Alchemist, The - Voodoo Lyrics

"I'm all alone, up comes this big black-and-gold death Benz, man. The windows rolled down, the inside has-"
"Russell, man?"
"Russell? You want to tell the dream, man?
"No, it's fine"
"-two of the flyest girls you ever wanna see, man..."

[Action Bronson:]
Let's go, it's voodoo
Uh, yeah it's voodoo
I am my own religion, you can wear me on your neck
I might take a shit and wipe my ass with a rap check (it's nothing)
The Captain because I lead by example
Alone smoking wax in a room full of candles
Haitian lady, poke a doll with the needle
Ayo, the bitch kind of resemble Don Cheadle
I'm like a blonde seagull, twisted roolies in my aunt's Regal
Drinking Paul Masson, watching Home Alone
Even when I mow the lawn, I always hold the chrome
Cause they come from out of nowhere, try to pull your cord
They flee off in a blue-ish Ford, put two in the door
Never ruin the raw
Run in the tunnels from the two and the four-train in broad day
You silly rabbit, rhymes are foreplay
I cop a 50-bag with short change
You can see my mom's reflection in a Sport-Range
Shit is voodoo

It's voodoo
It's voodoo
It's voodoo

It started raining out of nowhere
I let the flare off, it almost burned my fucking hair off
Science forbid, Jamaican girls be eyeing the kid
She weighed 275, she could've played the D-line
For the Bengals, we danced the Tango-Tango
I sing a jingle, now the Beamer slam like Kurt Angle
Curse out the window at a cunt that tried to cut me off
I hit her window with a fried rice and duck sauce

It's voodoo, you're doodoo
Stash the acid in the asshole of a German Poodle (They'll never find it there)
Uh, sacrifice the motherfucking chicken
It's voodoo

"Now I want you to set set up right here."
"I want you behind the garbage can."
"Where- where, man?"
Wait for my instructions."
"Do you understand me or not?!"
"No I don't, I don't!"
"What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?!"

So what I'm saying is the armored truck arrives about 7 sharp
Wear the dress and wear the wig
Light one cig then wait for my instructions
If you listen, we'll be skating through customs eating muffins
Tropical discussions, you can see your reflection up in my Duncans
Shit, I go nuts
And I'm not fat, I'm only robust
Crash the jeep into your crib until it blows up (Blows up)

Uh, till it blows up
Crash the jeep into your crib until it blows up
Motherfucker, till it blows up
It's voodoo

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Alchemist, The Voodoo Comments
  1. chosen few

    Stash the acid in the asshole of a German poodle

  2. Jive Turkey

    I know where to get the instrumental of this

    Bvnkboy Fuego

    Jive Turkey where?

    Miguel Ortiz

    My moms house

  3. Max Cedro

    sucrifice the motherfucking chicken....its voodoo!!

  4. John Alefosio

    FIYAH🔥 🔥. Been listening to this song on repeat for minute.

  5. Mako


  6. Victor Marchesin

    smoke 2 joints and listen to this

  7. Petros Kwstadinou


  8. Babu Jakosia


  9. Hardcore Crypto

    The intro dialogue is Fire

  10. Kennedy Crevoiserat

    What kind of douche do u gotta be to be the only dislike on a great song

    Kennedy Crevoiserat

    When I dont like a video i dont go back to it but to think someone was like "fuckin wow i hate this" and disliked it to feel powerful is hilarious


    Kennedy Crevoiserat  9 assholes

  11. J Hustle

    Bang bang boom bat 🔥💨smoke sumn

  12. MeMe Devereaux


  13. Mighty Healthy

    "She weigh 275, could've been a d-line."


  14. matzomaniac

    Fuck! That shit's COLD!!! Anyone know which sample he used?

  15. JMA

    I would love to see a visual for this, similar to the video for "The Symbol". Pure comedy. Also, can anyone tell me what the movie the intro/dialogue is from?

    Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    Yeah bruh that intro/dialogue is from RUN-DMC's movie "Tougher Than Leather". Jam Master Jay was explaining a dream he was having to RUN and DMC.

  16. alioune traoré

    Action Bronson is a masterpiece

  17. alioune traoré

    This Instrumental is a masterpiece.


    fuck yeah! u wouldn't happen to know the sample of this beauty?

    alioune traoré

    matzomaniac Man I have tried to find it on WhoSampled but the sample has not been registered yet. I keep on searching !


    its fits Action so well its ridiculous

    Jeremy Bear

    Touche sir, Touche...

  18. IceBorn

    What corrball dislike this?