Alchemist, The - Thru The Eyes Of Christ Lyrics

Stilettos with highlights in her hair
Tryin to get your attention as a prospect to be the next baby daddy
So the government can raise her salary again
She ain't got nutten
I quit, I quit, I quit
He said look on us
We don't have what you want
But I'm sure we got what you need
You need to go shake somebody's hand and tell em
Jesus is all you need
The Christ
I wanna get to the next level
He gave his life for me
What have I given for him
And that's alot to think about
There's a whole world out there that needs to know about Jesus
But sometimes I don't see it clearly
If only I could look at it through the eyes of Jesus
John said we don't have money
But we do have, but we do have the master

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Alchemist, The Thru The Eyes Of Christ Comments
  1. Steele Beats

    Really wanna know what that sample is

  2. Su006

    THE CHRIST!!!!!


    Thanks for the upload mate your the man !!!!

    Where's the rest lol