Alchemist, The - Live At The Amphitheater Lyrics

[Big Twins:]
Yo, yo, I bring it to these niggas with the foulest method
Snatch the necklace off a nigga that been talking reckless
See, my twin is in me, accompanied by the long Mac
Coming through your hood moving fast in all black
Them niggas better fall back-you know what I pack
Blow your head off your shoulders, put a hole in your back
In my hood where I'm at, stumbling off 'gnac
Fixing my Mac-you never seen Twin get jacked
Feel me? The same cats who back in the days tried to kill me
It's nothing-find me in your club thuggin'
Or buggin' with the bitches, gave out a lot of stitches
Trying to leave violence alone and see the big picture

[Big Twin (The Alchemist):]
(What exactly is that?) Fuckin' money
That's how we do it, dunn
(Yeah, right, right-we gotta make this money, man
Not this money make us) Right, right
That's how we do it, dunn
I feel you, I feel you
But it make me wanna go in there and kill somebody sometimes, man
So how we do it, dunn
(That's why we got this right here) No doubt
(Just let all that out on the beats) Right, right
(Trust me, man) That's how we do it, dunn
(We're gonna get G money) That's what I'm talking about, man
Let's do it, man; let's do it man, word up

[The Alchemist:]
Yeah, yeah, man, you know how we do it (How we do it?)
Put it down and make them others look stupid (Fuckin' right)
You only get back what you're putting into it (I'm tryna tell 'em)
They don't listen-they keep do what they doing (Well, fuck 'em then)
That's what I'm saying, keep your mind on this music (Yeah, that's right)
Stay off the block, I know how fast you could lose it (I got that shit)
Keep your pen moving, that's how you could prove it
(Well, say no more, man; I got this) Show these clowns how we do it
How we do, I'm classic like them old Bally shoes
That Slick Rick used a shoehorn to get up into
Thug my way through this game, duke-my pages ain't written yet
You all up in them guts, that pussy ain't even getting wet (Nah)
I splash and splurge, that's my word, I'll spaz on you herbs
Word to the suburbs and the cats on the curbs
All across the map, across the Earth, I'm holding my worth
Step on any turf and rep like I was destined since birth

[Big Twins:]
Yo, I gotta chill but the streets keep calling a nigga
Saying, "Come back and regulate all these niggas"
It was me, T-Dash, Beef, Stick, and Spank
Before you think, you got splashed with a rusty ass shank
Queensbridge projects was carved in your face
And that's something in your life that you can't erase
Fall back-ALC, we on the map
On the frontline with the gat, ready to clap

("Here's a little story... ")

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Alchemist, The Live At The Amphitheater Comments
  1. james green


  2. Artform

    Produced by Sebb

  3. mcblack101

    This was out before Kanye released it with Common.

  4. Nitrous 'n Sour

    best shit ever made lol

  5. Leon_ThePro

    Found this sample crazy flip

  6. Patrick Dark-Mellow

    Can you just remind us the original sample??

  7. RobbieDigital

    this is that 2004 sound for me

  8. megamatt13

    @famaz86 yeah that's what i was thinking! just couldn't remember the song name but i knew the sample was on a common song.

  9. famaz86

    is this 'the corner' sample?

    Jan Hamza

    famaz86 aw yiss


    famaz86 and? You think kanye the only one used this sample? Fuck outta here

  10. El Creepo

    underrated track!

  11. jacob guzman

    dope ass track

  12. blackman26

    I love this beat!