Alchemist, The - Tesla Lyrics

[Domo Genesis:]
Dear lord have mercy on me
I don't give a fuck about none of you niggas
I'm one person homie
One nigga in the cruel world
I used to picture myself in the sky
And now I'm soaring through the cool worlds
Ain't it funny how thoughts work
I'm steaming marijuana cause I figure it's clockwork
A matter of seconds, I'm innocent
Now it's, I'm watching diminishing power
I'm watching all the latest who'd sooner devour
And I just want a piece of that
Free from all the greed of the prestigious cats
I plead they never take my soul from me and I'll bleed for that
Do you believe in that?
Nigga's hearts weak, I can feel it
That's why I hardly speak, only visions
I only keep my focus on these missions, can't nothing breach it
Wolf Gang with no secret or misses who bring the heat to the kitchen

[Freddie Gibbs:]
God bless the child that got his fucking own
ESGN we left that other label fuck alone
Up under the mask, in front of the stove, bitch, I'm right at home
We shipping the load and ditch the modes, you know we riding on
East side, fight, tray gang banger, caine slanger
Smokin the best and the tesla, illegible bitch, I'm lane changing
You know I do the forges on that fucker
Bring in the swish unless you ready to jump in orgies
When I bust, I made a movie out that movie, told your bitch to play the lead in that
My niggas was hitting, while I'mma get it, straight zipping up a freezer pack
Without the green to beat the bag
Bitches will lead to that, hell yeah, I know you do
These ' is motor rolling boots, it's literally the shit to live by
That, too, you had to, they fucking with gangsta kids
Whether they good walk, the fly roof, the dope gang, these hot boots
So pop back as I do, bitch
I said the dope gang was my boots, sold my past as I do, bitch

[Hodgy Beats:]
And I just broke up with my bitch
Told her get the fuck out my whip
Yellow bricks is the money, her name is rich
You get clotheslined stitched if you snitch, snitch
I got one clip and I don't miss, bitch
You're like a bird to the scarecrow, a pharaoh
I am, hit a nigga with a rare bow
But with aero prepared to release through narrow ghettos
My position is bare flow, Flintstone rocks, I know you smell me nigga
I'm getting money, money is good, what can you tell me, nigga?
Nothing, comprendre? I'm popping cd's and sensei
I cover my mouth and hold my tongue for shit I can't say
Ate her a couple of months, now this house full of hella squishy
Pussy, don't try to push me, I'm star diving, free falling
Get off of who? These nuts, free balling
You got one for and I got four number three calling
Keep it 300 or 3 stacks, I never act but I'm 'bout the action when I react, negro

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Alchemist, The Tesla Comments
  1. Human Grade

    What is the sample in the back round does anyone know lol it's not on whosampled

  2. luxx_ ury

    That's why it says prod - alchemist

  3. BiosFeeds

    I fucking love this channel

  4. NotACop47

    that's what being a producer is you fucking idiot

  5. BigShadow Wreck

    always posting good music.. your channel is cool as fuck

  6. Bummy.

    sorry to be a dick but this by The Alchemist, He made the beat and had all of them rap over it