Alchemist, The - Tick Tock Lyrics

Uhh yeah yeah yo
It goes Tick Tock this is for my niggas in the Bridge, blocks
Comin' through better hide your wristwatch
Because niggas well live they shits pop
Hey hey
Tick Tock this is for my hoes make your hips rock
Light a L baby let the Crys' pop
Get your Tick Tock from this hip hop, anyday

5'8" with double-X-L pen saggin' blunts draggin'
But never lived well, imagine, a felon on a two-way street
One way is where blood money coke and homicide leap
The other street opportunity the chance to live sweet
Think positive k-nowledgement k-cypher complete
So you can be an architect design appartments and shit
Or you can wind up on a jail bus dirty in clip
Soon as I'm on the set I'm never on a chick I play it cool
But still ain't pussy muscles get wet it's just the booze
Check my niggas, what's the gossip, what's the word
Puff some herb, all I see is niggas runnin', chin shots
All I heard, dip behind the car, see somebody on the ground
Ambulance came and got 'em they start calmin' down
Now it's back to the same old shit, you know, the Tarzan and Jane-o shit
In the jungle swingin' on vines, I saw the gat with the same old clip
Another nigga layin' the hit, bloodied up, scream that I'm dyin'
I be in Queens where the famous hood rats and ghetto stars are
Pimps do the shuffle at night with slutty bars pah

Tick Tock this is for my niggas in the Bridge, blocks
Comin' through better hide your wristwatch
Because niggas well live they shits popped
Hey hey
Tick Tock this is for my hoes make your hips rock
Light a L baby let the Crys' pop
Get your Tick Tock from this hip hop, anyday

It's like this nigga
It's on, toilet up for me, roll that shit big
While I reveal the story of a wild street kid
Cock your seat back, relax, while I spit
The spittin' image of how I live
Well first I was hollyin' for years by them old timer clicks
I was like twelve, they was like, blood, listen
Keep your mouth closed and your eyes and your ears wide open
Gangsta, I soaked it all in, my first ammo was a one shot
Deuce deuce, had my pockets full of bullets I was real loose
Thug parties out in wave crash always got shot up
Thug parties out in Queensbridge always got shot up
No wonder we bugged out it gets so frantic
Niggas aim on the fight, we cut yo melon
Drinkin' that old english red bull and blue bull
Mean I draggin' with that cheap shit fuck it we was broke
Little badass, my nigga Rap sat me down, like this
He said: P you gon' wind up dead
You and Hav' real good with that music shit
You need to stick to it, dunn, get your mind of the street
And it stuck in the back of my head, though
I still did my little bit of menacin'
Every now and then bang-outs in broad daylight
Like these things really happen niggas get cut up
I put it in my rappin'
It's non fiction it's the real deal fiscale
It couldn't get more graphic I'm so trail
I said it's non fiction it's the real deal fiscale
City you havin' let me touch that ass

Tick Tock this is for my niggas in the Bridge, blocks
Comin' through better hide your wristwatch
Because niggas well live they shits popped
Hey hey
Tick Tock this is for my hoes make your hips rock
Light a L baby let the Crys' pop
Get your Tick Tock from this hip hop, anyday

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Alchemist, The Tick Tock Comments
  1. kiva Bolton

    Rip..Prodigy...PEACE KING

  2. Judah Rise

    Real Hip Hop
    All this new stuff is all fairytales and demonic

  3. Dominique Curtis


  4. DonalD MagneSS

    Check in 10 chill you sucking on english sucking dick every single time you open your mouth...DeuS .. What was your made up name ...another jackson plantation andrew wasn't hard to find punk fucks my. Own blew those fuckers away . when you grow up you can hear about. Tennessee's most celibrated case stripes don't come off when i change my clothes ...mortal black babies

  5. Zayah Santana

    2019 Going on 2020 still here

  6. Fredrick Johnson

    Remembers right here 05 or 06 living in ft. Riley Kansas

  7. Gun em down Villy

    Dam I'm sitting smoking a blunt 530 in the morning thinking of old times dam where did the time go I'm 37 now

  8. South East Bobby

    Toe to Toe P wasn't rhymn he was talking to you

  9. Rose Marshall

    R. I. P. Prodigy aka bumpy Johnson love u dun

  10. Warren London

    💯Man I miss this type of Hip Hop! 😩🔥🔥🔥😢

  11. Kenneth_King’s_ Young_Bulldog_

    First you get a cot and then you get a kit thown at you but you dont get to pitch the tent cant even throw nothing look at that

  12. Emperial Fuego


  13. Apollo Fontane

    Man I bought this album because of this song. Salute ALC.

  14. Bootakoo

    È l'eclissi di pussy quando fotti con gemello

  15. bep 2

    alc, nas and vip

  16. Ole School

    This sounds like a Snoop beat

  17. Brucito Le'ez

    "Wish you were here wit us P" ✊🏽

  18. Real Flava

    In the Panchine prima te sparo e poi te miro!

  19. druha10304

    A million views loool

  20. Jocelyn freshness

    Get your tits hot lmao fuck 💋💨💨💨😝



  22. Jordan Bryant

    Ooooohh baby! Baby moving on out the door! 🎶

  23. Power100

    RIP Prodigy!

  24. K Platt Jr.

    Classic.Alchemist. Bandana P. Nas🏆💯🔥

  25. D prince87

    My shit classic 🔥🔥 🔥

  26. Jaami Lowe


  27. Shawn Stone


  28. Alex K

    Alchemist knocked this out the damn park

  29. Mike Jay

    This still is lit in 2019, Shit is raw

  30. Charles Mackatoni

    Bloody Money got me here.

    This Dope 🙏🏾

  31. Vicente Jarpa

    Que rico temita para fumar

  32. Steel Pipe

    Nas killed the hook like its nothing no wonder hes the king of New York...this is for my hoes make ya hips rock light a l baby let the criss pop...R.I.P Prodigy....

  33. Flows Current

    This beat just gives you elements of jazz, soul an Hip Hop 🏆🏆🔥🔥🌊🌊

  34. Poopie Gooden

    Crack music!!!!!

  35. Assad Muhammad

    This is what hip hop is supposed to sound like.

  36. random guy

    Forgotten Gem

  37. Jake Finesse

    this is the reason i even started making beats, the alchemist true GOAT

  38. Mark Bell

    ALC never really got his props as a producer, hes respected and heads see he earned legend status but hip hop as a culture hes not put in the same bracket as a RZa, dr dre, scott storch, timbo, preemo etc etc
    Shout outs to all the under rated great producers

    Mannie fresh, agallah, battlecat, daz dillinger, beats by the pound, red spyda, dj scratch, nottz, dj muggs, crazy toons, j dillla, black milk, bronze nazareth, j wells, havoc, dr period, lil jon, sir jinx, rockwilder, erick sermon etc etc

  39. Kalani Germono

    Max b movin on out the door

  40. KTS912

    Was this beat sampled ?

  41. Makavelli Butter

    Prodigy thought he Out Dunned Nas on this track 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jahroo Islam

    He kinda did


    Nope. Nas storytelling is one of kind

    Cash CampCapo

    MrColeman83 you wildn P tellin a story way more vivid to me than nas


    Cash CampCapo If that’s the case why did Prodigy say in interview that he couldn’t write a ether if he tried. #GameOverNigga

    Travis Neely

    It's out did so you really have no use of those emoji's when you failed correct grammar. The end

  42. TangKung

    Thanks god , Nas still alive

  43. elvacano231

    No trap garbage here

  44. darkchild00

    That's dope.

  45. Kimbo Phillips

    This Beat is so LA.

  46. Pablo Bob

    I swear, we'll be missing Prodigy till the end of time.. he was mad nice at the mic.. respect from Spain..

  47. Jay Mena

    I was like 12 they was like blood listen keep yo mouth close and yo eyes and ears wide open 👂🏼💯 R.I.P P 🙏🏼

  48. Frantz Fuller

    NaS spit tighter than frog pussy. And this beat gotdamn.
    Salute Prodigy

  49. Earl Franchise

    I'm influenced by Queensbridge hip hop. Plus that's my roots on my pops and grandparents. 41-11 baby. Alchemist is the truth. Nas and P blessed this with ill visuals Salute. #RIP Prodigy

  50. mikos 45

    Who listen in 2019


    All day my dunn

  51. CALi213

    Classic! From Alchemist 💨💨💨

  52. Stigma Awareness

    goddamn chillin!

  53. corona1candy

    2020 still ticking.

  54. FallOnItYo

    Bandana P went in on this!!!!!

  55. Alex Hernandez

    Still here for this.

  56. Kam Randall

    Been knockin this since i was 14 im 31 now shit crazy classic timeless beats/tracks

    S H

    me too!!!!

  57. JeanPaul Urbano

    Comments at 666 and this joint a big piece of 7 heaven... Peace to the God's the Earth's and the Seed's...

  58. Erick Arciniega

    Damn, la vieja escuela es otro nivel

  59. Matthew Nugent

    I got this album for my little brothers bday. He didnt know anything about this track. He almost did a backflip. I was happy that he enjoyed the present. Nothing huge but it meant a lot to both of us.

  60. Anthony Weatherspoon


  61. Deyri Ohmiii


  62. Rocky Tribouillier

    prodigy is flawless on this beat 🔥

  63. woosie 78

    the music people from hbos the entourage are genius ... vibes

  64. D prince87

    This is my shit rite here, classic

  65. Zalty

    If i ever made a track, this would be the first beat i'd every spit to, It wouldn't be no mumble bumble whack shit, it would be some nice shit. can't disrespect no producer by mumblin on they track like most emcees these days. Alchemist the true goat of beatmakin! 🙌

  66. TragicHappiness94

    Honestly the best kind of hip hop
    Respect from NC ✌️


    G SHIT :.



  69. Are 'Friends' Electric?

    Can't believe I forgot about this song. RIP Prodigy

  70. Christopher Garrett


  71. Boston Xtortion

    Prodigy Forever Thun Thun

  72. Francisco Siqueiros

    One of my favorite hidden gems Is now being highly appreciated 🙌🏽😩

  73. Rough ACID

    My dad used to play this when I was 6 and now I just found this 14 years old

  74. mr. cuddles

    Bad ass beat

  75. bep 2

    vip esco

  76. Jay Jones

    Classic beat and great lyrics, R.I.P. Prodigy always a legend

  77. Pablo Bob

    Long live the Mobb, Rest easy Dun.. Bandapa P. respect from Equatorial Guinea.

  78. bep 2

    qbs finest vip and esco

  79. أندرو لاديس

    Good but I like Schoolboy version better.

  80. fuckedupwithvita :c

    Dal due doppiozero e tre

  81. Jonathan Marable

    Please Nas make illmatic 2. Produced by Premo, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Swizz, 9th wonder, J cole, large professor , justice league, salem remi, . 9 songs again

  82. MeDallion Motion Pictures

    this another smoke'n jernt bruh!!!! original sample here

  83. bep 2

    nas vip tick tock aka time

  84. Michael davila

    Hidden gem

  85. Brice Bennett

    9th grade bumping this in my portable CD Player. I'm 28 now. R.I.P. Prodigy

  86. kayode Matthew

    This would make a good GTA track

  87. Don Visuals

    This still knock 2020

  88. Luke Lazat

    That classic Prodigy flow, unbeatable

  89. tony82122 This is where Alchemist got his chill

  90. Bingo the Pug

    Stop the video @3:45 to avoid that dumb outro soundbite

  91. Andre Caldwell


  92. thalastpoet

    For months, I would let this bump on a loop.....

    A top ten all time track. 9/23/18

  93. Leonardo Castellani


  94. Vasile Vasi

    In the panchine

  95. Lashawn Holman

    2018 going on 2019 still listening to
    This rip p

  96. Adam SUC420

    R I P P