Alchemist, The - Mac 10 Wounds Lyrics

[Clerk from "Terminator":]
That's Italian. You want pump or auto?
[Andy from "Taxi Driver":]
It's nickel-plated, snub-nosed, otherwise the same as the service revolver
They're brand-new. We just got them in
That'll stop anything that moves
Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can't miss
That .38—it's a fine gun

Look, I got shot in the helmet, and I ain't feel a thing
Sold crack to my mama and I ain't feel ashamed
You niggas talkin' like killers, but won't kill a thing
Might go to the nigga show just to steal his chain
I'll be the first one blamin' a shot
It's like in Juice when Raheem gave the hammer to 'Pac
Watch how I stand in the spot, put the grams in the pot
Flip it twice, might take my bitch to Atlanta to shop
Clips with 30 shots jammed in the Glocks
Bricks from the cartel, naked ladies stamped in the blocks (woo!)
Ain't nothing 'bout me weak, nigga
Wig shot, I left that spitter in the weak nigga
I'm just here to get the safe from you
If I don't get it then I'ma just take the bone out your face from you
Them fuck niggas in the hood, they'll fake love you
Next thing you know, they in your bushes tryna wait for you
You got pussy in your heart, homie, I can't trust you
You lose a part on your body when the K cut you
I say "fuck you!" nigga
I might drop you from the top of your projects, they'll have to scrape up you
Big dutch and a dick suck what I wake up to
Fifth tuck when the shit buck, it'll break up you, uh
Griselda nigga, that's the set
Clap the TECCs, savages crash and rest
Snatch the baby out the bassinet

Look, I don't fuck with a nigga if we ain't been cool
I ain't got shit for a nigga but Mac 10 wounds
I spit the illest shit, I vision it before I even pen them sentences
I close my eyes and the pen move (yeah)
I see you niggas and your thin jewels
Don't make me show up to your show with like 10 goons
Light up the sour and the [?]
A little savage hit a nigga in his melon twice
Shout out to 'chine on his pedal bike
His trap hanging 'round his neck, using the strings from his yellow Nikes
Niggas went from selling weight to mailing kites
I'm putting on so when they home, I can set 'em right (free the homie)
Who you playing with, homie? We ain't the same, you a lame
Get the fuck up outta my lane, you know the name
You say you got guns, it ain't a thang
I will aim, I keep Macs around me like Wayne, mothafucka

...fucking E. Coli
Yo, you wanna get fucked up, yo
Drive down to Arizona, get what I mean?
First off, work out outside, come back inside
Get you a little fever
Then take you down to Arizona
And then my man Rico pull up to you with at least four to seven E. Coli's
Take those
And then...
Go to the fucking...

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Alchemist, The Mac 10 Wounds Comments

    Got the scene of travis buying guns from taxi driver in the intro along with the scene from terminator too legendary shit

  2. Bryant Tepi

    This shit scary af 🥺

  3. Derivative of 100x Gecs

    Just caught that Taxi Driver sample

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    They give so many references to _Taxi Driver,_ Conway especially... The covers for the Everybody Is Food series are all sourced there, and the new track he just released has a picture of Scorsese during the making of _Taxi Driver,_ with one of Bickle's guns in his hand, pointed straight up, with the face blotted out, like usual. Was always my favorite picture of Marty. Don't know if you can tell from the cover but he's holding up a stem of grapes in the other hand... He was in a fuckin _vibe_ on that film, bruh... Everybody always talks about the DeNiro improv scene ("You talkin' to me!?"), but the one that always freaks me way the fuck out is Scorsese in the back of the cab... _What a fuckin performance!_

  4. Jay Harry

    Crack music

  5. rmc rmc

    i feel and hope theyre only getting better too...

  6. J P

    Rewatched terminator and I knew I recognized that dialogue from somewhere....#classicshit


    did the same thing with taxi driver

  7. Jose Vazquez

    Alchemist and The Machine🙏🏽

  8. chloeburbunk 17

    Idfw the first beat, but the second beat is HARD

  9. SubjectD3lta27

    That's sick Alchemist sampled the scene where the Terminator is buying guns

  10. Trevor Walton

    No jokes were displayed when you hear those bars by Conway

  11. FFB332mob Williams

    The 1st part sound like some Quentin Tarantin movie the Machine🤖

  12. South East Bobby

    Nigga said keep Macs around me like Wayne

  13. morongosteve


    These boys are the new Mobb...

  14. ill Drumatik

    This nigga really sampled biggie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Regular Weasel

    I got shot in the helmet and I aint feel a thing
    I sold crack to my mama and I aint feel ashamed
    Doenst get colder than that yo

  16. John Jones


  17. Dthesun

    We need the whole griselda squad to spit a hot 16 on that first beat asap!

  18. ken67115

    Imagine DOOM on the 2nd half 😱😱😱

    Ricky Guevara

    they actually were going to have DOOM but the fear of ending all music permanently due to a perfect song stopped that.

    MR J

    @Ricky Guevara nah

    desa maniel

    Conway just rips it apart tho'

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    @desa maniel that's right, I don't need anybody else... But someone commented that all of GxFR needs to go in on that first beat... I'm wit that!
    I would say Alchemist sounds better with Wes, Con and Benny than anybody, but, _GODDAMN,_ I love Daringer's beats

  19. NOEL 4L


  20. I am hip hop anime lover

    This go hard that 2nd beat is 🔥

  21. 87 muzik


  22. B-Boy Nos-One


  23. Jude Allen

    I close my eyes and the pen moves 🙆

    87 muzik

    Jude Allen sick!!

  24. Jude Allen

    I keep Macs around me like Wayne

  25. Nathan Wilson

    Team Benny or team Conway??
    Me?... Machine all day

    Nathan Wilson

    cee gwola I feel you, bro. My playlist I bump to only has gxfr, dblock, roc Marciano only. Wake up to spurs 1 every morning

    cee gwola

    Nathan Wilson that's wassup👌that spurs is the shit tho, I like pt.2 also wit that crime movie beat.

    The Ghost

    @Nathan Wilson

    Dead right...I thought I was Team Machine until Tana Talk 3 came out...

    Nathan Wilson

    Loving everything gxfr this year, but do listen to that phonte from earlier this year. No news is good news. It’s 🔥🔥

  26. iLL Vidz

    Griselda & Alchemist go together perfectly.

    Corey Power

    Like butter on bread

  27. Ricardo Dhaiti

    I'm here just for a Conway verse. Griselda Grime on heavy rotation 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤


    Everybody is F.O.O.D 2 coming, we just got Tana Talk 3 and this, Griselda the kings of hip hop atm🔥🔥🦂

    iLL Vidz

    @BillyDonohoe DGSH2 coming too.
    Griselda Killed 2018.


    So much Griselda shit on soundcloud and YT..Love this raw shit!

    JAY T

    just for his verse? he the only one spittin'