Alchemist, The - Under Siege Lyrics

All you motherfuckers
All you bitches
All you bitch ass niggas
Can't stand all you motherfuckers

Y'all fuckin with some raw individuals
Smart criminals
Gangrene top of the pinnacle
Let it rule
Brittle you and your crew it's pitiful
I come through and burn like the sun do visible
Physical burn off ya skin
It's the critical interval between death and miracles
Miniscule is what y'all gots in options
My synopsis tells me y'all not this hotness
Ox shit
Move over here comes that bulldozer
I run niggas over pull off into the shoulder
Spine pulling they arms out of their shoulders
They commented wrong in the eyes of the beholder
Alarms off, neighborhood watchin over my shoulders
Frontline turn this vet back into a soldier
It's all over I'll break over the globe global
Then takeover with raw breaks and go postal

Tell your commissioner
City under siege

On some Steven Seagal shit
Salmonella chicken I'm kickin that raw shit
For practice so when you snack on this you get nauseous
And vomit
I fly over the city and bomb it
And parachute down with the truth and strong arm it
Like Red Dawn
Fuck around and get stepped on
The word's out, all the buttons got pressed on
It's a hostile takeover
The break's over
I'm straight soldier
Fuck up your face like a makeover
When you step into the path of the tanks, get raced over
And flattened while I still got my stereo blasting
I'm a savage
Loco, my case is basket
Way beyond the point of no return I passed it
And I stole your gadgets
So I advise you not to open the baggage
My backpack is an explosive package
C4 plastic
Closed casket
It gets drastic in the street like I'm directin traffic

Tell your commissioner
City under siege

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