Alchemist, The - Never Grow Up Lyrics

I play the low end, you never know, you probably never heard of me
My hands'll never shake, it's steady hand surgery
Already banished as courtesy
DMC didn't need it then I'll be MC
E-V proceeded by the B-A-B-U
A-L-C and no mothafuckin' take two
Mistakes do happen and I ain't afraid to keep 'em either
Add 'em with a little pain and leave 'em with the smell of reefer
A padded room with the cell receiver
Odd thoughts from a rhyme that you could tell is even
I ain't tell 'em either, I did tell 'em listen
Didn't tell 'em givens, but did sell the seeders
I say it like I seen repeaters
I seen 'em come and go selling out theaters
Too back, peddling back they caught me dealing
Better sell it in scraps and never seen a ceiling
Sell a feeling for derivative exposure
I'm a think tank and driven like a No Limit soldier
There is no gimmick to this closure
Just a image with a fork ridden over
Just a vision of the finish line
Energy ascends, that is cinema within a sign
Rap sitting on the bench like it's dinner time
Major events, I'm getting mine

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Alchemist, The Never Grow Up Comments
  1. Andrew Cervantes

    I will forever fux wit these folks been slapin these guys since 03

  2. Sargas Media

    This beat is super crazy

  3. Farrukh R

    these guys are amazing.

  4. AEOKQ

    This is my favorite Alchemist beat ever, and that is saying something.  The vocal samples are godly, beat is chopped so dope and bangs something ferocious.


    Sir, or ma'am, due to your expressed affection of the instrumental, I want to ask if you know what the sample is communicating from :23-:27?
    Also that part I referred to earlier is my favorite part of the instrumental.


    I wish I could tell you. Alchemist is known for sampling obscure records/TV shows/etc.

  5. Santino -

    Another head knock, spittle classic. I burn bright on tbis one.

  6. Play time

    Doctorate degree

  7. Marz Sa

    but i lift up (i think)

  8. freedomandliberty93

    Pardon me for my lack of knowledge, concerning the answer to my question, but is Evidence referring to the process of writing rhymes in this song?

    Melinda Ramirez

    Evidence is the one rappin

  9. Tonio P

    yoooo Alchemist a FUKKIN GENIUS on tha sampling tip ths fukker puts out a WHOLE ALBUM wit crazy samples chopped no drums no snares no hi hats

  10. 503305 Podcast

    its lithiuanian whatever it is....allen the chemist is a genius is basically sampled 2 in spe albums and an edward artmiev album...made a classic.

  11. freedomandliberty93

    I wonder what the chops are saying?