist is a breath of fresh air with the soul and old school flavors.

  66. Ethan Oakes

    We need this instrumental al

  67. Leunaj Satnom

    "Niggas wanted an Alchemist since I first bought, first infantry and shit."

  68. FroManPro Mene

    This to good.

  69. Stacc Sum

    Go fw my new tape im artist straight outta dallas finna take the rap game over
    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  70. Vlad Alex

    schoolboy q turning into sun kil moon right here, ain't even mad lol

    Lonzo G

    On me lol

  71. u Trip659

    Smooth ass track but why the fuck is the intro so fucking long like omg

  72. PIH90

    Here before a milli

  73. Ken M.

    This is the Q CrasH talk needed, it’s a good album, but this Q right here...🥶🔥


    This groovy q

  74. Byron Flores

    Smac at the end lol

  75. Andrea Cusanno


    Larry Fisherman

    More like the best of all time

    Bobby Williams

    I agree top 5

  76. Barry McKokiner

    Smacc on the track 😭

  77. Cratermannation

    Bro this beat! 😤 Al really the goat

  78. ayy fam

    The question tho is when are you gonna drop that new shit?

  79. ayy fam


  80. Medius Bowen

    “Sensei in these studio dungeons” 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Tre Jeffcoat

    This shit is straight steam cuzz!!! FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥



  83. Spit Fireking

    Facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. El Jeringas

    When You Gonna Drop That New Shit

  85. DonCheto323

    Dope 🔥

  86. Rytis Official

    This got dislikes?
    I should understand I got a couple dislikes on my video but Q, when you gonn drop that new shit?

  87. heroinfather

    This is Q right here, mah nigga nasty

  88. Pro Loso

    This shit is smooooooooth

  89. damon may

    Smoke one to this

  90. Jose Garcia

    My niggggggaaaaq smacccccckkkkk yuuuuurrdamean

  91. Julien ll coolj Julien ll coolj

    Yo Al what's up with these French Blends tapes

    MR J

    What's that

  92. Mayan Ruins

    Oh god this shit so fire

  93. Latin Dan

    too much COT damn talkin beat fire af tho

  94. NimSins

    Angelic production.

  95. WesBass17

    An Uncle Al. Groovy Q tape would be a volcano constant flame

  96. Justin

    drop the joint wit Conway he previewed on IG live!!!!!!

  97. lil hydrant

    you need to get 4Re$t on one!