Alchemist, The - Make My Own Lyrics

(I make my own) Destiny, the best of me invest in me
The rest of me is testin' me to fight the Devil's weaponry
Defari all powerful, elevated mastermind
The streets will devour you, cowards even pack nines
Rap stuff I'm advanced, tight like a headband
The mic I hold equal with my right and my left hand
Necessary jewelry, minimal foolery
Defari Herut keeps gettin' better than he used to be

I can't cry to none
I make my
I am the shining sun
I make my own

Dilate affiliate, yep the homie Alchemist
Soul Assasin, Likwit Krew, down with a mound of chips
West Coast official, gauges and pistols
Diamonds and rubies and sapphire crystals
Drink for the cowboys, pour out some liquor
R.I.P. to my dead brothers and sisters
Rochester Big & Tall, polos in every color
Short sleeve, long sleeve, terry cloth, cream buddas
L.A. to N.Y., François to Italy
The world is a oyster, the pearl is my spittery
Often I'm imitated, federal I'm federated
Often a pretty broad's V is what I've penetrated

I can't cry to none
I make my
I am the shining sun
I make my own

Hangin' vultures waitin' for the main course
They been hangin' since Large Pro was Main Source
Must be the good energy I keep in storage
Keep it in my head, spill it out in the chorus
We on the tour bus smokin' rainforest
While you four deep, packed up in a Ford Taurus
When I speak tongue in cheek, it's like the code is morse
Kickin' down the door, how could we not use excessive force?

I can't cry to none
I make my
I am the shining sun
I make my own

Beat biters, dope style takers
Ain't fuckin' with them, now that's a deal breaker
Seal deals like bank vaults airtight
Sometime my day's so long I be Gladys Knight
I came up with vets, sat me down, prepared me
The industry talk out they ass like Jim Carrey
Watch when friends turn, be ready for change
Don't owe nobody cause you knew 'em in 1st grade
It's a new day, people deceitful
Got a lot of tendencies that's evil, doses that's lethal
Often anticipated, eagerly awaited
Midnight Tuesday morn', crowd's goin' crazy

King of Kings, Lord of Lords
I got you locked in like four doors
Four to five days a week
You can find me (where?) down at the beach
Twenty sets of pull-ups and dips
The prerequisite to this nig' is stay ripped
Blazin' environment, fit for a fireman
I'm the sun shinin' in, thousands admire him
Doors I've kicked open, fences I've hopped
The cream of the crop, my team is the hop
Space shuttle mysteries, glitches in the matrix
Your raps aren't advanced, you barely cover basics

I can't cry to none
I make my
I am the shining sun
I make my own

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Alchemist, The Make My Own Comments
  1. Craig Davis

    The Alchemist aka The Street Sorcerer!!!

  2. Wwapojr 450rugershooter

    real music is made when beef is set aside and people come together and put there ideals to the table. thats called umm i think HIP HOP

  3. Jonathan Chavez

    Earl Sweatshirt would murk this beat

  4. Mesa Sou Des Heaven Justice

    ola gia tin geitonia mou .

  5. Judah Ben Israel

    I killed this joint....

    Listen to Make My Own by Justin Vinson #np on #SoundCloud

  6. Tiny T.W.I.M

    Music to hoop to.

  7. Jovan Duckworth

    what's the sample

  8. Wolvarine Solid X


  9. Sha Core

    Were the fuck is p....r.i.p

  10. Eireee17

    The beat is too nice!

  11. Undetectable Bomber

    holy fuck this is fire

  12. Uriel Slok

    Deberías hacer breakdance

  13. Khari

    Why alchemist so slept on though...

  14. Jay mo

    One of the Best mofo's! I MAKE MY OWN...

  15. nationofmillions

    I used to have MSN music service before Apple and the DRM killed it. One of the first hot tracks I picked up was this one with Defari and Alchemist. used to listen to this all the time.

  16. Sould Soul

    I can't imagine the amount of stank face he had when he made this lol

  17. Gregory Ford

    I got the ugly face when I heard that bass line drop! THIS BEAT GO HARD!!!

  18. John Telvin

    If Premo the god, then Pete Rock the Christ and Alchemist the holy spirit. Word to everything

    mr. cuddles

    John Telvin shut your ignorant ass up

    Quenten Mcnary

    John Telvin word

    Allen Berry

    mr. cuddles that’s a fact

    Wwapojr 450rugershooter


  19. Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    Potential and kinetic energy.

  20. Moses Castro

    make my own lane we started the same I just had different aim clear that space I'm gearing preparing for stage Aquarius age and golden trim

  21. Mor4draco Rules

    This is twhet type of shit you listen to when you are walkin past bodegas

  22. Kurt Kerr

    Oh Shiiiiiiiit

  23. Tyrone Jones

    Straight Fire Son! Alchemist and Havoc from Mobb Deep are the best beat makers out there. Shout out to my Home Town Queesnsbridge 41st side.

  24. Suheyli Gissel

    the breaks are insane on this one. i love breaking to this beat when I speed it up to 100. bps/m

    Adrian Garcia

    Yes Bgirl Keep at it!

  25. MC Davis Beats

    Hit up MC Davis beats, IMAKE FIRE!!

  26. james brown


  27. Michael Leatherbury

    I had to grab my face on this one. Beat is ill!

  28. Daniel Soto


  29. Daniel Soto

    omg love your beats are the best have much luck .

  30. Ian Rivera

    In the back ground I can her a voice in the beat it says (it's still not the same) over and over again it's prob just me but I can here something but if it was louder on the instrumental it would be dope too.

    Zackary Smith

    @Ian Rivera Listen immediately after the snare you can hear a faint noise, right after that.

  31. HU5H MON3Y M3DIA

    This shit made me reach a new Chakra. ALC been Givin me the chills since '02

  32. ATmadethebeat

    New Alchemist x A.T. audio project
    release date Friday the 13th
    titled "Love & Soul" its gonna be epic!!!
    for more info
    Google: ATmadethebeat Love & Soul

  33. Servant

    wachemist...................j dilla..........shits on this boy

    kendall johnson

    you sound like a dumbass


    LOL 2 different styles...ALC is more gritty idiot


    +D Davis wym, dilla has gritty shit too.

  34. Juan R. Ayala

    my s h i t

  35. doomfan12345

    That beat is HARD AS FUCK!

  36. Farrukh R

    beats like this mane. beats like this...

  37. Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    This is a typical kind of beat that makes u chill and go to other universe...

    Simon Cornell

    Aaaaaalchemist, for a reason :D

    Desean Wilder

    Smoke a blunt and flow

  38. Jays CastleLOL.

    Geeee Taaaa Strings go ,,, ,,, ,,,

  39. Tim Jones

    My name is Lovell and Im 19 I have a new mixtape that is feaurting a lot of new alchemist beats if yall dig that stuff

  40. Faye Taylor

    Damn do yo thang bro!!! HOT TO DEF!!!!!!!!

  41. Kidd Cuddi

    A real genius ! Big Up ^_^

  42. Harvey Duncan

    shut up dumbs

  43. ageshalessman

    blunted cant define no more (this is sad....)-one liners-he cant rhyme no more-he picks fights just to hide from war-lets decide hes just insecure-or needs to mature-cross paths with harv moore learn a lesson or two-digestible jewels contestants can spew-im so high i have an incredible view-leave unintelligible proof-in a hellava booth-4ever a youth-ageless shaman-dark matter holding together the glue-entropenologist in training-brush paint pallet painting-composition arranging aggregates-cypher

    John Brown

    i rapped this or fun just as u typed it and my guy u fuckin killed that flowed to that beat like crazy

  44. blunted210

    This is sad.....

  45. ageshalessman

    sup in ur side of th world-since i think ur projectin again-if u r i hope u get 2 a better point in life-i know th pain of disappointment aight-i seen th ugly side of it all-constantly trapped behind walls feelin stalled no matter what i did 2 evolve-th only way out of that is 2 find God-God is dope bro-twice help me put down th rope yo-well metaphorically-suicide ideation formerly-but it reformed me b-see, im even trying 2 build wit a dude who wants me 2 RIP-cuz God said 2 check in on u-so i do

  46. ageshalessman

    its like u live in th land of bizzaro-u c everythin backwards due 2 ur sorrow-my life is at an all time high-its difficult 2 accept actually cuz i got so accustomed 2 tragedy-my dad had a stroke 6 years ago n my families lack of support for me was a travesty-i lost my condo-my business-was homeless n suicidal-but wrote a hip hop recital claiming th title of suicide veteran-3 years of grindin becomin a better man n now things have come together man-so no my life is far from being low 4 sho-but yo

  47. blunted210

    Your life must be at a very low point, kid.

  48. ageshalessman

    blunted u must not read what i write-shit is dope-to reread what i wrote-word its tight-the math i mean-i rap graphically-look at the words i work with-more alchemist then words men-look at how the words evolve-patterns revolve-guess hate makes it so you cant see God-that explains allot-actually-of why you cant feel me mathematically-blah blah ur response to this-guess if i battled rhymes like this i too would be pissed-this is the true soul of the lyricist-writ not for consumer kids-but u n mic

  49. Dannykid8

    Look into my nucleus and envision my raw genes

    Took action made a desicion to be destined for great things

    I ain't a saint, An i ain't a devil, I am my own being

    Please just try to precede me cause im a tad misleading

    peel you to pieces like a cheese string

    I'm feeling pretty god damn fucking amazing

    I hear them talking, speaking of envious things

  50. Vincent Lane

    one day i'm going to meet alchemist i promise

    Aaron anthony Armendariz

    Me too!!!

  51. blunted210

    blah blah blah....

  52. ageshalessman

    agitate the formulas as i death recipes along with those with incessant needs-breath of the essence breeze-fumigate enumerated numerous tumors with hate basket case sad face saddened and lifeless maddened-adage of poor actors havoc is their tragic spliff-deluded illusions reaching for magics bliss-cantankerous cancor kids-formulas reformed for forlorn foreigners of the cyphers gift-give them a visit with this exquisite text-respite for the requisite exorcist-on the precipice of the edges scripts

  53. Chris

    Ay yo check it...LISTEN........ Al the Chemist be cookin up beats for breakfast// shit that be havin heads boppin so hard you get your neck split// I've been around for a minute, I'm sure I'll see the next hit// Say one thing wrong and in one minute you'll become the next hit// Dade County bounty cops surrounding with glocks surrounding// I'm arthur allens foul twin, Zodiac Killer whisper to your sister// .... Too Be Continued.....

  54. TangeOrheen

    Likey likey, Al Chemy :)(:

  55. blunted210

    fate doesn't tell me how to live my life merely lends advice as I chill with a new shorty and let her spend the night, suspend the high prolong the flight, hold on I got another song to write, too many be wrong and need help toward the light, forward your horrid sight and your pores just might, secrete the toxins your mind body and soul are locked in, something like a coffin, eyes quickly moving while the covers block them, a lifeless depressed whose heart's stopping...

  56. P F

    hell yea he is

  57. b3stacks

    This is Greatness @ its Greatest

  58. Orr971

    Alchemist is the best producer.

    Mor4draco Rules

    Orr971 It should be every rapper's goal to be on at least one Alchemist beat.

  59. tecmo1

    So relaxing. I go to sleep to this beat ;D

  60. cstar224

    Thanks for uploading this beat bro! C*

  61. Warniel

    all day fammo !!!!!!!! ;)

  62. Smack Lloyd

    Head Bangerrrrrrrrrr

  63. MrBucketlist

    I'll make my own....

  64. ClashingWithRon

    i kill beats like this yall no

  65. Hunnychyld21

    so........ soothing.....

  66. Divine Zeal

    So sick...head nodder

  67. M J

    Sample:Greg Perry - Lets get away from it all...
    good job ALC

  68. fantazmamemjekerr

    Can I use this beat.. and any link 2 download with high quality. Peace

  69. House Uberaht

    yo, I remember back in the day, kept my shit clean, blowin smoke into the sunbeams like "whats this shit mean?" This crazy life got me searchin for that 5th plead, so you a real G? Then tell me what this shit means. im takin walks at midnight while the moons shinin, bright like my eyes cryin, tryin to find a better way, dreamin of a day when i can find peace, there aint no mercy on the streets, makin my own path to slaughter the beast.

  70. ant

    i swear alchemist issa genius

  71. N0PE

    prob one of my fav alchemist beats right here

  72. Franklyn Colon

    DUDE IS A [email protected]

  73. Orr971

    AAAAAAALCHEMIST I love his beats!! His the BEST!

  74. Andrew Jones

    this cat always goes hard

  75. luxwutang