Alchemist, The - Therapy Lyrics

Dear People, it's a minute since I checked in
Record's still spinning where I left it
I done a lot since I seen you last, shit moving fast
The world got itself in a real hurry
Still I tell 'em: worst come, don't worry
I bought that crib with the dough you left me
Then hit the plane toured the world
So bills made the first with rock babs and Al right beside me
Life is poison, it's ivy
I ain't speaking on yours, that's how mine be
He ain't lying, each verse I write the next minute of your life
Flow's ghetto the hood's my lively
Good health, yeah yeah to that
Another year in the black, so many years in the red
I was losing my mind, I was up on my game
Right person, wrong place, just ahead of my time and it's mine

[Kid Cudi:]
Where do we go? Where do we go?
Where do we go when we're losing our minds?
Where should I go? Where should I go?
Where should I go when I'm losing my mind?
Where do we go? Where do we go?
Where do we go when we're losing our minds... minds?
This is our therapy

Dear People, been a minute since I checked in
Been, chin-checking mics, collecting checks but kept it steppin'
Stepped in with Ex but had to "X" a couple best friends
Who let ends be the reason I left them
The left wing of the west went
Venom in them cobras when the wind blows
Been on it since the moment rain was pouring out my window
I danced in it, in my b-boy stance
Standing in the midst kicking stanzas to chicks
Till they dance too
Cool as a fan, too, student of the true school
Catch me in a band and a game calling plays
Play da fool I make the rules
Call it lame but it's the law
Play the war yet whenever they play the song y'all get loose
Off the juice, busting hard earned bars to scar loots
Scarred youth, my heart's firm y'all it's all truth
God-Lee, cross-breed between Spike, God, and Bruce
When I'm kicking it, they're wondering if God's talking to Blu but it's...

[Kid Cudi:]
Where do we go? Where do we go?
Where do we go when we're losing our minds?
Where should I go? Where should I go?
Where should I go when I'm losing my mind?
Where do we go? Where do we go?
Where do we go when we're losing our minds... minds?
This is our therapy

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Alchemist, The Therapy Comments
  1. Lawrence Wagner

    2019 and I'm here. Still 🔥

  2. Shaun Johnson

    This shit go so crazy

  3. king sonn

    I WOULD JUST LIKE 2 SAY DAT UMMM....BLU KILLED DIS TRACK...4 anybody who need dis 4 knowledge purposes...

  4. Delvin Kyles

    Kweli was some straight Garbage....

  5. T C


  6. The Self Made Coalition

    This track is timeless

  7. PKSkyler

    Where do we go when we're losing our minds...?
    This is our therapy

  8. dirk bowman


  9. Fahad Ahmad

    one of my all time fav alchemist beats. 

  10. Orr971

    The main sample though... wow I think no one will ever find that one.

  11. Orr971

    This beat is one of the reasons Alchemist is the best there is.


    Cause I'm losing my mind.

  13. Andre Pierre

    This is my thearpy

  14. Andre Pierre

    One Fire track

  15. Andre Pierre

    fire a$$  track

  16. circusmusic77

    that guiatr is so infectious

  17. A Lom

    been stuck on blu ever since I heard this shit... Godly cross breed between spike god n bruce

  18. Dominion Wilcox

    this is one of the only tracks I like listening to on his chemical warfare CD...That Guitar is beauitiful

  19. David Ortiz

    EV!!!!! so ill with that flow.

  20. TheBlacktoise

    why did you get rid of it?

  21. spaceboy2095

    Blu fucking murders every shit is on. PERIOD!

  22. Omar Gutierrez

    seen him last month for the first time. im a huge Blu fan. I had heard he sucked live but I still had hope. well....he was garbage....still love his work tho

  23. RickGrayson_

    really want this instrumental..

  24. Salvator

    aight there kid kudi fan. i get it! i rested my comment from last year. ya hurrd! lol

  25. xXKiDCuDi1

    cause hes fucking good

  26. Syed Ahsan

    Blu fucking murdered this shit. No question.

  27. 2510cp

    Stay for Evidence, Kweli and Definitely Al the Chemist!

  28. GoinOutLikeGeez

    blu cant rock the stage right..hes garbage live

  29. Josh Campbell

    Jesus Blu is a fucking monster

  30. thehoff37

    that is one cool ass outro

  31. dudeurugly23

    b eat is a orgasm

  32. tubby140793

    DAmn.. Listened to this song the first time i went to the USA--
    It really gives me great memories! This beat NEVER gets old. Jammin in my head 24/7<3

  33. manutebull

    just saw evidence live, that nigga was real

  34. Ricardo Gonçalves

    blu's verse!

  35. mateochavira825

    Kid Cudi's Hook >

  36. Ashleigh

    Only came here 4 Cudi.

  37. Ashleigh

    @OnMy88Shit Agreed.

  38. Driz

    Fucking beat <333. Alchemist is a genius

  39. KingKhufu

    @albobeats1One of the realest beats of 2010? What about '08 and '09? If you've been "jammin this" since "the day it came out", then you would have been like me, bangin this shit since '08. No disrespect intended.

  40. S0ulAmazin

    Blu's Verse >

  41. ImBordCanYouTell

    Blu killed it

  42. Mitchell Holcomb

    Why in God's name did they cut Talib Kweli from the final version?

  43. nsmbla

    @nsmbla damn dope song man =)

  44. nsmbla

    @xFreestyleKingx Gucci Mane? neva heard of him..but will give it a shot ;)

  45. Salvator

    @nsmbla to be real wit ya . ur rite, we all just tryin to invent sumthing new everyday. and learn sumthing from wat we create the style of wat we feel. tho i kno Kid Kudi is tryin to evolve . . hip hop. but i'll say thats just my opinion. im amazed to hear that new Talib Kweli feat. GUCCI MANE! ahaha yall shud check that out. . . aint that sumthing?? lol

  46. nsmbla

    @xFreestyleKingx hmm maybe..but idk..cudi has this just sounds damn nice in my ears..but yeah no offense we can't all walk around and think the same..the world would be too black'n'white that way =)

  47. Sjors van Lingen

    @xFreestyleKingx kid cudi has a lot of real shit too

  48. Salvator

    @nsmbla . its just his voice, thats all. . like i said, everyones got there own opinions. for ex. look up sean price talkin about kid cudi. yall mite not like wat he says about kudi lol, but Sean P is one of my fav MC's. "heltah skeltah" is his group name. check em out

  49. nsmbla

    @xFreestyleKingx Why NOT ? =)

  50. Jesus C

    Pure genius, hypnotizing beat, I'm in love

  51. enlightenmind5

    i have yet to find a sicker line up than this..

  52. enlightenmind5

    @xFreestyleKingx ynot?

  53. Mubarak Tom

    "These rappers are see-through and transparent, the mass spirit dealing was advanced lyrics, they cant hear it i cant bear it i cant wear it, its trash its lyrical masturbation, im not making a fascist statement"

  54. Salvator

    @daviddinardo aight cool, everyones got their opinions on whos good n whos not, even the haterz out there lol!

  55. Salvator

    @daviddinardo well aight . But dnt forget bout the rest of the REAL hip hop artists like this vid

  56. TITISIMO25

    doesnt sound like cudi

  57. Salvator

    @Tupacisalive5 he's jus terrible in my opinion. his lyrics do have art n creativity, but his beats sound all pop music related, theyre terrible. for EX: "day and night" and that solo dolo, wtf?? not feelin it at all. no offense if yall like him but, im amazed he gets to rap wit sum real hip hoppers like this vid rite here

  58. Salvator

    @OnMy88Shit kid kudi . i dnt like him. his style is sumthin else. . . idk . i jus dnt like him haha

  59. Salvator

    real shit .but why kid kudi??

  60. anarkie

    "They just want they validation/Congradulations"-tk

    now move the fuck on

  61. Max Beamer

    one of the realest beats of 2010 i been jammin this track since the day it came out that guitar never gets old

  62. MegaManZeroV1

    Blu bodied this shit.

  63. trudon

    real hip hop rite here homie

  64. trudon

    @DateDestinysMom thats good to hear. nice to see hip hop motivating ppl 2 fo well in life.

  65. ヨリック✌

    does anybody know where i can find the instrumental of this song?? Looked everywhere

  66. krisnaga91

    @DateDestinysMom OMG I REALLY NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Pablo Platon

    i never knew he's from the west coast! big ups to the alchemist!!

  68. MsyThf7

    Anything with Blu or Evidence .. <3

  69. Jay Way

    This beat is indescribably raw. How does this man do it

  70. SURtifiediLL

    fricking sick.
    so is blu.

  71. Mira Stuart

    where can i get the lyrics? i can't find them anywhere.

  72. mtombler

    alc's loops are always the sickest! calmly smoke was in my head for months

  73. peturr

    beat, lyrics, flow are all amazing. REAL

  74. Warbrain 777

    Sound like a student of the RZA.....keep it alive alc.

  75. Warbrain 777

    That last kid sound talib,...I guess the same souls rome in the same relm huh? thats hip hop.....take notes youngens

  76. Str8 Truth

    the lyrics are sick on this track but that damn beat....that damn beat.......that fuckin alchemist is possesed by somethin , i dont know if evil or good but damn sure possesed

  77. MutualConceptz

    This song is fucken dope!

  78. britnyrocks1

    didnt even notice. good looking out tho!

  79. britnyrocks1

    dope shit, but i dotn even hear kid cudi..

  80. Bushy Luigi

    this shit sound so fuckin good high im zonin

  81. Nellzartworx

    I agree. It's hip-hop better than...excuse me almost threw up...the GS Boyz or...Gucci Mane

  82. Paul Robinson

    it's a cool song, nothing special about it.

  83. Eric Bernsen

    get ready for chemical warfare gonna be one of the best albums of 2009

  84. Jules Snacks

    kid cudi

  85. dontavis martin

    well the intro is D.J. Rogers's Watch Out For The Riders

    still diggin in da crates 4 da melody