Alchemist, The - Sand Castles Lyrics

The window, just look outside, here at the hull...
Color stainless sinks...
(A boat with a boat on it, does that make sense
A boat on a boat
I said it's a boat inside of a boat
See that? It's a boat in a boat
Mailman, nigga, yeah
Almighty, nigga
Yeah, nigga, brrt, uh)

[Benny The Butcher:]
Say hello to the good guy, at least I used to be
On tour, shows looking like Woodstock, it's kinda new to me
All these sticks, got it like wood shop, I keep like two or three
Plus my bitch body in tip-top, I push the Masi' in flip flops
I run around with this big Glock
Drive through Cleveland with a brick, hit your town for a pitstop
You know that swish shot?
It make the same sound when my wrist lock
Back when y'all was piss pots
I had a fork in my hand, pulling powder out fish pots, you know me
I'm in Atlanta doing eighty down Grand National
Who you know that took a brick and made sand castles?
You owe the cartel that bread, they gon' kidnap you
We the same, you owe it to the game, we gon' head tap you
My yellow bitch pussy good, I call her red Snapple
Get it, that pussy so good, I get the head after
You was cool 'til I advanced past you
Now you food, but when I'm gone they gon' build schools and statues

[El Camino:]
I'm on a yacht twisting up weed, they on a jet ski
I play Cali, got P's and dope from Medellín
Everyday a different scheme
The streets full of bullshit, don't get caught between, the Benz cream
My wrist mean, Balenciaga on the boat, sold soap
When the rent was due and the work was slow, you know
But shit, the tables turn
When my youngin don't listen, I make him sit and learn
We played the curbs with the best work
I was on the steps first
But then I started cooking up, I learned to chef work
My time came and I was ready for it, uh
He tried to take my spot and I bled him for it, yo
El Camino 2, I hope y'all ready for it
I'm in a Porsche, way richer, I feel like Richard Porter
No roof on the coupe, my niggas train to shoot
They paid to shoot, so they gonna spray at you
Yo, I promise I won't play with you

(Does that look like a boat, you'd maybe think of, maybe?
You'd like to have a yacht like that?
You're gonna need some spare cash
Without being specific, Paul Ron Johnson said the cost is in the tens of millions...)

(My next dog need some red bones...
I went to the other yacht next door...)

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Alchemist, The Sand Castles Comments
  1. Ndumiso buthelezi

    The smash fire for real 🔥🔥🔥if a niga gotta get the head after


    *I can just picture Mobb Deep and Nas on this rapping about Escobar on a Jet Ski* 🚤🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  3. chiselprep

    a boat on a boat? inside of a boat ...😂😂😂😂😂 fuck s me up every time


    Heaven Yes.

  5. Jack Meltzer

    Who are the 4 that thumbed this down?! wtf?! 🤦
    RIP Prodigy

  6. BrainFuck10

    Scarface Drug Lord Vibes 🔥

  7. James Alston

    I just knew curren$y was gonna be on this yacht rock 2, maybe next time😎

  8. Billz Sealz

    GOOD LAWD..... Who you know took bricks and built sand castles? .... Next level shit

  9. s.lowe


  10. Vlad Do Better

    Plus my bitch body in tip,top , I plus the mazi in flip flops, I run around with this big glock.

    That flow pattern was ridiculous.

  11. Dre Jordan


  12. Robbin Hatchett

    Roc Marciano would've closed this song out perfectly!!

  13. Shamari Brown

    Benny became my favorite rapper so quick lmao no caaaap

    Grum Pee

    Benny nice, however you haven’t heard enough, if that’s the case✌️

    hoody hoo

    Grum Pee you could be the biggest hip hop head in the world and still have Benny as ur fav, he’s that nice

    sound SHAPE

    Grum Pee lol - seriously? I hate you types... nothing wrong with saying Benny you’re favorite right now. Benny been bringing it harder than just about anyone in the game for a lil minute now. He seems to drop a new verse every week better than his last. He constantly working, capitalizing on this moment and doing a fine job of it.

  14. Ivan Santiago

    I butcher many/butcher like benny/been a pusher like many/ saved a bunch of pennies/sat w plenty/never had lunch w many/ walked my own camino....Merk....S/O El Camino n The Butcher

    Jared Baker

    who said that merkules?

    Ivan Santiago

    Me Ivan Santiago aka Merk

    Yankel Tannenbaum

    Shit is wack nigga... keep punching that clock big MERK! Lmaooo

  15. luckyseven77712

    One of your Best Beats yo........ ALC

  16. Dante F

    Benny and El Camino is always ah mudafuckin go! Shit g doe

  17. Bestfan Youmakeusfamous

    So fresh !!!

  18. Lucid Jackson

    Al is the goat

  19. Pretty boy Willie

    This album is dope I like both yachts 1&2

  20. Brady Watt

    Boat in a Boat Energy

  21. G Dollas

    Alchemist Is The Best Producer Right Now Yo Hands Down


    He got as much quality as quantity its crazy

    Grum Pee

    G Dollas what about one them trash trap producers? No offense to them trash trap producers.

  22. Lamar Brown

    Ain't nobody fucking with the Griselda movement Uncle Al did it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾

  23. Ghettofist five

    du du du

    Mr. Burns

    i swear thats the best part lol the song raw

  24. forever SHAMPOO

    elcamino got a real good tone could listen to him all day

  25. San Miguel TV

    I hear Prodigy on this

  26. Talvin Green


    Grum Pee

    Talvin Green pushing the masi in flip flops.

  27. Kristian M


  28. Mike Wolf

    i just want to say thank you mister ALC for your art ! oxnard CA love!!!!

  29. BCMG _

    Dam this is classic. Yeah I can hear prodigy on this.

  30. John B.

    Alan The Chemist still on point, good ear for the kills loop

  31. John B.

    El Camino is coming up🔥

    Andrew Schwapp

    John B. ??? Whats that?


    @Andrew Schwapp el camino is the second rapper on the track..

    Grum Pee

    QueensTHOROUGH on the hook?

  32. aukena


  33. Ken Thomas


  34. Tomas Echevarria

    Right on time Al. I’ve been feenin’ for some Yacht Rock.

  35. Skiii Music

    Oh lord

  36. David Datiko

    I wish i could listen to Prodigy on this kind of songs....

    Grum Pee

    Don’t bring tears to eyes. Let’s just enjoy what we’re given.

    Haz Jack

    Celebrate the witness of P

    Donovan Jones

    Listen to the Albert Einstein album and those beats are even better


    :( me too


    @2Phaktor Dough Pildin is not same sample though

  37. Blake Diaz

    Straight classic

  38. SwashedFPV

    Will this be dropping on vinyl through your bandcamp?