Alchemist, The - The Hopeless Romantic Lyrics

Catch me high at the arraignment
Never been a plaintiff
Shit I'll aim the stainless like I'm Nameth
Lawyer tackled the case like he played for the Ravens
So I stuff him with cheese like a danish
Damn I crave paper
Catch me later at the Laker game
I bet a grip on the Knicks
Carmelo sweating on my kids cause I'm court side
This [?] good weight
I'm a free man, that's what I should say
Nobody holding me back except myself, that's what I realize
Pealing the 5, now I'm feeling the vibe
Hand on the wheel, drugs in my eyes
Money on my mind
I think about it all the time
Cause there was a time I never had shit
Now I got shit, it's like magic
All these cars in front of the crib look like a pageant
I catch AIDS, find the cure like I'm Magic
Hide the fucking drugs inside a rabbit
I'm a bastard

It's so easy to just be looked over
Never looked sober
Look through the eyes of a soldier
Look fly in the Rover, lions and cobras
Keep the iron in the toga
Send a message, leave you lying over
Bitches crushing on the kid so now they're flying over
Half of the world'll get wrapped up in pearls
Like the Queen of England, stay wavy
Mercedes color Wayne Brady, it's me, baby
Please baby, ain't nobody taking my spot
That's on my mother kid
Cross my heart and hope to die
That's on some other shit
This motherfucking kid been covered in
Different types of silks is what I'm covered with
Baby I'm loving it
Your boy is hotter than an oven mitt
If I was broke then you'd be running your shit
Poke your kidney with the knife I cut an onion with
Then poach your kidney with some onions and shit
It's me

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Alchemist, The The Hopeless Romantic Comments
  1. aquosrising

    Mind blown 🤯

  2. Pyramid Never

    Nigga skated on this beat god DAMN

  3. bee zee

    🔬⚗️🔮 al chemist action 🔥

  4. Manny R

    A Master peace...🎱🎱🎱🎱

  5. shotzsn3_tv

    Bronson kills these type of beats

  6. Daniel Naranjo

    Love it

  7. Drokage DR34MC43T

    Action x Alchemist = 🔥👌💫

  8. Red White And Doo

    Like he play for the Ravens!!!!😎