Alchemist, The - Perfectionist Lyrics

[Rick Ross:]
Hustle out of necessity, father never corrected me
Streets showed me no sympathy, Audemar my accessory, huh
Never accurate, I'm aiming at your Acura, yeah
Heart rate accelerate on other amateurs

[Meek Mill:]
And I murder anything in my parameter
If they disrespect us we slide on them like a banister
Dodging fed cameras, balling like fuck stamina
Block doing numbers, I graduated to manager

[Rick Ross:]
Bricks in the Maybach, bricks in the Escalade
Bricks on Brickell, we got bricks in the bay
San Fran bricks got bricks in L.A
Publisher watch the money, I got bricks on this plane

[Meek Mill:]
And my nigga Brick on his way, just did a dime for a brick of the Yay'
I'm switching up my bricks like my kicks with my lay
Rule number one, never keep them bricks where you stay

[Rick Ross:]
All my women photogenic they never depreciate
Pop up in ya city, it's strictly about the cake
Quarters to half's on my road to the riches
All real niggas just playing different positions

[Meek Mill:]
Ross gon be the quarterback, I'mma run this quarter back
Feds try to intercept a nigga like a corner back
Make a nigga pay a couple birds to get his daughter back
Get the dirty money, clean it all up at the Laundromat

[Rick Ross:]
I'm allergic to failure, heroin paraphernalia
Frank Lucas furs at the fight on my cellular
Ball like Mayweather, Don King at the register
I stack chedder, it's etcetera, etcetera

[Meek Mill:]
I'm addicted to winning, pretty women and spinnin'
Ferragamo and linen, a nigga start and he finish
D.A. label me menace, mama call me a king
So therefore I'm dropping soon like Tyson was in the ring hah

[Rick Ross:]
Coca-cola minx, Canary yellow stones
I'mma stunt if it mean I gotta break a bone
Me and Meek Milly in the hood on chrome
Double-M G and we 20 million strong

[Meek Mill:]
Don't matter if it's chess or checkers cause it's all blocks (bricks)
I'm in this 911 Porsche with a bald spot
No roof, fresh off the car lot
And we don't call cops nigga, we just call shots

[Rick Ross:]
Fuck the competition I bury the cock-a-roaches
Faint when you see what I pull up out the holster
Can't even breath, remember what yo mama told ya
We the real g's and the well paid soldiers

[Meek Mill:]
So if you niggas scared, call the feds up
We taking over I'm just giving niggas heads up
We shoot 'em down, just to let 'em know we dead up
8 figure nigga, tell the labels, give that bread up
MMG, bitch, Maybach Music, we just do shit like this for no reason
No pen, no pad flow
Wale in the building

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Alchemist, The Perfectionist Comments
  1. Renwick Vincent

    still gonna be listening this in 2020 in my new wip

  2. Junior Cruz

    DGK bought me here

  3. New Dope


  4. Don Perignon

    2019 Oh we still in this bitch ya heard me 😈💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Ziggy Manilla

    Meek mill is best rapper in the game

  6. Randy Marvin

    2019 just now hearing this it's tight

  7. iamsrius j


  8. Mac Rolen

    Rozay is too much..

  9. Abdulfatah Abdulle

    Classic shit 🔥 2019

  10. Smokeman777 HouseStack77

    This is what the average Blacks amount to.

    Otto Delgado

    White Knight suck bbc


    That was a nice rolled blunt

  12. Smokeman777 HouseStack77

    So sleek.

  13. Larry Wiley

    Coco Cola Minks Canary yellow stones.. I'm a stunt even if I gotta break a bone

  14. K Platt Jr.

    Bars back n forth crazy!🏆

  15. Nab00theEnigma

    al sent me

  16. Billy Johnson

    2018 still listening

  17. Dillon Robbins

    Still listening 2k18 🤙🏻

  18. Wasthereonce

    I really miss this MMG. Like old school mobstas.

  19. AlvinHarewood Tv

    Still listening in 2019

  20. Trippy Figueroa

    2018, still bumpin this, Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn,chaser 4life real talk 😎

  21. Stephen Johnson

    What project did this end up on?

  22. Bosskits Swagg

    Still listening in 2018??🔥

  23. damez mystery

    Damn alchemist most underated producer

  24. Isaac

    Always gets a play when im smokin

  25. Monsieur IJAIYA

    February 2018
    Still Hot!

  26. Emergency Movers

    This Shit is so fucking Fire. A true meek mill fan then

  27. Henry Luis


  28. Upstate Izzy


  29. Arthur Williams

    Love this FOREVER!!! Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#FREEMEEKMILL

  30. EThe PoetWandering


  31. EThe PoetWandering


  32. kevin jones

    meek killed this jawn

  33. extrastuff

    This should have more views tho

  34. Tim Mann

    Man if i could hear a jada and styles back to back on this but is a fucking i like the back to back flow him and meek did

  35. Eric Tolbert

    man rozay one of the illest mcs ever

  36. cent lion

    Everyday of my life time new dawn one time, I still listening to this every minute. Too much bro☝☝☝☝☝

  37. Ron Bryant


  38. K Platt Jr.

    Alchemist did dis beat?

    Don Bienve Rosario

    keith platt jr yup

  39. Khawar Malik

    This song is Underrated mannnnn

    Don Zino

    on god bro

  40. Teemack Teemack

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    Teemack Teemack

    xxx hustler hardcore anal sex movie really

  41. Dominic078



    MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥EARLY MMG DAYS...NOW WE IN 2017

  43. Abbas Boniphace

    People what real comes in your minds for seeing a person who smocking while waring suit teacher taught me that a suit its a holly and special cloth that u don't do shit waring it😖😖😖😖😖

    Tom Brady's Emotions

    They're just showing off there wealth there's nothing wrong with smoking in a suit

  44. Supercharged // Beats

    name of the sample please ?

  45. Curtis Davis

    My shit

  46. james moore

    boss dreams shit

  47. trking92

    What song is playing in the intro to the video?

  48. Dale J. Rodriguez

    130 People are failures and not perfectionists

  49. Marc Lazarre

    This the first track I heard Meek on and I was hyped af
    Dude didn't really develop into the artist I expected.

  50. Monica Farrar-Germaine

    need this beat

  51. Mike Taylor

    WOW!!! Why official video "Pandemonium" isn't made in this style?

  52. Stefan George

    What's the song at the very end of the video?

  53. Anthony Jean

    still listening in 2017?

    Khawar Malik

    No Just Kidding :p

    Tom Brady's Emotions

    Anthony Jean tbh they need more of these

    Ruben Brugel

    Ofcourse December '17

    Arthur Williams

    Anthony Jean January 2018


    july 2018

  54. Swapnil Jain

    Alchemist producing made this worth a listen..

    luke wilson

    the main reason I'm here.

  55. J. Flair

    M.O.B. Aficionado!!!

  56. Barry Edwards

    some real shit right here!!

  57. MMG Rick Ross

    MMG is the Best

  58. Trey Kitt

    I forgot how they ripped this song. Awwww man, this song will always be one of the smoothest flows that MMG have.


    Yeah,this shit hard

  59. PoogieBX

    Yo, I love this. NO HOOKS! Just a nice beat and hot rhymes. You don't get shit like this anymore...

    The YMF Experience TV

    PoogieBX because you fuckheads promote canadians and strippers that dont write their raps

  60. PoogieBX

    Our boy AAAAAAL!!!!!

  61. SicFromTheKush

    this song like 100hunnit

  62. Awsome4649

    this meek will chew drake and spit him out..

    Jugg Jetson

    you already

    Alex Carter

    Awsome4649 exactly

    Emergency Movers

    yes he will

  63. Selin findik

    x v g dmdnxmd❄❄

  64. presentking

    this is the young black man presentking in photo but born name known by here i n pensacola florida is johnjackson i am 40 in age and homeless is anyone friends or family of the rick ross label ? please act like God and get word that i am homeless and is on a street call n palafox street and wright st cold and no rich person been able yet been able to make that street hot by showing up like coming to america and maybe bless me with a car that is not stick and cash to make it all the way to milwaukee,wisconsin tonite lets see is march 16,2016 still please even fly here and catch a cab i have tan boots and black jeans and a bag that says jackson on it that i got here by the main post office on palafox cell if cant find me 1-414-614-3788

  65. Bigdickgenius92


  66. Stretch Armstrong

    1:50 love the rhyming sequence on that part.

  67. Tom maguire

    that MEEK MILL destroyd all rick ross songs

    Mac 215

    u stupid his lyric on point smh

  68. Chosenxeno

    I swear this is why Pill left and Wale started being jelly of Meek. It was clear who the number 2 guy was lol.

    That said, Pill was actually nice.

  69. Harman Samra

    Man only if meek rapped like this now he a sell out now.

  70. Simba Bose

    Free Ross !!

  71. Maybach Mack


    Randy Marvin

    He still snapping tho


    Randy Marvin I’m saying lol tell meek to get on alc shit I bet he on this flow alc bring that fire out

  72. icey k

    fuckin clowns

    Rich Forever

    - Weirdo

  73. Adonis


  74. Courtneya

    If pill was on this song he would of killed it!

  75. Jason Dennis

    What's the song at the end?


    "By any means"

  76. James Kim

    yo what cd this on?  I don't remember it being on the self made vol 1... (btw.. I think is one of the best mixtapes ever)

  77. cbx25

    I hate the way they name this fucking song God1! I can't never find this shit when I want to listen to it. I got to search google and shit stupid ass niggas.

  78. Steve Solo


  79. Omar Kamali

    what is the intro tune called?

    Elryn seya

    Mmg-self made

  80. TheDivine2007

    alchemist man....!

  81. oG$wanks

    That quarterback line is just .... my gawddd what happen meek ..smh


    oG$wanks you didn't like that line ?

    Ras T

    De8vin Shit was fire

  82. jagswag21

    This is the song where I discovered Meek Mill's existence

  83. Lindsey Gray

    I luv this song soon as i 1st seen this video best lyrics ever

  84. TTopRecords

    This beat is so rad.

  85. Jonathan Fleming

    Ohh lawwd

  86. Alexouw MaybachMusiic

    you subscribe to my channel next video coming soon

  87. gullyrounere

    Beat nearly made me crash...oh lawwd...if you dont like this're inner rhythm doesn't exist...


    +gullyrounere That's ALC. Simply the best.

    Rashawn Banks

    gullyrounere , that beat is vicious.

  88. Jordan Lane

    Alchemist on the beat! Holy shit

  89. William James

    I already know Ross be going off but Meek surprises me every time. They not no regular industry niggas. They can make all the mainstream songs they want but this is what im really looking for. much props

  90. BillionaireMove


  91. jodi boss

    meek mill all the way....

    Hopes And Soon Dreamz

    jodi boss delete this comment dumb ass nigga