Alchemist, The - Roman Candles Lyrics

[Roc Marciano:]
Ugh, Hawaiian shorts shit, four-fifths, pour stick
Cut the dog's shit, fuck a whore, never course ship
Knocked a couple whores down, raw, never cause shit
Got a gorgeous dick, I was fortunate, you fraudulent
I got the formula, cop the 550 with the spoiler
Bitch I'm kinda spoiled like a four-year-old
Ugh, live in the flesh of real macaroni
My ring and Rollie's like "Ring a Ring o'Rosie"
Kill a Hossa, I'm realer than a river monster
To rock for my niggas, it's an honor
Recordin' life, not lyrics
I was visited by spirits, your shit isn't authentic
Genuine article, like 911 with the fog lights
With the arm all I write, it's all white, well all right
The guns in the pawn tight
Beef is on sight, niggas didn't have the foresight
In Dior slippers, can't get caught slippin'
'Cause when it's on a click it be like "shoulda worn the Pippen's"
Rock the bucket like I'm fishin', who dissin' might come up missin'
Got a hundred bitches, grew up underprivileged
Old drama's never water under bridges
I still love the corners from a distance
Keep a pistol where my dick is, this shit is Bisquick
I don't fit in, I'm still a misfit

[Black Thought:]
Ugh, higher cause shit, floss shit
Triple black Maserati Sport skrtin' out the crib porch, yeah
Auction the Sotheby's, I bought a red portrait
The city of brotherlys an iron clad fortress
I'm at the orchestra, focus like Randolph and Mortimer
Talk in broken language like a foreigner
The one and only that's more holy than matrimony
I charge you and your homie when actin' phony
A real impostor, I'm deeper than the realest roster
Allah's my bodyguard, no Kevin Costner, ugh
Come get your life augmented, your image is schizophrenic
My memory, photogenic
Return of the prodigal-like, a periodical, methodical type
Game changer, call an audible like, well all right
Y'all niggas rappin' on hype
Ya temperament is the equivalent of soft light
Get caught trippin' and visit the mortician
Right with the shortlist of niggas who support snitchin'
I'm like ghetto Gastro up in the kitchen
And barking on this official, astrophysical mission
I broke the internet like an intermission
Raising the bar is like raising the partition
The messiah that stretch higher to catch fire
The empire of the motherfuckin' esquire

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Alchemist, The Roman Candles Comments
  1. Papa Melanin


  2. Brawl Nation

    ....... I got nothing. No words, speechless. Like seeing ur dream woman butt ass naked, or standin on top of mountain looking over creation just before sunset.

  3. Riq da Mc

    MF DOOM type shit

  4. Guillermo Kyosuke

    Can someone tell me what the sample or samples are used in this song? Please. Thanks.

    NoGlory Ent.

    There’s so many bars why even figure the sample out.

  5. Chris Paul

    “Raising the bar is like raising a partition”
    Did anyone else get how crazy that was?

  6. Kyle R

    knocked a couple whores down raw never caught shit

  7. NewYorkSWAGG100

    This song not even fair....

    Sebastian Laub

    NewYorkSWAGG100 lmfaoo brah this song is just them boys toying with the industry

  8. Charlie Sykes

    Black thought 😵🤯❗️🔥

  9. Mr. Freeze

    One of my favorites by the chemist

  10. Bernardo Lopez

    Beutiful, just beutiful !!!
    Real spittas! And real production!

  11. Chaz G

    Either i'm bugging, or thought followed Marc rhyme pattern... 🤔🤔🤔


    I peeped that too!! Tariq is so ill he can do anybody's style and murder shit

    30 70

    All parties involved here are guilty of murder.


    @30 70 absolutely!! Lol

  12. User Name

    Swear this is prose.

  13. King Day

    this song is the SHIT!!!!!

  14. Chaz G

    Thought..... wtf bruh

  15. Chaz G

    They need to go head and make a record together

  16. GrayFebruary

    Listening to Roc Marciano flow is like watching Rosebudd ride down the Sunset strip on a Friday night.

    Ryan Sansaricq

    I want him and freddie gibbs on so many songs

  17. Time Will Tell

    “I got the formula, copped the 550 with the spoiler, bitch I’m kinda spoiled like a 4-year old”. This is official NY rap.

  18. Collin Helm

    this is godamn ridiculous

  19. locario13


  20. Don Bishop

    We must protect Alchemist at all cost!!!

    Jason Kidd

    Don Bishop yes bubble wrap his ass.


    we must protect him from the sample lawsuits

  21. Michael Thomas

    These 3 on a track, sheesh!

    Kevin O'Neill

    Michael Thomas yeah early.

  22. Алексей Евтух

    Esquires - Listen To Me. what a revision!!


    he didn't revise much tho to be honest,

    Алексей Евтух

    and thats ok!

    Aftawerdz Nuth


  23. Brendan Thomas

    Bitch I'm kind of spoiled like a 4 year old

  24. Rob Miller

    Return of the prodigal like a periodical
    methodical type, game changin call an audible

    Jesus, how does BT do it so consistently?

    Ryan Sansaricq

    Him and Andre 3000 keep dropping hot hot verses the older they get. Kendrick gotta do that before he can really be king.


    You know this is a MASTERPIECE. Give it up to Al Roc, n Thought


    @Maroon Eclipse I love em both equally. This track got convincingly murdered.

  26. Monev360

    BT is a monster!

    Darlene Crosby

    Wys, was thinkin da same shit wen i heard dis!!

  27. Adrian

    Roc Marci murdered this

    Comrade Luiz, The 47th

    Absolutely. People have been sleeping on him too long...

    Ryan Sansaricq

    Most underrated rapper of all time. He's so fucking good.

  28. Olivier Feuillebois

    crazy as fuck

  29. seifmav